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Minecraft But Advancements Expand The Border...

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022

  • What advancement should I get next?
    another minecraft short for ya! make sure to sub :)

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  • Un faux-compte
    Un faux-compte 8 days ago +930

    "How overexcited about everything do you want to be?"
    Him : "yes."

    • gasso131
      gasso131 Hour ago

      @Melanie is swaggy
      Have a look around
      Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found
      We have mountains of content
      Some better some worse
      If non of its of interest to you you'd be the first

    • Nicolás Herrera Sepúlveda
      Nicolás Herrera Sepúlveda 3 hours ago


    • Funny Jerry
      Funny Jerry 16 hours ago +3

      @Karels 56 “modern day Flash-Player” it’s always been like this buddy

    • Karels 56
      Karels 56 2 days ago +4

      Basically modern day youtube. Still want the old days back lol

    • Melanie is swaggy
      Melanie is swaggy 2 days ago +3

      Welcome to the internet..

  • Candice
    Candice 12 days ago +335

    How to be a minecraft Flash-Playerr: be excited about every little thing

    • Da-Irish-Harry
      Da-Irish-Harry Hour ago

      Especially be excited by little kids

    • Afdal Ridwan
      Afdal Ridwan 2 days ago +1

      @Ayo😳 *AYO AYO AYO AYO*

    • Blank
      Blank 7 days ago +4

      @Ayo😳 whats candice gonna do?

    • Ayo😳
      Ayo😳 8 days ago +4

      and obviously he is a stupid verified guy

    • Ayo😳
      Ayo😳 8 days ago +5

      hey candice someone stole your comment and got more likes than you

  • FaZe_kev2011
    FaZe_kev2011 Day ago +37

    Him: "look how big it is now!"

    Me: Thats What She Said

  • Chronic Mammal
    Chronic Mammal 2 days ago +53

    I love how he just needed to kill one of them but decided to kill both of them lol

  • Dom Toretto
    Dom Toretto 2 days ago +96

    him:"look how big it is now"
    me: *trying not to say that's what's she said

  • manofharm990
    manofharm990 Day ago +5

    Every boy during puberty:
    "Look how big it is now, we're making progress"

    • I Roc
      I Roc 15 hours ago

      That’s what she said

  • Da DogeNoobGuy
    Da DogeNoobGuy 6 hours ago +1

    "It's about time, it's about mining, we stay crafting, with the border"

  • EpicGamerX
    EpicGamerX 17 hours ago +4

    Him: it’s about time

  • SniperMonkey
    SniperMonkey Day ago +5

    "It's about time"
    Me thinking he was bout to Rockroll us.

    *It's about drive it's about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take what's ours*

  • sans
    sans 11 days ago +32

    Remember when making bread was an advancement

  • HoneyBunny
    HoneyBunny 7 hours ago +1

    "its about time"

  • Alex Ace
    Alex Ace 2 days ago +1

    Its funny how basically chests are useless but nobody uses barrels

  • Pupil
    Pupil 12 days ago +159

    "look how big it is now"
    - Aurora, 2022

    • nikoh.
      nikoh. 3 days ago

      Little Timmys are gonna be so confused 😳

    • Benjaminn
      Benjaminn 3 days ago

      thats what she said lmao

    • Its_wish
      Its_wish 4 days ago

      That’s what she said

    • Tanimations
      Tanimations 4 days ago

      New achievement unlocked

    • Kunari Films
      Kunari Films 7 days ago

      @KRICHB8 yeah she did say that... 😏

  • Ramiro Lucero Lopez
    Ramiro Lucero Lopez 4 days ago +209

    Him killing glow squids:
    Me whenever I see a glow squid: *You’re the reason the iceologer is not here*

  • Onidii
    Onidii 3 days ago +1

    he could've kept the zombie villager and gotten another achievement with it 😭

  • radical dude
    radical dude 2 days ago

    The Hog Rider is a fast ground troop with medium hitpoints, low damage, and the ability to jump over enemy Walls. He is unlocked at level 2 Dark Barracks.
    The Hog Rider (person) is a bare-chested dark-skinned man holding a hammer. He has a mohawk, wears a brown leather loincloth, a red belt, and a pair of leather sandals, as well as two large golden wristbands and a gold earring.
    His ride is a large hog, about half his height. It has a brown leather bridle looped around its tusks, which in turn is held by the Hog Rider.
    Hog Riders prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy Clan Castle troops, heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons. Note that like all troops that prioritize defenses, Hog Riders do not consider the Clan Castle to be a defense regardless of whether or not it contains enemy troops, but do consider the defending Grand Warden and the activated Town Hall weapon (if any) to be defensive buildings.
    Once all defenses are destroyed, Hog Riders become like any other troop with no preferred target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby.



    He can be used to jump over any level Walls, rendering them ineffective against Hog Riders. Note that while this allows Hog Riders free access to what lies behind the Walls, it does not open up gaps for other troops to move through. If the Hog Riders need the support of other ground troops, you will still need to deploy Wall Breakers, a Jump Spell, or Earthquake Spells in order to assist them.
    Hog Riders can be used en masse, i.e. a "Hog Rider Rush", without requiring any Wall Breakers to break Walls. However, such a strategy can be costly in terms of Dark Elixir, and sports weaknesses against defending Clan Castle troops, Heroes, and Skeleton Traps, a problem which only becomes more prominent at higher levels.
    At Town Hall 10 and above, Hog Riders can be combined with Miners in a strategy known as Hog Miner or Hybrid. Both troops are able to bypass Walls innately, but Miners do not have a preferential target, allowing them to cover for Hog Riders by dealing with defending Heroes and Skeleton Traps. The combination also has weaknesses against flying Clan Castle troops, as neither are able to target air.
    At lower levels, Hog Riders are quite capable of acting as distracting troops like Giants; they have nearly as much health as a similar-level Giant, move twice as fast, and do considerably more damage.
    They work well with the Healing Spell when you group several of them together.
    A good tactic for using Healing Spells is to place them strategically on a cluster of defenses (at least about 3 or more) and also deploy them shortly before the Hog Riders arrive in the area, i.e. deploy them ahead of the Hog Riders. This is so that the Hog Riders get the most out of the Healing Spell, and destroy the defenses without losing too much HP.
    Spots where Giant Bombs or Bomb Towers are/may be should be given special attention when deploying Healing Spells. Hogs of the same level as the Giant Bomb will survive a single Giant Bomb, but they're helpless against a pair of Giant Bombs even with a Healing Spell. Heal them after they've gone through a Giant Bomb blast.
    The Hog Rider is one of the best troop types for drawing out Clan Castle troops, as it can avoid Walls to penetrate deep enough to reach centrally-placed Clan Castles (and enough health to not die before it gets there). Deploy one or a few to trigger the Clan Castle troops, then lure the reinforcement troops to the corner side, and deploy multiple Archers or Wizards to slaughter them, and then deploy the remainder of your Hog Riders. This strategy is especially effective during Clan War raids. However, Skeletons from the Skeleton Trap and Heroes can also easily kill the Hog Riders, as they can only target defenses, so make sure to have some troops that target anything, such as Wizards, which can swipe out the Skeletons.
    Hog Riders don't target air so flying Clan Castle troops, especially Dragons, can be a big threat. Most mass Hog Rider strategies in Clan Wars require that the Clan Castle troops be killed first by luring. Bring other troops in addition to Hog Riders, such as Wizards, to deal with enemy Clan Castle troops and clean up the base.

  • JustRandomStuff
    JustRandomStuff 13 hours ago +2

    "its about time"

  • a doggo that comments for fun

    "Its about time"
    Every person ever: its about power

  • Really Low Quality Justin Y.

    This guy is too excited for everything

  • eigow ou
    eigow ou 8 days ago +2

    The Way the Villager jumped and cheered for his fishing achievement

  • Patrick.
    Patrick. 5 days ago +4

    "It about time"
    It about power
    We stay hungry
    put in the work
    Put in the hours
    And take what ours.

    • Darth Gamer
      Darth Gamer 2 days ago

      @OnSeruTiri ` Yup. That is a stupid comment.

    • OnSeruTiri `
      OnSeruTiri ` 3 days ago +1

      you didnt even get the lyrics right-

  • FUGG3D
    FUGG3D 11 days ago +2

    Thank god for the subtitles otherwise I totally would have had no idea what this guys was saying

  • LeGeNd_AdAmPrO333
    LeGeNd_AdAmPrO333 2 days ago +4

    Him: Because it’s about time
    Me:no it’s not it’s about drive it’s about power

  • kk
    kk 12 days ago +10

    this man makes my day everyday :)

  • JELLY Blight
    JELLY Blight Hour ago

    Whose gonna tell him he could have turned that villiager in the future...

  • swagger
    swagger Hour ago

    *"look how big it is now!"*
    said by every boy during puberty.

  • Angelica Svensson

    i think my dude was running on 0 hours of sleep for the past five days and the only thing in his blood is caffeine

  • nikoh.
    nikoh. 3 days ago

    My guy could've got the stone age advancement...

  • Trooper32
    Trooper32 7 hours ago +1

    Him: it's about time.
    Me: no, IT'S ABOUT DRIVE

  • Zachattacking3
    Zachattacking3 12 days ago +90

    F the glow squids, you shan’t be forgotten!

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 days ago

    “look how big it is” -aurora 2022

  • JELLYbagel
    JELLYbagel 21 hour ago

    Him: look how big it is now!

    Me: That’s what she said 😏

  • Itz-JellyBean
    Itz-JellyBean 4 days ago +1

    Look how big it is!!! We are making progress!!
    Got me thinking 🤣🤣😳

  • Def.P
    Def.P 2 hours ago +1

    Obviously fake, the chances of spawning in a village is 1/400

  • Cur10sity’s Cat
    Cur10sity’s Cat 2 days ago +1

    Hey, close your eyes and listen to the audio. This is pretty SUS

  • •Zelly•
    •Zelly• 7 days ago +1

    Quackity whenever he gets water on minecraft :

  • Dust Cat
    Dust Cat 12 days ago +1

    "𝙇𝙤𝙤𝙠 𝙝𝙤𝙬 𝙗𝙞𝙜 𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙬 "

    JELLY 4 days ago +2

    "Look how big it is!"
    Me: *thats what she said*

  • Keegan KH
    Keegan KH Day ago

    This is a realllllly smart border challenge idea

  • You just got beaned
    You just got beaned 11 days ago +1

    Him: Look how big it is now!
    My brain: Don’t say it…
    Me: But I have to!
    My brain: *sighs*
    Me: *giggles* that’s what she said 🤣😏
    My brain: 🤦‍♀️

  • Gokujah
    Gokujah 4 days ago +1

    *"look how big it is now"*

  • An Internet Guy
    An Internet Guy 16 hours ago

    "Look how big it is now"

    What do you mean by that

  • ME x2
    ME x2 16 hours ago

    "Look how big it is now"

  • Malek Sakr
    Malek Sakr 3 days ago

    It's not a mistake its a masterpiece.

  • Malek Sakr
    Malek Sakr 3 days ago

    It's not a mistake its a masterpiece.

  • Malek Sakr
    Malek Sakr 3 days ago

    It's not a mistake its a masterpiece.

  • Malek Sakr
    Malek Sakr 3 days ago

    It's not a mistake its a masterpiece.

  • Peanut Jam King
    Peanut Jam King Day ago

    Do you think the glassware is pretty do you know we what we could’ve had

  • Not Noobified
    Not Noobified 4 days ago +1

    *cause it's about time*

    My brain: *it's about time it's about power we stay hungry we devour*

  • Circle
    Circle 2 days ago

    It’s About Time, It’s More Like It’s About…

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 10 days ago

    I’m proud of you

  • ♨{SB}♨
    ♨{SB}♨ 3 days ago

    It's about time

    JELLY DRAGON 🐉 12 hours ago

    0:40 it’s about time it’s about power💪

  • vanja djendic
    vanja djendic 23 hours ago

    I loved playing captive long time ago with friends

  • Champer:D
    Champer:D 18 hours ago

    bro how did u get all that stuff in the beginning?

  • Mcplaysinaction
    Mcplaysinaction 8 days ago

    I love this series

  • TBS Kraze
    TBS Kraze 22 hours ago +1

    “Look at how big it it” AYOOOO

  • prinel79
    prinel79 12 days ago +9

    The Way the Villager jumped and cheered for his fishing achievement🤣🤣

  • GamerGuy1337 🌐
    GamerGuy1337 🌐 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure a youtuber did a 1 hour video on this I think

  • Marcour Parkour
    Marcour Parkour 4 days ago

    Completely irrelevant but I just enjoyed the best loaf of water ever

  • Breadza
    Breadza 8 days ago

    it's not a mistake,✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Shane Dix
    Shane Dix 6 days ago

    “Look at how big it is now” Ayo 😳

  • Nabmcic
    Nabmcic 18 hours ago

    It's about time it's about power-

  • Prince_Genos32
    Prince_Genos32 17 hours ago

    You forgot the swim advancement

  • /*^(Jelly) M o c h a^*\

    "Look at how big it is" 😳🤨📸 kinda sussy if you ask me

  • Soul
    Soul 3 days ago

    bruh he really killed the zombie villager

  • Charlie Tottenham Lad

    “Look how big it is now!”

    That’s what she said 😜

  • BlitzWolf
    BlitzWolf 11 days ago +34

    “Cause, its about time”


  • FunSized
    FunSized 11 days ago +2

    The one other person I know who appreciates the beauty of glow squids ☺️

  • CrossFirePlayz
    CrossFirePlayz 6 hours ago

    How did he get trees?

  • Locke
    Locke Day ago

    Very happy sounding man :)

    CH VENOM•YT 12 days ago

    he just said : *LOOK HOW BIG IT IS NOW*

  • Sky's Demise
    Sky's Demise 4 hours ago

    minecraft youtubers be overexcited about everything...

  • nike_tau
    nike_tau 12 days ago

    that's how you light up the text..? THAT EASY??

  • Debbie Swiatkowski
    Debbie Swiatkowski 11 days ago

    How to be a minecraft Flash-Playerr: be excited about every little thing

  • SodaPop Pishaw
    SodaPop Pishaw 12 days ago +4

    I’m proud of you

  • °• Abigail •°
    °• Abigail •° 4 days ago

    Where can I get this mod/datapack?-

  • Cxntrxl
    Cxntrxl 14 hours ago

    You’ve got too much energy, it makes the content feel too saturated. Find a middle ground

  • sekoya hope
    sekoya hope 5 hours ago


  • Voids
    Voids 22 hours ago

    *Spawns with iron armor*

  • Domagoj Davidovic
    Domagoj Davidovic 5 days ago

    Him:Look how big is now

    Thats what she said

  • jelly punch
    jelly punch 7 days ago

    it's not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Nur Rohmadi
    Nur Rohmadi Day ago

    Minecraft captive, the G(old) Minecraft map

  • Wierd animations program
    Wierd animations program 12 days ago +1

    You are Soo underrated bro you are the best yt

  • Nick Furry
    Nick Furry Day ago

    How do you even set something like this up

  • Kyle Wilson Jr
    Kyle Wilson Jr 8 days ago

    Him: "look how big it is now"
    Me: how big it is????????


  • the bugie gamer
    the bugie gamer 5 days ago

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTER PIECE ✨

  • JELLYJimmy
    JELLYJimmy 5 days ago

    its not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECEits not a mistake ✨its a MASTERPIECE

  • Wario Doritos
    Wario Doritos 3 days ago +1

    Too easy!

  • Local friend
    Local friend 14 hours ago

    Couldn't have set captive minecraft like the ogs

  • enrick Scott
    enrick Scott 15 hours ago

    Hey can you Continue it’s really cool

  • 09 Beast Boii
    09 Beast Boii Day ago

    You don't apologize when u kill a glow squid

  • pptoni 06
    pptoni 06 2 days ago

    What’s the name of the mod?

  • Силвио Станков

    Ah yes that over enthusiastic voice to increase kid viewers

  • MLGRama
    MLGRama 10 minutes ago

    Why does this guy kinda sound like Mrbeast

  • Nik Aaron Rayyan Muhammad Shawal

    "Its not a mistake"✨Its a masterpiece✨

  • Joel Dsouza
    Joel Dsouza 4 days ago

    Make a long video for this

  • Jess
    Jess 12 days ago +1

    RIP Glow Squids :'(

    • GHOST
      GHOST 12 days ago

      @Tomás Carepo yeah dream ruined it..

    • Tomás Carepo
      Tomás Carepo 12 days ago

      I dont like them we could've got those mushroom cows :(

    • Aurora
      Aurora  12 days ago

      true :(

  • Shakil Hossain
    Shakil Hossain 11 hours ago

    That's what she said😳 if u don't know what I mean watch the part he gets the fish🤣

  • I Live For Hampters [jelly]

    Its nor about time.
    Its about drive a power