• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • This game is legit scary. I didn't know what to expect going into it but I'm so happy I gave it a try because it's got scares for DAYS!
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  • Vincent Perpetua
    Vincent Perpetua 7 minutes ago

    Estimated play through: 50 mins
    Mark: finds a way to get an ending in 5 mins

  • Emajnex Pop
    Emajnex Pop 2 hours ago

    Idk how u do it Markiplier lol I would have been to scared when she said she was gona grab me from behind 🤣😂🤣

  • Canela Salinas
    Canela Salinas 5 hours ago

    So are we just gonna ignore the fact that he DID close his door shut all the way the first time, and it opened up by itself again.......??????

  • J Punko
    J Punko 7 hours ago

    Lols, the easter egg was after you open the planked door you go back down to pick up the ladder then go back there to get the pink key to go into that Do Not Enter room where you hear words from the developer lol. It's not something important to the game, but it's a dorky egg to find.

  • Arwin Hernandez
    Arwin Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Mark will always be the best narrator. And I like how he ended this video XD
    so yeah, ring it if you dare bud.
    (which i probably wouldn't)

  • Gracie Gibson
    Gracie Gibson 11 hours ago

    "I got bitch-slapped back in time!!!" Said by an angry man who realized he just lost every bit of gameplay he got, from one tiny slap.

  • Sarah Sugarcane
    Sarah Sugarcane 17 hours ago

    Hidding in the comments gang

  • Bjork6377
    Bjork6377 19 hours ago

    i meant to say big

  • Bjork6377
    Bjork6377 19 hours ago

    i love how on every horror vid he dose it shows him screaming it just shows how much of a bib baby bitch he is

  • iDEaXANA
    iDEaXANA 19 hours ago

    *AnD iM sTroNg aNd comPleX* 😂

  • Darlene Williams
    Darlene Williams 20 hours ago

    Ok, 15:10 made me scream inside

  • Rachel Slavenski
    Rachel Slavenski 20 hours ago

    I never jump at jumpscares, but this one made my soul leave my body for a second.

  • Darlene Williams
    Darlene Williams 20 hours ago

    I almost chucked my tablet at 9:13, my legs have never flung like the way they did at that moment

  • Emma Harmon
    Emma Harmon 22 hours ago

    I was looking at the jumpscare list when the second one showed up🤣🤣🤣

  • Tommy Lightfoot
    Tommy Lightfoot 22 hours ago

    Holy shit, the 15:19 mark, I love this subtle J-Horror style of scare.

  • Mia Young
    Mia Young 23 hours ago

    "A long string from a long lady"

  • Mia Young
    Mia Young 23 hours ago

    Funny how I still check to see if my door moved when there is only one door in my room and it goes to my livingroom

  • Megan Gwenieth
    Megan Gwenieth Day ago +1

    What is that hell at door my scary

  • Han Yeonjun
    Han Yeonjun Day ago

    mmm when the jumpscares hit you hard and you slouch all the way back in your chair. my favourite-

  • NosnebGamer
    NosnebGamer Day ago

    When the light fall it nearly killed me I sweae

  • MarshMingo
    MarshMingo Day ago


  • MarshMingo
    MarshMingo Day ago

    i hate those jump scares when the doors opened and then hooman or monster just scare u..

  • Clara D
    Clara D Day ago

    The doctor might have murdered the mom with the pills and it might do the same to him?

  • Kaela MacLaughlin

    That was terrifyingly good.

  • D.I.E 761
    D.I.E 761 Day ago

    At 37:56 Marcy sounds like the grudge who agrees! 😨😨😨

  • Frenzzyy
    Frenzzyy Day ago

    at 42:21 you can see the last picture needed behind her

  • mauraf1890
    mauraf1890 Day ago

    i’m HOME ALONE.

  • mauraf1890
    mauraf1890 Day ago

    15:09 had me crying jesus

  • crappy slug
    crappy slug Day ago

    14:54 WTFFFFF

  • disturbeddemons1

    Reminds me a lot of 1408. Lot's of similar elements.

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga Day ago +1

    The colors of the lights in the background, remind me of Todoroki from My Hero Academia.

  • Aimee J
    Aimee J Day ago


  • Ian Ward
    Ian Ward Day ago

    15:10 gave me a heartattack

  • Mr.lemonade Juice

    You scared me so hard my nipples popped out

  • LimeLight137
    LimeLight137 2 days ago

    An ad jumpscared me. These things are placed there on purpose, I swear.

    GD SHARK 2 days ago

    1:59 Another epic Polish game developer (the guy that made the game Don't Escape was Polish too, the same with superhot, witcher ect.)

  • Kassandra Diamond
    Kassandra Diamond 2 days ago

    It said the doctor was giving him the same pills as he gave the mother, and that she was actually murdered... Did the pills cause her to go insane and kill herself? That's why she considers it murder and her son is actually on the same track

  • Killer Blade
    Killer Blade 2 days ago

    Some one link me the time stamp to when he sees mannequins please

  • Sarah Grimes
    Sarah Grimes 2 days ago

    Dang so Mark really was right when he said it was Dr. Satan

  • Apoorv Srivastava
    Apoorv Srivastava 2 days ago +1

    Where the hell are those "Safe from jumpscare, comments hotel" people?😳

  • Little Bug-A-boo
    Little Bug-A-boo 2 days ago

    the end-end of the game almost made me cry TwT

  • The Lights
    The Lights 2 days ago

    rarely do games make me jump, because the scares are so cliche'd and easy to prepare for, but that first Marcy appearance in the door way actually spooked me. It wasn't no ordinary jumpscare. The scare actually gave time for the player to get relaxed and with the understanding of not being able to enter the room the player thought the game wanted them to enter. THEN the game throws the middle finger when the player thought the door being cracked open was nothing more than to instruct the player. Incredible.

  • Devin Pierce
    Devin Pierce 2 days ago

    40:24 Luigi?

  • Matheus Wolters
    Matheus Wolters 2 days ago

    15:48 plot twist:

    Mark lives in Suit 776

  • Dragon Dzzz
    Dragon Dzzz 2 days ago


  • Brian McGhee
    Brian McGhee 2 days ago

    *Sees mannequins*
    Mark: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck

    24:14 I legitimately love how Mark decides to confront Marcie by taking a picture of her like that’ll protect him.

  • Colton Pooler
    Colton Pooler 2 days ago

    Add a public comment

  • Josue Albino
    Josue Albino 3 days ago +1

    Idk how ppl can watch him his commentary is annoying as hell y'all strong

    • Mia Young
      Mia Young 23 hours ago

      We are aware, but I'm just as talkative during games do I relate lmao

  • Savannah Baddeley
    Savannah Baddeley 3 days ago

    im casually watching this in my band class. i fuckin jumped when the lamp fell ohmygodd

  • Princess Unikitty
    Princess Unikitty 3 days ago +1

    The note:there's even a upper level here
    10 mins later
    Markiplier:What? That up level was never here before

  • Ayten Torun
    Ayten Torun 3 days ago


  • jake smith
    jake smith 3 days ago

    My heart sank when she came thrue the wood in the maze holy i thought i shat my heart throe my ass

  • Kyle Jin Denver
    Kyle Jin Denver 3 days ago

    42:38 "I got bitched slapped into eternity"😂😂

  • Kyle Jin Denver
    Kyle Jin Denver 3 days ago

    I'm not even scared of her. It's Mark that's scaring me tbh

  • Kyle Jin Denver
    Kyle Jin Denver 3 days ago

    That moment when I pause vid at 13:22 to read comments and then video unpauses on itself. Then paused immediately at 12:23, then a horror face takes control of my phone screen

  • SwaggerificTendency
    SwaggerificTendency 3 days ago

    Logan paul

  • Kelly Young
    Kelly Young 3 days ago

    Whoever prescribed the pills is the murderer. "The doctor told me it's the same pills that helped my mom "(or somthing like that) clearly that last line is the answer to the question everyone had in their head at the end. Who murdered the mom? Probably the doctor, who literally prescribed them crazy pills. Maybe ^_^

  • ML MonsterGirl
    ML MonsterGirl 3 days ago

    Man when Mark goes quiet you know stuff is going on

  • 채널RainyJi
    채널RainyJi 3 days ago

    mark: *telling us how scary the game is*
    me, seeing *paranoid mark* in a whole run: yeah, i see that..

  • Donny Skaggs
    Donny Skaggs 3 days ago

    When he closed the door behind him the first time it was closed all the way then like 20 mintues later it cracked?