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It finally happened!

  • Published on May 8, 2022
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  • GoHerping
    GoHerping 14 days ago +36

    so glad you stuck it out, and that you documented and shared it all. The private jet for Edgar was the ultimate Chad move

  • Holly Wolf
    Holly Wolf 4 hours ago +280

    I just started bawling my eyes out the second you finally got through with the puppies!!! I couldn’t imagine the stress you went through having to deal with all of that paperwork for them! Congrats!!!!

  • Eduardo Luis
    Eduardo Luis 16 hours ago +3

    is like watching an old friend, that you don't talk too often but you care a lot, moving out and reaching their dreams... is beautiful... congratulations stranger, you deserve it

  • TheRealSonicFan
    TheRealSonicFan 16 hours ago +160

    Este video me dio muchísima alegría. Que bueno que por fin pueda cumplir sus sueño 💖

  • Hell Jumper_212th
    Hell Jumper_212th 14 hours ago +1

    I'll be honest. I haven't been the most consistent viewer in recent times but I'll always have the upmost respect for Pewds and Marzia.

  • Eagle Stephen
    Eagle Stephen 12 hours ago +437

    Man , seeing felix grow and evolving is heart warming. No matter what trend comes Brofist trend never expires ! Love you guys ! Felix & Marzia and the pugs !

  • Nicobbq
    Nicobbq 14 days ago +32

    Congratulations Felix and Marzia! Hope this next chapter will be full of joy and happiness!

  • Beesechurger_73
    Beesechurger_73 16 hours ago +318

    This is exciting! 🥳

  • Pailess
    Pailess 4 hours ago +33

    Haven't checked on you in a bit, But im so god damn proud of you pewds. I teared up a bit knowing how badly you wanted this and to finally see you achieving your dreams and moving forward with your life is insane. Hope its everything you ever wanted and you dont lose your smile :)

  • Tim Enkhaldar
    Tim Enkhaldar 12 hours ago +211

    It’s crazy to think I started watching him from a tiny kitchen and scaring himself every night to living his entire dream I love this man

  • Madi Lane
    Madi Lane 9 hours ago +238

    been watching you since i was 10… im 21 now and still watching. this made me cry like a baby, were all so proud of you felix

  • Minecraft Songs
    Minecraft Songs 14 hours ago +189

    SWAG! You let the dogs fly with a private jet😍

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart 14 days ago +19

    Congrats on your move to Japan! Thanks for documenting it as well! Wish y'all the best!

  • DigiNeko
    DigiNeko 14 hours ago +655

    congrats to both of you !! Hope that one day I can also move to Japan xd

  • Dayson Muna
    Dayson Muna 14 hours ago +143


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea 7 hours ago +22

    Wow…. From screaming at barrels with Stephano to moving to Japan with his wife. After not watching your videos for almost 6-7+ years, it’s nice seeing where your favorite Flash-Playerr from childhood is heading in life. Congratulations!

  • Kunamin
    Kunamin 16 hours ago +289

    looks at marzia

  • Grinning Idiot
    Grinning Idiot 14 hours ago +122

    Welcome to the party. My wife and I got here in March with 4 cats. The paperwork was ridiculous and they had to fly on a separate flight so we landed at Narita, finished processing at like 11pm then took the train to Haneda to get them and took 2 more hours to process them and got to our apartment at like 2 am on the back of 30 hours of travel.

  • RoomieOfficial
    RoomieOfficial 14 days ago +25


  • Savanime Miller
    Savanime Miller 2 hours ago +4

    Such a wholesome vlog, so glad y’all made it safely :,)