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  • Published on Sep 18, 2022
  • Here are links our household items for those who might be interested!
    Dining table
    Bar stools
    Blinds, light filtering/blackout
    Throw pillows
    Wooden plant stand
    Kitchen towels
    Wood hook rack
    Atomic clock
    Drawer pulls
    Book recommendations:
    M is for Mama
    Truth and Grace
    Let Me Be a Woman
    Hymns of Grace
    Leather journaling Bible
    Micron pens

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  • Leigh
    Leigh 10 days ago +65

    Beautiful. Where did you purchase the rug in the living room?

    • Ana Ramon
      Ana Ramon 2 days ago

      Your baby is so. Cute

    • Sun Flower
      Sun Flower 6 days ago

      Yes! Google refrigerator skins ✔️

    • Betty Casvin
      Betty Casvin 10 days ago +4

      @Jessa Seewald I think they have refrigerator panels that are magnets in colors. I saw them on a DYI show a few years ago. Prayers for you're family!

    • Auralia Delacroix
      Auralia Delacroix 10 days ago +2

      @Leigh there is actually the exact same rug for cheaper in Zara Home i just bought it but i am in Europe. Its literally the exact same 😅

    • Conni Hudson
      Conni Hudson 10 days ago +2

      Looks great!!

  • Pamela Uribi
    Pamela Uribi 10 days ago +56

    I love the table and bench with the black chairs too. And I love mid-century modern. AND my husband begged me yesterday, no more plants. Lol. So we definitely have pretty similar tastes. I’m glad you’re here Jessa, I know things haven’t been super easy with some of the publicity and media. You haven’t done anything h wrong and I’m glad you’re still sharing your life and family. I feel like I watched you grow up. It’s nice to be able to catch up with you and see little bits and pieces of the kids. Take care!

    • Malina Wassman
      Malina Wassman 9 days ago +1

      Think about fung shui..lots of nothingness..blending¹¹

  • Abby Wilson
    Abby Wilson 10 days ago +42

    And I love the window blinds. Having both the blackout and regular shade is perfect

    • Chrissy Clark
      Chrissy Clark 8 days ago +1

      Wish I knew what brand they were! I am so interested!!

    • Oceanluvr
      Oceanluvr 9 days ago +1

      I need to get some, where did you get yours from?

  • Paulla Wells
    Paulla Wells 10 days ago +73

    You have to let the ice maker run and make ice until it's full then dump that ice. Also, run water through the tap part, but only after you change the filter. Yes, there is a filter. Lastly, the problem could have been just the pipes and such in the old house. But, likely, in my opinion only, it's needing a filter. 😉
    I look forward to the rest of the tour. Have a blessed evening!

    • Paulla Wells
      Paulla Wells 2 days ago

      @Denise Jones - No Costco in our region but that’s a wonderful solution. I’ve heard good things about the ice maker machines.

    • Denise Jones
      Denise Jones 2 days ago +1

      Yes I would let it cycle through some ice and water, change the filter and plastic hose from wall to fridge. I'm sure you can look online at your brand and trouble shoot it. I bought my fridge without icemaker and water, I hated the mess of the ice everywhere. We use a ice maker from Costco that make tube ice.

    • Sheila Karner
      Sheila Karner 9 days ago +8

      Another idea is possibly the water line to the fridge needs to be replaced if it's plastic.

  • Lacey Hand
    Lacey Hand 7 days ago +1

    Beautiful home! Love the kids art on the walls. We do the same thing! Have you ever tried making your bacon in the oven? We have eight in our family and I line a sheet pan with foil and then arrange the bacon to fit. You can cook a lot at once and it’s less messy than stovetop! Thanks for all the book suggestions!

  • Terri Mansfield
    Terri Mansfield 10 days ago +83

    I love that you recognize it's better to have a happy house than a spotlessly clean one. Not saying your house isn't clean because it looks beautiful, but just how you don't get upset about the marker on the cabinet and the writing in the bible and the pickle stains on your shirt warms my heart because I grew up in a household that was the exact opposite. It was tense and clean to a fault while your home seems warm and lovely. You really seem to enjoy being a mom and it just makes me happy. I have 3 grown kids myself and am just waiting for grandchildren someday but it probably won't be soon. I get the sense from you that you really know what is important in life and enjoy every moment with your kids. Time goes so fast so enjoy every moment. Great job on the home.

  • Deanna Overstreet
    Deanna Overstreet 10 days ago +31

    The house is beautiful! Thank you for taking us along!

  • Heather Watson
    Heather Watson 9 days ago +22

    I personally love all the plants you have in your house. You decorated beautifully!!

  • Hockey Mom
    Hockey Mom 10 days ago +17

    It looks great Jessa! You guys did such a good job. And yes, totally normal with 4 little ones for not every room to be perfect. 😅 Enjoy the little messes now before they grow up. It’s the season of life that you are in and it is a sweet one❤

  • Cristin Weekley
    Cristin Weekley 10 days ago +120

    The marker on your cabinet just adds some nostalgia and when the kids are grown, you have a story to tell them 👍😄

    • Carol Rosenberg
      Carol Rosenberg 9 days ago +1

      Just beautiful!! So blessed. God is so good

    • PetiteHippie
      PetiteHippie 9 days ago +1

      @Callie’s Corner How cute!

    • Callie’s Corner
      Callie’s Corner 10 days ago +10

      Yes. I am happy you left the drawings on the cabinet. We have furniture that we have marked in. I was watching Elvis’s House tour and one drawer in the kitchen said, “Lisa Marie was here! »

  • Lindsay Bezet
    Lindsay Bezet 8 days ago +31

    To cover my electric panel, I bought a large chalkboard from Amazon. It is great to welcome guests or write notes! Great job, Jessa, on the house. So happy for you all!! God bless!!

  • Pam Mager
    Pam Mager 10 days ago +47

    Jessa, your home is very lovely. Pastel colors. Light wood floors. Kids have to have their toys spread around. That's the way it is. Nothing wrong with that! You and Ben can be really proud of how you've designed everything!

    • Embrace You - Channel Coming Soon
      Embrace You - Channel Coming Soon 4 days ago

      @Shlomo Venezia rustoleum adheres to anything;.. it’s also the primer and paint in one;.. and made specifically for painting metals and plastic (the two things that are hard to get right)

    • Shlomo Venezia
      Shlomo Venezia 7 days ago

      paint a stainless fridge🙃

    • Jehovah Jireh
      Jehovah Jireh 8 days ago +1

      Some time u have to let the kids anyhow throw their toys around n step on them to learn a lesson. From there they will clear it away after they have played with it! Otherwise they have to push or put their toys to one side, so that there r space for them to walk in the room.

  • Candy Jankowski
    Candy Jankowski 9 days ago +14

    Lol Jessa “I just love plants”
    Us: we know, you named your girls Ivy and Fern 😁😍🥰
    Jess, Im so happy for you with this house! I feel like you patiently waited for a new house for years, to be able to design and decorate how you want.
    I seriously could not be happier.
    Rejoicing with you🤍🙏🏻
    I love the little rainbow toss pillow on the sofa! And I love your bedroom.. the simplicity, and the blinds.
    May King Jesus continue to bless y’all big🤍

    • Jasmine Duran
      Jasmine Duran 6 days ago +1

      Don’t forget Spurgeon, means little branch.

  • Cheryl Rhone
    Cheryl Rhone 10 days ago +21

    Your house is so nice. I love your thought process on everything. I like that you don't have clutter on your kitchen counter, and everything has a place. It just makes it easier to cook, and the kitchen looks so clean. You did a great job picking everything out. Furniture, wall decor, and etc.....God bless all of you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Warm hugs & love sent. ♥️

  • Cory
    Cory 10 days ago +13

    Beautiful! I really like all the plants. It makes the house so cozy.

  • Love & Laughter
    Love & Laughter 8 days ago +3

    Congratulations! Your new home is absolutely beautiful! May it be filled with love and many years of treasured memories.

  • Maria Vita
    Maria Vita 10 days ago +32

    You did a fantastic job with the house Jessa. Only thing is you could’ve showed us the kids rooms. Mothers know they are always messy especially at the ages your kids are. I’m really impressed that the main rooms are so neat and tidy. Gosh I wish I could go back in time to when my daughters were that young. Cherish these times you have and God bless you!

    • Terri Mansfield
      Terri Mansfield 9 days ago +2

      I really feel this comment about going back in time. I agree with you completely.

    • debbieomi
      debbieomi 10 days ago +5

      I believe her intention with part two is to show the kids' bedrooms.

  • S CA
    S CA 2 days ago

    Your home is beautiful. I love so many things, and the refrigerator is fine it blends with the stove. The plants are beautiful and the table and bench are really gorgeous along with the black chairs - that entire setup just has an amazing flow. Lastly, I love your leather couch, bar stools, and the island. Thank you so much for sharing.😊

  • Hannah
    Hannah 8 days ago +7

    I have recently just been getting so overwhelmed but all the little STUFF that I own so I love the idea of not having so many little nic nacs in my house. This seems like just the perfect calm space to come home to every night and wake up refreshed. It looks great Jessa!!

  • Christine D'Amico
    Christine D'Amico 10 days ago +6

    What a beautiful home! I love everything you picked out 🤩 great idea to label the light switches. I always pick the wrong one!

  • Natalie Reyes
    Natalie Reyes 10 days ago +19

    Yay!! Love your style! Thank you for showing us your beautiful home!! Glad we could see how it was made as well!! Thank you ❤

  • superheroinscrubs
    superheroinscrubs 6 days ago +5

    The stainless steel fridge actually looks good especially because your stove has some stainless steal in it as well!
    Your new house is so beautiful, I was so excited to see what you were going to do with it when you first showed it, I could see the vision 😆 I'm just so happy for you and your family. I can't wait to see little snippets/vlogs as you create memories there 😊

  • tinchina85
    tinchina85 10 days ago +10

    Jessa, the dining table is beautiful as is the entire home you have created! Good job! You might consider getting those round felt pads (they stick on) for the legs so they slide easily on your floor and won't scratch it. You can also get square ones and put two on the each of the bottoms of the bench for easy sliding. I use them on all my furniture. There is also something called chairs socks for the legs of chairs but the pads don't show and are hidden and look better. Just a suggestion for you. Teresa (Nashville, TN)

  • Carnival Melissa
    Carnival Melissa 10 days ago +15

    don’t worry about the fridge not matching…it matched the silver on the stove where the knobs are!
    I love love love your new home. It’s so wonderful you have all this space now. With 4 kids this is more conducive. Your family is so amazing, been watching since day 1.

  • 🔞Don't read profile photo

    I love that you recognize it's better to have a happy house than a spotlessly clean one. Not saying your house isn't clean because it looks beautiful, but just how you don't get upset about the marker on the cabinet and the writing in the bible and the pickle stains on your shirt warms my heart because I grew up in a household that was the exact opposite. It was tense and clean to a fault while your home seems warm and lovely. You really seem to enjoy being a mom and it just makes me happy. I have 3 grown kids myself and am just waiting for grandchildren someday but it probably won't be soon. I get the sense from you that you really know what is important in life and enjoy every moment with your kids. Time goes so fast so enjoy every moment. Great job on the home.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 5 days ago +2

    Love it Jess! Congratulations to you and Ben. it’s awesome that y’all have been blessed with this home. ~Belmary

  • martha
    martha 10 days ago +11

    I love the vibe of the house! It looks so cozy!

  • Missis_Minette
    Missis_Minette 9 days ago +3

    The house looks absolutely wonderful. Also, as a fellow plant lover, I’m in awe of your beautiful plants . I got more and more over the past years, and they bring so much joy.

    • Barbara Creel
      Barbara Creel 8 days ago

      The plants also produce more oxygen in the house. Little FYI. I absolutely 😘 love PLANTS in my house and on my front porch.

  • Denise Perry
    Denise Perry 10 days ago +4

    I LOVE your decor & style! The furniture is beautiful. Also your kitchen is so nice. Congratulations & enjoy!

  • Amanda Paige
    Amanda Paige 10 days ago +14

    I love your art gallery wall that the kids have contributed to! Lovely home that you will enjoy for years to come. Ty for sharing it with us Jessa!

  • Michelle Blaylock
    Michelle Blaylock 10 days ago +6

    Beautiful home! Love how you did everything. It fits you guys perfectly.

  • Prayerfully Blessed Mama317

    So in awe of your table! Love the bench. We are a family of 6 and our dining room is tiny, barely big enough for a table and 4 chairs. Currently redoing a table from my mother in law. Painting it and recovering the chairs. And we will slide it up to our bay window, treating it as a bench for more seating.

  • Lauren Michelle
    Lauren Michelle 5 days ago

    I’ve had my article couch for 3 years and it’s still going strong! Highly recommend!

  • Stayin’ Southern Up North

    So happy for y’all!
    After making your first home “work” for many years, y’all deserve this💕

  • Angel Renee
    Angel Renee 8 days ago

    Jessa, been watching you on TV since you were little. You're such a great mom. I think your house is beautiful. You've done such a great job decorating. Wish you the best. Your kids are adorable. Good job Jessa.

  • Sandy Bird
    Sandy Bird 9 days ago +2

    I absolutely love what you've done with the house. It is perfect. I gotta say I think you and Ben are awesome parents. I love that he takes the time to read the word to the kids. I have 4 adult children and I remember the days of shutting the mess in their bedrooms, lol.

  • Paulla King
    Paulla King 2 days ago

    Congratulations!! Love seeing what you have done with your beautiful house! Thanks for sharing!! Love seeing your sweet babies as well... so happy for you all. Prayers for continued blessings! 🙏 ❤️

  • Heather
    Heather 7 days ago +3

    I absolutely love your style. It’s exactly what I would choose if we were doing a total remodel - even the plants! 😄

  • Kathy Stewart
    Kathy Stewart 6 days ago

    It’s gorgeous Jessa! I love your style!!
    Your island cabinets would be cool painted black (hides marker)!
    If you get a new fridge, the older one could be put in the garage or basement to store surplus /bulk food & drinks.

  • Carol Bullard
    Carol Bullard 9 days ago

    The house looks great! I'm so happy that you have more square footage. Everything can have it's place🙂 Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for part 2.


    Congratulations! I have missed you guys. I loved watching you all on TLC. My mom had 12 children, soI definitely relate to being in a large family. I am #11.There are 9 of us still living and I am the only one who lives in a different town. Hopefully, I am moving back home in a few weeks
    Love you guys!

  • Pam Teubner
    Pam Teubner 10 days ago +3

    Blessings to your little family 💕

  • Dawn Michele
    Dawn Michele 10 days ago +5

    It sounded like Fern said "thank you"
    I love it!!
    The house looks amazing.

  • Veronica Rivera
    Veronica Rivera 9 days ago +1

    Everything looks so beautiful and spacious I love the plants 🪴 such a natural look 👀 unfortunately I tried but they always die . Jessa enjoy your new home my favorite thing is the dining set so beautiful and big Thank you for sharing Blessings to you and family ❤

  • Judy Lake
    Judy Lake 10 days ago +5

    I'm so happy for you and your family that you moved into a bigger house. It gives the children more room to roam. While I'm sure that you cherish the memories that you made at your little house, you will once again make new memories to cherish here. Never worry about your house being "perfectly" clean. It's much more important to spend the time with your children. They will grow up and eventually leave the nest, but the house will still be there. I respect the fact that you are letting your kids be kids!

  • TheHappyMomma
    TheHappyMomma 10 days ago +12

    Ok Jessa-you’re tempting me to redo our house a bit hahaha! Yours is gorgeous! Love it!❤

  • Liz Falk
    Liz Falk 5 days ago +1

    I am so glad your home isn’t spotless! I try so hard but homeschooling, cooking meals, playing with children, basically keeping them alive is a huge task and I cannot always keep my house as clean as I would hope. Your home looks lovely, Jessa! 💖

    • Shades of Sage
      Shades of Sage Day ago +1

      DITTO! I’m a homeschooling momma of 4 young ones myself 💜🙏🏿!

  • Ashley I
    Ashley I 10 days ago

    Love the house tour ! Congratulations!! It’s all so beautiful.
    Forgo the microwave altogether and if you ever do decide to get something, definitely go for a good toaster oven instead. Microwaves are so so bad for your health. Basically everything is these days but we’ve lived about 7 years without one too and do just fine !

    MARTHA BELL 10 days ago +3

    Beautiful home. Many blessings to you and your family.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 6 days ago +2

    I love your art gallery wall that the kids have contributed to! Lovely home that you will enjoy for years to come. Ty for sharing it with us Jessa!

  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 10 days ago +4

    Love your table! Currently helping family redesign their home - sending them the link to James and James! Thank you for sharing!

  • Allison Barnett
    Allison Barnett 9 days ago

    This is such a blessing for y’all and y’all deserve it! This is such a beautiful home. Looking forwards to the videos that capture memories for your family. ❤️

  • Gloribel Agrinsoni
    Gloribel Agrinsoni 7 days ago

    I love love love it!!! I look at you now, Jessa and I can't believe I've seen you grow since you were like 15, I think. You have become a wonderful wife and mother. God bless you and your family!

  • TesaTalksTv
    TesaTalksTv 8 days ago

    So glad I found your channel. I missed seeing the family on my TV. You always do such a great job with a low budget. Great Job Jess

  • eii diuw
    eii diuw 6 days ago

    Ok Jessa-you’re tempting me to redo our house a bit hahaha! Yours is gorgeous! Love it!

  • jonni Ricard
    jonni Ricard 10 days ago +6

    Beautiful home! Wishing your family many blessings in this new house! I have the same fear about knives and never put them in the sink. They sit next to the sink like yours!

  • It'sMeBelmary!
    It'sMeBelmary! 8 days ago

    Love it Jess! Congratulations to you and Ben. ❤it’s awesome that y’all have been blessed with this home. ~Belmary 🎉

  • Debbie Morrison
    Debbie Morrison 9 days ago

    The dining table and bench are beautiful...gorgeous. Myparents bought a dining table with benches on both sides and captain's chairs when I was a kid and we all LOVED it and it lasted a very, very long time.

  • Southside Carly
    Southside Carly 9 days ago

    Love love love! Your house is beautiful! Love all your design choices. My favorites are the brown couch and the kitchen table and the plants😁Thanks for sharing the video 🌸

  • Melonee Leddington
    Melonee Leddington 10 days ago +2

    Your house is so beautiful you guys did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing with us and God bless your beautiful family 🧡

  • Lorri O F
    Lorri O F 3 days ago

    Beautiful home. What a great mommy you’re.
    Thanks for the tour 🫶🏻

  • Sherri It’samea
    Sherri It’samea 9 days ago

    I’m with you on the fridge. Practical. I would still be using it too & really, it matches half of your stove anyway. I buy stainless steel wipes that keep the fingerprints off for about a week & then I wipe again. Beautiful home!

  • Nancy
    Nancy 10 days ago

    Ooooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE Article furniture!! Great choice! Once the kids art pieces start overflowing check out ARTKIVE to preserve them. I’m glad the art is still on the cabinet 🤭 Your house is beautiful! Next plant snippet day, I want one! Just wrap the cut end in a damp paper towel, put it in a ziplock and ship away. I love the new hose and I’ve enjoyed being along the journey. Job well done! ❤

  • Missie Gooch
    Missie Gooch 10 days ago

    Every detail though of..it’s beautiful! The couch is amazing. We had the same issue with our water in the fridge. We tried everything and nothing worked. We found a used appliance store in Joplin and got an amazing Kitchen-aid fridge 😮 for 350. It was an amazing find. Maybe you can eventually get a new one.

  • Joelee
    Joelee 7 days ago

    You guys did a really beautiful job with the set up. Everything looks perfect for your family.

  • Juanita Walker
    Juanita Walker 10 days ago +1

    Just love what y'all have done to your new home. It looks great and very welcoming to all. Kids rooms don't worry, If someone doesn't like it then they are more then welcome to come clean it for ya and watch it get messed up in 2 minutes after being clean. lol...ya got kids they are going to make a mess some were. That's there job, to have fun..

  • MsCasanova06
    MsCasanova06 6 days ago

    Beautiful home!!! The stove and the fridge match perfectly -I wouldn’t change it. I feel like an all white fridge dates a home.

  • Michelle Dicken
    Michelle Dicken 10 days ago +3

    You did such a beautiful job on your new house! I especially love the furniture and the plants. I even can completely appreciate the fireplace! 😂 It's the same story I've told about various things all through my home owning years. Anyway the fireplace is so pretty!

  • Linda Jones
    Linda Jones 7 days ago

    I’m so happy for your beautiful family to have this lovely home to make memories in!

  • Holly Malcom
    Holly Malcom 4 days ago

    So beautiful!!! 😍 You did an excellent job decorating and setting up your home 🤗 So thoughtful with everything. It looks perfect! 💖

  • Lex3xo
    Lex3xo 8 days ago +1

    Fern has gotten so big! You are such a great mom and you have a lovely family. House looks great.

  • Jasmin Jimenez
    Jasmin Jimenez 10 days ago +5

    Beautiful home. It really looks nice and comfy. Can't wait for Part 2! 💗💗🙌🙌💗💗

  • Estela Ruiz
    Estela Ruiz 10 days ago

    LOVE it! Everything looks so well thought out. It’s clean but still soooo homey 😊 definitely using this as inspiration. Thanks for sharing it all 🙏🏻

  • Siam
    Siam 10 days ago +1

    What a beautiful house!!! Congratulations, I’m so happy for y’all!!! And you did a awesome job at decorating it and putting things together.

  • Stephanie Henderson
    Stephanie Henderson 9 days ago

    Great house design, timeless really, even though mid century inspired. It will be interesting to see how you change things over time and what you will never change. The counter tops and splashback will be well worth the investment, as will the piano. Great to see you using your bibles and devotional books 😃😃

  • NJB
    NJB 10 days ago

    Jessa the house looks beautiful! I am in love with the couches and your dining table and chairs too! Beautiful! You keep growing those plants, you've got a green thumb that a lot of us don't have, and besides, it's good to have them in the house, they add such warmth to the area, or you can put them in a corner etc. You don't have to buy faux plants like I do haha. Great color choices for your doors and cabinets, loving the black accents. Good job! I'm sure you're all very happy to have more space! Congratulations to you all!❤

  • Maribel Estrada
    Maribel Estrada 10 days ago +3

    I get excited when you post a new video love watching your family ❤

  • Barbara Leu
    Barbara Leu 9 days ago

    Congratulations it looks so nice and comfortable! I am in love with the table and chairs too. Enjoy your space!!

  • Sugars
    Sugars 10 days ago +1

    Beautiful Jessa! Windsor chairs are so classic. The house looks beautiful! I foresee Thanksgiving at your home! God Bless you and your family in your home sweet home!

  • Terrie Paolini
    Terrie Paolini 9 days ago

    A welcoming home filled with love and comfort. Thank you for sharing Jessa! I love how you kept the cabinet door artwork on the island, which looks like a beautiful woman in the upper right corner. Hope you will now see her too!! Blessings to you and your whole family.

  • Nelli
    Nelli 9 days ago +4

    Love your custom dining table! When my kids were kids, I hung their artwork on clothespins and a hanger on one wall. No tape, easy to replace art.

  • Ashleigh Burroughs
    Ashleigh Burroughs 9 days ago

    I love your style!! And all the plants look so great in your house!! We have that plant that you have on your piano, and have the same problem with it going everywhere. The house looks great!!

  • TheseLittlePigsSchooledAtHome

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the open living room space. Perfect for lots of guests and good conversation ❤️

  • But First, Jesus!
    But First, Jesus! 9 days ago

    LOVE how your house turned out, Jess!!! Side note…you might be able to order a new cabinet door from the company to replace the one with marker on it! 💡

  • Christine
    Christine 9 days ago +4

    BEAUTIFUL HOME!! Love your bar stools and your sentimental attitude about the marker incident 😁. Sometimes, we just gotta go with the flow. I actually think the stainless steel fridge ties in nicely with your stove! Your home is lovely and totally hygge! ♥️

    • Barbara Creel
      Barbara Creel 8 days ago

      I agree about the fridge and over blending in is perfect. I would not paint your fridge. As others have said the fridge is exactly the same color as your stove handles and ties it all together. 😊

  • Evelina Merila
    Evelina Merila 7 days ago

    Thanks Jessa, enjoy watching your videos and can't wait for rest of House Tour. I think your house is beautifully decorated and with good taste

  • karbear26
    karbear26 9 days ago

    You’ve done such a great job with the house it looks so cozy and perfect for your family! I carved a heart and my initials on my mom’s piano bench! My dad could have sanded it down and restained it but she kept it that way!!

  • ruth simpson
    ruth simpson 10 days ago +1

    Love the new house and so much more room for you all. I love the minimalist style you went with. I love light furniture it just brightens up a room.

  • PRINCESS8606
    PRINCESS8606 9 days ago +2

    Beautiful ❤
    Don't worry about the microwave is healthier to heat up food in the stove or oven. And the fridge matches the stove because the stove has stainless still. Just keep your eyes open for a fridge you like and when this one doesn't run anymore you change it. Or if the one you like goes on sale maybe you can sell this one and buy the other one.

  • Selah Rose of Sharon
    Selah Rose of Sharon 10 days ago +1

    Oh my, def worth the wait!!! I love EVERYTHING, it is so nice and open, and I honestly can't pick a favorite thing because its all so beautiful! 😘I'm a plant lover and the struggle is real lol

  •  Darkly Dawn
    Darkly Dawn 10 days ago +1

    Miss Jessa I love your house and decorating style. It is great to have happy content to watch. Thank-you for sharing!

  • Chelise Caceres
    Chelise Caceres 10 days ago

    That dinning table is beautiful. I’m in love!!! Beautiful home May god bless you guys with continued love and happiness! ❤

  • Ada
    Ada 9 days ago +4

    I love the kids' artwork on the walls by the entrance. You could add some corkboard from floor to ceiling on that wall to make it really easy for you and the kids to add or remove new pieces! :)

    • Barbara Creel
      Barbara Creel 8 days ago +1

      I also would add a corkboard where you have the monthly hym at so that you are not poking so many holes in your wall.

  • Ldeb54
    Ldeb54 9 days ago

    Love love love your table!! Your house looks lovely and the kids rooms look like happy busy kids live in them. Thanks for sharing.❤

  • Rachel McMahan
    Rachel McMahan 7 days ago

    Your home is so beautiful! I love the warm browns and green. It looks so natural. The dining table is amazing! Day by Day is my favorite hymn. Thank you for sharing!

  • Carol Whisenhunt
    Carol Whisenhunt 9 days ago

    Love your home. So glad you are finally in it. Y'all deserve it! Hope you continue to do more frequent videos Jessa. Be blessed dear. Love your sweet family.

  • Heather Goodin
    Heather Goodin 8 days ago

    After years of you guys being shoved into that little tiny house I am so happy for you all! and you're decorating is amazing!

  • Kim
    Kim 9 days ago

    I’m so happy for you and your family! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • LMac
    LMac 10 days ago +1

    Your home is beautiful. You guys did a great job with it.
    You’ve inspired me to get more plants. They add so much to a home.

  • Hummingbird Enthusiast

    Gorgeous ❤well designed and deserved!!! So happy for all of you 💛🥳