Ultimate Fountain Challenge

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • "Let's put stuff we don't know about on stuff we don't know about..."
    Everyone loves a chocolate fountain, but how about a grape jelly or gummy fountain? We put our fountain to the test in the ultimate... Will It Fountain?
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Comments • 24 864

  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +7643

    Which fountain do you think is the most delicious? Which one do you think is the grossest?
    See the rest of our fountain challenges here: flash-player.net/video/FgnsA0ckebE/video.html

  • Ayden Alduin
    Ayden Alduin 10 hours ago

    ‘Im really not a peanut butter fan’
    Eyes narrow*

  • Colton Wheatley
    Colton Wheatley 13 hours ago

    The ranch soda looks like seman and they were licking it

    CRINGY GINGY Y 14 hours ago +1

    That looks so good

  • Ahdra Haiqqal
    Ahdra Haiqqal Day ago

    pleas made again plz

  • Emily & Tessa Sing battle!

    Ranch EWWW I’m going * Throe up* 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Toy Girl
    Toy Girl Day ago

    Why ranch 🥤

  • TheBlazeGamerTBG
    TheBlazeGamerTBG 2 days ago

    1:12 me when i finish bruahing ur teeth after a sweettooth incident

  • Kieran Bratson
    Kieran Bratson 2 days ago

    "I dont know exactly what poky is..." *Proceeds to say exactly what it is*

  • Thedogme 5
    Thedogme 5 2 days ago

    OMG!!! I lots my toothe that i allready lost!!!

  • GKFlipper
    GKFlipper 2 days ago +1

    0:06 who thought it was a picture?


  • Michelle Zable
    Michelle Zable 2 days ago

    me at this moment 8:19 no, a gall bladder is full of stomach acid, which is yellow or green.

  • WolfClan Blue
    WolfClan Blue 2 days ago

    Did they figure out the spicy bliss or burns then put them in the fountain?

  • Isabelle#1
    Isabelle#1 3 days ago

    Oof. I want to try these fountains soooooooo bad now.

  • Jonathan Geary
    Jonathan Geary 3 days ago

    The gummy fountain looks so good.

  • ElectroLite
    ElectroLite 3 days ago

    gummy fountain on solid syrup?

  • onix lonix
    onix lonix 3 days ago


  • Mai Trinh
    Mai Trinh 3 days ago

    Do ranch and carrots

  • nagoL 52105
    nagoL 52105 3 days ago +1

    Liquid Pig

  • Missy Sissy
    Missy Sissy 3 days ago


  • alto
    alto 3 days ago +1

    "why are americans so fat?" well there u go, sugar on sugar with a side of sugar

  • cuphead Cooke
    cuphead Cooke 3 days ago

    "If your expecting a ranch flavor you'll be sorely disappointed"
    Jon 2017

  • Minio n
    Minio n 4 days ago

    Hey, Mr.Stark, 6:51

  • Brandon Allmon
    Brandon Allmon 5 days ago

    The ranch soda looks like an pale person's face

  • p3ng w1ng
    p3ng w1ng 5 days ago

    6:51 Mr. Stark? I don't feel so good.

  • Natascha Motak
    Natascha Motak 5 days ago


  • Gamer Nathan
    Gamer Nathan 6 days ago

    the f##k

  • mew mew
    mew mew 7 days ago

    GMM WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • manjot_yt nightcore
    manjot_yt nightcore 7 days ago

    I need job at vat 19

  • pani puri man
    pani puri man 7 days ago

    What’s up

  • Amanda Shepard
    Amanda Shepard 7 days ago +1

    I think the comments said it for them 🙂😅

  • MrNotSecret
    MrNotSecret 7 days ago

    I like the red and blue gummy bear

  • MrNotSecret
    MrNotSecret 7 days ago


  • Dark red Bandit
    Dark red Bandit 7 days ago

    What's up with the super homoerotic thumbnail guys?

  • XxDark WolfxX
    XxDark WolfxX 7 days ago

    "I think we don't have to say anything, the comments will say it for us."
    You're right there, buddy.

  • Hexeo Team
    Hexeo Team 7 days ago

    let me just say it the ranch looks like cumm

  • Logan KM
    Logan KM 7 days ago

    Jamie: I wanna dip everything Into that

  • The woman of truth
    The woman of truth 8 days ago

    So much moaning gagging and gargling 😂
    And they are talking about ass and mouth blasting 🤔

  • Dr. Sir
    Dr. Sir 8 days ago

    The bad thing is some people out there wondered why no one liked the bacon grease

  • Helynne Steinfeld
    Helynne Steinfeld 8 days ago

    Oh ventures and so disgusting

  • irsyadl gaming
    irsyadl gaming 8 days ago +1

    7:28 i dunno how they Communication, someone else know what they saying?

  • Aleisha Nell
    Aleisha Nell 8 days ago

    Would i eat it?
    1. yes, because its just normal.
    2. no, because first of all it looks like puke, and second of all its pudding...
    3. yes, because i LOVE mayple syrup! (well i think thats maple syrup anyway) and it looks good. p.s did anyone notice at 1:18 the girly scream ben did

  • Liisa Perandi
    Liisa Perandi 9 days ago

    Who else noticed the melted gummy stain on Eric's shirt on 7:41?

  • I iz Potato
    I iz Potato 9 days ago +1

    GMM wants to know your location

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 9 days ago

    The stuff in a gallbladder is actually green

  • Shyne Bright
    Shyne Bright 9 days ago

    The ranch soda looked like sperm

  • Red panda 23
    Red panda 23 9 days ago

    To the ranch dressing

  • Red panda 23
    Red panda 23 9 days ago


  • Ricky Anonymys
    Ricky Anonymys 9 days ago +1

    You wanna know what we think its frekin chunky

    DUES_VULT 9 days ago


  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams 9 days ago

    Rose's are red I got a like wait,why is it bl7e

  • Kelly Ubinger
    Kelly Ubinger 9 days ago

    A vat19 restaurant would be freaking heaven

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 9 days ago

    They over here trying to be good mythical morning 😂

  • The squad
    The squad 9 days ago

    0:35 they are eating something that they don't know about.. IN THE GIANT VERSION

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who actually likes ranch dressing???

  • Atomic Brownies
    Atomic Brownies 10 days ago

    What’s that moaning over there 4:02

  • * AubsBaubs3000 *
    * AubsBaubs3000 * 10 days ago +1

    The intro is my actual mood lol 😂

  • Peyton B
    Peyton B 10 days ago

    My dad ate like.. a hole bucket off hot suace

  • crystal belk
    crystal belk 11 days ago