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  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
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  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving 12 days ago +1569

    Him saying all in and talking about his girl was a sign… sadly I would have folded the set also

    • mike88g1
      mike88g1 5 days ago

      @Benjamin Sumner u lose o well u lose.

    • mike88g1
      mike88g1 5 days ago

      @Benjamin Sumner u only fold at the river but nobody is going to fold trips in the turn.

    • Benjamin Sumner
      Benjamin Sumner 5 days ago

      @mike88g1 easiest way to lose money is only think about your own hand mate

    • Benjamin Sumner
      Benjamin Sumner 5 days ago

      Depends on how many at the table but if I see 3 clubs on the turn and I've got none, I'm likely folding and saving my money, at most calling. It's pretty high odds someone will have or get a flush

    • Jesse Sellier
      Jesse Sellier 5 days ago

      @Michael Sung damn

  • Chris Chambers
    Chris Chambers 11 days ago +401

    I love playing poker and recommend it to everyone.. I just hope one day this guy also learns how to play it too.

    • gxldie79
      gxldie79 3 days ago

      @Benjamin Sumner FH= full house (better than straight so I'd win if I hit) and with outs= cards can come to improve my hand

    • GabeV617
      GabeV617 3 days ago

      Perfect comment

    • Benjamin Sumner
      Benjamin Sumner 5 days ago +1

      @gxldie79 lol I play poker and no idea what your comment means. What is an FH with outs and a straight with outs?

    • Jorge Hernandez
      Jorge Hernandez 9 days ago +1

      @gunning4uuuu LOL

    • gxldie79
      gxldie79 9 days ago +2

      @gunning4uuuulost a $1500 pot in PLO last night in nearly exactly the same situation. Had a set after the turn and shipped it knowing I was likely up against a straight with outs (I had FH outs and higher straight outs) . Ended up not catching but the match supports the decision. People that only call when they're ahead are the fishes lol

  • Yout Ube
    Yout Ube 13 days ago +1084

    His comment about his girlfriend being there is a HUGE tell. He’s implying he’s raising simply because he doesn’t want to be bullied around with her watching. This is always the nuts and he wants you to call light.

    • Benjamin Sumner
      Benjamin Sumner 5 days ago

      @P_Weave because there are sensible and less sensible ways to play. The outcome doesn't change whether you played it right or not - you can play badly and win or play well and lose. This guy played badly and lost.

    • pullt
      pullt 7 days ago

      @Devon Hell, they are playing so shallow stacked, he basically has odds for the boat/quad draw regardkess

    • pullt
      pullt 7 days ago +1

      When I know the cards someone's holding I also KNOW what the tells are.....

    • Devon
      Devon 8 days ago +1

      Ahh the old Monday morning quarterback. This is a sign for sure, but for some it might be a sign of strength and for others it might be a sign of weakness. That's why you read the table over multiple hands. You will NEVER know if he's showing strength from one small clip. I mean, unless you already know the outcome, then you look SO smart.

    • 1258
      1258 10 days ago

      what if he is just being honest 😂

  • Yo Yert
    Yo Yert 12 days ago +142

    I think it's a mistake thinking that he'd raise the flop if he had a flush. You raised pre flop and you c bet on the flop. Him raising you on the flop would've looked super strong for him. He slowplayed it and you fell for it. It's a tough hand to lay down, for sure, but always consider any possibility.

    • Ghosty FF
      Ghosty FF 11 days ago

      @Vince Villarreal yeah in general solvers prefer calling with nutted hands in position as you're only folding out worse, your hand doesn't need protection, and you keep bluffs in. preferring to raise later streets.

    • Vince Villarreal
      Vince Villarreal 11 days ago +2

      No one will ever raise in position facing a cbet with a flopped flush. You are losing out on value when your opponent can bet turns....

    • Huyle18
      Huyle18 12 days ago +2

      Even with a smaller flush. They are heads up. He has to think what is he calling me down with. The flush player totally played him.

    • Tay Hockey
      Tay Hockey 12 days ago +1

      He’s thinking if he has a small flush, afraid of being counterfeited with another club or a club killing action. A guy not raising the absolute nuts though should be expected.

  • warren nunn
    warren nunn 13 days ago +277

    Hard hand to fold but thats a learning experience there. Great folds are a huge part of the game more so than any other aspect.

    • Ghosty FF
      Ghosty FF 3 days ago

      @Joshua G You would have also got stacked then. You're 🐟

    • Joshua G
      Joshua G 3 days ago

      @Ghosty FF he calls all of the hands I said and probably more, you think a random dude at a casino is only calling with a flush there ? Lol

    • Ghosty FF
      Ghosty FF 5 days ago

      @Joshua G Also he called a pot sized bet with 2 players left to act. I agree he could have those hands if smaller bet. But he had to be at the top of his range to call that bet especially with 2 players left to act. On a monotone board the sets and 2 pair are at the bottom of range when he has so many combinations of flushes.

    • Ghosty FF
      Ghosty FF 5 days ago

      @Joshua G why so mean, I'm sorry I hurt you.

    • Joshua G
      Joshua G 5 days ago

      @Ghosty FF first of all that makes no sense. Secondly caller could have 33, A10, Ax clubs, some KQ with a club. Plenty of shit other than a flush you clown

  • adam secrest
    adam secrest 8 days ago +31


  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 8 days ago +3

    I appreciate you for not just posting your wins !

  • steven dion 12#
    steven dion 12# 6 days ago

    This happened to me with a jack high flush on the flop. I Raised the guy to the river with an all in. 4th and river were off suits. It was perfect. There was only three cards that could beat me. He had he queen. Dude cracked my head open on a 400 dollar pot. I still wouldn't change the way I played it.

  • jblsd79
    jblsd79 13 days ago +20

    The frat boy “let’s go” shout 😂

  • Trevor Campbell
    Trevor Campbell 11 days ago +99

    He played that perfectly. Why in the hell would you WANT to bet when you've just flopped a flush? You're just going to chase all of your action away. He trapped you because you were aggressive pre flop, so when the clubs hit, he let you dig your own grave and you fell right into it.

    • ER Nurse & Gamer
      ER Nurse & Gamer 5 days ago

      @Danz Google I mean it all depends on your perception of your opponents. I like a smaller raise in this situation maybe about 30%. Someone could always have a smaller flush, or draw. I am not saying that trapping is not something you should never do. I am saying that if you have the mentality that if you have the nuts you never bet and just trap, you will leave money on the felt.

    • Danz Google
      Danz Google 5 days ago

      @ER Nurse & Gamer so the percentage play would have been a raise after the flop if I had the nuts flush?

      What percentage of that Pot on the raise?

    • Jorge Hernandez
      Jorge Hernandez 7 days ago

      @ER Nurse & Gamer definitely agree 👍🏼

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 8 days ago

      @ER Nurse & Gamer no one's aaying to do it 24/7. No one says that.

    • ER Nurse & Gamer
      ER Nurse & Gamer 9 days ago

      @Jorge Hernandez Not saying he made a wrong move. Im stating how he think if you have something you trap to make money. This is a low stakes game and trapping can help. It won’t work in higher stakes. You should also try to get value from your good hands. Having the mentality that you have to trap cause you have the nuts will lose you money.

  • AK Alexinho
    AK Alexinho 8 days ago

    I appreciate you for not just posting your wins !

  • Stuart Parker
    Stuart Parker 13 days ago +69

    Politest freakout ever 😅

  • mike carroll
    mike carroll 13 days ago +271

    He said if the guy had a flush on flop he would have raised… why would he raise with a made hand and that board?

    • Goppler
      Goppler 3 days ago

      He should raise so he can stack off sets, two pairs and weaker flushes on the flop. If he calls and another club hits, he won't get any more action.

    • Aren Papayan
      Aren Papayan 10 days ago

      Not just made second nuts when only one card in deck beats him.

    • Mark von Schober
      Mark von Schober 10 days ago


    • Robert Caterina
      Robert Caterina 11 days ago

      Guy is a fish just like the rest of the table.

    • Josh Watson
      Josh Watson 11 days ago

      Its probably the right play to bet if you have a small flush

  • Cis-King
    Cis-King 13 days ago +7

    Pocket tens is my favorite hand. Then again, it's my OCD that's calling the shots.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 10 days ago +39

    Even if this dude has a flush here 100% of the time the EV of calling is -$16 as you will win here a little less than 25% of the time. If the villain overvalues his hand or bluffs here at a very small frequency then this call becomes +EV. Folding here is only good if you know this player absolutely never bluffs and never has a worse set or some sort of spazz with AKc, AT or something like that.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 4 days ago

      So K5s is in this guy’s pfr calling range after a raise from EP?! In the long term I want this guy on my left any day

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu 7 days ago

    A 2 was always my favorite hand when I used to play. I won on it many many times.

  • TBE bird
    TBE bird 9 days ago +1

    To be a great poker player is knowing when to fold .

  • jt. xyz
    jt. xyz 11 days ago

    That table talk was next level

  • U.S. Militia
    U.S. Militia 11 days ago

    A 2 was always my favorite hand when I used to play. I won on it many many times.

  • Barson
    Barson 12 days ago

    What a good man though I always be feelin bad when I bust somebody we’ve all been there

  • Z32ghost
    Z32ghost 7 days ago

    He had that flush on the flop🤣

  • Lore Master Patriot
    Lore Master Patriot 9 days ago

    No freaking way. He played that really well.

  • owen dollard
    owen dollard 6 days ago

    He played that well 👏👏

  • ep1phany62
    ep1phany62 6 days ago

    You knew he had the flush, but good hand dude👍🏻

  • Jona Alaan
    Jona Alaan 12 days ago

    Love your vids brother!!

  • Jed Sparkes
    Jed Sparkes 13 days ago

    Yeah not gonna lie I think everyone seen that coming from a few kms down the road🤣

  • Punk Slapper
    Punk Slapper 12 days ago +8

    When you only raise preflop $15 and you get 3 callers, they might have just about anything. It was pretty easy to figure someone for the flush.

  • legitnesquik
    legitnesquik 13 days ago

    Love a good freak out

  • Trev Safko
    Trev Safko 10 days ago

    Thx for showing ur mistakes, ur very humble

  • PizzaJersey
    PizzaJersey 11 days ago +3

    Not taking in consideration the live tells,
    I would have to call here. On the long run it pays off.
    He could have KJ KQ QJ with one club. Plus rarely but sometimes AT with the last T. 33 and 55 as well.
    He can obviously have the flush or sometimes AA who wants to be tricky, but you still have 10 outs/20% for the river.

    • Tyrone biggums
      Tyrone biggums 11 days ago +1

      He called s pot sized bet on the flop...... He clearly was baiting him to bet... He knew there was no way to lose he had the best flush and he blocked any possibility of having a straight flush... And there was no way he could have had a full house.... Besides the last card card being another card that was on the river.... This guy played that hand perfectly and did dude just shipped his chips for content which is crappy content at that. But yeah 👍 👍 thumps up to there other dude who won he clearly knows how to play.

  • R00T 99
    R00T 99 12 days ago +2

    You're doing great Rosey, dont listen to all the clowns on the comments who already know the outcome so now they're experts and can say you're bad.

    • Sneakkyz
      Sneakkyz 11 days ago

      Bro he fkn horrible

  • Ian Benton
    Ian Benton 13 days ago

    Would have slowed way down on the turn after the smooth call and his attitude. Lot of flushes there.

  • Dylan Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Dylan 7 days ago

    Damn he really freaked out...🙄

  • tyler rice
    tyler rice 11 days ago

    Wasn’t really a freak out but nice hand 😂

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 6 days ago

    Know when to fold. Board was way too connected, you were clearly going to need luck to ride the turn and flush even if you were ahead

  • SimonDaBay
    SimonDaBay 11 days ago +35

    So K5s is in this guy’s pfr calling range after a raise from EP?! In the long term I want this guy on my left any day

    • Benjamin Kushigian
      Benjamin Kushigian 9 days ago

      ​@daggaboom Yeah, I'll agree it's not surprising in a live cash game. But yeah, I don't think the implied odds make up for the reverse implied odds of hitting a 2nd best top pair vs EP opening raise. And if everyone is calling behind (and it's likely they will live) then bad kickers suck...just too many random K8o out there getting a 'good price'.

    • Scott James
      Scott James 9 days ago

      Honestly if everyone’s gonna call behind and only reraise the nuts preflop, and people will stack off with a set vs a flush in 4 way pots, then it’s probably profitability to call k5s+ and A2s+. Lmao seems dumb but I mean you hit a flush 6.5% of time by river. He called 15$ for a 400 profit so he needs to double up 3.75% of time off his flushes to be profitable. Doesn’t include when he hits other hands better than one pair. I bet he calls two or three streets when he hits a king 4 way though so he’ll lose it there.

    • daggaboom
      daggaboom 10 days ago

      @Benjamin Kushigian I’m not saying I’d play it. But it’s certainly not a surprising hand. This guy makes the exact same play vs if the guy had KQ or other suited connector. End result is the flush was there and was played like someone had flopped the nuts.

    • daggaboom
      daggaboom 10 days ago

      @Benjamin Kushigian so it’s a very easy hand to let go of but pays big when you hit, plus you got position.

    • Benjamin Kushigian
      Benjamin Kushigian 10 days ago +2

      Implied odds aren't that great. A5s you can make nut flush and straights. K5s you can make 2nd but flush, no straight. You are dominated a lot multiway so when you hit top pair you still can't feel great about your hand. Only way this hand feels good is when you flop a flush, and that just doesn't happen enough

  • Jason Quist
    Jason Quist Hour ago

    I thought they were playing blackjack 🤣🤣🤣

  • billy hoyle
    billy hoyle 7 days ago

    He was to confident. You had to have a feeling you were in trouble

  • Karl Stein
    Karl Stein 10 days ago

    When you don’t have the nuts, you’re still gambling

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 5 days ago

    The frat boy “let’s go” shout

  • jimmy bluebos
    jimmy bluebos 8 days ago +1

    Know when to fold. Board was way too connected, you were clearly going to need luck to ride the turn and flush even if you were ahead

    • Adrian Rodriguez
      Adrian Rodriguez 3 days ago

      If the guy is chasing a flush, you go all in on the flop. Even more so after the turn.

      If you're folding sets every time you see 3 of the same suit then tell us your limit and what site you play.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 10 days ago

    Pocket tens is my favorite hand. Then again, it's my OCD that's calling the shots.

  • cksammi
    cksammi 12 days ago

    What makes you think he would raise on the flop when he has a nut flush? He wouldn't have any idea you had a set so he was slow playing and hoping you hit your flush.

  • DEEDS 0619
    DEEDS 0619 10 days ago

    Calling K5 from a EP raise.. give me that guy on my table any time.

  • D C
    D C 5 days ago

    He had no reason to shove when he flopped the nuts he slow played tf out of it and got you to give up your whole stack

  • John Smithson
    John Smithson 8 days ago

    1st mistake raising only $15 preflop with 10s 😂

  • 5 k
    5 k 5 days ago

    Yeah if you're scared of chump change.. that's a good call bro sometimes you just gotta run it

  • Mr. ET
    Mr. ET 3 days ago

    Playing trips like it's the nuts 🤣

  • psnx
    psnx 9 days ago

    'Well over $700'...it's $800 bro 😂 nothing 'well over' about it 😂😂

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben 12 days ago

    Of course he had the flush lol

  • Papa Dwarf
    Papa Dwarf 10 days ago

    The fact he called flop was a sign

  • Jake
    Jake 12 days ago +3

    The moment 3 clubs flopped, it was time to fold.

  • Peter
    Peter 8 days ago

    Flopped the nuts 😂

  • Raman Parashar
    Raman Parashar 11 days ago

    Always see if the other guy wants you to "Call" or "Fold" .. he clearly wanted you to call

  • Robert Caterina
    Robert Caterina 11 days ago

    Damn I need to move to Texas. Dream game full of fish

  • CardinalLaw9
    CardinalLaw9 9 days ago

    Doug Polk told me to never fold a flush, so…. Good call?

  • ausraider
    ausraider 5 days ago

    His call after the flop gave his flush away, he only called to make sure the board didn't double up and went allin at the turn to discourage you from getting the full house on the river.

    • Adrian Rodriguez
      Adrian Rodriguez 3 days ago

      If villain called after the flop, how does that prevent the board pairing?

  • MuckUrHand
    MuckUrHand 12 days ago +3

    Nah I would have never raised with the nut flush always check. He played the hand well.

    • Owen Jarom
      Owen Jarom 12 days ago +2

      If you never raise the nuts then you're exploitable, calling most the time is good thou

  • 100mark
    100mark 10 days ago

    He should have folded but props for showing the losing hands along with the the winning ones

  • Dak Ota
    Dak Ota 8 days ago

    Why would he raise you on the flop...?

    He has the nuts and just trapped you.... 🤣

  • UbiLava
    UbiLava 8 days ago

    All you can say here is *respect*

  • Tommie Foster
    Tommie Foster 8 days ago

    Def got outsmarted there lol

  • David Hooman
    David Hooman 11 days ago

    Staring into the camera full of confidence lol shock horror he has the nuts typical rec player

  • TrasshBoatt
    TrasshBoatt 10 days ago

    Where do you find these tables?

  • Jegman Mannathan
    Jegman Mannathan 19 hours ago

    Good for him

  • C M
    C M 10 days ago

    Dude played that flush like a rat... I would have done the same...

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone 9 days ago

    I don't blame ya for calling there only 200 more. Without the club the board looks real scary though.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 11 days ago +1

    Dumb call. He straight finessed you. That was a huge red flag. Take 2 weeks off from poker, then quit. That's the best advice you'll get

  • Matthew Overstrom
    Matthew Overstrom 11 days ago

    I don't blame ya for calling there only 200 more. Without the club the board looks real scary though.

  • Joshua Vidal
    Joshua Vidal 10 days ago

    A set is hard to fold, but you are so beat after the flop!! Rookie mistakes!!

  • Tanner Balisky
    Tanner Balisky Day ago

    This was Lowkey just a really bad move on your part.. anyone with pocket clubs flopped flush and you decided to push that with trips? Something I would never do for exactly this reason

  • barndog
    barndog 12 days ago

    I can’t believe you called that, that was so blatant he had that

  • chris yako
    chris yako 9 days ago

    When I see three same suits, I check and wait for the other persons action, if he goes all in I’m folding. Could be a bluff, but wouldn’t risk it, if he raises it a little then maybe I’d call it and take the chance they he might be bluffing or he might have only one and not two of the suits. Your not playing it right bro, but either way I like your vids

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 10 days ago

    That flat call on the flop.... ya check that turn he will check back let you catch up

  • Steven Artuso
    Steven Artuso 6 days ago

    Of course he had the flush

  • Dead Gambler
    Dead Gambler 10 days ago

    He is a good trickster

    SGX ALI Hour ago

    I have no idea how to play poker but it looks fun

  • Scott James
    Scott James 9 days ago

    “Really scary flop might be beat so we bet really big on flop then bet big again on turn to make sure we get a lot of money in the pot”

  • Silence Dogood
    Silence Dogood 10 days ago

    You should have raised higher before the flop. He would have folded.

  • lucky badger
    lucky badger 4 days ago

    ITS Called A TRAP!!!, He knew you weren’t going anywhere!!

  • Van Tonez
    Van Tonez 12 days ago

    I can't believe he thought this was content worthy. Dude clearly doesn't know how to play poker. Everybody knew he had flush from the flop except this dude. Lol

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 9 days ago

    Yeah you said you bet $50 into a $60 pot to chase away the flush drawers...
    Then you bet $120 and he raises you all-in.
    He doesn't have the set of Aces and he doesn't have the flush draw. So what else are you putting him on.

  • ExphazedGames
    ExphazedGames 12 days ago +8

    Shoulda bet more pre flop w 10s it’s a hand where you’re either really good or you’re getting out flopped just like you did I’d rather be all in pre and take my chances he wouldn’t call pre w king 5

  • Krypto Universe
    Krypto Universe 9 days ago

    Why would you go all in with pocket 10 and nothing else for you in the table 😂🤣

  • Prez4Pres
    Prez4Pres 2 days ago

    I'm just confused why he called a raise with K5 smh 🤦 I dk I'm not sure his position tho so that obviously can change things too

  • Jay cruz
    Jay cruz 12 days ago

    he played k5 outta position hoping to hit a hail Mary. you got caught up in your own hand.

  • Eric Nannarello
    Eric Nannarello 3 days ago

    He slow played you he did a good job cuz he sucked you out of 800$ my hat to the big fella with the flush I mean Would of called with a set of 10 so it is what it is you got a bad beat

  • Tyrone biggums
    Tyrone biggums 11 days ago

    Why would he raise when you are first to act? He was playing position perfect, you called on a river that could have been at best a straight or q high flush he had the king of course he's gonna bait you.

  • Frank Migliore
    Frank Migliore 11 days ago

    He gave the speech .. tell tale sign of flopping the joint

  • Jomo
    Jomo 5 days ago

    Duh… you must be the dude that hates money 😂😂

  • Noah Z
    Noah Z 12 days ago

    I fold there 10/10

  • Brian Edgar
    Brian Edgar 10 days ago

    I didn't know people were still dumb enough to overact with the whole my GF is here. He may as well have said I have the nuts. But even if he turned the cards over i still probably snap call. You're almost getting the right odds plus this guy goes on tilt if the board pairs

  • daggaboom
    daggaboom 10 days ago

    That was obviously a flush. Call with the nuts is obvious and then the raise once he knows you are committed

  • iAmWarrior
    iAmWarrior 11 days ago

    Can’t be mad at that. Good call.

  • No Chance - Shorts
    No Chance - Shorts 10 days ago

    He’s playing poker for way more than any of you ever have, yet he doesn’t know how to play poker? …. & ….. is all I have to say about the people saying that.

  • Marty Micfly
    Marty Micfly 6 days ago

    After he said what he said u should of folded if you rise the flop everyone backs out they no what u have you only rise last hand lol

  • Adriana Rivas
    Adriana Rivas 4 days ago

    That’s automatic fold

  • Wizardninja7 Gaming
    Wizardninja7 Gaming 10 days ago

    Dude he stayed in the hand with k3. Was he one of the blinds or something

  • DRG
    DRG 7 days ago

    Ahh that sucks 😂😂

  • Cupitor Veritatis
    Cupitor Veritatis 13 days ago +20

    A pretty easy lay down.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 10 days ago

      ​@Cupitor Veritatis In cash games the only thing that matters is EV. Even if the villain has a flush here 100% of the time the EV of calling is only -$16. You said this was an easy lay down without even considering the math behind the hand, that is what a donkey does.

    • Cupitor Veritatis
      Cupitor Veritatis 11 days ago

      @Daniel way to go pro. You can read a chart and now you're a pro; right? I've seen seasoned pros fold these exact same scenarios because when you know you're beat; you're beat. Go ahead and throw your money away if you want to but in cash games sometimes its better to go with your read rather than the plain math.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 11 days ago +2

      He only needs to be good 25% of the time to call and he has 23% equity against a flush. If the villain is ever bluffing or overvaluing a worse hand here, even at a very small frequency, this call becomes +EV.

      This is an easy lay down for a NIT, but if you’re interested in winning as much money as possible you can’t fold here.

    • Owen Jarom
      Owen Jarom 12 days ago

      Imagine thinking this is a profitable lay down

    • O A
      O A 13 days ago