Last to SCREAM Wins $10,000 - Scary Haunted House Challenge

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
    We went to one of the world's scariest haunted houses, and if you scream, you lose. But if you make it all the way without screaming, you win $10,000!!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  12 days ago +6636

    like & subscribe or you will be trapped in that haunted house forever

    • I_Am _Alive_Inside
      I_Am _Alive_Inside 22 minutes ago

      Come to haunted world in Idaho

    • Paintball Beast
      Paintball Beast Day ago

      FaZe Rug.

    • 1000SubsWithoutAnyVidsChallenge ??? :D
      1000SubsWithoutAnyVidsChallenge ??? :D Day ago

      Nah i would get used to it

    • It's Meko
      It's Meko 2 days ago

      FaZe Rug dude same I'm scare of chainsaw because last year in Halloween me my cousins and siblings we went to trick or treating an a person was chasing us with a chainsaw it loud and on around the car until got in the car he knocking on the windows

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 19 minutes ago

    Jesus 😂😂😂I woulda screamed a lot

  • -Grace- -N-
    -Grace- -N- 35 minutes ago

    If I was one of those actors working there I would probably get scared and pee my pants 😂😊🐨🌻🙂

  • jump116firey
    jump116firey 48 minutes ago

    9:58 6ix9ine

  • aidan manarang
    aidan manarang Hour ago

    was this the haunted trail you guys went to?

  • John Paul Brown II

    And he's still broke.....😯🔥💀

  • Hisham Alamry
    Hisham Alamry Hour ago

    The video so funny

  • Itsme_karen Hi
    Itsme_karen Hi Hour ago

    Other people: I would not cream at all. The chainsaw part wasn’t even scary while watching this video😏
    Me: Cause your not experiencing it in real life 😤. I would have been terrified

  • Mike Mathieuo
    Mike Mathieuo Hour ago

    U remember that vid it was so hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂 his reaction LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

  • Hisham Alamry
    Hisham Alamry Hour ago

    Brain tho

  • Hits a Couple licks

    9:47”is that Bodley”😂

  • Bruce Hernandez
    Bruce Hernandez 2 hours ago +1

    We all know the real winner is camera man

  • BroJones #10
    BroJones #10 2 hours ago


  • oofer jazmin :P
    oofer jazmin :P 2 hours ago

    i hate clowns and chainsaws to once i punched a clown because it scared me xD i love u so much btw!

  • Adriana Dominguez
    Adriana Dominguez 2 hours ago

    I want more videos is scary until Halloween to come

  • QK CLAPZ ツ
    QK CLAPZ ツ 3 hours ago

    12:39 the camera man is really chasing the clown down😭🙏

  • Alaya Sutherland Dumas

    The camera man wins the $10000 😂

  • QK CLAPZ ツ
    QK CLAPZ ツ 3 hours ago

    Where is this

  • Yanira Rabelo
    Yanira Rabelo 3 hours ago

    Hdjdjdudujd. Jejdjudue. Iekjej

  • Sukie Lor
    Sukie Lor 4 hours ago +1

    Do the chainsaws have protection so they dont cut you? Please day yes because im about to go to a haunted house with chainsaws with my friends 😭 hopefully they dont ditch me

  • ephraimperez1111
    ephraimperez1111 4 hours ago

    I don't like this at all

  • ariana Ramjitsingh
    ariana Ramjitsingh 4 hours ago +1

    most haunted house pizzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mack Grace
    Mack Grace 5 hours ago

    I was dieing

  • Offguard TK
    Offguard TK 5 hours ago

    I would have socked that nigga mess with me and that shit I'm socking u in the face bruh 🙄

  • Nikiya Jones
    Nikiya Jones 5 hours ago +1

    4:19 "Its da baby"
    Suge: *starts playing*🤣🤣🤣

  • Romes The Kid
    Romes The Kid 5 hours ago

    Remember when faze was good?

  • Sycamo Slim
    Sycamo Slim 6 hours ago

    Great Video

  • Antonijo Bajric
    Antonijo Bajric 6 hours ago

    Bird box

  • Sl6ut Edits
    Sl6ut Edits 6 hours ago

    Faze ewok won’t scream

  • Jennifer rivera
    Jennifer rivera 7 hours ago


  • Isatastic Xo
    Isatastic Xo 7 hours ago

    Dude they can tie me up, chase me down, but if u really come after me with a REAL chainsaw get ready to get knocked the duck out

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge!

    Faze rug: Omg that was so scary
    Camera man: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?*

  • Paula Malone
    Paula Malone 9 hours ago

    no one :
    not a single soul:
    broawdis:is that bosleyl

  • Wavez FN
    Wavez FN 10 hours ago

    How the camera man so chill😂

  • xd _irfanz
    xd _irfanz 10 hours ago

    if i went there at 5:26 i would say i serve the soviet union

  • DissGam ing
    DissGam ing 10 hours ago

    lmaoo "is that Bosley?" 9:48

  • MilesAndHeights
    MilesAndHeights 10 hours ago

    Props to the cameraman. Guess he wasn’t scared Cos he was walking reverse.

  • Dan Fam
    Dan Fam 11 hours ago

    Wheres the camera man money man?

  • Lando Kicks
    Lando Kicks 11 hours ago

    Somebody punch them

  • Devingarcia
    Devingarcia 12 hours ago

    Clown:can’t a clown get any sleep
    Oh sorry

  • Ji'Had Powell
    Ji'Had Powell 12 hours ago

    I'm trying the girl from bird box said dont look he said what is it the Lakers championship

  • Cynthia Ramos
    Cynthia Ramos 13 hours ago


  • U bot
    U bot 13 hours ago

    I love how the camera guy is trying so hard to keep up with the chainsaw guy

  • The Killer
    The Killer 14 hours ago +1

    actually camera man is the winner

  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin 15 hours ago +1

    He said no one can beat me in basketball 🏀

  • Howin Ginnen
    Howin Ginnen 16 hours ago

    Anthony did scream dough

  • DarkDimond 3
    DarkDimond 3 18 hours ago +1

    This is my first video that I will watch of your Flash-Player Chanel and I liked it so I subscribed I’m now a homey

  • Jodie Rae
    Jodie Rae 18 hours ago

    I didn’t scream so where’s my money

  • Marissa Jones
    Marissa Jones 18 hours ago

    Bro you gotta come to Maryland and go to Markoff's Haunted Forest! You have to sign a waiver to get in and the actors are allowed to grab you 😵

  • Taylan Evcin
    Taylan Evcin 18 hours ago

    watch IT

  • Cam Orias
    Cam Orias 18 hours ago

    Anthony is annoying and a FAT ASS lier. he always wins even if he doesn’t deserve it.

  • DarkPeakPlayZ
    DarkPeakPlayZ 19 hours ago

    I didnt even get scared

  • Erana Heffey
    Erana Heffey 20 hours ago


  • Makaylian Clark
    Makaylian Clark 20 hours ago

    Damn Noah the real mvp! ♥️

  • Gabylee Gt
    Gabylee Gt 20 hours ago

    Why is the cameraman not scared and tbh he should get the ten grand

  • Haider Uraizee
    Haider Uraizee 20 hours ago

    10:15 "can't a clown get some sleep" got me dead lmao

  • Jacob Petty
    Jacob Petty 21 hour ago

    bro rug's cousin is fine as hell

  • Sk8taSpynse XP
    Sk8taSpynse XP 21 hour ago

    11:52 camera men on Maury be like 💀

  • Brick Wall
    Brick Wall 21 hour ago

    That poor camera man going in first every time

  • jose pastor
    jose pastor 21 hour ago

    Where's this at?