• Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • This was so awesome! I also threw in some extra maternity shopping footage... because maternity clothes are weird. lol Love ya!
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  • Sayomee Perez
    Sayomee Perez 16 hours ago

    Who is watching this when she already hade her kid he is adorable

  • oscar santacruz
    oscar santacruz Day ago

    Yes i love your videos

  • lexie Lexie
    lexie Lexie 21 day ago


  • kass rodriguez
    kass rodriguez Month ago

    I’m currently experiencing a similar issue! I’m 4’10 & almost 4 months pregnant. My pants around my waist are starting to not fit but I have extremely short legs so if I just go up in sizes the pants legs are WAYYY too long. It’s gotten to the point where if I fold them my ankles looks extremely weird.

  • Jimin’s Crooked tooth

    tell me why i'm watching this 10 months after flynn's birth and i'm still crying???

  • Yoana Paredes
    Yoana Paredes Month ago

    omg it’s alive 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaitlyn Boyce
    Kaitlyn Boyce Month ago

    6:44 rip headphone users 😂

  • Amelia Zidek
    Amelia Zidek 2 months ago +2

    I love y’all so much! Always and forever ♾! I’m on my period I love my periods even though it sucks! and it’s my birthday #17

  • Annella IP [4V]
    Annella IP [4V] 2 months ago

    Who’s here when Flynn is born and Jessica announcing baby5#

  • Grace Glynn
    Grace Glynn 2 months ago

    Ok I love in Charlotte and I didn’t know you were here

  • D. Grace
    D. Grace 2 months ago

    This is the most precious video ever... ♥~♥

  • Luna Vail
    Luna Vail 2 months ago

    This video called me single in 20 different languages

  • FNAF_lover 123
    FNAF_lover 123 2 months ago

    6:44 EaR rApE

  • The double AA Batteries

    This is honestly one of my favourite videos of hers

  • ILoveCookie
    ILoveCookie 2 months ago

    6:42 Colleen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayalakshmi V.M
    Jayalakshmi V.M 3 months ago +1


  • Pugs 4 life
    Pugs 4 life 3 months ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Eric's reaction is so cute

  • Hardly Hannah
    Hardly Hannah 3 months ago

    Colleen: My stomach was flat and then there was like a little BLOOP!

  • For est
    For est 3 months ago +1

    Yeah your Miranda sings :-:

    OR ARE YOU....!!

  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P 3 months ago +1


  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P 3 months ago +1

    When we see her editing we can see a Jar Of Peanut Butter on her night stand!!!!!

  • Diana Rodriguez
    Diana Rodriguez 3 months ago

    O my good that is so cute

  • Daniel Hoover
    Daniel Hoover 3 months ago

    Who is watching after Flynn’s birth

  • JcTheFun ASMR
    JcTheFun ASMR 3 months ago

    3:11 lol he got mad

  • Kayla Kayla
    Kayla Kayla 3 months ago

    “WHOA WHERE ARE YOU GOING”-Colleen Ballinger 2018😂😂😂🦕🦕🦕

  • Silvia Slays
    Silvia Slays 3 months ago

    love u colleen, pls collab with rachel ❤️❤️❤️

  • PUKA19
    PUKA19 3 months ago

    Erik’s reaction completely melted my heart ♥️

  • Dahlia Ibarra
    Dahlia Ibarra 3 months ago

    I miss this so much! Have another BABY!!

  • Random Maschrist
    Random Maschrist 3 months ago

    4:13 and 6:43

  • madeline stafford
    madeline stafford 3 months ago +1

    365 days later he is a little older that six months

  • kazoo artist person who draws

    wait you were in Charlotte at that time?! dang I missed it

  • Chrisso
    Chrisso 4 months ago

    With younger babies the heart beat is more like apow apow apow apow apow and faster

  • johannylopezvilchis marinete

    Are you mirenda sings

  • Karina Gutierrez
    Karina Gutierrez 4 months ago

    I live in Charlotte North Carolina and i missed you!

  • It’sLindseySmith :3
    It’sLindseySmith :3 4 months ago +1

    I love your videos 🥰

  • gargi sharma
    gargi sharma 4 months ago +72

    Eric's expression when he heard the heartbeat: he was so emotional. Here after Flynn turned 6 months old.

  • Reclusive Reggie
    Reclusive Reggie 4 months ago

    You could see your brest

  • saeid kh
    saeid kh 4 months ago +1

    Your makeup is so beautiful!

  • Lois Weston
    Lois Weston 4 months ago


  • Briana Chamizo
    Briana Chamizo 5 months ago +2

    My aunt is going to have a baby in September something im so excited because my aunt has A BIG bump not to to big but stilk big🤰❤❤

    • your favourite birb
      your favourite birb 4 months ago

      Congrats ❤️

    • Hanan Miles
      Hanan Miles 4 months ago +1

      Briana Briana ya my neighbor is having her third in October and I’m over the moon!

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose 5 months ago

    6:43, R.I.P headphone users

  • Min S.
    Min S. 5 months ago

    I wish u could come back to nc so u can see u cuz I've never seen u live

  • Katelyn Spencer
    Katelyn Spencer 5 months ago

    Real talk . Why does a baby's heartbeat sound like a washing machine.

  • AspieStar924
    AspieStar924 5 months ago

    Hail Satan! Praise the Devil!

  • Isabel Gilchrist
    Isabel Gilchrist 5 months ago +1

    "a huge bump" (from the editing bit not the original) have you seen the Miranda video shot only about 5 hours before you went into labour, past Colleen 😍😘😂

  • Varsha Balaji
    Varsha Balaji 5 months ago +6


    Colleen: Now I actually have a huge bump!


  • Adnana's Vlogs
    Adnana's Vlogs 5 months ago

    She thought that THAT belly is huge? 😂

  • Maya Bueckert
    Maya Bueckert 5 months ago

    It’s alive!!!

  • Sarah Bossin
    Sarah Bossin 5 months ago +4

    2019 anyone when she already had Flynn?

  • Madison Northway
    Madison Northway 5 months ago

    Me and my friends were dancing to the heart beat 😂😂

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie 5 months ago


  • Apple Nav
    Apple Nav 5 months ago

    You will be great parents to your baby

  • •NoOne•
    •NoOne• 5 months ago

    WOooOaoaoO WHERE U GOOooOoIN?!

  • Karen’s 23
    Karen’s 23 5 months ago

    No better way to spend a sick day then binging Colleen’s pregnancy vids 😍

  • Fizza Nadeem
    Fizza Nadeem 5 months ago +2

    “It’s aliveeeeeee”

  • Elizabeth Harrison
    Elizabeth Harrison 5 months ago

    🙈🎉🎈🤞💕 I AM HAPPY

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J 5 months ago +1

    K so I was crying as soon as they found it but then they want to the ultrasound an i just balled my eyes out 😂😭
    Edit: Eric’s reaction make my cry every time

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J 5 months ago

    If U think that’s big U beta wait 😂

  • Zoey Vincent
    Zoey Vincent 5 months ago +1


  • Silixia
    Silixia 5 months ago

    I miss her

    *and im still pregneet* intros xd