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The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love (Live from World War Joy Tour) | Vevo

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • The Chainsmokers ft. 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love (Live From World War Joy Tour)
    Anyone looking for Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall the last few years could always find them near the top of the charts. We caught up with them on their World War Joy tour in Denver, Colorado, for what was one of the most ambitious arena tours we’ve ever seen. Watch their collab with 5 Seconds of Summer, "Who Do You Love," right now, and stay close to Vevo. More performances from the show are on their way.
    Watch more performances from the World War Joy Tour: bit.ly/34iQRI3
    Watch the official video for Who Do You Love: flash-player.net/video/U0V1y2p1sgs/video.html
    Watch The Chainsmokers live: bit.ly/2Irhof8
    Watch music videos by the Chainsmokers: bit.ly/1mh1Its
    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Director: Micah Bickham
    Senior Producer: Maura Scully
    Senior Producer: Kyle Goldberg
    Producer: Contrast Films
    Editor: Austin Prahl
    Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & Sam Mackoff
    The Chainsmokers
    Special Thanks to:
    Wob Roberts
    Clancey Sliver
    Elliot Lidard
    Amanda Hansen
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Comments • 2 928

  • Edwin Sitepu
    Edwin Sitepu 2 years ago +4133

    I like this version more than the original version

    RUGVED KATE Year ago +3381

    5SOS is so fuckin underrated I wish they get the appreciation they deserve

    • Annie
      Annie 16 days ago

      True in my city (Czech Republic) was in small arena. I'm fan since 2014 & they deserve to be popular bc their music is amazing.

    • Umi Faizatul Joseph
      Umi Faizatul Joseph 3 months ago +3

      yess a lot of bands are underrated. But these guys produce too many songs with different genres all the way from solos to making their own shows 🤣🤣🤣 I am not sure how did they even have the motivation to do so even without having as much as those famous celebss that probably just stick to singing songs that have one words on repeat or rapping while dressing up like an anime characters but are literally millionaires

    • Ozzy Vr
      Ozzy Vr 3 months ago

      I agree

  • Sweet Creature24
    Sweet Creature24 Year ago +3146

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Ashton was drumming AND singing...

    • Pro Unipadder
      Pro Unipadder Month ago

      @Lobo @Lobo So we cant complement someone if anyone else can do st too??, That means we just need 1 singer in the world, 1 doctor in the world,.. and just only fucking 1.

    • Renee Jett
      Renee Jett Month ago

      It's literally so HOT

    • Lara Terry
      Lara Terry 3 months ago

      Rueueue I will

    • Lara Terry
      Lara Terry 3 months ago

      3u7ee637 and a good 7am for you and I have

    • Sweet Creature24
      Sweet Creature24 4 months ago

      @Dhananjai Hembram Yes I do.

  • cy cy
    cy cy 2 years ago +1897

    this just proves that everyone in 5sos are very talented human beings.

  • Aussie 5sos fan
    Aussie 5sos fan Year ago +114

    Michael and Calum's solos were just amazing. I've never gotten the chance to see either bands live, but if I was at this show I wouldn't be alive by the end of the night.

  • Leif Gonzales
    Leif Gonzales 2 years ago +2265

    This version needs to be on spotify

    • DI3YUS
      DI3YUS 7 days ago +1

      @Yred Aquino lmao no

    • Ryan McKnight
      Ryan McKnight 11 days ago +1

      The best scene's 3:43 and 4:37

    • Culture Code
      Culture Code 13 days ago +1

      @Ryan McKnight It's our remix at the end!! Glad you like it thoooo

    • Ryan McKnight
      Ryan McKnight 29 days ago +1

      I really want this version to be on Spotify Great melody, beats some like a remix

    • Yred Aquino
      Yred Aquino Month ago +1

      use Flash-Player music instead

  • Azra Hemmings
    Azra Hemmings Year ago +175

    i've probably listened the original version only 10-15 times in my life, but this... it's 10-15 times for EVERY DAY

  • H
    H Year ago +241

    this song is underrated so is 5SOS. theyre wonderful and deserve more

  • Sara Salazar
    Sara Salazar 2 years ago +114

    The vibe of this version is absurdly INCREDIBLE

  • Perla Tabet
    Perla Tabet Year ago +480


  • Dhananjai Hembram
    Dhananjai Hembram 4 months ago +49

    3:15 whole crowd is singing is giving me goose bumps.😍🤩

  • Careless Senpai
    Careless Senpai 3 months ago +9

    it's 2022 and i still got the goosebumps

  • Someone Here
    Someone Here 2 years ago +20

    They definitely should make a whole album together, I'm addicted to this song 👌

  • DJ Maasti
    DJ Maasti Year ago +22

    This version and video give me chills. Literal chills.

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago +10

    Melhor parceria de todas!!! The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Stephanie Parris
    Stephanie Parris Year ago +29

    I watch this way to often. Almost daily such a good performance and high energy

  • Pode me chamar de Debz
    Pode me chamar de Debz 2 years ago +1932

    1:43 Someone's dad standing still in the crowd, IM DEAD 😂😂

    • B
      B Year ago

      Omg LOL

    • Gojo Sensei
      Gojo Sensei Year ago

      How do you notice all these 🤣

    • keepingupwithbree
      keepingupwithbree Year ago +2

      His life is flashing before his eyes

    • Ava Jade
      Ava Jade Year ago


  • Livia Zevallos
    Livia Zevallos 2 years ago +204

    2:02 I love the combination of luke and calum vocals

  • Honey Grace Adiz
    Honey Grace Adiz 2 years ago +1331

    Pls make this available on Spotify. Need this version

      HIMANSHU NEGI Year ago

      @heviu lie It's available +_+

    • heviu lie
      heviu lie Year ago

      I cant find🥵

      HIMANSHU NEGI Year ago

      @Patipoom Ngamthongluang ohh man its available on spotify idk how did you not get that

    • Patipoom Ngamthongluang
      Patipoom Ngamthongluang Year ago

      @Himanshu negi i found two song, the original and R3HAB remix 😭

      HIMANSHU NEGI Year ago

      @Patipoom Ngamthongluang Type Who do you love on search bar ....
      And if you don't get it
      Then type 5SOS

  • Mica Pedemonte
    Mica Pedemonte Year ago +69


  • Dayana Beltrán
    Dayana Beltrán Year ago +8

    Me emociono un chingo cuando esto suena!!!

  • Aradhya Singh
    Aradhya Singh 2 years ago +83

    This was such an energetic and iconic performance from 5SOS. I feel so pumped after watching this video.

  • holguinz
    holguinz Month ago +6

    the huge layered vocals, the massive reverb and guitar, and the overall energy and everyone in the building having no worries about anything and just enjoying the amazing moment. that's a perfect example of exactly how a concert should go

  • Emma Briedis
    Emma Briedis 2 years ago +9

    Had this on repeat for the last two days. Absolutely love this version!!!

  • kvlo
    kvlo 5 months ago +1

    Cada que escucho esto se me pone la piel de gallina. Estoy llorando ¿Cómo esto puede hacerme tan feliz?
    Lamento mucho no haber podido presenciar esto en vivo. Es maravilloso.

  • Romee Benson
    Romee Benson 4 months ago +2

    Increíbles, los amo

  • msykira
    msykira Year ago +5

    The drum makes the performance alive as hell. Luv this one I’ve played it thousand times. It’s my mood booster now can’t get enough🥺

  • Muthia Ulfa
    Muthia Ulfa 2 years ago +7766

    so basically, everyone in 5SOS can sing omg

    • Loretta kejora
      Loretta kejora 6 months ago

      dude!!! c'mon, they wrote their own lyric and play their own instrument with their beautiful and uniqe voice!! they're indeet born to be rockstar!!!

    • Paco Padilla
      Paco Padilla Year ago

      @Tommy / Tram Anh Luong z,z Webber’s me
      =zen:am;I,:a,a “yes like rd$c

    • Paco Padilla
      Paco Padilla Year ago


  • Umi Faizatul Joseph
    Umi Faizatul Joseph 3 months ago +4

    Not a fan of chainsmokers but I really respect them here because they let 5SOS shine and take the spotlight

  • Lani C
    Lani C 2 months ago +3

    This performance was-- IS everything. So powerful

  • Angelic Gonzales
    Angelic Gonzales Year ago +10

    This concert was easily the best one I’ve ever been to 💕

  • Manav Gurnani
    Manav Gurnani Year ago +12

    This performance deserves a billion views!!!!!!

  • Ffion Lowri
    Ffion Lowri 2 years ago +2485

    This version kills me.
    Ashton’s love and patience for drums as well as his faces.
    Calum’s fucking deep voice and then change to a belt / his middle range
    Michaels vocal solo as well as his little guitar solo he had over the last chorus
    And Luke’s vocals in the hole song but most importantly that extended outro. Both his live vocals and backing track vocals sounded fucking orgasmic.

      TANYANG TATAK Year ago +1

      But you written the melt and whole spelling wrong.

    • Anouk Willems
      Anouk Willems Year ago +12

      @Sahnan Bin Samad good but we are here for 5sos 😅

    • Sahnan Bin Samad
      Sahnan Bin Samad Year ago +4

      What about the chainsmokers

    • Nestor
      Nestor Year ago +16

      I wish there was this version on Spotify

  • Vishal Mm
    Vishal Mm Year ago +9

    Theese 2 bands deserves more fans! Each of them is amazing in their fields. But this music is just 🔥❤5sos and TCS💖

  • Kristýna Linhová
    Kristýna Linhová Year ago +28

    this is just... a whole masterpiece

  • Master Zoruko
    Master Zoruko Year ago +4

    I need this version on Spotify🥺🥺

  • Zeynep
    Zeynep Year ago +3

    I will always watch this performance because it is AWESOME

  • Nicole Hatano
    Nicole Hatano 2 years ago +5562

    This looks straight out of the end scene of a movie

  • gaurav bhandari
    gaurav bhandari 2 years ago +2

    Goosebumps guaranteed everytime you watch it.

  • Jana Gad
    Jana Gad Year ago +3104

    *drew holding an acoustic guitar*
    me: “iT’s a BiT lOuD foR aN aCoUsTiC sEt cAlUm”

    • Sweet Creature24
      Sweet Creature24 Year ago +6

      Chainsmokers fans not knowing what this means😂😂

    • Chanchala vyas
      Chanchala vyas Year ago +6

      @Jana Gad man you are here even after 5 months!!
      Happy to see you

    • Jana Gad
      Jana Gad Year ago +1

      @Chanchala vyas thank youuu!!!

    • Chanchala vyas
      Chanchala vyas Year ago +3

      1K likes done by me 👍🏻

    • faiz shaikh
      faiz shaikh Year ago +31

      Yeah but for 4:10 its perfecccttt

  • Fitrah Cornellya
    Fitrah Cornellya 2 years ago +183

    1:54 that's the best part ever💙💙

  • Sophia S
    Sophia S Year ago +3

    I've been a 5sos fan since before their first EP released in the US and I'm just now watching this video for the first time and it made me very emotional. They sounded so amazing :,) I feel so proud

  • Kristine Joy Boces
    Kristine Joy Boces 2 years ago +1896

    Forever jealous to the fans who attended this tour. How I wish they had an Asian tour

    • Loretta kejora
      Loretta kejora 6 months ago

      sick collaboration!! 😍😍

    • erika
      erika Year ago

      this tour was the closest 5sos has even been to my area i didn’t get to go

    • london's quite big💙💚
      london's quite big💙💚 Year ago

      ikrrr im frm India and I wish soooo hard that they’d come here

    • An
      An Year ago

      So you can have a chance to meet him.

    • An
      An Year ago

      Or at least mereka liburan ato honeymoon ke sana. 🥺

  • Ella Pailanan
    Ella Pailanan Year ago +4

    I want to go to concerts like this🥺 atleast once in my life

  • Gargi
    Gargi 9 months ago +4

    We need this on Spotify... 😩✋

  • Gandhar
    Gandhar 11 months ago +3

    Getting goosebumps just by watching this video
    Now imagine experiencing this live 🎧❤️

  • 푸핫
    푸핫 9 months ago +5

    라이브가 원곡보다 좋았던건 이곡 뿐이다 ...
    이거 애플뮤직에 내주세여 ㅠㅠㅠ 😍😍

  • Olesya
    Olesya 2 years ago +1066

    probably the most powerful performance i've ever heard and seen. i wish i was there that day..
    how the heck only a video could make me feel so happy that i barely cried?!

    • Lani C
      Lani C 2 months ago


    • Kate Lynch
      Kate Lynch 3 months ago

      @Ka Ro I love that for you!!!

    • Ka Ro
      Ka Ro 10 months ago +10

      I had the fortune to attend that concert and trust me it was by far one of the best ones out of that tour. It also matched the day before Michael’s birthday so we sang happy birthday to him. Such a great night.

    • Akhil Anand
      Akhil Anand Year ago +2

      Watch MGK and Yungblud on the late late show

  • Hugo AH
    Hugo AH Month ago +1

    Ala la mejor canción en vivo 🔥🤘🏻

  • wasif
    wasif 2 years ago +8

    This live touched my heart✨

  • Kuheli Das
    Kuheli Das Year ago +1

    The boys really set the stage on fire with their energetic symphony..❤️

  • Arlline Machado
    Arlline Machado 3 months ago +2

    Still waiting for having this version on Spotify 🥺

  • Meshika Tomecko
    Meshika Tomecko 2 years ago +740

    this is one of those songs that sounds a million times better live than the studio version.

  • dyna nur
    dyna nur Year ago +49

    Michael's guitar at 3:30 is out of this world i got goosebumps

  • Brigitte Hayes
    Brigitte Hayes Year ago +5

    This is such a great performance...man I love this song

  • Hadassah Henceforth
    Hadassah Henceforth 3 months ago +2

    This live version still gets me every damn time.

  • Jigna Naik
    Jigna Naik 2 years ago +19

    The two 'dangerous' music groups together are more dangerous than global warming!!
    But seriously it's a heavenly feeling

  • Andreas Pastides
    Andreas Pastides 2 years ago +3570

    4:37 the cameraman is an artist

  • Ridhi Aggrawal
    Ridhi Aggrawal Year ago +5

    They are all talented in every way.
    It hurts why you guys are so underrated 🥺

  • Nabila Ayu M. F.
    Nabila Ayu M. F. Year ago +2


  • Stefanus Christy
    Stefanus Christy 2 years ago +1

    I need this version on spotify!!!!!!!

  • Kris N
    Kris N 2 years ago

    this video is shot so beautifully. wish I could’ve experienced this! ❤️

  • Just TheTruth
    Just TheTruth 2 years ago +4135

    No one's talking bout how Michael solo's freaking good?. Anyway, everyone already knows that.

    • Virgo
      Virgo 11 months ago

      @Vincent Balan me too!!! Love Michael's solo in this song! Every single time I'm like "gooo Michael!!!!" 😂😍

    • biru langit
      biru langit Year ago


    • keely cabatuan
      keely cabatuan Year ago +1


      GLOSI GLOSI Year ago +1

      It's my favorite part of the song really

  • Bodybuilding Motivation Music

    I really love the metaphor, the wings symbolizing our dreams and revealing it makes people laugh at us. But there's always that one reason, or person, that inspires us to pursue what we love and fly. Lmao I'm into music as damn this fire ❤

  • Alex Alagna
    Alex Alagna Year ago

    The best feat ever! I love 5SOS and the chainsmokers!!!

  • Vanna Rainelle
    Vanna Rainelle Year ago +34

    3:13 - 3:42 makes my heart happy

  • Federica Bruscella
    Federica Bruscella 10 months ago +1

    What big and wonderful energy!!! Really amazing performance!!!

  • ripitsmikayla
    ripitsmikayla 2 years ago +3421

    bro, when did calum’s voice get so deep 😳

  • Farizah Kay
    Farizah Kay 3 months ago +5

    I think we can start do petition so this live version can be on Spotify

    GABRIEL HENRIQUE 8 months ago +2

    Amo essa música

  • Rugilė Batavičiūtė

    every time i watched it, it always gives me a goosebumps

  • esther Panmei
    esther Panmei 2 years ago +4

    This is one of the best collaborations of 2019!!

  • 5sos Becka
    5sos Becka 2 years ago +841

    Can we take a moment and appreciate Calum’s voice

    • Ola x
      Ola x 2 years ago

      @Bhavesh Sakaria i agree with this
      Michael voice is amazing

    • Ola x
      Ola x 2 years ago

      @Bhavesh Sakaria yeah and that's a fact

    • Bhavesh Sakaria
      Bhavesh Sakaria 2 years ago +2

      Yeath but micheal is also fire

    • D
      D 2 years ago +21

      We should take our entire lives and appreciate it tbh

  • Melany Cú Macz
    Melany Cú Macz 8 months ago +1

    Como se supera está presentación...¡¡ME ENCANTA!!

  • amorfati khb
    amorfati khb 2 years ago


  • Fmb Blm
    Fmb Blm Year ago +4

    Llegué exactamente un año tarde, pero esto es asombroso!!!!

  • shhhhhh
    shhhhhh 2 years ago +3

    OMG I got chills at 1:39... Damn I really love you guys

  • MAYO
    MAYO 2 years ago +517

    honestly probably the best collab to come out of 2019

    • kfc bully
      kfc bully 2 years ago

      @Ty The Sloth I love both of those songs

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea 2 years ago

      @Ty The Sloth STAN LISTEN MAN

    • B20 ODL Bien Oscar Pascual
      B20 ODL Bien Oscar Pascual 2 years ago


    • Ty The Sloth
      Ty The Sloth 2 years ago +8

      Ngl I listened to it a lot on the way to soccer games my senior year it’s so calming. I also listened to Silence by Khalid and Marshmallow bc it motivated me.

  • The Nights
    The Nights 5 months ago +1

    esta versión mil veces mejor que la original

  • Lorena Rangel Nunes
    Lorena Rangel Nunes Year ago +1


  • Saket Pandey
    Saket Pandey 3 months ago

    The energy is insane!! They all are amazing. I have watched this video back in 2020 and watching now feels like I'm watching for the first time. It's amazing!!

  • iclâl
    iclâl Year ago +7

    Can we just agree that 5sos gives the best concerts the sound the energy everything is fucking perfect

  • Kate Lynch
    Kate Lynch 3 months ago +1

    I’m so jealous who were at that concert 😫 I’ve never been to a concert of any musical artist or band, but If I was at THAT performance I’d probably pass out.

  • Eric Forman
    Eric Forman 5 months ago +2

    Damn this might be the best performance I have watched on YT, I mean the camera work was so damn good, hats off to the camera men as well

  • kiwiphewphew
    kiwiphewphew Year ago +3

    damn goosebumps each time playing this version fml man i love this!

  • Valentina Luna Changana

    necesito esto en spotify

  • Laika Verndari
    Laika Verndari 2 years ago +111

    The live version makes it sound even more epic than the studio version, I can't tell who I love more 😍

    • Kushaan Sharma
      Kushaan Sharma 2 years ago +1

      But you gotta agree on the fact that on Flash-Player, the live version sounds better. The original is as good as the live with bass. But without bass, the live has a slight edge

  • 윤또뀽도공
    윤또뀽도공 Year ago +2

    라이브 듣다가 원곡찾아봤어요! 진짜 라이브 미쳤다😍

  • CAI♡
    CAI♡ Year ago +3

    5SOS never failed to give that hype on their audience🔥❤️

  • Michelle González

    Nunca me cansaré de oír este concierto. 🥺❤️

  • Themytuber
    Themytuber Year ago +1

    I wish i was in that concert..this look so electrifying!

  • bridget sinead
    bridget sinead 2 years ago +2137

    michael clifford, you are perfect. don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

  • Давут Яйлымов

    It's amazing. I love the chainsmokers and the 5SOS

  • sykesss
    sykesss Year ago

    Watching this amidst this global pandemic, makes me miss going to concerts, that adrenaline rush, the crowd, the energy in the air. And it really hits you at 4:37 🥺

  • Tatum McKinley
    Tatum McKinley 8 months ago +2

    how come every time they perform this its amazing

  • charlotte flade
    charlotte flade 11 months ago

    I miss concerts so much, this video is beautiful and I envy everyone in that audience

  • becca rayment
    becca rayment 2 years ago +468

    Micheal has gained so much confidence I remember his voice being so soft and my baby has grown up same with the rest I can't with these guys they are trying to kill me I swear to god I love them so much also don't tell me differently because it won't convince me

    • miska
      miska 2 years ago

      Yesss! I am so proud of him!💘

  • Princess Janelle
    Princess Janelle 2 years ago +1


  • Cookie Crisp
    Cookie Crisp 2 years ago +2

    Dude Matt gets so into the drums it’s insane!

  • Juliet Ann Dubla
    Juliet Ann Dubla Month ago +1

    5SOS will always have a special place in my heart