Colin Kaepernick Works Out For NFL Teams In Georgia | NBC News

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Colin Kaepernick traveled to Georgia for a private workout with the NFL, but decided to move his workout in order to allow media to attend.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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    Watch: Colin Kaepernick Works Out In Georgia | NBC News

Comments • 991

  • Enrique Soto
    Enrique Soto 23 hours ago

    maybe he will get to sign outside the United States with a team from a country that he can respect.

  • Kevin NYC
    Kevin NYC 6 days ago


  • The R For Real
    The R For Real 12 days ago

    This guy is a joke! #notseriousatall

  • Joe Mwuah
    Joe Mwuah 12 days ago

    News always giving the idiots a platform to bounce off of

  • Snap Haugen
    Snap Haugen 12 days ago

    Uncle Rico! What a joke

  • Sean Mouchette
    Sean Mouchette 12 days ago

    It’s time for him to retire his knee

  • Chloe Ben-Iesau
    Chloe Ben-Iesau 12 days ago

    I hate Kapernick.

  • Hosea Matthews
    Hosea Matthews 12 days ago +2

    This man doesn't have the talent, or the moral ability to be be back in the NFL.

  • paco946
    paco946 12 days ago

    He Is not back on the NFL because of what he did he is not back on the NFL because he sucks as simple as that he sucks as a KB!!!

  • Juice park
    Juice park 12 days ago

    Miami. Dolphins !!!!!!!

  • Nala!
    Nala! 12 days ago +2

    He can come play on our Sat morning league. We all take knees......old and tired

  • IanStj YP
    IanStj YP 12 days ago

    I hate Colin kaepernick my dad was in the marine to save our country in 1994 he came back in 1998 a lot of years later Colin neals my dad served for this country

  • &
    & 12 days ago

    whatta cannon

  • Flex Zoom
    Flex Zoom 12 days ago

    Like those words from the NFL “Not coming back” lol

  • Bianca Da Drummer
    Bianca Da Drummer 12 days ago

    i did an essay over police brutality more so over kaepernicks action 😬

  • Will Burnham
    Will Burnham 12 days ago

    I hope they never let this traitor play in the NFL ever again. Go eat a c@ck KaeperDICK.

  • Isaiah Austin
    Isaiah Austin 13 days ago

    Pretty good workout from Colin Kapernick. The NFL tried to play him and he wasn't having it. Proud of Kap

  • Ble
    Ble 13 days ago

    No one cares

  • Crap
    Crap 13 days ago

    Well while were at it maybe I"ll come workout too, if your letting anyone try out.

  • Fuck you
    Fuck you 13 days ago +9

    Colin is probably pass his prime already and prolly wouldn’t be much of an addition to the nfl

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 13 days ago

    Who cares.....

  • Anthony Davila
    Anthony Davila 13 days ago

    He’s garbage

  • Yellow Sniper
    Yellow Sniper 13 days ago

    He probably changed the location because he thought the NFL would try something like the CIA did to bob marely.

  • Bela Tijerina
    Bela Tijerina 13 days ago

    Look at the way he throws the ball

  • Kiza D WhiteHorse
    Kiza D WhiteHorse 13 days ago

    Stop hiding

  • Musicrecords10
    Musicrecords10 13 days ago

    It's so nice to see Colin and Nike coming together to fight slavery and oppression

  • Bob SmiTh
    Bob SmiTh 13 days ago

    No team wants him period

  • Kurt Minault
    Kurt Minault 13 days ago

    Take a page from Al Bundy's book and try selling shoes

  • Devonte King
    Devonte King 13 days ago

    Kaepernick is and always will be someone I look up to. Have an issue, put up or shut up. Simple.

  • VatoAlfred
    VatoAlfred 14 days ago

    Alex from Madagascar type shiii

  • Caramel Negro
    Caramel Negro 14 days ago

    All the salty white people in this comment section lol. Get off kap Nuts. Y’all stay hatin on black folks and Hispanic folks.

  • Eric D
    Eric D 14 days ago

    Focus on ur biased politics clown. Ur not good enough in the nfl. Facts

  • KahaluuBaseball13
    KahaluuBaseball13 14 days ago

    Someone sign him

  • Assumpyy
    Assumpyy 14 days ago

    what a joke

  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor 14 days ago

    Come play for the CFL the Argos need a decent QB

  • kevin griesmeyer
    kevin griesmeyer 14 days ago

    What a dic.

    AL WHIN 14 days ago +3

    OVERRATED... I hope NO ONE will pick him so he can kneeling all day all night as he pleases.

  • #TheMazdaLife
    #TheMazdaLife 14 days ago

    Still has a arm. Keep on pushing my guy.

    • #TheMazdaLife
      #TheMazdaLife 14 days ago

      @Knackered Irishman and check your sentences and wording too troll.

    • Knackered Irishman
      Knackered Irishman 14 days ago

      @#TheMazdaLife I'm not your "bro". Yes he was pushes his passes. He was Rivers should hold passing camp. Like you are anyone I would listen. Take a benzo or 10.

    • #TheMazdaLife
      #TheMazdaLife 14 days ago

      @Knackered Irishman bro if u dont understand the reference behind the comment ,then just do yourself a favor and log off the Flash-Player app and sign off from the computer too.

    • Knackered Irishman
      Knackered Irishman 14 days ago

      He has 2 arms, his passing looked horrible, WTH are you looking at?

  • King Salamander
    King Salamander 14 days ago +8

    What Do Chick-Fli-A and Colin Cap have in common?

    They Both don’t work on Sunday..👍😂

  • Koj Txiv
    Koj Txiv 15 days ago

    Dude is a joke now

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes 15 days ago

    Keap looks like he skipped leg day

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 15 days ago +1

    Hey look it's the guy who isn't black.

    • Django
      Django 12 days ago

      He is an Israelite. His father is an Israelite so he is an Israelite.

    • Caramel Negro
      Caramel Negro 14 days ago

      ryan olson he’s black. Anyone who is mixed with black is black. And obviously his face may look Arab but he’s black. He wouldn’t be gettin away with all this if he was white.

  • Bubz 1
    Bubz 1 15 days ago

    This guy is a complete numb nut!

  • cnthings 1
    cnthings 1 15 days ago +2

    As a Georgia native, stay away from our falcons. The many large army bases and I respect our flag here.

  • Ethan Oakes
    Ethan Oakes 15 days ago

    Don’t sign him

  • lexitek
    lexitek 15 days ago

    Trash 🗑!!!!

  • Baltimore Hood Boss
    Baltimore Hood Boss 15 days ago

    What do you call 8 black guys having a tryout at a high school? Diversity.

  • Josh Aubrey
    Josh Aubrey 15 days ago

    He looks ridiculous!

  • Lazy Fingers
    Lazy Fingers 15 days ago

    this dude is out of the league , because WHITE OWNERS DIDN'T LIKE HIM KNEELING , why? because he protested police enforcers KILLING UNARMED BLACK INDIVIDUALS.
    Or chocking or cold blooded shooting at 12 year old KIDS.
    let that sink 'Murica.

  • Lipzi Michel
    Lipzi Michel 15 days ago

    His career is long over.

  • icedog52 52!
    icedog52 52! 15 days ago +2

    America kapernick people like nike but you ruined it.

  • Deezy Ankh
    Deezy Ankh 15 days ago

    Sad, all the hate he gets. Like bro didn't step in and take a team to the Superbowl just to have his team dismantled.

  • NesQuik2258
    NesQuik2258 16 days ago

    Dude can't even throw a proper spiral.

  • Adam carpintero
    Adam carpintero 16 days ago

    He's too much of a racist who just thinks of himself the far left thinks they're fighting racism when they're the ones that are so racist they're disgraceful loser

  • richardpaiva1
    richardpaiva1 16 days ago +19

    The owners know we don't tune into the NFL to watch politics.

  • Matthew Dowell
    Matthew Dowell 16 days ago

    All the best Mr. Kapernick . I know my Dolphins could use you. But the owner, not a nice guy.

  • Abdel Ibrahim
    Abdel Ibrahim 16 days ago

    This guy is a clown who disrespected the people who lost their lives to raised the US flag. Look at those soldiers who raised the flag in IWO JIMA during WW2

  • Frank Rice
    Frank Rice 16 days ago +8

    And the award for the best “BIG DRAMA SHOW” goes to

  • Vend Master
    Vend Master 16 days ago +1

    Who cares about Colin? Give this 3 days and it'll go away and NOBODY will even be mentioning him

  • ZayDaMenace
    ZayDaMenace 16 days ago

    jesus, that man is still a cannon