4 Levels of Brownies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • How do you like your brownies? Gooey? Cakey? We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of the brownie. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which brownie was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/bourbon-salted-caramel-brownie-recipe
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    4 Levels of Brownies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Isaiah and Geography
    Isaiah and Geography 35 minutes ago +1

    I like the Pro Brownies I almost Was going to go with the Amateurs Brownies until they stuck to the pan 😏

  • Bryanna Rockey
    Bryanna Rockey 3 hours ago

    Who here secretly thinks level 1 brownie looks best lol

  • Love Nikki Magic
    Love Nikki Magic 4 hours ago

    level 3 chef : " I ALWAYS WEIGH MY INGREDIENTS !"

  • Crazy Xxx
    Crazy Xxx 4 hours ago

    Anyone else think that the level 2 chef looks like Simon from the sidemen when he’s Middle Aged ?😂

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 5 hours ago

    Not gonna lie but they all look bomb

  • ian gordon
    ian gordon 6 hours ago

    We want Lorenzo

  • Chanbot
    Chanbot 21 hour ago

    *the queen of brownies huh*
    (3 seconds later)

  • Mahdi Khalafi
    Mahdi Khalafi Day ago +1

    Why does level one chefs cooks always look better than lvl 3

  • Derek Summers
    Derek Summers Day ago

    Something about that guy bothers me...

  • eLmO-cHaN
    eLmO-cHaN Day ago

    the level 2 chef needs to add more chocolate u dont understand, and more almonds

  • Starkiller Gillis
    Starkiller Gillis 2 days ago

    Level 0 chef bought a cosmic brownie

  • pallenda
    pallenda 2 days ago

    "Whip cream has 3 incredients"...wait what? It has one. Cream.

  • KL005
    KL005 2 days ago


  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 days ago +1

    Level 1 chef: I’m a level one chef
    Level 2 chef: I’m a level two chef
    Level 3 chef: personally I like to make the flour myself. I was also a cook for Mary Antoinette for 30 years.

  • 2KMC
    2KMC 3 days ago

    I was expecting amateur to start like, alright so I pour my brownie mix into a bowl, add my eggs, water, and vegetable oil, put it in my pan, put the pan in the oven, and we are done.

  • Crip walk Bryan
    Crip walk Bryan 3 days ago +1

    7:27 sksk 😂😂😂

  • Alex Agog
    Alex Agog 3 days ago +1

    Homemade wipped cream is just made by wipping the cream 😂

  • cliff pha
    cliff pha 3 days ago

    Thumbs down no weed jokes and no weed

  • ii_dxisy_ii
    ii_dxisy_ii 3 days ago +1

    Level 5 chef: *grandma*

  • Suburban Kid
    Suburban Kid 4 days ago

    I hate when brownies have nuts. It’s chocolate. Why do you have to add gross healthy stuff?

    • HadeaRin
      HadeaRin 2 days ago

      Almond is good you know. And I like it myself since the Chocolate could get too much sometimes.

  • critic109
    critic109 4 days ago

    10:28 “Kind of an edge guy myself”

  • navypapercut
    navypapercut 4 days ago

    I want Ada's brownies. Once again, levels 2 and 3 get competitive and ruin a homey dessert.

  • xxLovinqLele
    xxLovinqLele 5 days ago

    Finally a level 3 that can actually LAUGH and SMILE and they’re good actually looks good

  • Jenelle Edwards
    Jenelle Edwards 5 days ago

    "U get a chip " lol

  • Caroline Balkon
    Caroline Balkon 5 days ago

    Cake texture is preferred less fudge texture makes me think it not cooked all way and then there also cooked crusted texture make me think yummy thoughts. I have question about why don't use cocoa powder + chocolate chips melted make richer brownie flavor profile and none of chefs use milk?

  • Wopezh
    Wopezh 5 days ago

    It’s always the amateurs food that looks the best...

    I’m pretty sure the last chef didn’t hit puberty cuz her voice sound like she uses helium 😂😂

  • Douglas Eugene Reisinger II

    I'm sad that they never taste each other's food.

  • ツElijah
    ツElijah 6 days ago +2

    Level 2 looks like the type of guy to follow the age recommendations on the sides of LEGO sets

  • cdawg0616
    cdawg0616 6 days ago +1

    The Level 3 chef is the female version of Lorenzo when he becomes a Level 3 chef! I love her quirky attitude lol!

  • Brooke
    Brooke 8 days ago +5

    "I'm the queen of brownies.....um oh wait"

    Everyone felt that feeling in their soul watching that.

  • effie1866
    effie1866 8 days ago

    Level 1 who didn't bake from a box?? She's damn near a two. :)

  • Cera3
    Cera3 9 days ago

    why is their cocoa powder so light? mine is a really dark brown

  • Mike Niedzwiecki
    Mike Niedzwiecki 9 days ago +1

    I never really watch the level 4 one

  • Stormcaller3801
    Stormcaller3801 10 days ago

    Level 1 chef: I make this once or twice a month.
    Level 2 chef: I make this about every other week.
    Level 3 chef: I've been making this since culinary school.

    Me, thinking of my brownie recipe: I only made this once and then added it to the list of things I am never allowed to make again because bare contact with skin is 1000 calories.

  • Tyco
    Tyco 10 days ago

    7:27 and I oop

  • piripopper the first
    piripopper the first 10 days ago

    My brownies look like the level 3 chef’s brownies this is it I have succeeded in my culinary life

  • Kaydiggitydawg12
    Kaydiggitydawg12 10 days ago


  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 10 days ago

    If you can make brownies from scratch you're not level 1, level 1 would be buying Betty crocker brownie mix

  • dylan the tall guy
    dylan the tall guy 11 days ago

    please only notify me if lorenzo is in the video. thank you!

  • Chachi Nagini
    Chachi Nagini 11 days ago +2

    My favorite parts are when they say things at the same time.

  • NightOwl19 GOD
    NightOwl19 GOD 12 days ago +1

    No offense to level two chef. But he’s the most white you can possibly be.

  • K R y P T e X S
    K R y P T e X S 14 days ago

    That little egg pice ain’t gonna kill ya

  • mxchii
    mxchii 14 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who hasn't tried brownies in their whole life?

    *looks around*

    Okay. Just me.

  • stephanie m
    stephanie m 16 days ago

    For all this guys arrogance his look the worst.

  • Benny Boy
    Benny Boy 16 days ago

    what’s Anthony’s @ - he’s cute af

  • Ire
    Ire 16 days ago

    I love how three of them love their recipes and are happy with them, even though we may think the level 3 brownies would taste better, they're happy with their own recipes

  • ppdestroyer
    ppdestroyer 16 days ago

    organic is most definitely not always the best

    ISOGOD 16 days ago

    I’m the queen of brown wait it’s stuck😂

  • ulv
    ulv 16 days ago

    ada is so gorgeous!!

  • Connversed
    Connversed 17 days ago

    The professional baker seems like the annoying teacher at school.

  • Joshy04
    Joshy04 17 days ago

    Right use both poweder and chocolate tasted amazing

  • poodlecupsfive
    poodlecupsfive 17 days ago

    Personally I hate almonds but the caramel yes pleaaase

  • kjl
    kjl 17 days ago

    how does the level 3 chef bake it at the same temp but 25 minutes longer than level 2 and the results aren't drastically different?

  • poodlecupsfive
    poodlecupsfive 18 days ago

    zeeebra white chocolate squares

  • Fun children
    Fun children 18 days ago


  • dread.pirate.forex
    dread.pirate.forex 18 days ago

    level 4 brownies, stoner chef

  • Li Fu
    Li Fu 19 days ago

    The level one chef said her mixture was smooth while it was visible that the mixture wasn’t combined.

  • Sock •-•
    Sock •-• 19 days ago

    *_b u r b i n_*

  • SaraPussycatDoll
    SaraPussycatDoll 20 days ago

    Anthony is so pretentious

  • Catsinsnow 1
    Catsinsnow 1 21 day ago

    Does anybody else just watch the cooking part and skip the level 4 part?