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Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry • FRANCE 24 English

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • Russia on Thursday warned Thursday it would have to take "military-technical" steps in response to neighbouring Finland joining NATO, after leaders in Helsinki backed entering the US-led alliance.
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Comments • 6 030

  • SuperMyckie
    SuperMyckie Day ago +1

    Finland and Sweden were never fan of the NATO alliance until Russia decided to make their neighbors rethink their neutrality.. it is Russia who needs to look at the mirror and have a personal revaluation, your cant be shelling a neighbour recklessly, and expect the other neighbors not to be concerned of your actions

  • Lori86
    Lori86 Day ago +2

    Finland and Sweden aren't joining NATO they're just performing a "special military handshake".

  • James Kuyper
    James Kuyper Day ago +863

    Ukraine signed two such agreements with Russia, agreeing to respect each others borders. When we see how well that has worked out for Ukraine, how could Finland possibly consider breaking their agreement with Russia?

  • PointingOutObvious
    PointingOutObvious Day ago +75

    Putin recognizes the break away regions of Ukraine as independent countries making independent decision, but does not recognize independent countries like Finland and Sweden as independent countries making decisions for themselves. How does that work?

  • Colorbug Originals
    Colorbug Originals Day ago +273

    It's crazy how he thinks he gets a say in how others protect themselves within the confines of their own borders. 🤷

  • Aye Yoe
    Aye Yoe Day ago +181

    As the Finnish president said to Russia "You started this" "Look in the mirror".

  • Ralph Cantrell
    Ralph Cantrell Day ago +715

    WOW!! You mean the Finns didn't get Russia's permission before making a decision on the best way to ensure their own nation's security?? The NERVE of some people!

  • Wizard
    Wizard Day ago +103

    Imagine telling someone it's their fault you beat them to a pulp, because they provoked you by defending themselves after you beat someone else to death right next to them.

  • The Dullahan
    The Dullahan Day ago +81

    Kinda like a burglar being offended because you had the audacity install a security system to keep him out.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora Day ago +119

    I'm afraid we've just about had enough of Russia's 'security assurances'.

  • Peter N.
    Peter N. Day ago +83

    Why worry about the homeowner's gun if you're not planning to rob the house.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Day ago +131

    Acting like Russia didn’t attack Finland less than 100 years ago lmao

  • Zytose S
    Zytose S Day ago +2

    Imagine attacking a country then getting angry because others want to defend themselves

  • John Carroll
    John Carroll Day ago +81

    If Russia has no intention of attacking Sweden or Finland then surely it has no reason to retaliate. As Machiavelli, Thomas Paine and many others have said, 'princes', rulers and governments need 'enemies', to justify armies. But, but, but - those armies are created to protect those 'princes', rulers and government bodies from their own people, especially so when the people are oppressed, robbed and disrespected. Putin is a case study on that topic.

  • Gencoil
    Gencoil Day ago +82

    How can there be a response when Finland hasn't even done anything to Russia? Are they not allowed to shield themselves? It's only natural after seeing what Russia has done to Ukraine.

  • Roger Umberto
    Roger Umberto Day ago +156

    Finland is better trained, more armed, has National conscription and a military apparatus comparable to its western counter parts unlike Ukraine. not to mention it has a long valued tradition of making any invader have nightmare fuel about the very snow they're stepping on

  • R L
    R L Day ago +113

    The world’s reaction to Russia’s displeasure about other country’s sovereign decision: “It is none of your business.”

  • SN CY
    SN CY Day ago +1

    Giving into a bully is the worst mistake one can make. A bully only respects force and strength. Be it a school bully, a bad police officer, or a dictator.

  • MrSim4566
    MrSim4566 Day ago +116

    well Putin started this...now others will finish it...but Ukraine has so much respect for the heroic actions of their troops...much respect Slava Ukraine

  • Damo 007
    Damo 007 Day ago +160

    Imagine attacking a Country because you imagine they are going to attack you when they had no intention. Then imagine being annoyed that other countries are ramping up their Army Defense by joining NATO because they are worried they are next to be attacked by Russia! 😂