Trump's Secretive Hospital Trip Fuels Speculation About His Health

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The furtive nature of the President's weekend trip to the hospital prompted a lot of speculation, but he wouldn't be the first president to hide health issues from the public. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue
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Comments • 1 863

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio 5 days ago +1

    Hope he keels over from fast food. Won't miss the jerk

  • Nikki Botts
    Nikki Botts 7 days ago

    Stairs give you cancer. 😆

  • Jim Minniehan
    Jim Minniehan 10 days ago

    Lord the Fat Orange Turd is about as far away from being healthy as anybody in the entire universe can imagine.

  • CeCe Crow
    CeCe Crow 13 days ago +1

    He was out of uppers and downers...

  • J Hitchcock
    J Hitchcock 14 days ago

    His doctor is riding around everywhere with him. He did not have a routine physical.

  • Superior Being
    Superior Being 15 days ago

    It was twisted testicles.

  • Overly Dramatic Panda
    Overly Dramatic Panda 18 days ago +1

    Well, Stephen's a better human being than I am. Personally, I don't particularly care how Trump leaves the White House - handcuffs, hearse, dragged out through the sewer system - just as long as it's done as soon as humanly possible.

    In all honesty, I've never before genuinely wished death on another human being. But when Trump finally kicks the bucket, it will be the best day in a long time.

  • Pi Azu
    Pi Azu 18 days ago +1

    The biggest problem with treatment of Trump's hemorrhoids was to get Nunes, Barr, Pence, Pompeo, Jordan, Hannity out of the way.

  • Fonker the Tediz
    Fonker the Tediz 19 days ago

    Trump sneeze 3 times

  • Crash Overide
    Crash Overide 19 days ago

    Next year will be to visit Area 51 for his annual alien anal probing.

  • Rashad Allah
    Rashad Allah 19 days ago

    2 much hate in the dialogue..... very grade school!

  • sasabnis
    sasabnis 19 days ago +1

    Reminds me of when they were trying to cover up Castro's failing health

  • RockSlide
    RockSlide 19 days ago +1

    If you smart asses would read ALL the news, you would have known the reason for Trump's sudden hospital visit. You would not be making these high school cheap shots at the prez.
    Trump's food taster fell seriously ill after testing the food about to be served to Trump. Trump was rushed to the hospital for immediate check for poison(s) already in his body. The food tester did survive.
    This is the second assassination attempt on Trump's life I've read about this year.
    Actually, ALL presidents receive an unpublished number of attempts on their lives during their term in office, Democrat and Republican.
    There are always people who hate the president, whomever it might be. Cannot satisfy all the people all the time..

  • D Mack
    D Mack 19 days ago

    Trump is a tumor on the soul of the U.S.

  • Tyler Tichoc
    Tyler Tichoc 19 days ago

    I'm not one to enjoy other people's pain, but he did lock kids in cages and kill babies. So I hope he's seriously I'll and injured. Then again, it would be hard to tell because he's already brain dead.😋

  • Tomer Schwartz
    Tomer Schwartz 19 days ago

    Ramps with teeth is comedy gold

  • sillysausage72
    sillysausage72 20 days ago

    Ramps with teeth! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Onila Miranda
    Onila Miranda 20 days ago +1

    Stephen Colbert idiot Socialist working with the Barack Obama
    and his
    Shadow government
    take down the President of the United States
    Donald J Trump

  • Alchemist-A
    Alchemist-A 20 days ago

    It's his prostate.

  • Eliott Toyota Tot
    Eliott Toyota Tot 20 days ago

    *How fun would it be if the handcuffs were furry and stormy daniel’s?*

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 20 days ago

    Trump had an industrial scale colonic irrigation to try and remove some of the bullshit.

  • HughMorris69
    HughMorris69 21 day ago

    Trumps heath scare is that he might have a brain

  • Kimberly Miles
    Kimberly Miles 21 day ago

    Trump is going to act like a very sick puppy if he is heading to court or jail.

  • Danny Balint
    Danny Balint 21 day ago

    He probably got sick watching this show

  • Danny Balint
    Danny Balint 21 day ago

    Stephanie get something new, tired of the trump stuff, you’re killing your show it will need hospital.

  • M 3
    M 3 22 days ago

    Physical ✅
    Neuro ✅
    Psychiatry 🚼 □ (pending)

  • Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley 22 days ago

    Start of physical: “Bend over ... “

  • Aysen New
    Aysen New 22 days ago

    Thanks for all the laughter & making this "Satanic Period" little bearable

  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow 22 days ago

    What kind of "Doctor" only does half of an exam ???? who did he see ? Dr. Oz ??? yeah right.....

  • CranderianGlow
    CranderianGlow 22 days ago

    Syphilis acting up huh?

  • Russel
    Russel 22 days ago

    You can't laugh at any man's health.Thats unethical.Period.

  • Lea Waldrop
    Lea Waldrop 22 days ago +1

    Trump 20/20 he will be a 2 term president. Get ready you demonic liberals

  • Alexander Burawa
    Alexander Burawa 22 days ago

    To paraphrase Shirley Mclaine from one film l remember (can't recall the title just now) ttump should "eat shit and die". That's all he's ever been good for in my opinion.

  • Coreen Rafikh5
    Coreen Rafikh5 22 days ago

    Omg feet first

  • Alternative Universe Cuts

    Breaking news: The whistleblowers identity has been exposed and it's sending shock waves through Washington!

  • Mark W
    Mark W 23 days ago

    Phase one of his annual physical because when he got on the digital scale it said 'To Be Continued'

  • Oman hamad
    Oman hamad 23 days ago +1

    Democrats and their clowns have become silly. Americans don't trust them. What a misery!

  • jrg973
    jrg973 23 days ago +1

    Nov 19, 2019 Short idea of what may happen…
    Donald goes to Walter Reed for “?”…and a check up…Doc says there aren’t any heart problems
    Or anything else some days later…Donald goes again…More Speculation…more vague answers…
    More Suspense…What can it be…His Base Prays to the Lord on High for THE Donald…
    Silence…Tic Toc, Tic Toc…What can it be??????????
    Ivanka appears and in a sullen voice announces that due to a sudden decline in his health, that…
    He, Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, for the good of the Country,
    Do hereby pass on the Leadership of the Country to His Vice President Mike Pence (#45.5)…effective maybe tomorrow around 12 noon, maybe.
    It happens, The Base Prays and in the Heartland They hunt Democrats, and the first thing President Pence does…after changing the code to the Executive Crapper…is issue Pardon # 101 (seems there’s about 93 missing) To Donald J. Trump, covering Anything Donald has done, did, will do, could do or might do…
    This is due to his poor health…As #45.5 has said…He’s done so much for you his people…Let him rest and with time and the lords backing, he’ll be back to business as usual…Right Mother
    O…Mother…while you have them on the line…ask her if she could be out by 4:15…Jerry Farwell’s on at 4:30…I just love his re-runs…

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 22 days ago

      Boy that was a long winded babble, you must be related to jussie smollet.

  • Phyllis Elliott
    Phyllis Elliott 23 days ago

    aaaaaAAAAND I’ll second the motion to have trump leaving the White House in handcuffs !

    • David miorgan
      David miorgan 22 days ago +1

      Dream on Bullwinkle, you must be related to jussie smollet! TRUMP2020

  • Kolink Probably Memes
    Kolink Probably Memes 23 days ago

    Spare a thought for the man whose job it is to stick his finger up Donald Trump's butt. As if the job wasn't thankless enough already...

  • Alexander Burawa
    Alexander Burawa 23 days ago

    "I want handcuffs first." My sentiment exactly.

  • Rebecca Sorensen
    Rebecca Sorensen 23 days ago

    He choked on his own bull shit.

  • Denise Fuentes
    Denise Fuentes 23 days ago

    Speculation about his drug addiction maybe!!!

  • Franco Roberti
    Franco Roberti 23 days ago

    Trump will be very health because have to destroyed lot of rat's Democrats.

  • Janet Snyder
    Janet Snyder 23 days ago


  • Josh90123 4
    Josh90123 4 23 days ago +1

    Hillary Clinton fell over about 5 times and had multiple seizures on video, but if you question her health you’re a conspiracy theorist. Trump goes to a hospital, so obviously he going to die.

  • BLACK Face
    BLACK Face 23 days ago

    I hope he isn't doing any good ...

  • Holly Broughton
    Holly Broughton 23 days ago

    0:18-0:35 "Stephen Explains one of his writer's jokes"

  • MJ Mj
    MJ Mj 23 days ago

    He has gonerrhea

  • Charles Partrick
    Charles Partrick 23 days ago

    He's setting up his reason to resign. Same scam as the bone spurs to dodge the draft. An obese person with diabetes is as healthy as they can be.

  • proud2bpagan
    proud2bpagan 23 days ago

    Now I know why it seems like I'm waiting forever when I'm in an assless ensemble with my feet in the stirrups,waiting for my doc to give me ye olde yearly Pap Smear...feeling a breeze up my crack,taint,and twat is actually Phase *One* of my yearly physical....Of *course*! It all makes sense now!

  • Whip Scorpion
    Whip Scorpion 24 days ago

    Here's the scoop: Update: Pence will resign first. Then Trump will appoint Don Jr. as VP. Then Trump resigns for health reasons.

  • Bye Golly
    Bye Golly 24 days ago

    Dam he survived

  • Giba Dias
    Giba Dias 24 days ago +1

    bone spurs? crabs?

  • Khaleed Evans
    Khaleed Evans 24 days ago +1

    'Too blocked to scope "🤭🤭🤣😅😂🤣😅🤣🥳😂😁😁😁😌😌

  • buba garcia
    buba garcia 24 days ago +1

    Stephen Colbert is a joke! What are people laughing about or is it just a stupid laugh track?!

  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 24 days ago +1

    Trump is so fat that he has physicals in phases.

    • Josh90123 4
      Josh90123 4 23 days ago

      spudnic88 I thought fat people are awesome and healthy though?

  • Citizen x
    Citizen x 24 days ago +1

    He had to have a whistle removed from his ass apparently mick malveny this is second hand mind you mick got tired of doofus whining about the whistle blower so he shoved a whistle where the sun doesn’t shine that was fine but every time he farted the whistle blew and freaked him out

  • itgetter9
    itgetter9 24 days ago +1

    In all seriousness, though, trump's colon would probably need about a week to prep for a colonoscopy, if ya know what I mean.

  • Manny Kwan
    Manny Kwan 24 days ago

    Heart attack would be an easy way out.