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Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

  • Published on May 8, 2022
  • redlettermediamerch.com
    Mike and Jay check out Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the latest MCU movie. Yep, another one of those!

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  • AortaPlatinum
    AortaPlatinum 14 days ago +4

    Mike so confidently saying "look it up bitch" and being wrong is sure to become an iconic moment

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 14 days ago +824

    Mike is literally explaining everything

  • Anthony Recenello
    Anthony Recenello 14 days ago +418

    Great point about showing her journey into darkness rather than what they did in the movie.

  • JimberJamber
    JimberJamber Day ago +804

    I found it so hilarious how John Krazinski has been getting hounded by MCU fans for years now to play Mr. Fantastic, and he kept saying he had no interest in doing it. So when he FINALLY gave in, they killed him after like not even 5 minutes of screen time. I literally burst out laughing in the theater.

  • what evan
    what evan Day ago +336

    I was expecting a universe hopping adventure, and all I got was "ain't this an odd looking New York" a few times

  • Steven Horowitz
    Steven Horowitz Day ago +273

    I love how low the bar is for Mike enjoying things after Picard. "It made sense to me, and had a beginning, a middle, and an end."

  • Vaibhav Dhawan
    Vaibhav Dhawan 14 days ago +3

    Mike looks like he hasn't recorded the picard finale review yet, there's still life in his eyes

  • GN77340
    GN77340 14 days ago +131

    Mike being wrong is just as iconic as Rich Evans mispronouncing words

  • Always Wannabe Write

    Jay and Mike: “Marvel films always have to have a joke to lighten the mood.” Also Jay and Mike: “This Marvel movie didn’t have enough jokes.”

  • Red Bairn Gaming
    Red Bairn Gaming Day ago +337

    My major gripe with the multiverse is that it makes everything disposable. "Here's a brand new version of something, or some fan service - now watch us kill it off almost instantly with no over arching consequences"

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra Day ago +101

    Andrew Garfield was the sarcastic smartass Spider-Man we always wanted, who unfortunately got stuck with the worst movies.

  • Each Day
    Each Day 14 days ago +117

    When I saw the thumbnail for a new half in the bag I murmured "oh god, yes" like a wife in a loveless marriage eating premium icecream.

  • Quinn
    Quinn 14 days ago +2

    I didn’t hate this film, but its peak was found in the credits, where a stunt performer can be found by the name of Hung Dong.

  • Alejandra Lozano Chica
    Alejandra Lozano Chica 21 hour ago +34

    Loved the third act. It was like riding the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  • Matty Monticello
    Matty Monticello 14 days ago +188

    My favorite thing about Jay is the amount of joy he got making a full minute edit of Mike's face with WRONG slowly being stamped over it lol

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu 21 hour ago +65

    Kudos to the editor: that “wrong” sequence was priceless 😂😂😂

  • Fenrir Lives
    Fenrir Lives Day ago +126

    I really enjoyed this as a low stakes, much more violent take on a Marvel film with some really fun sequences. The first section was really underwhelming, but see Raimi going full Evil Dead at the end was a really fun Twist! Also I feel like originally, the Villain was going to be Wanda from another Dimension who'd never gotten a chance at redemption, but maybe that plot got chopped for time?

  • crispyducksoup
    crispyducksoup 2 hours ago +7

    I've got to admit, seeing Patrick Stewart getting his neck broken was oddly therapeutic after that Picard Season 2.

    GUSTAVO WITHERS 14 days ago +1

    The “Mike was wrong” segment was informative, funny and poignant.

  • J.S. Longstreet
    J.S. Longstreet 16 hours ago +4

    I usually agree with RLM, but man. Dr Strange 2 is already one of my favourite Marvel films.