12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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Comments • 17 571

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  9 days ago +6591

    Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music?
    In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more.
    For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598
    Los Angeles, CA 90009!

    • Sarah Blatchley
      Sarah Blatchley 11 hours ago

      Do you have any handles for these musicians? Andrews piano playing was... Wow!

    • Steve Le
      Steve Le Day ago

      Well none of them are any good, so? And what does she bring to the table? Seems one sided to me.

    • brendaludovas
      brendaludovas 2 days ago

      LGBT Episode please!

    • George Costarica
      George Costarica 2 days ago

      @Jesse Collins I concur.

    • George Costarica
      George Costarica 2 days ago

      @Jesse Collins here here

  • Jessie Co
    Jessie Co 11 minutes ago

    keyboard players are the most romantic when it comes on playing instrument, sorry guitar players.. :)

  • Posh Paper Flowers
    Posh Paper Flowers 12 minutes ago

    Cool series, patiently waiting to see a melanated goddess searching for her soulmate 🙂

  • hannahisnotonfir3
    hannahisnotonfir3 21 minute ago

    Awww David :(

  • Cough Syrup Gang
    Cough Syrup Gang 22 minutes ago

    Daddies LONG neck 8:48 ( haters would say its photoshopped)

  • ThatRandomPenguin
    ThatRandomPenguin 40 minutes ago +1

    No vIoLiN!?!?!??!?!
    I'm out

  • kayla minerva
    kayla minerva 41 minute ago


  • kayla minerva
    kayla minerva 42 minutes ago


  • I consume egg 99
    I consume egg 99 57 minutes ago

    Max was easily my favorite.

  • b9y
    b9y Hour ago

    Why is that guy autotuned?

  • Scott Arant
    Scott Arant Hour ago

    I was so surprised when she eliminated mark!

  • Mac painting
    Mac painting Hour ago

    You pick wrong for me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ghachang Fnuu
    Ghachang Fnuu Hour ago

    Can anyone tell the name of the song, please?

  • Me
    Me Hour ago

    What‘s the song by 3:31?

  • MB -Sterne
    MB -Sterne 2 hours ago

    bassssss i

  • Make Money
    Make Money 2 hours ago

    I think it was the worst choice I really did not like the things that he played and talking part was empty soo gurl whats your wrong

  • Jennifer Maldonado
    Jennifer Maldonado 2 hours ago

    Lol I met that kid Dav at a festival recently

  • Fatboydizon
    Fatboydizon 2 hours ago

    I would have chosen Mikey

  • evoasseb
    evoasseb 2 hours ago

    3:17, start laughing as hell.

  • Sabarna Ghosh
    Sabarna Ghosh 2 hours ago

    I if was up there I would ditch the girl and make an album with Mikey wtf!? XD

  • Charles Dean Watkins
    Charles Dean Watkins 3 hours ago

    LMAO SEDO...

  • The psychedelic cactus

    Mikey, was lovely and he was awesome

  • selena
    selena 3 hours ago

    I would have picked Mikey he is literally my type I want to scream

  • Mamba MD
    Mamba MD 3 hours ago

    Mikey was 100x better than all them

  • arthur Devilhena
    arthur Devilhena 3 hours ago

    She chose the shitty arpeggios piano player

  • NiceGamingNL
    NiceGamingNL 3 hours ago

    Brandon looks kinda like the fatter version of chris pratt, no offence

  • ELiTeWHiTeGiRL -
    ELiTeWHiTeGiRL - 3 hours ago

    David chill we can start a garage band

  • Satan
    Satan 4 hours ago

    Andrew is the cutest

  • Satan
    Satan 4 hours ago

    Omg David no :((((

  • Danny Day
    Danny Day 4 hours ago

    Lol why is everyone taking it so personal?

  • Ramroom
    Ramroom 4 hours ago

    Does someone know the name of the song fernando plays in round 2 ? 5:29

  • Bernie!! Louis
    Bernie!! Louis 5 hours ago

    Not gonna lie. Mikey sounds like he could have a soundtrack in a movie like Juno🤧he’s tuff tho

  • Karlyn20
    Karlyn20 5 hours ago

    awh David I feel bad

  • Karlyn20
    Karlyn20 5 hours ago

    Mark 😰

  • Ethan Walker
    Ethan Walker 5 hours ago +1

    Sedo 😂

  • Madielyn Diffenderfer
    Madielyn Diffenderfer 6 hours ago +1

    Sedo is my favorite😂🙂

  • AliceTooTight o3o
    AliceTooTight o3o 6 hours ago

    I like max

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 6 hours ago

    I can't believe she didn't choose Mikey.

  • Life With Rizzo
    Life With Rizzo 6 hours ago

    Sooooooo no one gonna talk about that at 11:10 he said “no offense but you’re ugly” ??? I would’ve smacked him and ran to see if Mikey was still there lol

  • Guy Michaely
    Guy Michaely 6 hours ago +1

    She is drop dead gorgeous

  • Kaitlyn Toda
    Kaitlyn Toda 7 hours ago

    i feel bad for laughing at the guy that had auto tune but he wasn’t even in a studio

  • Don Wilson
    Don Wilson 7 hours ago

    Why does everyone like Mikey he sounds like every other hipster guitarist

  • darbby jonez
    darbby jonez 7 hours ago

    Watch my Flash-Player video to see Mikey & Max!!

  • aimee taranni
    aimee taranni 7 hours ago

    the dude who played ravel really went above and beyond

  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno 7 hours ago

    What is the music from Max? 🥺

  • NiggaTigga94
    NiggaTigga94 7 hours ago +6

    I'd pay $1000 to see all those musicians make one song together...
    DAV is the lead vocalist

  • Patricia Lorenzo
    Patricia Lorenzo 8 hours ago

    Her laugh tho HAHA

  • Carlos Corona
    Carlos Corona 8 hours ago

    Her laugh is so annoying asf

  • Tahirah Musa
    Tahirah Musa 8 hours ago +1

    If me. I would choose Roman.

  • Adior May
    Adior May 8 hours ago

    Did anyone hear Alec say "No offense but ugly" like i really felt bad for her

  • Mwansa
    Mwansa 9 hours ago +1

    Roman is 100 percent me. I sing L.O.V.E all the time and people get so irritated

  • Irritating Voice
    Irritating Voice 9 hours ago

    ''you know that triangle thing" yea its a triangle

    NICKONOMIC GAMING 9 hours ago

    then theres me, id probobly play thrash metal and not even get mead when she regect me immediately

  • Three Songs with George Gavin

    2:48 that guy’s good

  • Jason Zhou
    Jason Zhou 9 hours ago

    No genre diversity. All of them either played piano or sang ballads except for dav.

  • nofacex
    nofacex 9 hours ago

    I ain’t gay, but my boy Mikey tho

  • Ѧ ѧ
    Ѧ ѧ 9 hours ago

    Anyone know what Aba was playing?

  • TheAaronRodgersTao
    TheAaronRodgersTao 10 hours ago

    You literally had no Sax. What a farce

  • Ritzy Hernandez
    Ritzy Hernandez 10 hours ago

    her: i wanna eliminate mark
    me: WHY!!!

  • Miyabi Saito
    Miyabi Saito 10 hours ago +1


  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 10 hours ago

    Mikey when he see 0:40:
    How do you learn to play an instrument in 3 minute

  • IDC
    IDC 10 hours ago

    I should’ve gone there and bust out some dragonforce on them

  • Nathan Reta
    Nathan Reta 10 hours ago

    What that drummer guy said hit me hard frl
    “I came thinking that I could make someone amazed”
    ~ “It was wrong of me to thing that how could I make someone feel amazed?”
    ~” I’m sorry”

  • Caleb Miller
    Caleb Miller 11 hours ago

    she chose the wrong guy, justice for mikey.

  • Carla Andrea
    Carla Andrea 11 hours ago

    bruh max was great

  • Zack Denburg
    Zack Denburg 11 hours ago

    What song did mark play first

  • Ellis Adams
    Ellis Adams 11 hours ago +1

    Brendon looks like Chris Pratt

  • Lil Shoe 69
    Lil Shoe 69 11 hours ago

    Jokes on you. I can play guitar and triangle

  • Scarlett Higgins
    Scarlett Higgins 11 hours ago

    I love her laugh

  • Azax
    Azax 12 hours ago

    imagine if the genders were reversed and girls had to impress a guy. hahahahah

  • zollie f
    zollie f 12 hours ago

    Dav is my baby

  • Azax
    Azax 12 hours ago

    wtf Max was the best one why did he get eliminated round 1

  • Lesly Cinco
    Lesly Cinco 12 hours ago

    Mikey ❤

  • skinny macchiato
    skinny macchiato 12 hours ago +1

    why did the first guy sound like 100 gecs

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 12 hours ago

    Somebody knows the name of the songs?