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  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • While our main story on political threats to Brazil's Amazon rainforest can currently be found on Netflix and on Flash-Player later today, we’re first focusing on the Philippines as the country’s citizens prepare to vote in their midterm election.
    With several of President Rodrigo Duterte's favorite senate candidates leading in national polls, Hasan weighs the costs of a brutal drug war that has killed thousands of civilians without trial -- and points to brave Filipinos who are risking their safety and freedom to push back against the powerful president.
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  • TeammateAssist
    TeammateAssist 6 days ago

    As a Filipino...
    Well, basically it's like talking to loyal Trump supporters, ain't it? Same thing, diff country.

  • Amal Babu
    Amal Babu 7 days ago

    Realest show out there!!

  • Tiffany Yu
    Tiffany Yu 7 days ago


  • Eric Alvez
    Eric Alvez 10 days ago

    Well paid

  • Pearl Rubymoon
    Pearl Rubymoon 11 days ago

    The reason why Duterte has a high approval rating is because he is doing something about the problem here in the Philippines. The previous administration didn't do anything about the growing drug trade, corruption, lack of infrastructure and many more problems in the Philippines. We, the Filipinos, are tired of empty promises by corrupt officials. We are finally seeing changes in our country. We do condone the killings but, if you look into our history, there has been killings - even massacres of innocent people - during the past administrations.

  • Make America Great Again


  • myaccount mine
    myaccount mine 11 days ago

    well..... run the ph presidency then.....

  • Fahad Islam
    Fahad Islam 14 days ago

    Hate sell

  • Dana Chiong
    Dana Chiong 15 days ago

    In a way, Duterte is like the filipino Trump. thx for talking about this

  • Lady Kristelle
    Lady Kristelle 17 days ago +1

    I laugh with the jokes till this guy started talking good about De Lima. Makes me think he's well paid, he doesn't know who De Lima is 😂

  • Dennis Torcuator
    Dennis Torcuator 19 days ago

    "fakyu" 🤣🤣

  • devonferris
    devonferris 21 day ago

    This is another Hollywood propaganda. Netflix is now run by Leftist radical activists. Fake journalism and using comedy to spread their lies just like here in America with jimmy Kimmel and late night host shows. Warming to all Filipinos. Do not believe any of these Hollywood and American Propoganda trying to Influence our democratic system.

  • Site Dilangalen
    Site Dilangalen 22 days ago

    Validate you report as Delima went to jail not because she was opposition. She was linked to Druglords.

  • Site Dilangalen
    Site Dilangalen 23 days ago

    Are really out of you mind Hassan? Delima went to jail as she was connected in Drug pushers. Please try to validate further.

    NICHOLAS REED 24 days ago

    They need some coke

  • Naureen mughal
    Naureen mughal 25 days ago +2

    Mad props to the guy who did the subtitles for this episode

  • Carol Dec
    Carol Dec 27 days ago

    To speak truth to Power💪👍

  • lief dekoven pierce ABAD

    We don't know how to play basketball but if you want to fight us with martial arts i sure you,you lose

  • Ultra FU
    Ultra FU 29 days ago

    Yeah no, you totally screwed up your CREDIBILITY with this show Hassan, getting your news from CRappler, the number one FAKE NEWS OUTLET IN THE PHILIPPINES LMAO! Also that story about Imee Marcos is a complete LIE! already debunked to be false. . . ALSO stop taking Duterte's speeches OUT OF CONTEXT.
    Last but not the least, The PHILIPPINE DRUG WAR is a COMPLETE SUCCESS! Most of the casualties are from drug syndicates that tried to turn the country into a Narco State, you think 3000+ deaths are too many, tell that to the US who has killed millions of people in the past decade alone. Thank God for Duterte the Philippines was not transformed into a Narco State like Mexico. . . btw how are those southern American countries doing with their drug problem? Cuz the Philippines has completely turned it around.
    You saying DELIMA as a political prisoner? BWAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS! At least do some fucking research before doing your show GEEZUS! Now I know not to believe everything you spout out in your show! First of all, nobody can thrown anyone in JAIL, not even the President himself without a valid cause or reason. DELIMA has been arrested for charges of DRUG TRAFFICKING, PROTECTING DRUG LORDS and a lot more crimes, and the president has nothing to do with that. I guess your researchers forgot to mention that? Or maybe they're deliberately misleading people through your stupid show? LOLZ!

  • helmsdeep84
    helmsdeep84 29 days ago +5

    That is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause...

  • Cez
    Cez Month ago

    Do you think Hasan saw the results of the election? 🙃

  • Shin-ae Park
    Shin-ae Park Month ago

    LMAO I’m liking this guy 😂

  • Wilfred Cagara
    Wilfred Cagara Month ago

    Just some little facts
    =Maria Ressa is being incriminated because her News site Rappler is violated Philippine law that the Philippines news bussiness must be 100% filipino owned
    =Senator Laila De Lima is convicted because of her involdment on illigal drugs

  • Carlo de Ocampo
    Carlo de Ocampo Month ago +5

    The 81% he is saying is true, and it shows in this comment section.

  • black sky
    black sky Month ago +1

    all i saw was them union 1s

  • Areeba Naseer
    Areeba Naseer Month ago

    Watching this makes me realize how literally every country has this problem where they have to elect the better cause you don't have a best option sadly many people living in underdeveloped countries know this for a fact that a vast majority of their people elect a shitty person just so they'll survive just a bit more we need to stop doing that but I don't know how

  • Jovanni Rojas
    Jovanni Rojas Month ago

    Tang ina mo

  • Ron B
    Ron B Month ago +3

    Watching here in the Philippines while eating lunch and having some Patriot Act show.

  • Treb Jude Tuazon
    Treb Jude Tuazon Month ago

    You don't kill your drug addicts but you keep on bombing middle east

  • Matt Burk
    Matt Burk Month ago +2

    There’s a reason I know a good amount of people who left the Philippines for the United States. Why are people leaving if this guy is actually doing good?

    • Dave Frivaldo
      Dave Frivaldo Month ago +2

      stfu, even before duterte's administration, there are a lot of filipinos leaving the country because of the low salary. You can't blame Duterte for that

  • Rohingya English platform

    Mr Hasan Minhaj, please make a episode on Myanmar.

  • emille duque
    emille duque Month ago

    Yep our president is shameful.

  • Aditya Lalit
    Aditya Lalit Month ago +1

    The laugh track is getting annoying .

  • Ken Colvin
    Ken Colvin Month ago

    I hate the fact he doesn't show both sides and uses the scummy Al Jazeera...not biased at all

  • legitBUTTS_ 69
    legitBUTTS_ 69 Month ago +1

    Well to be fair DeLima stole 10 billion pesos b4

  • KurtellisC
    KurtellisC Month ago

    DE LIMA is a DRUGQUEEN cuddler of drugLORDS in prison dumbshit get your facts clear! and That Journalist scrotum face like called here in PH is the FAKENEWS Queen also a TAX Evader! A FOREIGN FUNDED MEDIA TO DISTABILIZED PHILIPPINES!

  • Att
    Att Month ago

    "If you don't live/haven't lived in the Philippines the you can't speak out."
    If fucking Iranian and Sudanese people can lecture the American Government on its human rights violations in Guantanamo (and be right about it, mind you), then I don't see a problem with Americans doing the same for the Filipino Government's human rights violations.

    • Arcad1010
      Arcad1010 Month ago

      Att if you want to know a little bit about her then please click and watch this

      and also read the comment* section there.

    • Arcad1010
      Arcad1010 Month ago

      educating? he is completely pushing the left narrative here. he even has the audacity to use maria ressa here as someone who is standing up against duterte. if you want to educate yourself go do research as to why filipinos dislike maria ressa. she broke laws about media ownership in philippines and she has a pending case many years ago for libel.
      i’d have been impressed if he took time and interviewed and presented the two sides of this situation as to why Pres. Duterte had high approval ratings. unfortunately, he clearly only parroted the left narrative here. so no he wasn’t educating anyone here. he was just spreading more one sided story.

    • Att
      Att Month ago

      @Arcad1010 Just because you're a hypocrite doesn't mean that you're wrong.
      Also Hasan is literally ONE American, he is not representative of the whole country and I don't think he's going to argue for that. He's just educating people in America on the issue at hand.

    • Arcad1010
      Arcad1010 Month ago

      aren’t you guys the one who usually interferes and lecture everyone else about human righs? you bombed and invaded middle east and killed lots of innocent people there. you still think you have the ground to lecture other countries about human rights?

  • Shiftyrelic
    Shiftyrelic Month ago

    The 81% is merely because there was no better choice. The last best hope for the country (Miriam Defensor Santiago) already had health problems during the campaign and wouldn’t live long enough to complete her term. So people casted their vote to the next “best”.

  • xzasard1
    xzasard1 Month ago

    i'm a filipino and i don't mind almost everything that was said but come on if you use people as an example i hope you can also do some digging before actually using them. from a journalist who almost reports everything before checking facts to a corrupt senator even before she became a senator.

  • Dun Herras
    Dun Herras Month ago

    Seriously, many Filipinos here are not in touch with reality. Thats the reason they cant take a joke from an intelligent person such as Hassan. The Philippines is still a poor country where most of the population live below the poverty level. Drug addiction and dealership is higher than the Asian average. The country, despite growing at a healthy range is still mired in a transportation crisis, political crisis and lack of conviction in getting things done. For instance all the airport projects supposedly built 10 years ago, have yet to be completed near Manila. The highways and expressways take 5 to 6 years to build. Why? Why does it take so long to build roads. Neighboring Singapore and Malaysia takes just one year? Can a Filipino explain this to as my EU centric Portuguese brain cant comprehend this pace.

  • dinu nsd
    dinu nsd Month ago

    did anyone see captions from 1:18 lmao

  • Sorentokira
    Sorentokira Month ago

    Peenoise here are all saying to criticize Hassan's own country and the problems of India like he hasn't done that for the last 2 volumes of Patriot Act LOL keep crying pignoys.

  • Sorentokira
    Sorentokira Month ago

    Maybe Hassan's point on ressa and De Lima were wrong also the numbers in the drug war was also not accurate but that doesn't negate the fact that the drug war is inhumane and innocent people were involved and President Duterte is a horrible president.

  • Vince and Reign Play House Adventures

    Delima is not the best example to display Hasan, your researchers should have dugged deeper.

  • Vince and Reign Play House Adventures

    Hasan Minhaj i am a fan of yours from the Philippines, but i think whoever did the research for you did not dig deep.
    Our president is a lawyer and had the best performance as a Mayor in the most peaceful city in the PH, Davao City.
    There are a lot of raped kids in the PH because of those addicts. So as a mom, i would love them killed than those innocent people.
    Senator Delima (based on the investigations) is one of the biggest drug lords supporter.
    6M Filipinos voted for him because of his RESULTS.
    i did not vote for him because i am a MDS loyalist (Miriam D-Santiago)

  • Gervil Santy
    Gervil Santy Month ago

    Probably this Hasan got his info from Crappler Fake News & Lies Inc. 😂
    Another desperate effort from anti-administration. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Gervil Santy
      Gervil Santy Month ago

      The question now is...how much Mr. Hasan? 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • just reads
    just reads Month ago

    Hasan... A lot of filipinos don't mind Dutertes language... Who do you prefer? An eloquent person that steals public funds and protects drug syndicates? Or a foul mouthed person who is decisive and promotes the welfare of law abiding citizens? We had a stream of the former as leaders before. Duterte enjoys an 80% approval rate and a 3% disapproval rate amongst filipinos. there is a lot of other things that Duterte has done that the Big Media doesn't cover.

  • Bayaning Manlalakbay
    Bayaning Manlalakbay Month ago +1

    and 1 more thing.. stop criticising the President if your not in The Philippines and most if your not a Filipino... .. by tge way 81% loves Duterte..now. we dont like Indians ... because of this #Hasanminhaj go to hell man

    • Iced Frog
      Iced Frog Month ago

      Exactly! They've been collecting information from rappler the most biased and corrupt broadcasting news in media industry.. I hate how they try to demonize our president on their callous twisted truth..

  • Bayaning Manlalakbay

    actually Filipinos and Indians are not the same at all.. Filipinos are smells good and Indians too bad to smell... OMG.. F*ck you #hasanMinhaj uou deserve to be persona non grata in the philippines..

  • chowfan 2016
    chowfan 2016 Month ago

    Very nice view! Me myself, I hate that lunatic living in the palace. So I made self a promise to not vote "ANYONE" from that fucking southern part of the Phil. Most of these mindanaoans are just ruthless and I hate all of these people now.

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm Month ago

    Delima drug queen

  • Jerico Lopez
    Jerico Lopez Month ago +1

    Making Leila De Lima and Maria Ressa a Hero is like making Hitler a Pope. We are disgusted by this. May please atleast tried to do some research on what they d done. Even before 2014. Duterte come to office on july 1 2016. Their cases is during the administration of their allied party. This is the most unacceptable. Very despicable.
    Can you make an episode about this two despicable woman. For sure you will be disgusted with the truth.

  • Jerico Lopez
    Jerico Lopez Month ago +2

    In maria ressa s case. Are you aware that they were caugth lying on their reports. They been dubbed as fake news network. Maria ressa has also a case back in 2014 that they call a businessman a druglord just because the man support the supreme court chief who is critical to their allied Liberal Party. And the case os now moving. She is also under fire with a 70M Tax evasion case from 2013 then suddenly gone because during that time the govt in on their side. That tax case is now back on track. And all tax cases that supiciously cleared during the last administration. Like 1B tax case from a tabbaco company. 500m tax case from airline 700m tax case from a casino company. As well as running after a 3B debt by a Tv Network since 1990s from a govt runned bank. Rappler Ph also recieved 1M dollars investment from a us network w/c they declared and given a foreign com to have controll with the news agency. Unfortunately according to ph constitution. All news and tv network should be a 100% Pilipino owned and should not be controlled by any foreign company. Their license were revoked by the security and exchange commission. They currently operate as foreign media outlet. They d been invited several times in congress to discuss fake news. But refuse to appear under oath and their only defense is it was their rigth to say and write anything as part of the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. When ironically their job is only to tell and report the real happenings. Theyd been thrown out of the palace vicinity since they were caugth editorializing their report to make it look bad. This has been alot of this info over the net. Where did you and your team get your info. Or were you only feeded with this info.

  • Jerico Lopez
    Jerico Lopez Month ago

    Some additional info. During duterte s speech rhetoric to the women with guns. His pertaining to the girl rebels who happens to kill innocent people both in city and in fields. There are also rebels impeltrated the congress as legal fronts of the rebels. Which raise funds for the rebels in the mountains they were so called Opposition. And this is not a joke. They been caugth several times in the past but not persucuted because they can kill anyone. But not this admin.

  • Jerico Lopez
    Jerico Lopez Month ago

    Hi hasan. May i refer you to De Lima's case. Its been rumor since 2014 that she headed the drug trade inside the my countrys largest prison while she work as justice secretary . 2 years prior dutertes precidency. Their are witnesses evidence and videos presented both in congress and court. She also have 3 sex tape. She also bring a fake witnesses to congress where she was hitted badly because the people saw what shes trying to do. Trying to divert the attention to Duterte than to follow the path of who work with the druglords.

  • jameson panesa
    jameson panesa Month ago +1


  • Jay Defensor
    Jay Defensor 2 months ago +1

    Kudos for pointing out that many innocent lives were lost because of this drug war and thats not a good thing. But i think they missed of a lot of topics on why PRD became popular. That fact that many people surrendered and stoped using drugs is one of them.

  • Venus Rosal
    Venus Rosal 2 months ago

    I sarcastically laugh at "im america, we dont kill drug dealers" but yall doing mass school shootings HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Albert W. Chang
    Albert W. Chang 2 months ago

    How tf is poverty the main cause of drug use though???? If I were broke I will spend the only money I have on buying food to stay alive not some fking drugs. It makes way more sense saying drug use is the main cause of poverty lol

    • Albert W. Chang
      Albert W. Chang 2 months ago

      Gary Serminio if escaping reality is their way of dealing with life then nobody should feel sorry for them. That is not a very good excuse

    • Gary Serminio
      Gary Serminio 2 months ago

      Albert W. Chang poor people here in the philippines wants to scape the reality thats why they are using drugs not all filipino think the same way as you do

  • Reaching Evans
    Reaching Evans 2 months ago

    Why dont invest in good jobs, health, education? No, they prefer to only fuel the cicle of violence by creating more criminals and kids without parents who will hate the police forever. I hope that all of his supporters get caught in a crossfire between a cop who implanted drugs on someone he didnt like just to kill him.