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Dodgers vs. Phillies Game Highlights (8/12/21) | MLB Highlights

  • Published on Aug 11, 2021
  • Dodgers vs. Phillies full game highlights from 8/12/21, presented by Roman
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Comments • 234

  • turbotime1964

    Love the retro Philly uniforms. Reminds me of the great NLCS Dodgers-Phillies matchups from the late 1970s.

  • Phillies Hot Stove Media

    When Bryce drives the ball the other way, you know things are going good!

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    Thank you Phillies!🧡🖤

  • Sean Blu Digital

    Glad that losing streak is over! Let's hope the bats can get it done this weekend

  • El Cdizzle

    Man what a disappointment this dodger lineup did not show up to play baseball with 48 games left and 5 games back from first place they can’t afford to be losing!

  • 24AMPER
    24AMPER  +19

    Phils won and the Braves lost. Atlanta gained on Philly overall but this coulld've been a lot worse. Impressive work to stop the bleeding, Phillies.

  • smellslikeproductions

    Thank you Philadelphia, we Giants fans salute you

  • 서중
    서중  +12

    Mitch White and the bullpen actually did kinda OK this game, 2 runs and they were able to hold it there. We need more run support from the offense though, hope he gets another start down the stretch.

  • Phillies Hot Stove Media

    I expect the Phils offense to heat up again with the Reds coming to town. The Dodgers just have a great pitching staff.

  • Zach Cannon

    Not a big Phillies fan. But definitely hyped for them and Bryce Harper. Phillies fans gotta be excited!

  • PhilliePeez

    I'm glad my Phillies didn't get SWEPT! We will take 1 of 3 Beat LA Dodgers! Go Phillies!

  • Phillies Hot Stove Media

    Archie Bradley, well done today. Talk about a season turn around. Hopefully the Phils re-sign.

  • Mary Peyton


  • Hotman Chicken

    Love to see Phillies beat Dodgers! Actually any team beating Dodgers is also sweet!😂

  • Robert Gates

    Dodger hitters strike out so much as a team. Imagine how potent they'd be if they stopped hitting air so frequently.

  • Lynda Rocha

    The highlight was the doggies leaving the bases loaded in the 9th, from what I heard. Damn, they do that a ton. Nice job, Phillies. 5 down jr1.

  • Nathan Schlenker

    Ah, I see the MLB desperately wanted the Dodgers to make that late game comeback

  • Emilio Gonzalez

    Thank you Phillies lol Go Giants🧡🖤😂

  • Banana Cream Pie

    That game was painful to watch. So many runners stranded on both sides.

  • Se Un
    Se Un  +1

    Dodgers took 2 out of 3 from Phillies. You can't them all. Any opponents can beat you at given night.