Broken Girls - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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    song produced by: LYRE
    Director: Nayip Ramos
    Producer: Casey Schreffler (Centertainment)
    VFX: Logan Sprangers
    Production Designer: Logan Rose
    Director of Photography: Cameron Schmucker
    Stylist: Helena Falangus
    Key Hair/Make-up: Yukina Mitsuhashi
    Dancers: Joe Friedman, Corey Evans, Pauler Lam, Dor Raybi
    Choreographer/Dancer: Dalton Shooks
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  28 days ago +4536

    go grab this song and check out the FULL EP!

    • A Shahbazi
      A Shahbazi 16 hours ago

      Justice For Colleen Dont forget
      Gabbie: Defended a rapist. 😬

    • Jess Star
      Jess Star 20 hours ago +1

      I'm Gabby and I can fix people!! Absolute trash, I'm so happy people are finding out more about you

    • Michelle Semaken
      Michelle Semaken 2 days ago


    • Odalys M
      Odalys M 3 days ago

      please retire

    • J L P
      J L P 6 days ago

      1, 2, 3... BACK TO VINE !!!!!!

  • gloomy cateyes
    gloomy cateyes 2 hours ago

    Who told gabbie she could sing 😳😳

  • Marshall VEVO
    Marshall VEVO 2 hours ago +1

    I don’t think she knows that smashing mirrors give you 7 years bad luck... but this is gabbie we’re on about, professional emo girl that’ll never be happy 😳

  • SantiaMarie
    SantiaMarie 6 hours ago

    cant trust you honestly, just seems like you're becoming every other boring artist, nothing new

  • 18.12. 2017
    18.12. 2017 6 hours ago


  • Aly Kobalt
    Aly Kobalt 7 hours ago

    I think the best thing for Gabbie is to just stop making yt content and move out of LA. These people become monsters. Gabbie this is not your path

  • SaturdayCRash -
    SaturdayCRash - 10 hours ago

    Listen to the lyrics closely. She's exposing all the shit she's ever done.

  • S p a c e L a t t e
    S p a c e L a t t e 10 hours ago

    *More like you like to see others broken. 🙄*

  • Raf Cruz
    Raf Cruz 11 hours ago


  • Lavenderkitsune
    Lavenderkitsune 11 hours ago

    Dollar tree melanie martinez

  • Maxwell Bossong
    Maxwell Bossong 12 hours ago

    Everyone coming for gabbie but ya know what she’s one of the most unconserversial people she never gets into on drama and if she does she brushes it off

  • Talking Pizza
    Talking Pizza 13 hours ago

    Broken girls is my favorite song from 2 way mirror

  • Chiara Alaimo
    Chiara Alaimo 14 hours ago +1

    scrolling thru the comments while the song is muted bc it's trash

  • Comaful
    Comaful 15 hours ago

    Can someone tell this girl we already have a Melanie Martinez, we dont need another one.

  • theannalynn
    theannalynn 19 hours ago

    Daaaaaamn gabbie snappppped

  • Min
    Min 20 hours ago


  • Jess Star
    Jess Star 20 hours ago


  • Jess Star
    Jess Star 20 hours ago


  • lowbattery
    lowbattery 21 hour ago

    Really thought you were a nice person.

  • A Nun Oh Mouse
    A Nun Oh Mouse 21 hour ago

    How do you live with yourself Gabbie? How?
    You're such a disappointment. So sad that your fans are looking up to.... well, let's be honest, a rapist forgiving, social climbing at any cost, nasty little mean girl...... and your song is generic AF! Bland and boring.

  • Sarah Furches
    Sarah Furches 22 hours ago

    why is everyone hating on gabbie? who's trisha? who's curtis? what did his friends do? No im not five i've just not been keeping up with all the DRAMA aperrently. there's so much drama on the internet and I hate it. I LOVE your song gabbie!

    • Raven Kenn
      Raven Kenn 21 hour ago

      you should watch Spill's video about her

  • Izzy Gacha
    Izzy Gacha Day ago

    Barbie as a bad bitch

  • Jacqueline sal
    Jacqueline sal Day ago +1

    Im happy Jessie's video got more views then this shit, no wonder her nose big she a big lie

  • Lidia Scott’s BIGGEST FAN

    This shit sounds like actual ass

  • Bxby Bunni
    Bxby Bunni Day ago

    I can make a cover of this song and probably sound better-

  • RelatableQuake
    RelatableQuake Day ago +3

    *watches the whole video*
    Me: *Starts watching Melanie Martinez* nope.

  • Ceniza 13
    Ceniza 13 Day ago


  • Ashley Moreland
    Ashley Moreland Day ago +2

    Yes let's all pretend you support women. Especially when you talk disgusting about rape victim. Then talk about your friends like there trash afterwards. You need to get off internet for a while and think of evil you've done. 😡

  • Emma Steele
    Emma Steele Day ago +1

    I think your time on Flash-Player is done!
    You are one vindictive monster, drama queen, serial liar, big time attention seeker.
    You are one broken woman and it’s all through your own doing. I believe you must have very low self esteem which makes you act out this way. Please try get some help!

  • Stefania Owzarek


  • HyruleConspiracies
    HyruleConspiracies Day ago +8

    I love how when she swears she literally sounds cautious, like she’s a little kid not allowed to swear

  • Itsasecret Xoxo
    Itsasecret Xoxo Day ago

    You’re a shit person and your song is even worse 🤯🤬

  • Bailey Goodrich
    Bailey Goodrich Day ago +1

    Friendly reminder that Gabbie is a piece of shit 😘 I keep coming back just to see the dislikes grow lmfao. Karma will sort itself out!

  • Kbeauty 123
    Kbeauty 123 Day ago

    Love this! So artistic

  • Areta Boone
    Areta Boone Day ago +1

    So all the bad comments got deleted eh?

  • Hotbosskiller 24769

    Is it just me or do people not know how to let someone live their god damm life and do what they want I know humans were fucked up but damm

  • Adrian H
    Adrian H Day ago +1

    That nose thicc

  • Korba
    Korba Day ago +2

    This is a pretty good Katy Perry Song

  • Danikins
    Danikins Day ago +1

    Tooth Gem ❤️

  • Chevelle Solomon
    Chevelle Solomon 2 days ago +2

    I just feel like Gabbie is one of those “nice girls” that hasn’t really gone through shit but uses being obnoxious it push her “brand.” Get the money while you can girl. 🙄😬

  • Rachel Willison
    Rachel Willison 2 days ago +1

    Classic gabbie. Playing the victim card

  • Berk Prisms
    Berk Prisms 2 days ago

    I like this song, I think it's one of her best ones :)

  • Viv S
    Viv S 2 days ago +36

    When your whole personality is having a mental illness

  • Viv S
    Viv S 2 days ago +5

    Her songwriting team: So How Much Do you Want The Song Actually be about you?
    Gabbie: Yes

  • Dull_Rainbow
    Dull_Rainbow 2 days ago

    I like it.

  • dannimajig
    dannimajig 2 days ago +3

    The way she tries so hard to be sexy makes me cringeeeee omg

  • Dead Pegasus
    Dead Pegasus 2 days ago


  • Rainbowttyl1997
    Rainbowttyl1997 2 days ago +4

    Disclaimer: No barbies were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Roxie Does
    Roxie Does 2 days ago +8

    It’s really pathetic when you have to add commentary at the end to try and convince viewers it’s a good song...

  • Roxie Does
    Roxie Does 2 days ago

    Something about the wigs and eyebrows make you look really manly in this video.... maybe it’s the nose too

  • Samyrah is Spongebob

    Flash-Player: why don't you check this out
    Me :OK why not give it a try
    Flash-Player : I don't trust her
    Me :I used to
    My channel :SUSPENDED

  • Guinevere Byrne
    Guinevere Byrne 2 days ago +11

    Lmao this is music??!! It's sad what ppl consider music these days. This is as pathetic as she is.

  • Ame yo
    Ame yo 2 days ago

    The chorus to this song reminds me a lot of Nirvana's In Bloom song. Super weird.

  • Einsteinz Vice
    Einsteinz Vice 2 days ago

    I like 'Kintsukori!' 🙃

  • Nuevo gaming
    Nuevo gaming 2 days ago

    You killed this MV 😍😍😍😍

  • Alex Mattow
    Alex Mattow 2 days ago +5

    Stop it you are not a singer

  • R & A Squad
    R & A Squad 2 days ago +1

    This music video is weird it’s so emo

  • Imojen Hayward
    Imojen Hayward 3 days ago

    Yoooo that last tune. Heard very similar tunes b4

  • Imojen Hayward
    Imojen Hayward 3 days ago +1

    The dollhouse, the big barbie box . Everything that I just witnessed? Melanie? No never mind, too tacky