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We Solved Hilarious Moral Dilemmas

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • if there is an option to eliminate even a single child from this earth, I will take it at any cost. THANK YOU GRACE FOR COMING ON THIS INSANE STREAM
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  • Crimm
    Crimm Day ago +10

    hi Grace you sure are cool I sure hope that this video doesn’t have complex moral dilemmas that’s will reveal concerning facets of your character

  • frog fox
    frog fox Day ago +5

    For the child and the tunnel with the AI, the reasoning for the child is you DO NOT want to give an AI choice to kill it's passengers. You DO NOT want AI that will drive off a cliff if it detects a child on the road, because if something goes wrong and that ISN'T a child on the road, it has just killed it's passengers for nothing.

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Charlie the gamer hanging out with Grace the gamer girlfriend is such a wholesome sight, love this so much

  • jobrien51 2
    jobrien51 2 Day ago +3

    In all honesty this game is super fascinating to me because I took a medical ethics course last semester and the medical questions in this video were oftentimes real issues that have happened and people had to make this choice. But also most of the time Charlie picked the one that is generally agreed upon to be the worse choice

  • Anwerty
    Anwerty Day ago +1

    I can’t help but notice that Grace had trouble seeing things on the screen. Maybe it’s because of how much she’s been staring at the sun so much

  • Trololoface Ten
    Trololoface Ten Day ago +2

    You know, this game

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +372

    Seeing Grace was great

  • HowlingCreator
    HowlingCreator Day ago +325

    I really lost the plot of this game after the cars were possessed, I'll be honest. Like how did we get to the secret service after being considered a disgrace because of the cars? I don't know, and frankly I was just along for the ride at the point lmao but yes, Grace was right. Anything to get out of this universe honestly

  • Solesteam
    Solesteam Day ago +1

    The problem is: They give you some knowledge that you normally wouldn't have, but not all of it, just enough to make you think your doing the right thing... But not enough to do the actual right things...

  • Jayozranger
    Jayozranger Day ago +94

    “The elderly man deserved the heart more because it’s the young guys fault he crashed”

  • Shadow Charizard
    Shadow Charizard Day ago +348

    The ai facial recognition is actually an interesting thing, because ai actually struggles recognizing women and people of color because the majority of people developing and testing the technology is primarily white men

  • Animagician
    Animagician Day ago +803

    did I watch this entire VOD? yes. am I watching this video as well? absolutely

  • TwistedSab3r
    TwistedSab3r Day ago +797


  • Dracheli
    Dracheli Day ago +417

    I love that BOTH TIMES as soon as Grace left, the game instantly got so much more crazy.

  • Nitchsta Kazegami
    Nitchsta Kazegami Day ago +218

    I love how all of these "problems" are just "jk no matter the choice we'll make it the worst one possible even if it breaks all logic"

  • Spider Box
    Spider Box Day ago +64

    About 12 minutes into the video, and I felt the need to comment this: For the AI recording one, it honestly feels to me like a moot point. Police/Courts/Whomever can always issue a subpoena to get that information; Meaning there's no need to even "break" into their files or whatever.

  • David Josi
    David Josi Day ago +47

    "so why did you pull the lever"

  • Baby Patrick
    Baby Patrick Day ago +63

    Dude this game just goes like

  • Wednesday
    Wednesday Day ago +329

    If anyone is curious, the game is Trolly Problem Inc. It's a fine game at first but it starts flopping once the writers start getting a little pretentious and wildly disrespectful to the serious topics it starts talking about. It's only really entertaining here because Charlie is great when it comes to comedy and reacting with chat. 90% of the game is just actively trying to make you feel like a shit person and its heavy handed commentary towards the end is just written poorly.

  • Priscilla Alejandra Gomar Sayavedra

    i love how the game always became crazier everytime Grace left to do something