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The Good and the Bad of the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022
  • What's new with the iPhone 14 Pro? The obvious answer is Dynamic Island but there is a lot more to it. In this clip, Marques, Andrew, and David talk about the pros and the cons of the new phone including how they feel about the Always-On display.
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  • Columbus Prospere
    Columbus Prospere 10 days ago +1496

    When your on a phone call, the waveform in the pill area actually detects when both people are talking even at the same time and splits it to two different colors.

    • Ryan Toliver
      Ryan Toliver 37 minutes ago

      @Electrodexify they have the reach option so you never have to reach the top of the screen though

    • O C
      O C 6 hours ago

      @Sami dude grow some balls

    • Green-Pill Neo
      Green-Pill Neo 16 hours ago

      That is indeed very cool, but it should have existed years ago. You cannot tell me we figured out how to make screens that literally roll up like paper before we figured out how to distinguish between 2 different voices through a microphone.

    OSAMA 10 days ago +815

    Overall, I think it's more convenient to change your iPhone every two iPhones that comes after yours to see a worthy difference. When I got my iPhone 6S, I got the X after it and I was amazed, I was spouse to get the iPhone 12 Pro after two years but I got more busy with my MacBook for studying more than the iPhone so I kept the X. now I'm heading for the iPhone 14 Pro! Excited for the 120Hz screen and the camera performance.

    • • Brian
      • Brian 2 days ago

      yes i went from 6s to 8 plus to 12 to 14 pro. big changes each time

    • Antonio Bruce
      Antonio Bruce 2 days ago

      I have a 13 pro max and I’ll wait till the 15 pro max comes out at least

    • Mike C
      Mike C 3 days ago

      I’d rather upgrade every 3-4 and spend the money on something else

    • Youtube Pizzer
      Youtube Pizzer 3 days ago

      @Erzsebet Toth how is the battery in that thing functioning still

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine 4 days ago

      im going to the 14 pro max from the xs max and i cant wait for it to get delivered

  • h4x0y
    h4x0y 10 days ago +274

    Wonderful episode. Disagree with 2 things:
    1. The reason Apple won't go under-display camera isn't because it's more expensive (Apple will be happy to sell you something more expensive). It's because current tech produces crappy photos, while they know damn well the iPhone's front camera is the world's most popular camera.
    2. They won't withhold the Dynamic Island for too long on the regular models. Reason: it's a software feature that profits from 3rd party developer support, so more adoption will add value to the feature.

    • kevcube
      kevcube 3 days ago

      Agree with both points

    • h4x0y
      h4x0y 4 days ago

      @J I Lightning is slow but also not the way to go for file transfer. Both the latest Wifi and 5G standards provide excellent transfer speeds. AirDrop (based on wifi direct) is also a great option. And none of these options require finding and plugging in cables.

    • J I
      J I 4 days ago

      @h4x0y the issue with portless if that’s the plan and also with being stuck with lightening right now, yet again, is that the data transfer is far to slow. They keep upping the specs of the camera, and for video, whilst keeping the same old limitations for getting the ever increasing size files off. It was annoying a long time ago. I hate to think what it’s like for those shooting at the highest possible quality.

    • James Calvert
      James Calvert 6 days ago +1

      @rohan you clearly missed the point i was making. Go back and reread the comments.. ps I’m from the UK

  • spacebaged
    spacebaged 9 days ago +119

    You guys should have David on the podcast more often. His takes are always really good IMO.

    • Mike
      Mike Day ago

      @DJ Abysss I 3rd it

    • DJ Abysss
      DJ Abysss 4 days ago +2

      I second this

  • Chicken Pasta
    Chicken Pasta 10 days ago +257

    I have to agree with Andrew. I really miss LED notifications. I wish Apple would've done something with that middle slit between the Face ID sensors and camera and allowed us to have a notification LED there

    • Jon Freeman
      Jon Freeman Day ago

      You don't need LED anymore. It has always on display. Plus it beeps.

    • Kay
      Kay 6 days ago +1

      @Pascal Khazzoum My 2017 OnePlus 5T had it. I also think Sony still keeps it. Sony is also one of the few manufacturers that keep a dedicated Camera button. It would be so cost efficient to remove both the LED and the camera button but they do well to keep them. I believe in Sony, I think they are gonna up their game soon, all they need is better advertising.

    • J.
      J. 10 days ago +2

      3rd party apps can do this, though 🤷‍♂️

    • Pascal Khazzoum
      Pascal Khazzoum 10 days ago +1

      how old his phone is to have LED notifications

    • Switch Unboxing
      Switch Unboxing 10 days ago +3

      Right? Loved that on my sidekick. Then again those were simpler times without all these apps.

  • Austin Swenson
    Austin Swenson 10 days ago +27

    At this point I don't think most people don't update to the new phone every year like they might 10 years ago with how much more expensive they are, so for me the 14 pro is a huge step up from the phone I bought 4 years ago.

  • Travis Harger
    Travis Harger 10 days ago +51

    Dynamic island will come to the regular iPhone next year. It’s not a “pro” feature, rather its on the pro first so third party apps have a year of development and the feature can become more fleshed out before brought to the masses.
    Next year the pro line up will gain some additional features/hardware specs to separate it from the regular series.

  • Can7ge7righ7
    Can7ge7righ7 10 days ago +8

    I think they should let the “i-shaped” pill cutout be visible when you use reachability. From what I’ve seen the dynamic island comes down when u use reachability but when reachability is used it keeps the big open pull up there too. Just my thoughts. I get mine tomorrow I’m excited to watch it evolve :)

  • EibonTheWise
    EibonTheWise 10 days ago +1001

    Not a fan of the always on display. It makes it harder to disconnect when your screen is always catching your eye. I always turn it off.

    • O C
      O C 6 hours ago

      @F n iPhone hasn't perfected anything, they failed at AOD

    • Josiah Flame
      Josiah Flame Day ago

      @Young Dab They are way too different. Samsung AOD is better

    • فهيمة
      فهيمة Day ago

      You’re able to turn off the always display in settings though, right?

    • same ice new trey 🧊
      same ice new trey 🧊 2 days ago

      @Anthony Rinaldi you’re *

  • Kate
    Kate 10 days ago +41

    I also like the way the dynamic island works. It's not necessary, but it definitely feels useful now. Also, the choice on how to change the notifications so they don't all pop up and you can just have them listed as a number is so nice to avoid distractions during work hours.

  • _k00t
    _k00t 10 days ago +168

    The idea of having a "notification light or light that goes around the pill" would be great. MKBHD push apple into implementing this

    • calvin gyasi
      calvin gyasi 2 days ago

      @Nii Baah its not a notification led light being talked about. Its a notification light that goes around the selfie camera.

    • Nii Baah
      Nii Baah 6 days ago

      @calvin gyasi black berry had notifications led light way before Samsung it won’t be apple copying Samsung

    • jalene150
      jalene150 10 days ago

      @ridge lol Apple doesn’t give a rats tail about ANY journalist regardless of their popularity imo

    • calvin gyasi
      calvin gyasi 10 days ago

      That would be a copy of samsung.

    • Switch Unboxing
      Switch Unboxing 10 days ago +1

      Apple won’t implement that. To them it’s redundant because do you have an entire screen to throw up notifications. You don’t need a light. That was used on older phones back in the day they didn’t have as good of battery life or the technology we have now and definitely didn’t have the number of notifications we have now. All you need to know back then is if you had an email, text message, or phone call. There’s so much more going on nowadays it’s just an outdated feature although I do miss it

  • Buford T. Justice
    Buford T. Justice 10 days ago +67

    AOD should offer users an option to turn wallpapers off - maybe add an extra line for widgets.
    People think it’s not locked properly because of the dimming feature. The option to remove wallpaper would fix this.

    • Happy Guy
      Happy Guy 6 days ago

      Apple like to think for you

    • Eugen N
      Eugen N 10 days ago +1

      @Fiji Will223 It's not for most. Android's AOD is for most people, but not Apple's.

    • Fiji Will223
      Fiji Will223 10 days ago +2

      @Eugen N just saying some people prefer the dark look, i myself like the new look apple is going for but i know its not for everybody.

    • Eugen N
      Eugen N 10 days ago +1

      @Fiji Will223 Making the lockscreen ugly and boring? No, thanks.

    • Fiji Will223
      Fiji Will223 10 days ago

      Or just use a dark wallpaper.

  • Leomark Francisco
    Leomark Francisco 9 days ago +5

    iOS was designed for reachability since from the start thru their UI of always having menus at the bottom. It was more accentuated in recent versions of the OS by having large title texts at the top and now with iOS 16, which moved its elements on the lockscreen at the bottom.
    Dynamic island implementation is brilliant but I think it contradicts that UI design by having controls available at top. It’s useful though.

  • Mark Tomeh
    Mark Tomeh 10 days ago +8

    The Pixel AOD sometimes shows the wallpaper too, but it switches between that and totally black background, probably to conserve battery. I think the Pixel has the best implementation. I use both OSs btw.

  • SomeRandomGuy
    SomeRandomGuy 10 days ago +37

    Lumias had the best Glance screen (always on) implementation. I could see right away who called, me, small text messages. There was a timer when it shuts of, I usually preferd 15-30 seconds. Then you could wave with hand over the screen to turn on the glance and see the notifications.
    What Apple did is really stupid to me, all because they wanted to be different. But I wouldn't be surprised when android phone manufacturers starts copying this stupidity.

    • Chaunta LaCaze
      Chaunta LaCaze 10 days ago


    • SlipKoRnSaad
      SlipKoRnSaad 10 days ago +1

      I commented with almost the same thing and found your comment, I'm glad someone mentioned the Lumia because it has the best AOD implementation overall

    • Wong Tik Ki
      Wong Tik Ki 10 days ago +6

      Lumias did a lot of things right. I enjoyed every one i owned (4? 5?)

  • Alberto Torres
    Alberto Torres 10 days ago +3

    The brightness is incredible. I had never been outside on a sunny desert day and had full visibility. The thermals are much better as well. It gets hot here and the phone didn't warm up or dim the display. The differences from my old 13 pro are very low, but it is such a well refined model.

  • Stefan Kostic
    Stefan Kostic 10 days ago +32

    You didn't mention Samsung's "show for new notifications" option in Always On Display. A very good option that shows the AOD only when a notification arrives and stays until it is read. It's the same as a notification light.

    • One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness
      One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness 10 days ago +4

      Yes i only use aod for new noti on my ss phone
      Ss APD has four options
      1 tap to show
      2 show always
      3 show for new noti
      4 show as scheduled
      Ios should adapt too like option to remove wallpaper for AOD but u knows IOS is always out of options and u have to do as they want
      That's why i changed back to SS after using ip13p for four months
      It was amazing exp byt i didnt like apple extremely closed system like i dont feel i own my phone

  • Mr Uche
    Mr Uche 10 days ago +4

    Hey there, I think the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks good and all but…..the dynamic island actually sits further into the screen than the notch. All the fancy labelling does not change the fact that there is still an extended hole punch in the screen of a premium device in 2022. Relabelling it doesn’t change the fact that it is there at all in this day and age. More screen innovation is required screen wise at the very least. Right now the bean counters rule the roost in my opinion, and they are simply innovating in teaspoons fulls rather than in ladles fulls like in Steve Jobs day. I’m sticking with 13 Pro Max at this stage.

  • Evan Knupp
    Evan Knupp 10 days ago +72

    You guys need to create a board for all of your predictions so you can see who was right. The Fantasy Focus podcast does that. Every time there's a prediction/disagreement, they say "Put it on the Board!" and then they revisit it afterwards.

    • Dev Weiss
      Dev Weiss 10 days ago +5

      That’s a fire idea

  • David Gilmore
    David Gilmore 10 days ago +2

    I wonder if dynamic island will become popular with consumers (and thus integrated with developers) and then when apple decides to go notchless will face the customer who picks the cheaper version that still has the dynamic island over the newest phone because they prefer the experience. At the moment the notch isn't integrated into the experience so we wouldn't really see that

  • Ajmain Iqtidar
    Ajmain Iqtidar 10 days ago +7

    Hey Marques, love your videos man. Rumours say right now that all iPhones next year will get dynamic island but only the pro phones will have the promotion display. That’s how they’ll continue to differentiate them.

    • minari
      minari 10 days ago +3

      thats acceptable only if the non pros have 90hz screen

  • Tonio’sWorld
    Tonio’sWorld 10 days ago +8

    Toggle the “Dim Lock Screen” on focus modes, this paired with the always on. The screen is practically off. Then it’s more of a traditional always on display.

  • Corey Schmitz
    Corey Schmitz 10 days ago +45

    I LOVE the always on display. It’s so beautiful, and honestly not that hard to decipher

    • BrownMarxist
      BrownMarxist 10 days ago

      @Č Al most people who aren't in the apple ecosystem are already used to it. I use mine all the time but it's off 90% of the time, then a single tap shows the aod and double opens the phone. The problem is battery isn't great as mkb and them has said, and androids don't even get hit as hard as apples since apple wants to have all the screen active.

    • Č Al
      Č Al 10 days ago +3

      Agreed. These people are gonna come back in a few years and feel embarrassed at how they think. (Replaceable battery and headphone jacks are so inelegant yet tech conservatives complained about them when these changes got rolled out

    • Eww Oppp
      Eww Oppp 10 days ago

      You love a cell phone. Sad life

    • BrownMarxist
      BrownMarxist 10 days ago +4

      It's just worse than androids in almost everyway except in animation (which is very important when it comes to the experience) but it really feels they made it in a way to separate it from android as much as possible. Idk, hopefully they'll make it better. Same way to how I feel about the app drawer being in the back instead of the more convenient swipe up on any screen.

    • Found Films
      Found Films 10 days ago

      Yeah people will get used to it! It’s a beautiful experience

  • Archer
    Archer 10 days ago +1

    The cutout has eye catching animations, but it still takes up more screen real estate. When playing ultrawide videos, the 14 pro has the cutout intruding where the older phones don’t.

  • Akshayan Thayaparan
    Akshayan Thayaparan 10 days ago +72

    the always on display doesn’t bother me tbh, apart from the impact on battery life. Like for me I don’t mistake the always on display for my phone being on, it seems obvious enough to me that its the always on display everytime

    • Dada Kräuter
      Dada Kräuter 9 days ago +2

      Yep, aesthetically I really love it. I think it's the best, but also this is subjective.

    • Nicole Dickerson
      Nicole Dickerson 10 days ago +5

      Doesn’t really effect battery life at all actually

    • Liam Purdy
      Liam Purdy 10 days ago +2

      It seems to look better with darker wallpapers

    • Haze Dotarachi
      Haze Dotarachi 10 days ago

      U got the iPhone 14?

  • Mike Winkelmann
    Mike Winkelmann 10 days ago +498

    If you choose a picture as a background you can choose two separate ones for always on and wallpaper. Choosing a black one for the always on gives a more „classical“ always on display.

    • Walt Lonsdale
      Walt Lonsdale 4 days ago

      @Sean Metellus That's how I use my Samsung. Turn on the AOD at night and off in the morning

    • Soul Index
      Soul Index 6 days ago

      @Mariano Gonçalves Isn't that just called options?

    • Electrodexify
      Electrodexify 9 days ago +1

      @Daniel Stanitzki While using much more battery life, that defeats the purpose of AOD. Samsungs AOD have always been truely low powered since 2014.

    • Ladioz
      Ladioz 9 days ago

      @darks. oh my god. Thank you so much. I thought it was normal and i thought it was only me. Nobody else was talking about it. It only happens for people who use the pin number to access there phone, when they swipe up to have it displayed..

  • Mr Dannie
    Mr Dannie 10 days ago +18

    Heres a idea, have a separate wallpaper for always on displays so you could have a completely black idle display, then have a colorful lock screen. Plus the creativity you can have with this is almost unlimited.

    • MrsKWalker
      MrsKWalker Day ago

      You can set a different wallpaper for always on separate from the one you use on your Lock Screen. So if u set the always on wallpaper to black and the Lock Screen wallpaper to a photo it looks really great.

  • Camilio
    Camilio 10 days ago +81

    I also prefer LED notifications. Was a great feature when I had Samsung S8

    • Bimi siKocheng
      Bimi siKocheng 4 days ago

      @Chaos V11 they just need to add a dark theme to it and boom, dynamic island

    • Chaos V11
      Chaos V11 4 days ago

      @Bimi siKocheng it's pretty cool. Tbh with edge lighting you can get notifications that pop up like "dynamic island".

    • Jay Wilson
      Jay Wilson 6 days ago +1

      @Bimi siKocheng yeah I have that along side this app called AodNotify... it does like a notification light around the hole punch camera

    • Bimi siKocheng
      Bimi siKocheng 6 days ago

      @Jay Wilson Samsung edge lightning is kinda replacing it

    • Yasmine
      Yasmine 10 days ago


  • tedwardrick
    tedwardrick 9 days ago +1

    The iPhone XR had a notch but the screen was still LCD instead of OLED. So besides the ‘notch’ there’s always a difference between the display technology. So maybe the non-pro will never get pro-motion even though they have the dynamic island. Or maybe it’ll only get bumped up to 90hz, or maybe less bright, or maybe the display bezel sizes are different.

  • Steve Matousek
    Steve Matousek Day ago +2

    the waveforms throughout ios 16 are also actual waveforms, it matches the frequency and amplitude of whatever’s playing which as an audio engineer makes me really happy

  • ecnortonjr
    ecnortonjr 10 days ago +4

    From 9to5Mac:
    Apple released a support document highlighting the Always-On display usage, though we already covered how most of it works here. Now, we’re going to detail when this feature turns off immediately.
    Apple said the Always-On display goes dark when you don’t need it. To save battery life, the display is completely dark on these eight different occasions:
    Your iPhone 14 Pro is face down;
    Your iPhone is in your pocket;
    Sleep Focus is on;
    Low Power Mode is on;
    Your iPhone is connected to CarPlay;
    You’re using Continuity Camera;
    You haven’t used your iPhone for a while;
    Your iPhone detects that you moved away from it when you wear a paired Apple Watch.

  • BigBirdsMurderer
    BigBirdsMurderer 10 days ago +3

    The easy solution to the “pro-motion” on a base model debate, is to just make a 90hz display. 90 still feels smooth, and that would still give the Pro model an advantage.

    • BigBirdsMurderer
      BigBirdsMurderer 10 days ago +1

      @h:m the base model iPhone is still decently pricey, the brokies buy the SE, which I can understand having 60hz still lol

    • h:m
      h:m 10 days ago

      Nah, giving the brokies too much

  • Gemini
    Gemini 10 days ago +1

    I really love Motos take on the always on display. It was the most practical ui with a lot of basic functionality like replying/viewing messages/notifications, without unlocking it

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 10 days ago +1

    You are awesome I especially appreciate you bringing up how the 13 Pro Max and likely the 14+ will probably have better battery life in the 14 promax

  • Silidons
    Silidons 10 days ago +2

    Even though I am NOT an Apple person, I think I will finally upgrade my OnePlus 7T that I've had for the past 3 years to this. I still think *hardware* wise, OnePlus beats it hands-down, but the thing's it lacks, mostly support, is what is drawing me back toward Apple (I had an iPhone 7 for 2 years before this phone). It would be nice to be able to use AirDrop, receive high-res images from friends who have iOS, and use facetime. I have had many instances where people's imessage will work, but sms text will not.

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ☝️☝️thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁🎁

  • wrxdrunkie
    wrxdrunkie 10 days ago +1

    Can you do a sustained screen brightness test between the new iPhone’s and competitors? Anyone that’s flown a drone in the bright sunlight knows how much brightness of an iPhone falls after being outside for very long. I’m wondering if the competition does this also. After about 5 minutes in the Texas Sun the screen of my iPhone 13 and 14 pro is virtually unreadable.

  • Matt Burkart
    Matt Burkart 7 days ago +1

    TBH, I'm really excited for the new always on display and can't wait to finally get my Pro Max. At my job, it'll be a lot easier to just read notifications whenever they pop up instead of having to grab my phone and look at them. It'll essentially become a 3rd monitor but only to display texts, snapchats, espn updates, etc. which is really nice.

    • Telegram me@Waveform_Clips
      Telegram me@Waveform_Clips 6 days ago

      👆Hello"Congratulations you've been selected as a constant Flash-Playerr a direct message to claim your prize🎁🎁🎁

  • Joey Graham
    Joey Graham 10 days ago +1

    The always on display has taken a lot to get used to - although I do love it!

  • Ali Almurtadha
    Ali Almurtadha 10 days ago +24

    I like Marques' energy with his colleagues. humble and feels like they're a bunch of friends chatting.

    • RA Becca
      RA Becca 5 days ago +1

      @Electrodexify you can be humble and have class

    • Electrodexify
      Electrodexify 10 days ago +5

      Marques, does not appear humble at the slightest, Mrwhosetheboss is humble.
      Marques always gives this vibe of superiority and elitist. To him, status is everything and his belief that all other android manufacturers are for the unwashed masses.His friends in the other hand do come across as humble.

    • Eww Oppp
      Eww Oppp 10 days ago +5

      They are his boyfriends.

  • Alexandel Sosa
    Alexandel Sosa 10 days ago

    It's not exactly one to one but you can turn off the Samsung S22/1/0 series always on display and have a small glow around the edge of the phone to be seen even when upside down or couple of dots flash around the camera cutout while the screen is completely off and it does have an auto color feature for each icons colors. It under notifications and the brief pop up settings once that's set just turn off always on display and you'll have pretty much what you're talking about.

  • Ioannis Tsiakkas
    Ioannis Tsiakkas 9 days ago +2

    I am going to go with Samsung, as this seems to be a really neat feature they do not want to lack when comparing the GS23 with the iPhone 14.

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁..

  • Worldwave
    Worldwave 10 days ago +3

    i think dynamic island should include custom notification flashes in the AOD. that's definitely a great idea!

    • U
      U 9 days ago

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      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Pulkit Sachdeva
    Pulkit Sachdeva 8 days ago +19

    The battery issue is not just on iPhone 14 but on previous devices also. Most likely it is due to initial release version of iOS 16, and ideally should be better in coming versions

    • Alexander Stephen Evi
      Alexander Stephen Evi 6 days ago

      Honestly, I'm really impressed by battery life of my iPhone 13... Nothing to complain about.

    • pHixiq
      pHixiq 6 days ago +2

      Yeah true. My 13 pro max use to last all day without even getting close to low. Downloaded IOS16 and it dies faster. Still not in a sense where I’d call it bad or fast, but definitely noticeable

    • Sam Tripoli
      Sam Tripoli 7 days ago

      I had horrible battery life when I first setup my iPhone 14 Pro Max because it was installing all of the apps and clearly "calibrating" and every new phone it has to re-learn your charging cycle. After a few days of using the phone now the battery lasts all day and I have absolutely no issues. Especially with a sleep focus where it turns the screen completely off when you fall asleep, I forgot to slap on my magsafe charging puck beside my bed one night and the phone didn't even lose 5% battery the entire night! But yes also iOS updates will make the battery life better and more efficient. The Always on display and higher brightness of the display is also taxing on the battery, so if you're like me and you like to keep all the cool features on and also max out the brightness of the display you will obviously get less battery life.
      But I've literally never had issues with my phone dying. I don't think my iPhone 13 Pro Max died a SINGLE TIME in the entire year I owned it, because I have a 3-in-1 magsafe charging pad on my office desk that charges my phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. So if I'm in my office I just lay the devices on there to charge. In my car I have a magsafe wireless charging dock where I just slap the phone onto it and it charges while I'm driving and even can separate from the dock and it becomes like a Magsafe charging puck where you can still use the phone and charge. Then finally I have a magsafe charging puck next to my bed for when I go to sleep. The closest I've come to my battery dying was maybe 13% battery where I was away from chargers for an entire day and I just turned on Low power mode and it kept my phone alive until I got to a charger. You could also purchase the magsafe battery pack if you're ever going to be away from a charger for more than 6-8 hours.

  • JoesJukebox
    JoesJukebox 10 days ago +2

    You can turn off Always On Display and manually control down the brightness if it is to distracting and to save on battery life. However I do agree, it's a solid battery but expected more as I am getting a day and about 6 hours the next day. But I do have AOD on. I also wish there was an option to turn off dynamic island in preferences just to get some screen estate back but I do like the feature however there is still massive room for it to grow particularly when 3rd parties to get in on the action. My issue is I keep having to restart the phone as I am getting obscene of system data build up 300gb+ (not sure where it is coming from) almost taking up all 512gb and I have only come from a 256gb iPhone XS which carried over 175gb. keeping an eye on this.

    • its me
      its me 5 days ago

      Oh my god, that’s a lot of space for the system to take up!
      Edit: do u have the pro or or the pro max

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Maria Porto
    Maria Porto 10 days ago +1

    Now I wonder if they’ll do this for the MacBook pros. It’d make sense… now that we’re all used to the notch, they remove it! At the same time, if they do that, they’ll be killing the first gen of the m1 MBP which it’d be even more frustrating for everyone who bought one… my idea of the notch was that it was kind of a signature. Now when off the iphone pros look like as many other phones out there… without the notch! Yes… the software makes it cool but I just think it lost their signature.

    • U
      U 9 days ago

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      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁

  • Moka LARE
    Moka LARE 10 days ago +2

    I think the next iOS updates will correct that AOD. Because at this point, the phone won’t last a day if you use it very much in the day, like if it’s your work tool.

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X 9 days ago

    When your on a phone call, the waveform in the pill area actually detects when both people are talking even at the same time and splits it to two different colors.

  • Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    When your on a phone call, the waveform in the pill area actually detects when both people are talking even at the same time and splits it to two different colors.

  • Nathaniel Worrell
    Nathaniel Worrell 10 days ago

    I like the always on display, so they just need to do something for the people that don't like it and do like it. Just changing it completely isn't the way

  • nolimitsREAL
    nolimitsREAL 10 days ago +1

    The mini led on the phones disappeared, which always let you know that you have a message, call missed and so on. The always on display is the replacement, but the always on display overtime will affect the display.

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Marcus Harrington
    Marcus Harrington 10 days ago +3

    I’ve got the 14 pro Max, the pill was cool for 5 minutes, but now I just find it annoying. 90% of the time the pill is bigger than it needs to be due to software, like extending the pill on both sides with a lock icon in to tell me the phone is locked. By due to software, I don’t mean filling in the gap, but getting wider either side.

  • Benjamin Jagun
    Benjamin Jagun 10 days ago

    I like Apple’s implementation of always on display on the iPhone 14 Pro series, as it has way less impact on battery life than on an Android phone which sucks battery but then Android has poor standby time anyway.

  • Grant Hershman
    Grant Hershman Day ago

    I believe iOS 16 hasn't been well optimized for battery. I've seen many people complain about their phones losing battery faster with iOS 16. Allegedly iOS 16.1 Beta testers have found much better battery performance.

  • AvS
    AvS 10 days ago +29

    Let me say something and it feels absurd but what if Apple didn't want people to use its AOD because AOD drains battery which is not good for their battery performance claims.
    Also they were getting backlash for the past 3 years as they switched to amoled but still didn't have the feature. So they decided we will give the feature but will make it in such a way that people won't use it. Hence we save our battery backup claims and avoid backlash, a win win.

    • Amirhosein Razmara
      Amirhosein Razmara 10 days ago +1

      bro if they made the AOD normal like other phones with all the screen tech it would basically use no battery. like 3% evert day . but they just don't want it to look like android . that's also why they don't do hole punch cuz then it would look like android

    • Ted Lessor
      Ted Lessor 10 days ago

      Sounds like apple lol😂

    • Greg H
      Greg H 10 days ago

      @Sergiu Salcau you can turn AOD off.

    • Sergiu Salcau
      Sergiu Salcau 10 days ago

      Who and how “used” aod??? In what way, it’s just there

    • Greg H
      Greg H 10 days ago +5

      Interesting thought, I don't think so, in my opinion most people charge each night, so it's fine, these batteries last long enough for sure. I mean we all got bricks, wires, and even some of us carry the wireless to plug in, and that all before mentioning the huge amounts of battery chargers, wired and wireless we all carry. PLUS MAGSAF bat extender. Nah AOD is bitchen and most people are going to use it and never have issues of battery running out.

  • Hasanur Rahman
    Hasanur Rahman 9 days ago

    Just to get it out there, the 1st gen iPad Pros had lightning and they were able to transfer 5 ghz limit but even in the inception of 2023 iPhone 14 Pros have USB 2.0 transfer speed 😂 I almost never use wired connection with my Mac.

  • D H
    D H 10 days ago +3

    I think one of the most interesting questions is what apple is going to do with the dynamic island (software part) when they will ditch the holes for face ID...? Or won´t they??

    • D H
      D H 10 days ago

      @162 Yeah, I guess you are right... Interesting to see how it will play out in regard to the Ross Young roadmap....

    • 162
      162 10 days ago +1

      Knowing apple we will probably stay like that for 3 or 4 years
      You see how long they keep their design (iphone 6 to 8 ) and ( iphone 10 to 13 )

  • Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley 10 days ago +3

    I turned off the AOD on my 14 pro max because although it looks cool it absolutely destroyed my battery, I live in Australia so it's always at max brightness in the sun throughout the day, even the AOD is so bright
    now I have it off it barely draws power when in my pocket
    edit: once I used the iPhone 14 pro max with dynamic island, I can't go to anything without it. it's just so fun and smooth

  • Junior Alexandre
    Junior Alexandre 9 days ago +1

    I know it’s technically a “hack” and not really a fix. But I just use a completely black background for my night time wallpaper. All it shows is a black screen and the time (+widgets). I don’t use any focus modes so it stays on. Because it’s all black, no pixels are really being used so it solves the battery issue. And it solves the issue of having too bright a display at night.

  • Som Guy
    Som Guy 10 days ago

    Coming from Pixel 5a (to 14 pro)-
    I miss fingerprint reader dearly. So many times I'm at a stop-light or laying in bed, and I don't want to lift my phone up or turn my head to open.
    Dynamic Island just means my grubby fingerprints are all over the front camera area 10x more.
    I turned off the always-on display.
    I didn't like the swipe-and-hold app-switching method on pixel and I don't like it here. The old iphone button was better.
    Rounded edges & frosted metal are both preferable to this, but they did that already so they had to do somethign else for differentiation.
    Should still have physical SIM.
    I really hope the camera wins me over because at this point it is the last thing beyond the Apple ecosystem that can.

  • Claim 50-1000$ Free Gift Cards

    the always on display doesn’t bother me tbh, apart from the impact on battery life. Like for me I don’t mistake the always on display for my phone being on, it seems obvious enough to me that its the always on display everytime

  • Norm Cheers
    Norm Cheers 10 days ago +2

    I like the always on display. You don’t have to have a photo, just use a black wallpaper. Like how the notifications are useful without having just an icon. Just my personal take.

  • Luciole Dizerot
    Luciole Dizerot 10 days ago +2

    This just goes to show that upgrading phones every 2-3 years or more is the way to go. Yearly updates are just not worth it. This also applies to Android imo

  • José Teixeira
    José Teixeira 10 days ago +1

    Most of the reviewers talk about a “slight bump up performance” as it should a little thing translated to the real world performance. However if they study the cpu sub architecture under the hood, you will see an entirely different world compared to previous one. Anandtech deep architecture reviews are the most accurate you can study.

  • onpoint 11
    onpoint 11 10 days ago +3

    Pre-ordered a 14 Pro, since my 13 Pro [maybe] will be going to a family member... I love the 6.1" form factor but I lost 11% battery overnight due to always on display... and with AOD turned off overnight I still lost 3-4% (13 Pro was 1% at most) and I'm down 25% throughout the day over the 13 Pro... I turned off AOD because I don't really like it, and now I'm only down 15-20% over the 13 Pro during the day... The 14 Pro is power hungry, probably the A16... Love iOS 16 battery percentage display but I turned that off as well... it got depressing lol. Now I'm faced with keeping my 13 Pro or returning the 14 Pro and getting a 14 Pro Max, but I really don't like the added real estate in my pocket. Advice? As always, you guys rock =]

    • Edster
      Edster 4 days ago

      Id say wait it out couple more months as more updates gets pushed. Just like anything new that’s always new problems and Apple need to solve it. That’s why I always refrain getting the earliest first batches of iPhone.
      Hopefully better updates coming soon and hopefully the battery will optimise well down the road after a certain usage in due time. Same problem with Samsung and pixel battery I’d assume. Takes time for the battery to adapt how u use it daily.

  • beepboopbap
    beepboopbap 10 days ago +1

    I don’t like the the always on itself but i love the option to just swipe to wake straight into the phone so much, i wish there were an option to leave the screen black and just an option to swipe from the bottom to unlock direct and tap to show the lock screen

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Ethan Menzel
    Ethan Menzel 10 days ago +1

    Apple needs to go all out to force the battery life. If that means on display or bringing the brightest screen to an iPhone, do it. Don’t make incremental updates each year but think you are still getting a good battery out of your phone because you are not. I wish they would go all out so they can focus on getting the battery right. It’s still not right coming from an x to an13 pro

  • CuriouStan
    CuriouStan 10 days ago

    Always on display on an iPhone looks okay, it's not awesome. Several things I do like about my Samsung is the plethora of options for the AOD. For instance I can set it to only show between the hours of 7a-9:47p (or whatever time I want) I can choose to have the AOD only show when I lift the phone for a certain amount of seconds/time, I can have it show if I tap the screen, or I can have it show only when I get a notification. I can set the brightness level of the AOD, I can choose different colors for the clock/calendar or whatever widgets, all the notifications show in a flat color. I can have a picture background, I can set a gif, or motion photo. You can keep it super simple but there's just so many options. And especially if you use Good Lock, that's a whole nother level of AOD customizations. I do hope that Apple copies the dynamic Island since Samsung's exclusive notifications actually come up at the top like a little long pill anyway just they don't have interaction other than taking you to the app that it notified you about. That would be great to have that implementation around the small pinhole camera. I will take fingerprint and the face unlock implementation any day Samsung has just to have that small pinhole.

  • Ron Brooks
    Ron Brooks 10 days ago +1

    If Apple is Watching this, I Love the Always on display the way it is now. You can Really see the time. Depending on customizing it, the time is all you see. Others just have to customize it better to not see as much light.

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Muneeb Khan
    Muneeb Khan 10 days ago

    It makes me sad that Apple has such a stick up inside them that they won’t allow jailbreaking. The notification LED, better always on displays (check out Photon) and so much more already exist and are excellent. But being able to control your device is such a foreign and unacceptable concept to apple.

  • Bulelani Botman
    Bulelani Botman 9 days ago

    it's the first iteration so i am waiting for the 15 Pro & to actually see many implementations of the pill and how manufactures are going to utilize it with software

  • Jamal aldailami
    Jamal aldailami 10 days ago

    Looks and quality parts Samsung takes it no doubt but software (OS) and security definitely iPhones, I switched from an android because of the micro stutter .. don't get me wrong the phone will work amazingly well the first 6 months but after that you will start noticing the annoying stutters while scrolling or opening apps and it doesn't matter how large your memory is 8gb ram or 16 it will always happen, the second thing is security I really hate the security of google I got my credit card compromised twice due to some legit apps allowing some data to be shared with the developers and I completely stopped adding any payment methods on my phones, google account are easily to hack into if you don't enable 2 step verification while Apple phones will enforce security to an annoying levels which is always a plus for me.

  • Ross Melgar-Petrain
    Ross Melgar-Petrain 10 days ago

    I absolutely love the always on display on the iPhone.

  • Chabangarang
    Chabangarang 10 days ago +3

    The pop up camera on the OP7Pro, and flip camera on the Asus phones were ways that android phones got rid of the hole punch without compromising on using a bad under display camera. I wish those ideas werent abandoned and still used instead of moving towards an under display cam. The full display thanks to the pop up camera is one of the main reasons why I'm still using my OP7Pro.

  • Rafael Unplugged
    Rafael Unplugged 8 days ago

    I wonder if software would allow precise adjustments by swiping down control center and click+holding brightness and using the volume knob to adjust the brightness up and down by 1 click like volume works.
    That'd be a cool feature.

  • Tanner Fam
    Tanner Fam 10 days ago +2

    They should implement a control center toggle for the always on display.

  • Stefan Deichsel
    Stefan Deichsel 9 days ago +1

    The always on display on my last year's huawei nova 9 (350 bucks budget phone) is much smoother and similar to the aod used by the pixel 6 phone. When I'm connected to a huawei headphone I get an additional icon about the battery load of my headphone... Hopefully I don't have to buy the iPhone 14 as a pro-model to get this feature...

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁..

  • AftermathXJ220
    AftermathXJ220 10 days ago +1

    I've never got used to the Always On feature on any phone & extra battery life I get from not having that feature on is a bonus to me

    • U
      U 9 days ago +1

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁

  • Adam Elmino
    Adam Elmino 10 days ago +2

    I'm hoping they go up to 240Hz on the Pro models (great for gaming) and give the standard iPhones 120Hz (in the future) along with USB-C or new and improved lightning (for the standard model).

    • Adam Elmino
      Adam Elmino 10 days ago

      @Ace be optimistic

    • Ace
      Ace 10 days ago

      There would be 0 content for it. And the standard 14 still only has a 60hz 😅 maybe in 10 years

  • Yulia Damen
    Yulia Damen Hour ago

    I’ve upgraded last year from the iphone x to a iphone 11 pro, but now i am doubting to get the new iphone 14 pro. Because i like the squared design and i would love to use the dynamic island. But is it worthy or should i just wait till next year?

  • Abhinav Mukherjee
    Abhinav Mukherjee 10 days ago +2

    The problem with a lot of ‘features’ are a lot of them are evolution for the sake of evolution. Right now there is pressure on Apple (a single company) to put in all the features of Android softwares and manufacturers (multiple companies). AOD under screen fingerprint reader are some things that people want in iPhones just because they are in other phones and they sound ‘cool’. Under screen fingerprint scanner is a prime example. Having used them in the Note and the S20FE they are a step backwards compared to the physical sensor on the Flip4 imo. Its faster and has more chances of working than the under screen scanner. FaceID has become much better in most cases especially in everyday use. Prime example for me is when I am in the kitchen and my hand is wet and no fingerprint scanner can unlock my phone.
    I feel apple taking a slower and more measured approach to features not only helps bring good features that work well but also weeds out ‘cool’ things that nobody will use more than once

  • Mia! 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    If you choose a picture as a background you can choose two separate ones for always on and wallpaper. Choosing a black one for the always on gives a more „classical“ always on display.

  • nuyou21
    nuyou21 10 days ago +4

    I can't wait for Apple's October hardware event. How cool would it be if Apple introduced an iPad Pro with the dynamic island. 🤯💰😁

  • LQV
    LQV 10 days ago +1

    I think we're so used to mostly black Always On Displays (AODs) that one with an option for wallpapers feels weird. I'm honestly hoping I get used to this on and put a cute picture of my pets that always stays there. I hope people do get an option to use a custom (possibly solid black) wallpaper for the AOD.

    • lovablesnowman
      lovablesnowman 10 days ago

      @Draven Ripley which always seemed weird. I presume the reason Samsung doesn't let us put a wallpaper on the AOD is because it would hurt battery life too much

    • Draven Ripley
      Draven Ripley 10 days ago

      Samsung has an option to show a small picture in AOD but not your entire wallpaper.

  • Justin Calhoun
    Justin Calhoun 10 days ago

    For me, AODs have always been the most pointless feature. There is literally no reason to have it. All it does is promote being more glued to your phone. No one needs it. They may want it but no one needs it. Truly bizarre to me how it’s become this highly desired feature even for a niche audience.

  • Weeb Guitarist
    Weeb Guitarist 10 days ago +1

    I love waveform clips. Its amazing fo enthusiasts like me. Love you guys.

  • Tanner Teves
    Tanner Teves 10 days ago

    Been an android user for probably the past 9 years; last 3 phones I’ve had have been the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 4 XL, and Pixel 3. Just a couple days ago I traded in my pixel 6 pro for a 14 pro max and man…I actually love it. Display is awesome, battery is the best I’ve ever had in any phone, cameras are fantastic, phone feels snappy and refined, etc. I give this phone a good 9/10.

    • Electrodexify
      Electrodexify 9 days ago

      @Tanner Teves I could care less if my phone has a few extra battery hours, when I can charge my phone in 30 mins. And even then I can turn on ultra power saving mode and last up to 2 weeks. Even my Galaxy Z Fold 4 which has a giant battery, finishes way quicker than your slow charging iPhone. The bezels of an iPhone look thin to you but they are actually thick and dated in comparison to Samsungs very thin an slender ultra modern bezels.

    • Tanner Teves
      Tanner Teves 9 days ago

      @Electrodexify The battery life on this thing is so good I don’t really care that it doesn’t have the fastest charging (even tho I think it has pretty quick charging in my opinion), I don’t transfer files from my phone so that’s also not a problem to me, and this has super thin bezels…what are you talking about?

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁

    • Electrodexify
      Electrodexify 10 days ago

      Slow charging, slow USB 2.0 transfer speeds, chunky thick bezels using the cheaper OLED. No thanks its a phone of yesteryear.

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 6 days ago

    I coupled the Always On Display with a Privacy Glass Protector…I LOVE IT. 😊

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  • WirelessNut
    WirelessNut 8 days ago +1

    My biggest gripe with my 14 Pro is no 3G option in Mobile Data Options. It's kind of important that we have this because in regional and rural Australia here 3G propagates better and has a more reliable connection in some areas. Actually thinking of going back to my 11 Pro because of this...

    • WirelessNut
      WirelessNut 7 days ago

      @Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn lucky you. Only options I have are 5G on, 5G auto and 4G.

    • Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn
      Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn 7 days ago

      @WirelessNut I know the options in this menu can change depending on carrier, but right now in Canada on my iPhone 14 Pro, if I go to
      Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data
      I have options to select whether to use LTE or 3G, as well a toggle for VoLTE

    • WirelessNut
      WirelessNut 7 days ago

      @Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn that’s correct however the phone still latches to 4G even though the signal is very poor with no data throughput. For example, where I work in a rural location there’s 1 bar of 4G and full reception on 3G. We leave 3G selected on our phones so voice and data works (might be a bit slower but it’s more reliable).
      This can also pose as a safety risk too however lucky we have landline phones as a backup.

    • Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn
      Poradis Kenneth Vinyaratn 7 days ago

      What does this "3G option" do? Does it force the phone to use 3G even if a 4G/LTE connection is present? I assume if there is no 5G or 4G signal, the iPhone 14 Pro would still use 3G data, right?

  • Tommy Parker
    Tommy Parker 10 days ago

    I like the always on display. Today was my first day of not trying to charge it before I leave the house. I charged it overnight. I took it off the charger at 6:30am. It’s 10:15pm I’m at 10%. But I watch a lot of Flash-Player throughout the day. But back to always on display doesn’t bother me because I flip my phone over. Im still scared from cracking the screen on my 3G. I learned the hard way. But I have sleep focus. I have a work focus. Drive focus. And me time focus which is the only one I set manually. So… yeah I’m glad I got the 14PM coming from the 12PM. Wasn’t a waste for me.

  • Tech Matt
    Tech Matt 10 days ago

    It's a technological advancement, the way they did the AOD. However from a pure aesthetic perspective it's kind of ugly. They really dropped the ball with adding a plain black text clock type option.

  • 8bit Flea
    8bit Flea 10 days ago

    I love the always on display. The good thing is apple gives you the option to turn it off.

  • Maximilian Nilsson
    Maximilian Nilsson 10 days ago +1

    06:16 YES! SOMEONE ELSE GETS IT!! I also never use Always on display. Would love the idea of lighting up the ring

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁.

  • Unpopular Popular Opinion

    So Some had to come out with their own version of the Z Fold crease. You see it when you're looking for it, but not if you're looking directly at it, but you get used to it and it doesn't matter because of its functionality.

  • Payvand Pajoohi
    Payvand Pajoohi 9 days ago +1

    One thing I hate: When on a phone call, locking your phone now ends the call. (iOS 16) I was on a 1 hour hold, and i locked the phone to save battery......oops it hung up. Really frustrating.

  • D F
    D F 10 days ago +1

    Pretty sure Apple will allow you to modify the AOD to let you not have the wallpaper show in a future IOS update. Seems like a silly thing to get twisted over.

  • i Watch Videos
    i Watch Videos 10 days ago +8

    The very first thing I noticed after updating my 12 pro to ios16 is the battery change. It seems to charge slower and dies quicker. It was so bad that I searched if anyone else had the similar issue.

  • The Apex Nerd
    The Apex Nerd 6 days ago

    I'm just going to wait for the 15. My 12 Pro Max is still amazing and I want to wait to see if USB-C will be in the US iPhones. Which I sure hope it is because I have so many USB-C cables now.

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  • Rodrigo Parra-Perez
    Rodrigo Parra-Perez 3 days ago

    I wish the AOD was darker. I also wonder if screen burn in could occur if you kept the same wallpaper displayed for an extended amount of time🤔 we'll just have to wait and see

  • Nagi Mohsen
    Nagi Mohsen 9 days ago +2

    I wish they made an actual always on display where only the dynamic island is on/active. And notifications can appear in it

    • U
      U 9 days ago

      ⬆️⬆️ thanks for watching
      I've Prize for you 💌💬🎁..

  • Antonin Ribeiro
    Antonin Ribeiro 9 days ago

    I think apple took a bit too far the terms "Always On Display", by litteraly letting the whole screen always on at any time. I think Apple is gonna make an update of that AOD by letting people customize it and get rid of the wallpaper or the widget for example

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