"One Size Fits All" On Different Body Types

  • Published on Jan 2, 2015
  • All women’s bodies weren’t created equal.
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    Soap Bubbles / Mr. Goodvibes
    Warner // Chappell Production Music
    Candace Lowry
    Lara Parker
    Kristin Chirico
    Sheridan Watson
    Allison Bagg
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  • ARMY's purple wAtermELLOnuwu

    "i'm a size of 2 saussage in size one casing" damn i felt that whenever i wear my sister's clothes.....

  • Jill
    Jill 12 hours ago +1

    Ofcourse it’s not gonna fit fat or super skinny people..it’s made for people with a ‘normal’ size and height

  • 🌸Ariaxbaby🌸
    🌸Ariaxbaby🌸 18 hours ago

    *Kristen Is Chill And Cool.She Can Be My Friend ^^*

  • Inna Blue
    Inna Blue 21 hour ago +1

    3:39 finally someone who notices that ♡.

  • shootingGuard
    shootingGuard Day ago

    This is the most Buzzfeed video out there smh

  • señorita oh la la la

    well it fits.

    just kidding, it’s awful. I hate everything about it.
    Its giving me the biggest wedgie I’ve ever had

  • Frankers
    Frankers Day ago

    Looking at you brandy Melville

  • Josiah Watson
    Josiah Watson Day ago +1

    Bring fat is bad, change my mind.

    • ; honey
      ; honey Day ago

      @Faith I never said that.
      a fat person can be healthy xdds

    • Josiah Watson
      Josiah Watson Day ago

      ; honey I’m saying it’s not healthy

    • Faith
      Faith Day ago

      ; honey
      Are you serious?? Go ask a doctor if he thinks obesity is okay and then come back. Do you think being deathly skinny is okay too then?

    • ; honey
      ; honey Day ago

      being that ignorant and hating on someone's body is bad, and you can't change my mind. 🤪🤪 c'mon man is almost 2020 still thinking like that?

  • vaniteen
    vaniteen Day ago

    why are all their voices so deep

  • vaniteen
    vaniteen Day ago +1

    FITS MOST***

  • Honey Mustard
    Honey Mustard 2 days ago +1

    I had a Justin Bieber ad before this video

  • Emry
    Emry 2 days ago

    I actually thought the first one looked good on all of them

  • Kayla Dróz
    Kayla Dróz 2 days ago +2

    I feel like Lara purposely complained about everything so that the video message could be "SEE! One size fits all is a lie!" I think people would have appreciated her more if she was like, "I am grateful to have a body that fits most clothing. But no two bodies are the same, and by promoting small clothing as "this should fit you" is excluding too many beautiful body types."

  • Titii tetta
    Titii tetta 4 days ago

    Lara looks like Kim Kardashian's bff, Jonathan

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 4 days ago

    This comment is very late to the party, but I don’t think Laura would have been able to pull the skirt down lower. When it was zipped up it hit her waist, and fit pretty well at that spot. The skirt would not have been able to be pulled down even though it fit her body. Laura’s body is longer, and has a higher waist, so it was short on her.

  • Amy de Koning
    Amy de Koning 4 days ago

    Her: "But if you're shorter, I feel like it would just eat you alive."
    Me: "Sorry, are we talking about hoodies or snakes? I really can't tell."

  • Veronica Lozano
    Veronica Lozano 5 days ago +1

    Does anyone else get a Aubrey Plaza vibe from Candace

  • Saba Abuseridze
    Saba Abuseridze 5 days ago

    This biches clickbaiting me

  • dragon wing
    dragon wing 5 days ago +1

    2:04 Is she drowning in that sweatshirt?

    It looks comfy though

  • Xxdemon angelxX
    Xxdemon angelxX 5 days ago +1

    The hoodie is the most successful one

  • Jay B
    Jay B 5 days ago +1

    I know, I'm gonna get some bad reactions, but I'm not sure, these videos are helpful, yeah, we all "come" in different sizes, but the things like weight is one thing, that may change your lifespan, the people should be happy, of course, I love to see happy people, but that happiness shouldn't lead to thoughts like It's okay to eat this and this just because I like my body as it is, being overweight changes quality of your life, and it can change the time your family and friends can spend with you. Same problem is of course with underweight people. You should be happy and not be sad, but your happiness should also be driven by the motivation when you're achieving something like loosing couple pounds, being able to say no to junk food and live a healthy lifestyle, that leads to happier life with your closest friends. I hope that you write here your opinion, and if I'm in some points wrong, I'd be very happy hearing it. ( You can also correct my English 😅, that'd be great too)

  • Rokaya Ahmed
    Rokaya Ahmed 6 days ago

    Allison and Kristen made me smile the entire thing, their personalities are adorable

  • Ioana Nemeș
    Ioana Nemeș 6 days ago +1

    so allison is a size 0? does that mean there are also negative sizes for skinny girls or what do girls skinnier than allinson wear?

  • Scorttxh !
    Scorttxh ! 6 days ago

    My mother and I go to this store where they sell a lot of one size fit all clothing. I always feel guilty because the pants that fit me can’t even go over my mother’s thighs. You’re not allowed to try on or return clothes at that store so you’re really just gambling. Whenever we get home and try everything on, my mom always gives up the pants that she likes to me because they don’t fit. She always compares her weight to mine and I feel bad because of it. Even my mother is insecure about her weight.

  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose 8 days ago

    Brandy Melville check haha

  • daniella curiel
    daniella curiel 8 days ago

    i feel like most these things are "made" for a size 2 or 4

  • Kiwis In Bikinis
    Kiwis In Bikinis 9 days ago +1

    Lara they said skirt not shirt 🙄

  • • loser •
    • loser • 9 days ago +1

    Everything literally fits Lara but she kept complaining pfft

  • Ariana visnaw
    Ariana visnaw 9 days ago +1

    The skinny girls over here trying to say it doesn't fit them .-.

  • Patient X
    Patient X 9 days ago +1

    controversial statement but it's true
    the reason most of these clothes didn't fit the 'bigger' girls is because the sizing is based on averages so someone masssively overweight or underweight isn't gonna fit it because they are an unhealthy weight
    the majority of 'one size fits all' will fit an average woman but not a fat woman or a bone thin woman

  • Sprite .01
    Sprite .01 9 days ago

    I laughed to much 😂😂

  • ellianna navarro
    ellianna navarro 10 days ago +1

    im just now realizing these are brandy melville clothes,,, smh

  • sin lol
    sin lol 10 days ago

    3:40 wtf look at neck

  • HorseAreMyLife 55
    HorseAreMyLife 55 10 days ago +1

    My mom has a rule:
    Touch the sky and touch your toes,if anything shows,go change your clothes

  • Emmy Marlene
    Emmy Marlene 11 days ago +4

    Allison is like the cutest person I’ve ever seen omg

  • UFO
    UFO 11 days ago +1

    Que se quejan si la mayoría están obesas

  • Brandon Cena
    Brandon Cena 12 days ago +1

    You can control your weight and size of your body but height is something you can’t change so stop complaining

    • Sweety Pops
      Sweety Pops Day ago

      Brandon Cena you can not control your body shape. And with the weight... different people lose weight or gain weight faster than others and also have different weight on different parts of the body.

  • yves grandma
    yves grandma 13 days ago

    allison is so adorable oh my god spare hand in marriage 🥺

  • The 9th Star
    The 9th Star 13 days ago +1

    Lara is actually her nickname, her actual name is Karen

  • Ayden Butler
    Ayden Butler 13 days ago +1

    Ok but why does the girl in the thumbnail look like Emma from h20 just add water. When I saw the thumbnail I thought cLeOoOOo🤣

  • Jaclyn Robinson
    Jaclyn Robinson 13 days ago

    "Pulls skirt up to chest region" Very short....
    Me:😶😵YO WTF

  • Noah Verhoeven
    Noah Verhoeven 14 days ago

    The fact the we all are so privileged to even consider the name of a piece of fancy clothing triggering is actually sad, like wtf has the human race become smh

    COFFEE COFFEE 14 days ago

    Can Lara just like

  • DDS Software
    DDS Software 14 days ago

    Nobody is born fat as hell for a start

  • frank Sinatra aint my dad nah

    People . People. People are different remember?
    Lara is people too she wasn't that bad. Stop whining. This doesn't help social issues

  • - lingunicorn -
    - lingunicorn - 15 days ago

    I also thought Lara didn't fit the clothes. In the meaning of they didn't look good on her as her own style. To big or just not proportionate. Why is everyone in the comment section trashing her? I don't understand the hate.

  • TimberAlienz
    TimberAlienz 16 days ago


  • Bezale Dela Torre
    Bezale Dela Torre 16 days ago

    Lara’s a Karen in disguise 😞


  • k a l e
    k a l e 16 days ago

    😕 Lara - “it’s too short”
    \/ \/
    / \

  • Evangeline Donta
    Evangeline Donta 16 days ago

    Omg Lara was driving me crazyyyyyyy

    Everything fit her and she just complained the whole time!!

  • Kate Z
    Kate Z 16 days ago

    she literally pulled the skirt to her boob

  • Lilliana Rose
    Lilliana Rose 19 days ago


  • Riley Ravenclaw
    Riley Ravenclaw 20 days ago

    Kristen has such a good attitude with everything. She made tons of jokes and just had fun really made the video great.

  • Katherine Moore
    Katherine Moore 20 days ago

    for once it'd be nice if by "different body types" they meant actual body types (like pear, rectangle, etc) instead of "different sizes" like they actually mean

  • Ruweyda Dahir
    Ruweyda Dahir 21 day ago

    Girl: it fits!!
    *fits one leg*

  • Miral Mohammadia
    Miral Mohammadia 23 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how pretty allison is

  • Cailyn Vlogs
    Cailyn Vlogs 25 days ago +1

    Everyone says brandy is for skinny girls but I’m literally to skinny for annoy of it to fit😂

  • TmegaK
    TmegaK 25 days ago

    One size for humains. Not land whales.

  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith 25 days ago

    They’re saying that they hate the clothing.. but if it was in a different size maybe they wouldn’t be complaining so much.

  • Benjamin Aasa
    Benjamin Aasa 26 days ago

    One size fits all normal sized people (The majority of the population). Skinny and obese people have to buy cloths elsewere.