Ultimate Fountain Challenge

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • "Let's put stuff we don't know about on stuff we don't know about..."
    Everyone loves a chocolate fountain, but how about a grape jelly or gummy fountain? We put our fountain to the test in the ultimate... Will It Fountain?
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Comments • 25 748

  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +7844

    Which fountain do you think is the most delicious? Which one do you think is the grossest?
    See the rest of our fountain challenges here: flash-player.net/video/FgnsA0ckebE/video.html

  • 『Snow』
    『Snow』 Hour ago

    Milk fountain

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 2 hours ago

    Erick: I think the comments will say it for us
    You bet we will 😏

  • BenMc 9
    BenMc 9 2 hours ago

    1:27 that’s what she said

  • Jacob Carpenter
    Jacob Carpenter 2 hours ago

    2:11 Touch yourself andrew

  • Tiffany Emsweller
    Tiffany Emsweller 4 hours ago

    The ranch dressing soda looks like cum

  • Vero 000
    Vero 000 4 hours ago


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 7 hours ago

    Eric: its fruit punch I believe
    Me: there is a red gummy brain right in front of you and you think it’s fruit pungh

  • Lise Ridgway
    Lise Ridgway 7 hours ago

    Bacon grease for the grossest
    And gummy for the best

  • Lise Ridgway
    Lise Ridgway 7 hours ago


  • Logan Field's
    Logan Field's 10 hours ago

    Ewww Rachel stood

  • alan bauer
    alan bauer 10 hours ago

    Just seeing it makes me hungry

  • C Barnett
    C Barnett 13 hours ago


  • Lili Lam
    Lili Lam 13 hours ago +7

    No one:
    Jamie: I wanna dip everything into that
    *awkward silence*

  • Max Hammell
    Max Hammell 14 hours ago

    I think working here would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!!!!!!

  • Shahar Glasner
    Shahar Glasner 15 hours ago

    Eric: the cooments will say it for us me: seriously I'm saying it for you

  • Soph Pup
    Soph Pup 15 hours ago

    My Mom: Never eat to much sugar!!!

    Me When I grow up starts to work at vat19
    Also me: Sorry mom

  • peyton the undertale lover

    1:17 ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssyrup

  • Syed Shah
    Syed Shah 20 hours ago

    OMG ranch soda ewwwwww😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jan Andrei Dominic Basia

    O my god looks so good my god

  • bosz lavapie
    bosz lavapie Day ago

    ahhhh im so hungry looking at you guys eat

  • David cruz
    David cruz Day ago

    He should of said no Homo 4:44

  • MissHannahBanana47

    Jamie...............has a sweet tooth

  • Lena Wirth
    Lena Wirth Day ago

    Vat 19 : it looks like glue .Me : gluten free ha ha

  • Dorian Fisher
    Dorian Fisher Day ago

    Ranch YUCK

  • flimcowramzow
    flimcowramzow Day ago

    this is the most boomer shit ive seen by vat tbh

  • Deepika Pravin
    Deepika Pravin Day ago

    EW 😵

  • Ruzzet Policarpio
    Ruzzet Policarpio 2 days ago

    Gummy fountain: I love this lets do it again!!
    Grease fountain: Why are we here?!?

  • Karen Jones
    Karen Jones 2 days ago


  • Noxius
    Noxius 2 days ago

    Ranch soda looked like jizz

  • Gwen Sebastian
    Gwen Sebastian 2 days ago

    Dip chocolate in melted marshmallow (if possible)

  • Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett 3 days ago


  • Alpha girl BFF Super hero’s

    I am eating a picky right now!!!!!

    THEGOLDNINJA 90 3 days ago +1

    What happened to Eric

  • foxy plays
    foxy plays 3 days ago

    "it's just weirdly wet"
    My dirty mind:ArE yOu TaLkInG aBoUt ThE BaCoN oR sOmEtHiNg ElSe!?!?

  • PopularEsquild EE
    PopularEsquild EE 3 days ago

    The a$$ blaster hot sauce is chump change, honestly mad dog 357 didn’t take me down at 500k s oculus and I am attempting the lil-nitro challenge. This will be fun.

  • Amelia Silva
    Amelia Silva 3 days ago

    Gummy bears

  • little missマーガレット

    *Danny* - "who eats a gummy with surup?"

    *5 second later Danny* - "i do!"

    RAXLAX 3 days ago

    This seems like a gmm video 😂🤷‍♂️

  • TheLuckyOnes
    TheLuckyOnes 3 days ago


  • serena jafari
    serena jafari 3 days ago

    Eww ranch dresing

  • Magmarock Rules
    Magmarock Rules 4 days ago

    You should sell vat19 Oreos

  • Nathan Chau
    Nathan Chau 4 days ago

    Y̸o̸ m̸u̸d̸a̸

  • XMEGX R.
    XMEGX R. 4 days ago

    For the syrup one u should of used French toast sticks

  • lisa rhoades
    lisa rhoades 4 days ago

    W ewewewewew

  • Minecraper Playz
    Minecraper Playz 4 days ago

    That's not real maple syrup

  • Brittany Kirsch
    Brittany Kirsch 4 days ago

    Jamie you are so wired you eat gummy and syrup

  • krisztian Tolna
    krisztian Tolna 4 days ago

    Waffles should go in syrup and gummy should go in gummy

  • Owahidur Shisheer
    Owahidur Shisheer 4 days ago


    BANGTAN YT 4 days ago

    Ik this is irrelevant but I got a BTS ad and it was Taehyung's stigma and I couldn't skip it so I ended up watching it...

  • troll4days
    troll4days 4 days ago

    Do they reuse the fountain juice for each of them

  • Shannon Creech
    Shannon Creech 5 days ago


  • Marissa Puracchio
    Marissa Puracchio 5 days ago +1

    at 7:42 how did Eric get gummy on his flipping shirt? Thats my burning question lol!

  • Sawyer Fleming
    Sawyer Fleming 5 days ago

    ‘’Snot’’ ya ‘’snot’’

  • Spunky Cat
    Spunky Cat 5 days ago

    Jamie’s face though at 0:27!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 5 days ago

    “Are you ready to get your ass blasted”
    “I’m always ready”

  • fenland runningclub
    fenland runningclub 5 days ago


  • Jaden-_-77
    Jaden-_-77 6 days ago


  • Kaitlynn Harrison
    Kaitlynn Harrison 6 days ago +2

    You dip gummies in the syrup fountain and the waffles in the gummy fountain.
    Mcscuse me?
    Also, that um. 'Glue' fountain.. lmaoo😂

  • Sabrina Tatum
    Sabrina Tatum 6 days ago

    I love ranch and carrots