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KFC's NEW Beyond Nuggets are Inedible

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • KFC has teamed up with Beyond Meat to offer new plant-based Beyond Nuggets! This promotion is available Nationwide with 6 Beyond Meat Nuggets available for $7. Are these Nuggets finger lickin' good? Find out in today's review!

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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  13 days ago +2191

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    • lee reilly
      lee reilly 19 hours ago


    • Neon Shadow
      Neon Shadow 2 days ago

      Dude, did Nikocado Avocado just flat out copy you? He has a video with the EXACT same name. I mean, it might be the other way around but ya know, this is Nikocado we're talking about, so.

    • ozzierabbit
      ozzierabbit 3 days ago

      A suggestion: Make chicken-based hockey pucks from this.

    • Nathan Afoa
      Nathan Afoa 4 days ago +1

      Vicken Veggits

    • J MO
      J MO 4 days ago +1

      @Vernon Smithee Harrison Bergeron would approve. 😁

  • FanboyFlicks
    FanboyFlicks 12 days ago +22776

    Seems like a ridiculously big box for only 6 nuggets

    • Shamefur Dispray
      Shamefur Dispray Hour ago

      Thats like the size of a 20 nugget box at least

    • kudjo24
      kudjo24 3 hours ago


    • Farrowstrike
      Farrowstrike 5 hours ago

      thats because they're reusing the same boxes they use for their rolls. if they wanted to make a new box, they would have to create a new a whole new production line just to mass produce them. its just easier to re-use what you have and just use green ink instead of red.

    • Grand Springdale
      Grand Springdale 6 hours ago

      @hello katie Oh yeah...... I forgot😞

    • hello katie
      hello katie 6 hours ago

      @Grand Springdale it's not chicken it's plants lmao

  • It's Danbo
    It's Danbo 2 days ago +1184

    This man has not changed his style for years and remains to be the strongest food reviewer to this day.

  • Ajax and Annie
    Ajax and Annie 3 days ago +3239

    The fact reviewbrah does his videos in one take is something entirely underrated

    • Kooler'S tream
      Kooler'S tream 23 minutes ago

      @BertKreishcer’s FakeLaugh zoomer comment but yes

    • Victory Mansions
      Victory Mansions 19 hours ago

      I mean, for a Flash-Playerr, that shouldn't be strange

    • Lyza Scarlet
      Lyza Scarlet Day ago

      Exact same comment on other videos

    • Solaire of Astora
      Solaire of Astora Day ago +1

      He should edit them a bit tbh

    • GS
      GS Day ago +2

      the secret is that he is always professional on and off camera

  • Ambition
    Ambition 2 days ago +1048

    KFC’s Beyond Inedible Nuggets

    • Zedd.
      Zedd. 6 hours ago +1


    • Jack Teichrib
      Jack Teichrib 10 hours ago +1

      @Dennis Moore bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Dennis Moore
      Dennis Moore 13 hours ago +6

      Can't even enjoy a government issued foodsquare the days...

    • Freezyx
      Freezyx Day ago +10

      There is no such thing as a coincidence.

  • Eulogy
    Eulogy Day ago +78

    This is basically the exact issue I had with Plant-Based KFC in Canada last year when it first debuted. It's mostly wheat gluten, and it turned into series of rocks rather than popcorn chicken.

  • il Westo
    il Westo 7 days ago +11354

    This man can single handedly drop the stock price of any fast food company. With great power comes great responsibility, reviewbrah speaks the truth.

    • Bravest Cashew
      Bravest Cashew 9 hours ago +2

      should hire a bodyguard and counterintelligence specialist to make sure he doesn’t get assassinated by Big Chicken

    • Speaker of Truth
      Speaker of Truth Day ago

      I guess he is the Speaker of Truth

    • Gixxer 667
      Gixxer 667 Day ago

      It’s funny I have seen this exact comment on like 8 different videos , your so original

    • idk
      idk 2 days ago

      I think after he tries it, the stock goes sky high because everyone wants to try it, and if it’s bad, it just plummets

    • Tyler Andrews
      Tyler Andrews 2 days ago

      @JZ5U stonks

  • Noah McGreevy
    Noah McGreevy 3 days ago +628

    Funny how one of the biggest reasons for veganism is the enviornmental benefits, yet these vegan nuggets are some of the most overpackaged things I have seen

    • RedMatter
      RedMatter 58 minutes ago

      @The Void Every bad in the world is capitalism, meaning that the only way to solve it is to give the communists the power. So smart! 😂

    • Conbro098
      Conbro098 Hour ago

      @The Void under capitalism people eat too much. Under communism people ate each other😂

    • Conbro098
      Conbro098 Hour ago

      Am I the only one wondering why a vegan would eat at kfc. Or any fast food restaurant doing vegan options. I mean if the whole reason for going vegan is animal welfare (because let’s be real there is no actual health benefits) why willingly give your money to a company that kills animals.

    • No Fed Bois Allowed
      No Fed Bois Allowed 4 hours ago +1

      The environmental toll that planting crops to supplement meat is not much of a benefit. Especially when its a monoculture ie soy. Plant drains the land of nutrients and improper farming practices leave the land barren. We need animals to replenish the nutrients to the soil.

    • The Void
      The Void 10 hours ago +1

      @RedMatter maybe he complains about capitalism because thats the system we live under. look at you complaining about communism, a system that doesnt exist. maybe you should try to read some communist market economics, your comment clearly show you are being ignorant.

  • tyler
    tyler 2 days ago +292

    i’ve had these twice and the first time the entire batch was perfect they were soft and tasty and i liked them so much i went back another day and half of my nuggets were burnt up and so tough i couldn’t bite them. i think the issue is some employees are treating them like the normal chicken when they cook a lot quicker than normal chicken so they end up cooking them too long and they get burnt up.

    • Sela
      Sela 59 minutes ago

      This is the perfect explanation!! Agreed!

      AKAE DE DEVAL 2 hours ago

      @mack robertson as someone who doesn't like the taste of most meat I have no idea either, I'm pretty sure that who eats meat on a daily basis doesn't care about a poorly made chewy soy equivalent..

    • mack robertson
      mack robertson 2 hours ago

      @Mr. Cuddlesworth I don't understand it, most vegetarians/vegans don't like the taste of meat so it's not for them and most meat eaters don't like the taste of fake meat so who exactly is this marketed to? Besides idiot hipsters

    • Ricky Spanish
      Ricky Spanish 2 hours ago

      Ya it's tough having to know how to read and pick the right button on an automated fryer or oven..

      No wonder they want to raise their minimum wage.

    • Patrickleeastar Johnson
      Patrickleeastar Johnson 2 hours ago

      @FUZION nah, even at burger king the impossible whopper is cooked on the same broiler, unless u say you want it vegan. Then it goes in the microwave

  • JuanJose247
    JuanJose247 2 days ago +26

    I was concerned about the nutritional value, the Impossible Whopper is almost no better than a regular Whopper, so I was curious about these nuggets .

    • Mason Nowak
      Mason Nowak 46 minutes ago

      @Kodringo the issue is they're completely devoid of any micronutrients and made almost entirely of low quality processed vegetable oils (like most fast food. That's before they're even deep fried in grease

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 2 hours ago

      @Kodringo you have got to be freaking kidding me…

    • Kodringo
      Kodringo 2 hours ago

      @Alexander Scott Salt isn't unhealthy though. In fact salt is very good for your heart. Too much of anything is unhealthy, but something being high in sodium isn't unhealthy.

    • Yeyuhz
      Yeyuhz 3 hours ago

      @Alexander Scott more like bc of how highly processed they are

    • Alexander Scott
      Alexander Scott 12 hours ago +5

      If anything, the impossible whopper/plantbased alternatives to other foods are more unhealthy just because of the ungodly amount of salt they use.

  • El comunismo es un cáncer :D

    I initially misread the title as "KFC's NEW Beyond Nuggets are Incredible" and was seriously considering ordering some. Good thing I watched the video before I could commit such a terrible error. (Of course, I don't know what I was thinking; 'inedible' is _way_ more in line with the quality of KFC's food than is 'incredible'.)

  • Boney McBonerton
    Boney McBonerton 2 days ago +6

    That man's hands SHOOK as he was trying to tear that nugget apart, it was really that tough.
    Honestly I'm glad I didn't give in and try this garbage, I probably would have broken my fragile teeth on this ultra-processed leather nugget.

  • S D
    S D 2 days ago +7

    I expected 40 nuggets in a big greasy box that size. They get all tough, chewy, and stringy like that if you leave them growing on the vine for too long. KFC uses only the finest rubber chicken plants grown in the lush jungles of Chichen Itza.

  • sageghost
    sageghost 2 days ago +12

    This just exerts so much energy of " Im not even mad, Im just disappointed."

  • Dzuy Nguyen
    Dzuy Nguyen 2 days ago +25

    The combination of seriousness, wit, and comedy with which you conduct the show is commendable. The pathos keeps me engaged. The professionalism keeps me coming back.

  • omutrog
    omutrog 13 days ago +17361

    When he threw down the second nugget with such ferocity, it truly showed the restraint ReviewBrah holds against the caged beast within.

  • GwenTheHuman
    GwenTheHuman 23 hours ago +12

    I just had a box of 12 with my partner and the texture was quite soft! They made them fresh for us. Maybe they harden over time. Honestly, I thought they were too soft and when I watched this review I was confused. Maybe try them again and ask for them fresh for a better experience?

  • S.t.O.p
    S.t.O.p 2 days ago +2

    Vegans: "We need more plant based restaurants and options!" Fully meat based fast food restaurants: "We got you"

  • WarlordRising
    WarlordRising 3 days ago +46

    I've tried both plant based vegan "beef patties" and "chicken nuggets" at the local grocery store. I'm not a vegan, but I was curious how they compared. I think the beef patties are able to get away with more, because the texture is incredibly similar. The taste is buried beneath the toppings you put on the patties (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the buns). The chicken nuggets were fairly terrible due to the fact that it's hard to mask the taste and texture. The stark difference in taste and texture immediately throw you off, and it doesn't even taste good to begin with.

    • Crab Nicholson
      Crab Nicholson 17 hours ago +1

      @EQOAnostalgia Everything reviewbrah reviews is lab made

    • Terri MacKay
      Terri MacKay 23 hours ago

      My daughter and I eat very little meat, although we're not vegan/vegetarian either. Meat just doesn't have much of an appeal for either one of us. But if I have a craving for a hamburger, I'm going to have a "real" beef burger, and not a plant-based burger that mimics the taste of meat. If I'm not in the mood for a beef burger, I'll have a black bean burger.

    • Villy The Catboy
      Villy The Catboy Day ago +1

      I've had amazing plant based nuggets before, even frozen ones. I just think KFC didn't do a good job, lol.

    • EQOAnostalgia
      EQOAnostalgia Day ago +4

      @Crab Nicholson The powers that be just want us off meat and controlled. Meat is part of a humans natural diet. Avoid that poison, it's lab made, unnatural trash.

    • Crab Nicholson
      Crab Nicholson Day ago

      I've had incredible plant based nuggets before. Unfortunate bit is that they're pretty expensive and I think the restaurant makes them in house so there's no way for me to get them to have at home. Many readily available meat alternatives don't seem particularly good. I'll go to bat for the impossible burgers though, they're close enough to a beef burger to pass muster and even if they aren't particularly healthy... well, you're eating a burger, it's processed to hell and back anyway

  • Cosmic Gaijin
    Cosmic Gaijin 16 hours ago +4

    The fact that reviewbrah had to say "Damn" shows you how genuine his disappointment was. It truly neared immeasurable levels.

    • Cosmic Gaijin
      Cosmic Gaijin 14 hours ago

      @Casperix neither shall I.

    • Casperix
      Casperix 15 hours ago

      KFC has failed him. I will never forgive them.

  • NightOwll
    NightOwll 8 days ago +6677

    Never have I seen a chicken nugget resist being torn apart as much as that. Had the firmness of a hockey puck.

    • Nez Arredondo
      Nez Arredondo Day ago

      I ate beef jerky which looked softer than that

    • Jason Brewer
      Jason Brewer 2 days ago

      @Harper even without the teeth problem you could hear the ripping when he pulled it apart.........

    • suicide blonde
      suicide blonde 3 days ago

      Most vegan based food taste and has the substance of cardboard, if you wanna be unhealthy just buy the real thing lmao

    • Emory
      Emory 3 days ago

      because vegan food is disgusting 🤮

    • User User
      User User 3 days ago

      They could be brake pads

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 2 days ago +94

    I had these the other day and they were not that tough and hard to bite into, they were actually pretty good.
    I genuinely want to know, what on earth happened to this food that made it turn into a piece of freaking leather like that 😂😂

    • Dennis Moore
      Dennis Moore 13 hours ago

      Really does not matter. I don't go in a restaurant to play the lottery and get "slightly more edible" foodsquares as the next guy.

    • friggincanvee
      friggincanvee 20 hours ago

      @Cheezy Mcgee true. I'm just throwing up thoughts as to why. Fries in general are horrible after they've gone cold, and reheating them doesn't work. Some things can be brought back to life with a zap though. Maybe these nuggets are like fries in that they need to be had fresh, in which case it's unreasonable to review them too long after purchase. Just saying. Not defending the product or having a go at his method.

    • Cheezy Mcgee
      Cheezy Mcgee 20 hours ago +2

      @friggincanvee but hes been doing it for years, no other food does this after getting cold

    • friggincanvee
      friggincanvee Day ago +2

      Does he let the food go cold? I mean that's a big thing with fast food in general, it needs to be consumed quickly after it's purchased.

    • B M
      B M Day ago +11

      It sat for a whole 10 minutes and it's sinful vessel was consumed by the nature of this world

  • MeGustaWHAT
    MeGustaWHAT 4 hours ago +2

    I think a lot of us are hopeful for plant based alternatives to meat, but aren't interested in settling for incredibly sub-par products at much higher prices.

  • Ferragamo Falcon
    Ferragamo Falcon 13 hours ago +4

    The “wow” after “totally inedible” killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago +53

    please tell me who at KFC actually tested this and said “yeah, sell it”

    • Euclid
      Euclid Day ago +2

      They probably thought vegans will eat anything vegan 🤷‍♂️

    • In My Zone
      In My Zone Day ago


  • Kaleb Rojas
    Kaleb Rojas Day ago +4

    Tacobell never has what you want. They hear you're coming by and throw out all the special items.

  • Based for Life
    Based for Life 3 days ago +5

    Taco Bell Wings: not bad, nothing great
    Arby's Sandwich: didn't make moistcr1tikal do anything, and he has zero spice tolerance

  • Amy D
    Amy D 6 hours ago +2

    The cheap Morning Star brand is actually tasty for a plant based product. I’m not sure how all the KFC restaurants are coping with the oil that is used to cook plant based foods verses chicken nuggets. Is it the same oil? Then it defeats the whole purpose of plant based products.

  • Kyle Van Bockel
    Kyle Van Bockel 2 days ago +27

    His little laughs when he's first trying the nugget reveals how incredibly taken aback he is at the disgrace of these beyond nuggets haha

  • It’s The Fluorescents
    It’s The Fluorescents 11 days ago +7677

    I currently work at a kfc, the nuggets are plant based but they don’t want us to say that they’re vegan cause we fry them in the same fryer where we fry the chicken 💀

    • gary Lin
      gary Lin Hour ago

      This product is so ridiculous in every way.

    • BadCat7
      BadCat7 13 hours ago

      @Mitchell Dale eating deep fried synthetic meat isn't something i would do for my health

    • Lavender Oh
      Lavender Oh 14 hours ago

      @Boromir Of Gondor you're not very intelligent are you?

    • Lavender Oh
      Lavender Oh 14 hours ago

      @Noah S plant based meat isn't one thing, you have no brain capacity.

    • Lavender Oh
      Lavender Oh 14 hours ago

      That's still vegan.

  • Dave Eve
    Dave Eve 21 hour ago

    I agree with everything said, especially as a fast food carnivore myself, but the good of plant based meat substitutes is the one main issue it addresses… we cannot technically feed everyone in the world beef meat because of the amount of land it takes to raise that food. Technology can bring down the cost of plant meat but there is only so much surface area of earth.

  • Whitney Wilson
    Whitney Wilson 3 hours ago

    I got these yesterday at my local KFC, and they were delicious! The texture was very similar to their usual chicken. I think you might have gotten a bad batch, unfortunately.

  • Farmhouse Felts
    Farmhouse Felts 10 hours ago

    This seems to be an issue KFC has - over cooking their chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken. I’d say the last couple times I got nuggets from them, they were just like that.. hard as a rock.

  • Brandon Amthor
    Brandon Amthor Day ago

    "these days with fast food, what do you expect, I'm not gonna bother going on a rant anymore" man I feel you. I just expect my fast food to be 50/50 chance I'm gonna like it

  • bEzii Music
    bEzii Music 12 days ago +2851

    "I don't expect anything these days so it is what it is" is the most relatable and honest thing I've ever heard from ReviewBrah

    • Nunya Business
      Nunya Business 6 days ago +2

      Yeah it was a little heartbreaking to hear him say that tbh. Relatable, totally but still...
      It's like the best defense to approach life is to not expect anything and really only count on yourself to manifest things.

    • R T
      R T 7 days ago +1

      It eventually catches up to all but the most insane in this stupid new society being forced down out throats.

    • Klabbity Kloots
      Klabbity Kloots 9 days ago

      @Lucas Lawson Look at dis dood.

    • The Baddestman
      The Baddestman 10 days ago +1

      @Lucas Lawson lmao

    • a a
      a a 10 days ago +2


  • Celes Tatiune
    Celes Tatiune 20 hours ago

    I absolutely love the Beyond stuff you can get in the supermarket, but getting them from fast food places is hit or miss. I dunno if its a different product or inconsistency from the franchises themselves. Watching you strain to rip apart the nugget... how were they expecting this to succeed? That's not just a mistake in preparation

  • iNSaNiTy REACTS!
    iNSaNiTy REACTS! Day ago +18

    Out here on the west coast Carl's Jr. Has a Beyond Burger, and Del Taco Has Beyond burritos and tacos! As a 6 year vegan it's nice to see fast food companies implementing meat alternatives. Its inconvenient sometimes as a vegan to not have the ability to have quick on the go options until now! 😊🤟 loved the review! These look horrid haha 😂🤣

    • Akash D.
      Akash D. 11 hours ago

      Just learn how to cook plants. Craving for meat tasting products and worrying about animal lives seem to be a bit hypocritical

      MY NAMA CHEF 11 hours ago

      Nevermind that, but as a vegan youre still feeding money to a slaughterhouse of a corporation

    • Darkklaw
      Darkklaw 12 hours ago

      Ex Burger King employee here! The impossible whopper is similar to how these are made. It is plant based however it is cooked on the same broiler as the meat.

    • Lew A.
      Lew A. 14 hours ago +7

      KFC isn't allowed to call the vegan/vegetarian nuggets that way because they fry them with the same oil they use for chicken, which is why they call them plant based.

      I'd check that on those places you mentioned too!

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 21 hour ago

    This man could singlehandedly take down the entire fast food industry

    NEXUS 8 hours ago

    Hit the nail on the head. Perfect. This is the biggest problem. Vegan alternatives are taken as short term gimmicks by companies. Instead they need to really start investing in it and creating good quality products that are alternatives to meat. It's a very serious issue and is only going to get more and more an issue over the next decade. They need to start taking it seriously, not just churn out bland tasteless rubbish.

  • kenny lauderdale
    kenny lauderdale 13 days ago +1098

    It looks like they breaded some cardboard & sold it to you. That's crazy.

    • Vollification
      Vollification 3 days ago

      The cross section he showed, it looked like firewood, like for real.

    • werdle92
      werdle92 3 days ago +1

      people who dont eat meat are crazy.

    • ohio
      ohio 6 days ago +1

      @Justin M you made an account a week ago just to defend KFCs "plant based" nuggets?

    • F.E.D Associated
      F.E.D Associated 9 days ago

      @Justin M yeah I haven’t tried them yet but I could understand that, especially considering he had to go out and buy them then drive home then set up his camera then get everything ready until finally filming in which he talks for like 10 minutes straight before eating them

    • Addition Gaming
      Addition Gaming 9 days ago

      @stevemcgowen ew y’all give ppl food that’s been in there for hours? Why not make fresh

  • Dutch Guts
    Dutch Guts 2 days ago

    I like the Beyond fried chicken. I'd be curious to see what Impossible could do if they were given the chance.

    I am pretty sure you got a bad batch. Mine weren't that hard to bite.

  • H Brown
    H Brown 17 hours ago

    I think they gave you old ones and just refried them when you ordered them. (alternatively they could have fried them and then nuked them to warm them up before giving them to you and maybe they overnuked?) When I worked at McDonalds we used to do that with fries and nuggets if there were a bunch there and we didn't want to cook fresh ones because we were closing soon, we felt lazy, the person ordering was a jerk, or if we needed to keep the drive thru times low.

  • ReturnedToMonke
    ReturnedToMonke Day ago

    It’s interesting because here in Stockholm all big fast food places have a constant vegan/vegetarian menu or option to have a standard burger with a vegan patty. But the chicken substitute I’ve tried at Max’ (swedish fast food chain)
    Is by far better than wtf kfc has here.

  • Tiny tin
    Tiny tin 13 hours ago

    I’m sorry you had a seemingly bad box. They were pretty delicious and tender when I tried them, I even used them to recreate the famous bowl haha. I hope in the future you can try more or similar products to see the variety of how good it can all be when done right. :)

  • Snow Dogs Vlogs
    Snow Dogs Vlogs 13 days ago +1622

    I thought these were going to be a good solution for some, BUT, KFC has admitted, they are fried in the same oil as their chicken. . so does that really make them vegetarian?

    • Lydia S
      Lydia S 2 days ago

      Not at all vegetarian or vegan.

    • Kat
      Kat 4 days ago

      kjdshfkjsdhskdj no it does not make them vegetarian.....

    • Jay Moses
      Jay Moses 5 days ago

      the issue of "contamination" from meat per se has more to do with different reasons for being vegetarian/vegan rather than differences between vegetarianism and veganism. if someone is either of those for moral reasons, it'd be consistent to avoid anything cooked with meat because they'd be eating actual particles of a dead animal. if they're vegetarian/vegan for purely environmental or dietary reasons, it probably wouldn't matter much because those meat particles don't really affect the nutrition of the beyond meat at all, and they're not directly increasing demand for meat (and thus the associated environmental effects) any more than if they just got like a salad or fries from KFC. and obviously there are exceptions to how people interpret their own reasons for not eating meat/animal products. just explaining what does and doesn't separate vegetarianism & veganism bc they're so often confused.

    • coolstorybro
      coolstorybro 6 days ago

      Yes. Vegan? No

    • lene c
      lene c 6 days ago

      Well, vegetarianism doesn’t include fish, seafood, or poultry in the diet. So vegetarians will possibly not want to eat something fried in the same oil as chicken.

  • germr1
    germr1 2 days ago

    At first I told myself "maybe I should try it next time". The box seemed big then realized it had only 6 nuggets, wasn't chicken and the price is ridiculous. Hard pass for me.

  • Guillermo Melendez
    Guillermo Melendez 14 hours ago

    I am kosher, so the beyond pizza that was promoted was a god send to me. I was so sad and disappointed to see it go because it was the only meat topping I could put on my pizza 😭

  • January Is a shape

    Hey I got these from kfc on Tuesday last week, and the texture was entirely different than the ones you're showing? It was very soft but the breading was almost falling off. Strange that it could be so different from town to town, although mine were straight out of the fryer

  • ODIN
    ODIN Day ago

    Hey reviewbrah, long time fan here 🙏❤ Just watched several mixed reviews on this product, and it seems the ones you got were overcoocked. Perhaps you could try out some from another kfc and give an updated review? Would very much like to hear your opinion on these nugs in their intended condition.

  • Bribe
    Bribe 11 days ago +1376

    I find it odd that Swiss cheese wasn’t quite on the forefront of my mind, but fairly close to it. I bought it from the deli an hour or so ago for my sandwich later.

    • Soldies
      Soldies 6 days ago +4


    • Dives
      Dives 6 days ago

      Cheddar cheese was on my mind because I was currently eating some homemade cheddar cheese and bacon brussels sprouts.

    • Kratos of Sparta
      Kratos of Sparta 7 days ago

      I literally just saw 2 giant tortoises before clicking this video on my youtube feed and I was flabbergasted

    • Tarja AU
      Tarja AU 8 days ago +2

      @Connor Anderson I run into a lot of comment bots. Porno scam bots, crypto scam bots, bots that have bought verified accounts to make stolen comments and get likes and subs... I've seen it all man

    • Vital Gnosis
      Vital Gnosis 8 days ago

      Jubilation: sin thetic thesis

  • Big Al
    Big Al 2 days ago

    It looks like these have been sitting out for a few hours. Given the standard at KFC I wouldn't be surprised!

  • BigBunn83
    BigBunn83 3 days ago +1

    I love this kid. Have been watching for about 4&1/2 years now. His style and confidence very respectable young man!

  • Terd Ferguson
    Terd Ferguson 2 days ago +1

    The happiest part of this video, is that now my dude can afford the style that suits him. Looking like a gentlemen bro!

  • quinn maloney
    quinn maloney Day ago

    Been vegan for a while and there are some bomb ass chicken nugget/fried chicken dishes out there (Gardein chicken tendies and nuggets are my favorites), and I stg this is some long-con by KFC to keep people hooked on chicken lol things really looked like cardboard

  • Mark Abner
    Mark Abner 10 days ago +1403

    Dude my wife and I love your channel. We are both in our 60,s and watch your newest review each night while eating dinner. Not sure if we have a boring life or you are that awesome. I think the latter. Keep up the good work.

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams 18 hours ago

    Never stop being you reviewbrah, the would needs honest brokers to sherpa the simpleton like myself.

  • rsALEX
    rsALEX Day ago

    I had this happen with their regular chicken. Honestly, they need more quality control.

  • YouTube: Confetto
    YouTube: Confetto 10 hours ago

    Its like a meal that would be in some sort of comedy, a comically large box for 6 popcorn chicken sized rocks painted to look like nuggets

  • This Guy
    This Guy Day ago

    Bruh, those nuggets were delicious. I've agreed with some of this guy's reviews but not this time.

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  13 days ago +5739

    Why does this keep happening to me? I just want to be able to eat the food!

    • To La
      To La Day ago

      Fast food restaurants aren't able to get employees anymore that aren't complete nimrods, I used to get fast food once a week as a treat, but my orders have been so screwed up and the food has been so awful the last few months I've completely given up, from unseasoned food to overcooked or undercooked food, to order errors, it's just not worth it anymore when the food is being made by people who can't even cook.

    • Pacific Grunt
      Pacific Grunt 2 days ago


    • Troy Powers
      Troy Powers 3 days ago

      Because fuck you give me money.

    • Gabrielle Elliott
      Gabrielle Elliott 4 days ago

      Happy new year report of the week 🥰❤

    • Natalie Fulton
      Natalie Fulton 6 days ago

      @Roger Finch My point was that there’s no ham in a hamburger. It’s not misleading of beyond meat because they always say plant based on the package.

      I think a vegan would be smart enough to check the ingredients of an “impossible cauliflower” so they wouldn’t accidentally eat salmon.

      Apparently you think meat eaters are too brain dead to realize plant based meat isn’t meat, and honestly you might be right. Most meat eaters are morons

  • Plastic Rocket
    Plastic Rocket 2 days ago

    His hands shook from having to tear that nugget apart. That looks tougher than a chicken gizzard!

  • Mark Perkins
    Mark Perkins 2 days ago +2

    They're probably still cooking them in the same fryers they cook the real chicken in...so it's plant based fried in animal fat

  • latenightonamonday

    I haven’t had KFC in years. Glad to see I’m not missing out on anything lmao

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 23 hours ago

    Look at how tough and leathery these "nuggets" are when he tries to rip them apart around the 8 minute mark.
    And vegetarians will claim "you can't even tell the difference!" between these breaded erasers and actual chicken nuggets

  • Caleb Hebert
    Caleb Hebert 5 days ago +1079

    KFC: Save the planet, eat plants!

    Also kfc: let's use this giant box for only like 6 fucking nuggets.

    • Moody Fuck
      Moody Fuck 2 days ago

      @Arvis Valit it's just a joke

    • Arvis Valit
      Arvis Valit 3 days ago +2

      Animal ag is vastly more harmful to the environment than a bit of packaging waste.

    • Jonathan Webb
      Jonathan Webb 3 days ago +4

      @DekuDude888 I don't think they ever claimed them to be vegan lol

    • jayvhon calma
      jayvhon calma 3 days ago +4

      @Bojoschannel with the only green they care about being money

    • DekuDude888
      DekuDude888 3 days ago +7

      Also these aren't fully vegan because they fry them with the other pieces of chicken that are real meat

  • Chadason McGraw
    Chadason McGraw Day ago

    The Taco Bell Wings were honestly not good. Mine was way overcooked, too small of wings, and honestly inedible. The sauce was decent though.

  • Dookyman
    Dookyman 2 days ago +1

    This man’s review sent the kfc by my place out of business, the power he holds is insurmountable 💀

    • B M
      B M Day ago +1

      Powerful man.

  • Aud A
    Aud A 13 hours ago +1

    Plant based foods hitting fast food chains in USA is just an experiment for the corporations to gauge where Americans are, in terms of their interest in “alternative meats” or meat analogs. If every KFC all over the USA sells out they’ll probably expand the alternative meat market, if not, it’ll phase out and most likely not come back lol. My opinion!

  • savannah mcclellan
    savannah mcclellan 3 days ago

    I had them the other day and they must have been cooked well. I ate them hot and though greasy they were very good. Great flavor and texture. I even attempted my own chicken little with them on a biscuit and that was delicious!

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood 13 days ago +1517

    Reviewbrah doesn’t even take a full bite
    “This is a problem”
    Kfc *sweats nervously*

    • Kyle Smith
      Kyle Smith 11 days ago

      @Koji 888 yeah, definitely felt like he was going easy on it but it shouldn't be that difficult to bite

    • Koji 888
      Koji 888 11 days ago

      @Kyle Smith . Oh he COULD HAVE, if he wanted to. But he DOESN’T want to chomp that hard. 💪

    • Merc Harris
      Merc Harris 11 days ago +2

      How do they not have their best staff, equipment, etc. surround this guy? Over Half a million views in one day.

    • PeePee
      PeePee 12 days ago +1

      @Jam Rep you must be a CCP lover

    • prufrockrenegade
      prufrockrenegade 12 days ago

      @Jam Rep go move to Korea

  • Yoda Biznatz
    Yoda Biznatz 9 hours ago

    6:53 is when he ACTUALLY "get's right into it."

  • dageevil
    dageevil 19 hours ago

    I have family member who is vegetarian. They wouldn't try this is because these companies don't understand that sharing a frier oil or grill that other meats are on is a big turn off. You are right these acts towards alternative eaters is a gimmick or short term patronage to get their money.

  • Rory
    Rory Hour ago

    Have to disagree. Actually thoroughly enjoyed them as a vegetarian

  • Alien
    Alien 2 hours ago

    Wait…The Swiss cheese thing was wrong, but honest to god I was just thinking about tortoises.
    How did you do that, Reviewbrah?

  • Rey067
    Rey067 7 hours ago

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  • dentakleen
    dentakleen 2 days ago +3

    They gave you a bad batch. The ones I bought were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They taste best with honey bbq sauce or you can use regular bbq sauce if you're vegan. They use similar seasoning that they use for their regular chicken. They also fill you up even though its only 6 pieces as long as you order it with the fries instead of the other side dishes which are smaller.

    • Moon Illusions
      Moon Illusions Day ago

      @dentakleen Sorry. I misread your comment, as I thought you meant you’d still eat those nuggets even though they aren’t vegetarian

    • dentakleen
      dentakleen Day ago

      @Moon Illusions thats your opinion. i dont eat animals. and i dont buy or wear leather or fur. I am a vegetarian according to 99% of people.

    • Moon Illusions
      Moon Illusions Day ago

      @dentakleen You’re not vegetarian then

    • dentakleen
      dentakleen Day ago

      @Moon Illusions that is a good point. they do cook them with their chicken products. im vegetarian so i dont mind but others may not like that.

    • Moon Illusions
      Moon Illusions Day ago

      You can't eat them if you're vegan. They're cooked in normal animal fat grease.

  • Beth Anne
    Beth Anne 16 hours ago

    I'd love to see reviews of good pizza/deli etc shops to support small business and share the experience.
    Thanks for sharing! Your a fair critic!

  • Dave Demo
    Dave Demo Day ago

    I really think you should do a second review. That may be the actual texture of the product due to what they are made out of. It would be interesting to see how a second review may have the same result or perhaps those specific ones where not prepared correctly.

  • rodjacksonx
    rodjacksonx 7 days ago +4170

    "I don't expect anything nowadays." Wow, it's not just me... fast food really HAS gotten that bad!

    • DQ
      DQ Day ago

      @Luis AM We have a local chinese at our town that is essentially a fast food restaurant, tons of quantities and if you're a regular customer they give you free Fortune Cookies, rather expensive sometimes but the food is worth it.

    • To La
      To La Day ago +1

      It's because fast food restaurants can't get any competent workers that know how to actually cook food, I've given up on Chipotle for example because there's been problems with my order literally the last four times I tried it over the last 6 months, from not seasoning the food to missing ingredients to overcooked or undercooked meat, companies are unable to retain decent employees.

    • l i f e
      l i f e Day ago

      Frozen food not much better! Haha

    • Jack Burton
      Jack Burton Day ago

      I stick with Whammy Burger. If I have a problem I call D-fens to fix it.😂

    • A D
      A D Day ago

      @Lady_Truth right 😂

  • HersheyFPV
    HersheyFPV Day ago +2

    Isn't it illegal to put the word chicken on a box that contains zero chicken?

  • Andy Frost / XPR0PR18

    I'd imagine these things have the same texture as fried erasers.

  • Hunter McKinney
    Hunter McKinney 2 days ago +6

    I’ve had the beyond fried chicken a couple times and it wasn’t chewy at all, it was easy to bite into. Maybe yours had been cold for a long time, I ate mine right after I bought them.

    • ant3609
      ant3609 15 hours ago

      I had them and they were very similar to his

  • Chewy99
    Chewy99 2 days ago +1

    I read the title as incredible and I was expecting you to be thrilled with them, but when you couldn’t bite through I was very confused! 🤣

  • piai55
    piai55 9 days ago +1362

    Reviewbrah coming in hot with the 100% honest video titles. *Literally* inedible.

    • Lance Revell
      Lance Revell 4 days ago +3

      It's crap like this that will turn off potential customers. I predict zero return business. Come on, Colonel, stick with what y'all know, real chicken!

    • Yadi
      Yadi 5 days ago +3

      Yep and Nikocado even copied it

    • CircusofPython
      CircusofPython 6 days ago

      @Lolcow Gamedev same

    • Seke
      Seke 7 days ago

      @Dylans503 same lol

    • Dylans503
      Dylans503 7 days ago +23

      @Lolcow Gamedev me to, and I was thinking his sarcasm was really getting to him.. but still I wondered...are they incredible?....hmm...click.

  • Mr.pigmoo
    Mr.pigmoo Hour ago

    I want the record to show that the impossible chicken nuggets are insanely good

  • A Cute Kittersteinen
    A Cute Kittersteinen 3 days ago +1

    Have the people who designed this item ever had fresh Arby's premium nuggets? Nuggets are supposed to be soft, tasty, and have a decent breading to meat ratio. For shame.

  • Don G
    Don G 2 days ago

    Watching him struggle to bite the food is absolutely hilarious😭😭😭

  • Sig
    Sig Day ago

    The problem is, your average person who is vegan and goes after plant-based alternatives to meat, are someone who is not going to eat fast food to begin with.
    Everyone I know with that diet tend to avoid anything they see as unhealthy, and that definitely includes fast food. The market base they're going after just does not go to fast food.

  • R.E.2
    R.E.2 13 days ago +3699

    I read inedible as incredible initially. This review threw me off guard but I'm not surprised when it's from KFC

    • Mike Matei Inspector Gadget
      Mike Matei Inspector Gadget 7 days ago +1

      Seriously! This has been in my sub box for a while and I only just realised now that it says Inedible. I actually laughed at how foolish I had been

    • Ethan Johnson
      Ethan Johnson 10 days ago +2

      I don't get how I went the entire video without realizing that it was titled inedible, until seeing this. Shooketh.

    • Cash G
      Cash G 11 days ago

      Lol. Same. I'll have to go recheck the title now

    • Hunter Bartley
      Hunter Bartley 11 days ago

      Same haha

    • Howie Gruwitz
      Howie Gruwitz 11 days ago

      K.F.C. stands for Killing Future Children, the "food" is lowering sperm counts I heard it on infowars

  • Joey Vasquez
    Joey Vasquez 2 days ago

    It's sad that the fast food industry has broken us to such submission that inedible food is just "what you expect now a days" so sad the times we live in...

  • lxSixtyFortyxl
    lxSixtyFortyxl 21 hour ago

    love your content! Pls stay how you are, I know you've been around for awhile but its still refreshing to not see everything on the menu in front of you while you stuff your face. Class act.

  • Ryoshi Nakamoto
    Ryoshi Nakamoto Day ago

    the stacked the layers of 'meat' on top of eachother, increasing its tensile strength. they should have stacked the layers side by side so it rips like regular meat xD

  • Bearzalski
    Bearzalski 5 hours ago

    Lmao. I clicked really quickly cause I thought the title said “incredible “ .. NOT “Inedible “ ! This video is incredible.

  • Kraig Van Dole
    Kraig Van Dole 13 days ago +5225

    My guy just wants these fast food places to make food that’s good lmao. Are we seeing ReviewBrahs descent into turning into a villain after all these failed food options?

  • Steve Digital
    Steve Digital 11 hours ago

    You were wondering what their motivation is and whether this is a temporary or permanent item on the menu … it is “Veganuary” - January being “vegan month” every year - and many companies jumped on the vegan (slash vegetarian) bandwagon this year - like for example Burger King too.

  • Desi95
    Desi95 3 days ago

    The irony of plant based foods in fast food is the fact that people actually think minimum wage (if not much better), overworked, understaffed employees are going to really care about cross contamination and making sure they use separate fryers. If they get so busy they can barely do their regular tasks fast enough (or aren’t willing to) why would they worry about cleaning the grill for an impossible whopper or having an entirely separate fryer for fake chicken?

  • Nova
    Nova 2 days ago

    These were just awful, like eating a pencil eraser. I actually do like plant-based chicken nuggets but I've only found the ones you make at home are actually good (I recommend Nuggs and the Impossible Nuggets).

  • Trancera
    Trancera 2 days ago

    if I was a vegeterian, I'd just be looking at this like "who is this for? the hidden meat eater inside of me?"

    I've tried the beyond burgers from other places, and I'm perplexed why they wanna feed beef flavored stuff to people who don't eat beef.

    • Moon Illusions
      Moon Illusions Day ago

      Maybe because they grew up eating meat and such a stark change without it is a bit uncomfortable?

  • ᴇdited
    ᴇdited 5 days ago +1916

    This gentleman holds so much more power than we know, I bet they talk about him in board rooms lol

    • Jin
      Jin 11 hours ago

      @DanielTheCooliest it's definitely a country thing. KFC in Malaysia is superb. Good service, good food and variety.

    • B M
      B M Day ago +1

      @matthewhue he dawns a silicone face mask to order simply because of this issue

    • DanielTheCooliest
      DanielTheCooliest 4 days ago +29

      @matthewhue That's up to the individual manager and employees working at each and every location. Very few fast food restaurants are capable of providing the same good experience every time, except chic-fil-a. They almost always give me the same good food and service. Burger King is probably the worst, and I'd imagine KFC is right there near it with Taco Bell as far as cleanliness and employees being rude.

    • matthewhue
      matthewhue 4 days ago +33

      That’s debatable. If they talked about him in board rooms they would make this product only made fresh. I can tell those nuggets have been sitting for awhile. They should be only made to order.

  • Taken_Over
    Taken_Over Day ago

    I know I’m late but to his point about the short term gimmick, these companies heavily subsidize their place in grocery stores. That’s why they keep shelf space despite low sales. I have to imagine it’s a similar situation for these fast food places