9 Candies That Aren't What They Seem

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • This means they're also the perfect candies to pull pranks with!
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    At Vat19, we've collected a large amount of candy over the years. This video shows nine of our top spicy candies that might not look spicy from the outside!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  8 months ago +1039

    Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here: bit.ly/2X3W3wE

  • Niara Stephenson
    Niara Stephenson 7 hours ago

    The Tabasco chocolate is very good

  • Ouilegarcon
    Ouilegarcon Day ago

    Imagine eating a pack of nerds expecting sourness and sweetness and then just

    *H E A T*

  • Mr Yeet
    Mr Yeet Day ago

    I thought I hate ads...

  • Siobhan Neely
    Siobhan Neely 2 days ago

    Confection perfection is Vat19's finest creation

  • Karl Rhodes
    Karl Rhodes 2 days ago

    I had em their nice

  • Caleb Risner
    Caleb Risner 3 days ago

    To sum it all up:
    Its candy that's hot.

  • Kamal Maheshwari
    Kamal Maheshwari 3 days ago

    0:25 Is it just me or is does he look like Jason from Studio C

  • B e l l e
    B e l l e 3 days ago

    why is this in the Disguised
    rick-rolls playlist

  • Thurstan Nguyen
    Thurstan Nguyen 4 days ago

    2:44 3 people have no hats

  • xXd soupXxd
    xXd soupXxd 5 days ago


  • Draco Gummybear
    Draco Gummybear 6 days ago

    My bro loves nerds so I should get some
    Me:haha pay back
    My brother:ohh nerds *eats nerds* AHHHHHH WHY ME!!!!

  • Trevor Towery
    Trevor Towery 6 days ago

    1:32 reference to the devil went down to Georgia

  • KillstreakPlayz YT
    KillstreakPlayz YT 7 days ago

    I dont even know why im watching ads but i hate ads... im addicted to Vat19 Help

  • Tristangamer901
    Tristangamer901 7 days ago


  • Tristangamer901
    Tristangamer901 7 days ago

    i see the guy right there with a vat19 Shirt so its the BOSS

    SPOOKYKITTY72 7 days ago

    I want the genuine human soul

  • Troy NgUyen
    Troy NgUyen 7 days ago

    Just imagine having a cloud of gummy candies Raining on you 24/7

  • Sparklez Pig
    Sparklez Pig 8 days ago

    Yo im bout to but the cinamon bears

  • doga dag
    doga dag 8 days ago

    I want them!

  • GalexyDoggo
    GalexyDoggo 9 days ago

    I was waiting to get rick rolled, But it never happened.

  • Lisa Devine
    Lisa Devine 9 days ago

    I love ur vids

  • Love Dove
    Love Dove 9 days ago


  • Tomas Reynoso
    Tomas Reynoso 9 days ago

    If Satan was one of my business colleagues then OOOH I'd be happy. I'm catholic so we'd understand eachother AND I bet he has some incredible products. Reply if you agree

  • Hai Dong
    Hai Dong 9 days ago

    They are a company
    Stop complaining theses are advertisement, they do for purposes.

    BTS’ CHAIR 10 days ago +1

    Wait, I’m watching ads, whilst I’m watching ads.. or.. I’m skipping ads, to watch ads..

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins 11 days ago +1

    Alright, who gave the nerd a knife?

  • pinky 1981
    pinky 1981 11 days ago


  • Angelyn Shu
    Angelyn Shu 12 days ago +1

    I would love to see Guy Firey eating the toe of Satan.

  • Tayshaun TPD
    Tayshaun TPD 13 days ago

    In the spicy gummy peppers...
    Jamie "That Looks Hot!"
    Me: PUN CITY!

  • Farizan Ladin
    Farizan Ladin 13 days ago


  • Master Chief playsYT
    Master Chief playsYT 14 days ago

    The funny part at 14:44 click to watch it

  • Running Bisquit
    Running Bisquit 14 days ago

    Nerd with a knife

  • Jaden Davison
    Jaden Davison 14 days ago +1

    Devil: a fiddle made of gold!
    Me: Did you go down to georgia to take a soul and get the fiddle?

  • Erdi Zymberi
    Erdi Zymberi 14 days ago

    Strawberry’s with suger is the best

  • Birdie from discord
    Birdie from discord 14 days ago

    i want firey guy back

  • Nattypatty World
    Nattypatty World 15 days ago +1

    How about give Danny one for hiding
    Like this please

  • *.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.*

    okay, so i didn’t get the golden fiddle joke until i replayed guitar hero 3

  • BeerRoo 89
    BeerRoo 89 15 days ago

    One year I bought the tobacco jelly beans for my dads birthday

  • Dods Memes
    Dods Memes 16 days ago

    Get milk

  • clay rabero
    clay rabero 16 days ago

    🔥fire emoji

  • Thor Thalman
    Thor Thalman 17 days ago

    The Spicy nerds look like dusty nerds

  • Picachu !!!
    Picachu !!! 17 days ago


  • Chenghao He
    Chenghao He 17 days ago

    0:21 basically me

  • Real Human Not A Horse

    So just only spicy things

  • Shira Dorf
    Shira Dorf 17 days ago

    Who else realized that at 2:21 the date printed on the Tabasco bottle was 3 years old!

  • The Sam Files
    The Sam Files 18 days ago

    Yo toe of satan should be numbero uno

  • Just some guy with half a Mustache

    Me: immediately skips ads

    Also me : watches 15:21 seconds of ads

  • Charley Fletcher
    Charley Fletcher 18 days ago

    Why is vat19 obsessed with the most dangerous pepper ever?

  • 。Gloss Cacti 。
    。Gloss Cacti 。 19 days ago +2

    When you realize your watching ads for fun

  • Flap Jack
    Flap Jack 19 days ago +1

    I found this at the end of a Rick roll playlist

  • LetsTalkAbout Trends
    LetsTalkAbout Trends 19 days ago +1

    I need the Miracle Berry now.

  • Agentchops Jr
    Agentchops Jr 19 days ago

    Do a challenge where every person at Vat19 has to pour the Carolina Reaper nerds into their mouth. You can stop pouring at any time and must chew EVERY pebble poured into their mouth. Then, weigh everyone’s container. The person who has the heaviest container of pebbles has to do something very embarrassing for the camera, like your cream corn ice bath thing.

  • logan morgan
    logan morgan 20 days ago

    Eric as guy fieri 🤣🤣

  • Tricia Cherubini
    Tricia Cherubini 20 days ago


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 20 days ago


  • EthanwasntherexD
    EthanwasntherexD 20 days ago


  • Ninik Rahman
    Ninik Rahman 21 day ago

    Pls tell me the shoe is chocolate

  • Neka Mire
    Neka Mire 21 day ago

    immediately skips ad
    continues to watch 9 more ads