Horde Ending War Campaign 8.2.5 - Sylvanas Loyalist Ending Cutscene

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Horde Ending War Campaign 8.2.5
    Sylvanas Loyalist Ending Cutscene in WoW BfA 8.2.5
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  • Noone182
    Noone182  2 months ago +27

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    • Elijah Butcher
      Elijah Butcher 2 months ago

      Just subbed to you bro, hope you get 26,000 subs

    • Noone182
      Noone182  2 months ago +3

      @HeavenlyLee Immersion

    • HeavenlyLee
      HeavenlyLee 2 months ago +1

      May I ask what quest story addon you use?

    • Noone182
      Noone182  2 months ago

      @Dingo8urbaby4 u need kill azshara. check forum :)

    • Show Stopper B-12
      Show Stopper B-12 2 months ago

      Noone182 big black dragons? White griffins? I don't remember seeing any soldiers riding those things in the cinematic lol. 😁
      Nice vid bro 👍

    VM SANTLEI 8 days ago

    Zappy boy at 20:28

  • José María
    José María 10 days ago +1

    Sylvanas' story is one of the most tragic, saddest ones of the Warcraft lore. Killed in battle, failed to defend is home, resurrected and tortured by her killer, her revenge stolen, deprived of everything that made her keep going on to the point of comitting suicide.... and that failed too. What happened when she was dead in Icecrown? What bargain did she made?

  • Usui Takumi
    Usui Takumi 19 days ago

    23:37 That low level one handed sword though

  • Red Reaper
    Red Reaper 21 day ago

    Sylvanas is cute in game

  • Mikey Lejan
    Mikey Lejan 22 days ago

    The horde is seriously weak with all of this infighting

  • The Stormchaser
    The Stormchaser 23 days ago

    The mechanics and graphics and scale of this game does not do the universe of Warcraft justice.. Can't wait for a massive update of complexity and real life graphics in a few years

  • Clarence Callahan
    Clarence Callahan 24 days ago +4

    you stand in the presence of Sylvanas of house windrunner first of her name rightful queen of the forsaken and the undercity,the undead,banshee queen,breaker of arthas chains,
    this is nathanos"pause" hes the ranger lord of the norf

  • Ross Pate
    Ross Pate 26 days ago

    Down with Sylvanas! For the Alliance! For the Horde! For AZEROTH!

  • Ben Masterson
    Ben Masterson Month ago

    Being a dedicated Sylvanas fan (and not just a die-hard 'EEEEH!!!' Weeb who's only interested in the 'fan art' she's known for 80% of the time), I kinda feel that the Horde is just eternally doomed to get shit on, with every bad thing coming in to threaten everyone is ONLY from the Horde, old or new. The ONE TIME the Alliance gets blamed for anything, if anyone even does for that matter, would either be Arthas/Lich King or Jaina just telling everyone to go fuck themselves IN THE MIDDLE OF A LEGION INVASION!!!
    Seriously, can we, for once have something happen that the ALLIANCE causes to threaten all and make them accountable for??? Just because the Horde gets beat to shit enough as it is. It's not fair to a Horde main to suffer this bs.

  • Wor Craft
    Wor Craft Month ago

    How long does the red War Campaign banner stay on the top of the "map & Quest Log"

  • Mikey Lejan
    Mikey Lejan Month ago +3

    Happy that the horde and alliance are finally moving on

  • erothil l
    erothil l Month ago

    Ah Sylvanas got that achievement that asked to keep doing damage to the overlord until he gets bored and plays dead.

  • Face Palmization
    Face Palmization Month ago

    The horde has no honor, the horde has only animal bloodlust. Die horde scum, May your pain have been as excruciating as possible as you drew your last filthy horde-scum breath. GOOD RIDDANCE AND ROT IN HELL SCUM!!! ALL horde are insects to be squashed and deserve no compassion or pity.

  • Future King
    Future King Month ago

    Varok's life and end needs a full lenght cinematic. If Blizz can't do t then some fans create it please. The dude went beyond Legendary, new players need to know and old ones need to be reminded.

  • michael Rosenwald
    michael Rosenwald Month ago

    i am anti-alliance
    but sylvanas betrayed the horde and the forsaken and she must pay for what she done
    i thought she was a hero of azeroth and the horde

  • Dominik Polewka
    Dominik Polewka Month ago

    what hasitation is nathanos talking about and who's the hungering darkness?

    • Dominik Polewka
      Dominik Polewka Month ago

      @Lyeus you mean icecrown

    • Lyeus
      Lyeus Month ago

      @Dominik Polewka I believe it goes back to when she tried to killed herself after defeating the lich king. In death, she met his influence and got scared by it.

    • Dominik Polewka
      Dominik Polewka Month ago

      Witch enemy?

    • Lyeus
      Lyeus Month ago

      Sylvanas had the will to resist arthas. I bet she will turn on her new friend. Maybe all of this was only to force him out, so she could at last destroy this old enemy.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago

    Epic battles 🕹

  • Camille Kurt
    Camille Kurt Month ago +1

    So an old orc who’s fought countless battlers has just realized that he’s been a tyrant and basically a murder lol
    Just awesome 🙄

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago

    Keep up the good work 💯

  • ripdose
    ripdose Month ago

    So will she be the last boss

  • BagutteCAt
    BagutteCAt Month ago

    How long these Eagles need carry (big fat handsome taurens bodys) in air.

  • Santiago Pérez
    Santiago Pérez Month ago

    Thanks for grouping all of this, nice job.

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati Month ago

    so she wanted to weaken the horde and the alliance so they'd join together and fight n'zoth, and presumably be destroyed, but leave n'zoth weak enough for her to.. finish off? I guess? Pretty stupid fuckin plan

  • Henry steele
    Henry steele Month ago

    This game needs a restart not being funny

  • BubblewrapHighway
    BubblewrapHighway Month ago

    The Edgelord Award goes to...
    This is so boring. Writers around the world: Stop bringing people back from the dead, it kills any impact their death made.

  • AmigosMundo USA
    AmigosMundo USA 2 months ago +2

    Siege of orgrimar version 2 with the new evil chief of the horde, writers can do better for my point of view.

  • Re3Ns
    Re3Ns 2 months ago +3

    "Break the cycle" Did she mean menopause?

    DAYBROK3 2 months ago +2

    The people on This planet need to remember where their home is.

    • Toby Clain
      Toby Clain Month ago +2

      DAYBROK3 Is it at Mankrik’s wife’s location?

  • hugehappygrin
    hugehappygrin 2 months ago +3

    Typical Blizz cinematics. In game maybe 20 soldiers on both sides. In the cinematic , hundreds on both sides. In game, no one on top of the wall. In the video, top of the wall lined with people.

  • hugehappygrin
    hugehappygrin 2 months ago

    Ok....so why keep playing after the end of this?

  • peoplewillallsmile
    peoplewillallsmile 2 months ago

    what if unification of Hordes and Allys for one expansion?

  • matix1256
    matix1256 2 months ago

    i dont be lie, players who wchoose sylvanas must be or her hentai/sfm/rule 34 arts fanboys, or just stupid.
    she jsut want kill everyone on azeroth. SHe is even worst than arthas. becasuse Arthas want breake cycle of life and death, and make everyone combaine in death.
    But sylvanas want just power, and make world suffer....
    i cant wait to make this arthas bit.ch totaly dead for sure

    • DomovaProject
      DomovaProject Month ago

      matix1256 I’m a girl, so not a fanboy and Sylvanas is my favourite. People having a different opinion doesn’t make them stupid.

  • Whystop
    Whystop 2 months ago

    was there any way alliance could pick to help kill sylvanas or to join her secretly even?

  • Blazer Ashbringer
    Blazer Ashbringer 2 months ago

    dont kill my waifu sylvie pls i need her hentai

  • neko cchi
    neko cchi 2 months ago

    What happened to the banshees? Why do they look so... demonic?

  • Discorded
    Discorded 2 months ago

    Oh, I see. So we thought she was corrupted by N'zoth, but she's trying to use his power just to cause more death... alright, great...

  • bahmat
    bahmat 2 months ago

    Horde players who still support Sylvannas after what she did and said should be branded as traitors and attacked on sight.

  • Хилийнхуу M
    Хилийнхуу M 2 months ago +1

    Anyone who stand with alliance is my enemy.

    • memo austin
      memo austin 2 months ago

      so youre saying those who stood alonside the alliance to reclaim orgrimar are your enemies? i hate the alliance but joining forces helped saved what was left of the real horde and shu away sylvanas, if you see that as a negative, youre no horde youre just an alliance hater.

  • tonni adreianto
    tonni adreianto 2 months ago

    Whre tyrande?

  • Nick Lancial
    Nick Lancial 2 months ago +3

    it basically sounds like she's going the same route as Garrosh and trying to become a god

  • Urdnot Wrex
    Urdnot Wrex 2 months ago

    wow is dead, well it will die by the new datadisk. It will have its peak of buyers, but like all datadisks, it will just decrease on population.

  • 123467 237623476
    123467 237623476 2 months ago

    what the was that 15:44 I am mobilizing all youtube detectives to find out this source of magic. What is it?

  • Alaia Hankey
    Alaia Hankey 2 months ago +18

    “Safe journey, my love”
    Oh my god I hate both of them so much but that line got to me

  • Night Knight
    Night Knight 2 months ago +1

    ' you are all nothing ' Is a weak line

    • Night Knight
      Night Knight 2 months ago

      Also Anduin never stops to wipe his tears it seems

  • Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang 2 months ago +2

    This story is telling us don't ever mess up a lady's makeup.

  • badri nath
    badri nath 2 months ago +2

    Yeah no one would know the defenses of ogrimmar like saurfang especially not thrall who built the god damned city and led the first rebellion against garrosh nope, not like he had underground entrances built to sneak into ogrimmar.........Nope saurfang would know well......
    Oh and only 1 weapon mak'gora fans saurfang had 2.so yeah thrall didn't cheat at all.meh.

  • SrDragan
    SrDragan 2 months ago

    FUCk you BITCH at 5:00 blondi Long live sylvanas

  • Monix LeDeltrie
    Monix LeDeltrie 2 months ago

    What addons are you using? They look cool. :3

  • murglan1
    murglan1 2 months ago

    Sylvanas is basically a weakling bitch who thinks she's strong. 1vs1 sylvanas vs Archimonde and she would die for sure

  • TheScreamOfDead
    TheScreamOfDead 2 months ago +1

    For the Lichk.. queen!

  • Cryptidian
    Cryptidian 2 months ago

    Idc what anyone says, Sylvanas is too hot to be hated as a villain.

  • Bishon Chris
    Bishon Chris 2 months ago +1

    I haven't played WoW in a few years,I just follow cinematics and in-game cutscenes,do we know what's inside Sylvanas or who she serves yet?!Or who was the spirit that ordered her when Vol'Jin was dying?!

  • Dusk
    Dusk 2 months ago

    nathanos is a simp

  • FrozenStar
    FrozenStar 2 months ago

    For plot reasons, some resurrects do not work.
    How convenient.

  • Rapid
    Rapid 2 months ago +16

    16:17 "Coward!"

    If you read this in a certain voice, you are someone of culture.

  • Mike Iglesias
    Mike Iglesias 2 months ago

    What is her bargain with azshara?

  • butterflytigress1985
    butterflytigress1985 2 months ago

    It’s amazing how many people can’t spell ‘Sylvanas’ despite it being in the video’s title as well as throughout the video in the subtitles.

  • James Song
    James Song 2 months ago +1

    Ting ting

  • Vinícius Micheline
    Vinícius Micheline 2 months ago +1

    Now, this is a Sylvannas I respect. Now she is truly a banshee queen and not a pathetic horde leader attempt.