Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER

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  • Lily Reeves
    Lily Reeves 4 hours ago

    the fifth leaf on a clover is satin

  • XxSyncxX
    XxSyncxX 4 hours ago

    the yogurt happened to me

  • Jamie Kaspar
    Jamie Kaspar 5 hours ago

    Call the big banana “Thick Nana”

  • Holly Mae
    Holly Mae 7 hours ago

    I have been on that bridge it is in Kent

  • Cat plays roblox Angel

    9:36 sharks don’t like to eat human they eat you because they think you a sea animals

  • mosquitosbites
    mosquitosbites 8 hours ago

    My immature mind keep looking that her sweater...

  • Tiger:3 Kyger
    Tiger:3 Kyger 9 hours ago

    You should buy everything in the vending machine 😝

  • Dino !
    Dino ! 10 hours ago +1

    Ehh is this human
    *no it’s shark*

  • Sarah Sireci
    Sarah Sireci 10 hours ago

    Im pretty sure that giant donut is from universal studios. i think its the simpsons donut

  • Kelly Ali
    Kelly Ali 10 hours ago

    A five leaf clover means a demon in black clover

  • Chasity Myrdahl
    Chasity Myrdahl 10 hours ago


  • Tyler The Turtle
    Tyler The Turtle 11 hours ago

    once at the shore they need to get rid of the ice cream so they gave us free ice cream

  • Paul Fazakas
    Paul Fazakas 12 hours ago

    Lol the boy in the pool with the girls is me i allways get invited at every girls birthday or watever and im allways the only boy there

  • Sky The skeleton
    Sky The skeleton 12 hours ago

    The 5 clover means the devil that’s what I learned from black clover

  • Kayla Trang
    Kayla Trang 12 hours ago

    When’s my mom went to a gas station and the gas was 30 cents

  • Joseph Knuckles
    Joseph Knuckles 12 hours ago


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 12 hours ago

    *since* *school* *is* *closed* *I* *LIVE* *for* *these* *videos*

  • Emma Jackstadt
    Emma Jackstadt 12 hours ago

    I once found a 5 leaf clover! I promise I don't lie!

  • Audrey Baker
    Audrey Baker 12 hours ago

    I found a 7 leaf clover

  • Gavin Carini
    Gavin Carini 13 hours ago

    Same I holed my iPad a hard as I can relatable

  • Jordan Heath
    Jordan Heath 14 hours ago


  • Billy Collins
    Billy Collins 14 hours ago

    my mom found a five leaf clover and a for leaf cover
    next day her pay day was higher than ever
    me - what how
    her - im the qween and you are the what pesent bow befor me …
    its been years and im still trying to find a four or five leaf clover
    like what!?

  • Bright Moon animations :3

    That potato wedge reminds me of when I was eating fries and out of the take out bag there was a frie that was so massive

  • Athena Morledge
    Athena Morledge 14 hours ago

    3:35 but the in the 4th is luck and in the 5th is evil

  • DjiDji's Show
    DjiDji's Show 15 hours ago +1

    Once I got really lucky cause a knife fell on my foot but then it didn’t go on the sharp part

  • Iqra Nadeem
    Iqra Nadeem 15 hours ago

    Sharks don’t actually like the taste of humans they are attracted to our smell. After they eat us, they spit us out. 😬

    JEONGYEON I LOVE YOU 15 hours ago

    3:38 Me a Black Clover fan: 😂
    3 clover: Live and something
    4 clover: Good luck
    5 clover: Demon

  • Haylan Wise
    Haylan Wise 15 hours ago

    I found a five leaf clover

  • BrianandKimberly Artis
    BrianandKimberly Artis 16 hours ago

    But SSSniperwolf is the best!

  • BrianandKimberly Artis
    BrianandKimberly Artis 16 hours ago

    i dont have school i miss it :(

  • Aaron The Gamer
    Aaron The Gamer 16 hours ago

    To all time travellers

  • Sunuma James
    Sunuma James 17 hours ago


  • Amina'adar mohamed
    Amina'adar mohamed 17 hours ago

    I think thiccnana is a good idea.

  • Terry Santiago
    Terry Santiago 18 hours ago

    That moment when you realize lia was wearing a Gucci sweater in this vid🤣😂🤑

  • Nora Rosales
    Nora Rosales 18 hours ago

    I've had the yogurt insadent before

  • Faith Jackson
    Faith Jackson 19 hours ago

    ive found a five leaf clover i still have it which is why im cursed by the devil so is this guy 3:42

  • Maryam Renumiah
    Maryam Renumiah 19 hours ago +2

    No one is luckier than BTS ARMYs seeing BTS....I feel you international ARMYs...I feel you...

  • Beyblade Gang channel
    Beyblade Gang channel 20 hours ago

    The banana is mega thick nana

  • Sherina Ramnarain
    Sherina Ramnarain 20 hours ago

    I want some gaming videos please I miss your gaming videos

    like so sssniperwolf can see

  • Noah Parsons
    Noah Parsons 21 hour ago

    Call it megana

  • Princess Rodelie Gabriel

    2:46 hahahhaha thicknana
    Her face 😂 😂 lol

  • Gabbyjeb
    Gabbyjeb 22 hours ago


  • Gabbyjeb
    Gabbyjeb 22 hours ago

    Boy aren u worrie abouth corona now i have 2 week holiday 😟

  • jayda_laprigh_donuts caramel

    literally no one:
    not a single soul:
    lia (sssniperwolf): meganana, BEgana, THICKNANA

  • Thalia Wallace
    Thalia Wallace Day ago

    Lia : thicknanna
    Me : I call my "grandma" nanna
    Also me :Ahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhaha

  • susan murphy
    susan murphy Day ago

    Your the best youtuber ever♡

  • jewel walsh
    jewel walsh Day ago

    I found a six leaf clover a few times

  • Aayusha Devkota
    Aayusha Devkota Day ago


  • Brianca's Dressed N Dignity

    Lol. My sister had to barter for a bag of flour

  • Paul Lucock
    Paul Lucock Day ago

    Iv Found a five leaf clover wow

  • Hannah Sophie Mehrhoff


  • Hannah Sophie Mehrhoff

    I onec got a 6 lief clover

  • Clickie
    Clickie Day ago

    4:20 😳

  • Charlotte Gacha
    Charlotte Gacha Day ago

    If there were no line in the store their probably be no one there😒

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Day ago


  • Matt Pierce
    Matt Pierce Day ago

    3:40 I have picked a 7 leaf clover *not bragging*

  • Karin Morales
    Karin Morales Day ago

    When you said the banana is thick I said you should've of named it the thick banana

  • negike touruo 私の子孫

    We have many leaf clovers in the Philippines

  • Mariah Craig
    Mariah Craig Day ago

    The whole time that one hair was giving me anxiety

  • cALEX co
    cALEX co Day ago

    My friend found a 6 leaf clover

  • Frimzzy Productions

    Tbh I think you should name that banana triplenana

  • X2twinsJr
    X2twinsJr Day ago

    I have found 3 five leaf clovers

  • Shirley Robertson


  • Presley Honeycutt

    Me:quarantine is over everything is normal also me *wakes up* to alarm

  • Lucky clover
    Lucky clover Day ago

    3:32 hearing you say my name (clover) is kinda weird to hear😂

  • Barbara Vesci
    Barbara Vesci Day ago


  • Lima bean Candycane

    The I.T.S stands for it’s too small

  • Lucy Green
    Lucy Green Day ago

    The one boy and 8 girls is me except the girls are boys and instead of the one boy it’s a girl

  • Midnight Dreams
    Midnight Dreams Day ago

    THICCNANA, yes, this is called a THICCNANA
    Edit: I wonder if that shark didn’t eat that one girl cause she’s a Karen

  • Sahomy Banegas
    Sahomy Banegas Day ago


  • Vanessa Baird
    Vanessa Baird Day ago

    I’ve found a five leaf clover and it’s wasn’t lucky 🍀 it was probably like what you said was Rare

  • Britney Anderson

    I’m allergic to bananas it sucks😞😞😞

  • Ski frogie 666xxx

    Wait did she say thiccc nana? Lmao 😂

  • Karol Zepeda
    Karol Zepeda Day ago

    I was so jealous when i saw that picture of the marshmallows that come with the lucky charms i love those

  • Ava has been fun Sayo


  • Ava has been fun Sayo

    5 clover is bad luck right people this many people agree👇🏻

  • shajane mcneil
    shajane mcneil Day ago


  • Jayce Rebello
    Jayce Rebello Day ago

    Once I found a 8 leaf clover

  • Shannon Gladfelter

    If you are spreading luck,will my dad let me get a milk snake?(I ❤ lia)probs not.

  • wwe ucme
    wwe ucme Day ago

    I found a 8 leaf clover