• Published on Oct 4, 2019
    the gennady golovkin vs sergiy derevyanchenko weigh in and ggg vs derevyanchenko face off for the golovkin vs derevyanchenko fight as gennady golovkin gives sergiy derevyanchenko a death stare during their weigh in
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  • Fight Hub TV
    Fight Hub TV  Month ago +22


    • thetradersedge2000 microtrades
      thetradersedge2000 microtrades Month ago

      @Red Stark Boxing Sports & News Smart ,does andrade and charlo have 100 million,you asshole.This is a business,not to satisfy your instant gratification.The fact is charlo is totally OVERRATED and andrade couldn't take the punch from vanes maritisyan. GOlovkin can still beat both charlo and andrade,those are easier fights than the shorter faster guys putting pressure on him because his decline is lack of footwork to spring back and forth quicker as he did in his prime 4 years ago. He can take the fight right to the taller lankier guys who can't hurt him with their punch.He would outpoint both andrade and charlo exactly the same way he beat Jacobs.Get some better medications for yourself

    • Rulo Bambulo
      Rulo Bambulo Month ago

      @thetradersedge2000 microtrades "c'mon guys". 😂😂😂😂

    • Red Stark Boxing Sports & News
      Red Stark Boxing Sports & News Month ago

      thetradersedge2000 microtrades boy are you delusional he TREMBLES in fear when he hears Ward name and he’s a cherry picker...he’s been running from Charlo and running from Andrade

    • thetradersedge2000 microtrades
      thetradersedge2000 microtrades Month ago +2

      Once it goes into a toe to toe, deravechanco will see the lights on his back.You can't stop GGG, His record is really 42-0 . He beat cane;o twice.His chin is cast iron. Took 500 canelo clean shots upstairs and downstairs and laughed at him!He already knocked kovalev OUT with a body shot in sparring.GGG is the best pound for pound fighter in the world for 5 years now.The way he starched rolls with that left hook on that angle? This guy would have knocked coWARD out had coward fight him at catch 164, Had he switched trainers after brook fight,jacobs and canelo would have both been knocked out.abel was no good for his style. Only relied on power. No contest. GGG starches deravechenco between rounds 5-8.GGG is already back on his KO history streak and china chin andrade goes down as maritysian did. charlo,bjs,all get knocked out by this newly trained GGG

    • Abdul Wasak Al Hamotmot
      Abdul Wasak Al Hamotmot Month ago

      Michael "goatmentator" Buffer!!!
      ❤️ from🇵🇭

  • Roy Normann Lee
    Roy Normann Lee Month ago

    Thinking; no matter what u do, I will win, because I have paid the judges

  • Michael Seymour
    Michael Seymour Month ago

    Is it true Gennady is cousin of village gypsy Billo ...(2nd cousin of borat?) ...and he got strong by working out 24/7 while wife on plow?

  • Christopher Mafnas
    Christopher Mafnas Month ago

    Last ride for triple G... now or never. Let's go champ!

  • Rulo Bambulo
    Rulo Bambulo Month ago +1

    "Guys C'mon ". GGG 2019. 😂

  • Mike CsRs
    Mike CsRs Month ago

    They both have overdeveloped front delts

  • Efren Arnold
    Efren Arnold Month ago

    Lol if Errol moves up to middleweight he’d probably not gonna do it very soon . I reckon He’ll wait when GGG and other top fighters turn 41 years old lol

  • Ghetto Entrepreneur
    Ghetto Entrepreneur Month ago +1

    what a robbery ggg lost

  • TheLast Dragon
    TheLast Dragon Month ago

    GGG should have lost hopefully he stops talking about corruption and improves before going against Canelo a 3rd time.

  • Big Alle
    Big Alle Month ago


  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez Month ago

    GGG wins 🇲🇽🇺🇸😎✌️

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez Month ago

    Move around little G empress us fagg

  • Supreme Superior99
    Supreme Superior99 Month ago

    Ggg looking like a ninja turtle 🐢 Lol

  • wayne johnson
    wayne johnson Month ago

    ggg by a knockout...…..derevyanchenko has great ability and courage......not for a freak like ggg….ggg too much experience....and power...…….

  • GT90 ballers
    GT90 ballers Month ago

    What a scrap!

  • Johnny Rocha
    Johnny Rocha Month ago

    If i didn't have Dazn on fire stick i wouldn't be watching this made to win for GGG fight!!!

  • dawgknuttz
    dawgknuttz Month ago

    they making people pay for this bs... smh little g is a cherry picker. derevyanchenko lost to jacobs

    • Jackie Robetussan
      Jackie Robetussan Month ago +1

      And? It was a split decision in a close fight....Is Jacobs a bum or something, last I checked he was the No. 3 middleweight.

  • Sebastian Quinones
    Sebastian Quinones Month ago

    Sergiy looks like a military guy

  • Oswaldo coronel
    Oswaldo coronel Month ago

    Why does ggg look like he's a hunchback

  • Ruben Monterroso
    Ruben Monterroso Month ago

    People are really sleeping on Sergey. I'm so hype

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega Month ago

    Gana Deriviachenco

  • makadeni123
    makadeni123 Month ago

    1.58 eddie hearn just staring at girls tits. Not even subtle

  • Luke Duron
    Luke Duron Month ago

    Overated bum

  • Luke Duron
    Luke Duron Month ago

    Back to fighting no names....elite fighters to much for GGG

    • Jackie Robetussan
      Jackie Robetussan Month ago

      Do you watch boxing? Sergiy is no bum, only loss was a SD to Jacobs in a very close fight.

  • MrSlowPaper
    MrSlowPaper Month ago

    GGG vs another bum


    Two overrated white fighters. Nothing to see here.

  • GrößteMafia SindDeutscheUnternehmen

    chenko has the legs of 10years old

  • Stranger Stranger
    Stranger Stranger Month ago

    This will be a good fight! Canelo you are next! Don run because tripple G will chase after you no matter what :) tripple G win by a brutal knock out around round 4 to 7

  • Sage 421
    Sage 421 Month ago

    This gonna be a good fight

  • Ер 888
    Ер 888 Month ago

    Любимчик народа ГГГ💪💪💪

  • Victor  Ortega
    Victor Ortega Month ago


  • Troublesome 187
    Troublesome 187 Month ago +1

    Triple G will give you another boring fight with his power decline

    • Jackie Robetussan
      Jackie Robetussan Month ago

      He has no power decline... Canelo not only has an iron chin but is also hard to hit. Can't believe people thought Canelo/GGG would end in a KO for either man.

  • HurtEverybody97
    HurtEverybody97 Month ago

    GGG by murder

  • Loris Chiló
    Loris Chiló Month ago

    Triple g looks like intimideted by him

  • Gozaburo RoaNoa
    Gozaburo RoaNoa Month ago

    I thought it's just for the IBF?

  • not_chou_ cheese
    not_chou_ cheese Month ago

    "This is boxing"~GGG

  • Warren j
    Warren j Month ago

    They both got beat by Daniel Jacobs

  • Warren j
    Warren j Month ago +3

    Why triple g look like a backwards capital letter D 😂 he look like a skinny ninja turtle, like his shell isn't fully developed 😂 he look like that deformed Spartan 300 😂🤣😂

  • Jorge Herrero
    Jorge Herrero Month ago +3

    Saul “Canelo” Alvarez:
    The best in the business of Boxing
    Gennady Golovkin aka Triple G:
    The best in the sport of boxing

    • Jorge Herrero
      Jorge Herrero Month ago

      Seymore Assiz so just cause I have the same color of skin I should only be able to support certain boxers?? We’re in 2019 there’s no more segregation

    • Cuhhnelo
      Cuhhnelo Month ago

      Your own people will hate on you the most...dirty malinche rat

    • josegonzalez131353
      josegonzalez131353 Month ago +1

      He ain't the best he a bitch

  • Esteban Lopez
    Esteban Lopez Month ago

    These guys look like hunchbacks on the cover pic

  • Gicheha Martin
    Gicheha Martin Month ago

    What is Eddie Hearn thinking at 2:05?

  • Patrick Lions
    Patrick Lions Month ago

    This is a big fight. Im ordering Dazn

  • Abdurashid Asliddinov

    GGG OMAT 100000000000000000 👍🇺🇿

  • chris the doc
    chris the doc Month ago

    I will be short... GGG will destroy this man, it’s just too small for GGG...

  • cali-truckdriver
    cali-truckdriver Month ago

    Big drama queen

  • Bacon Bagel
    Bacon Bagel Month ago

    He could’ve wore some boxer briefs for the weigh in smh

  • Drizzzy_A
    Drizzzy_A Month ago


  • Jones Norman
    Jones Norman Month ago

    Fight Pacman if your not scared hahaha

  • Armando Marquez
    Armando Marquez Month ago

    We had a great fight last week with Spence/Porter hoping for another 1!what a great year for boxing once again.

  • dan dan
    dan dan Month ago

    Visioning on the horizon a TKO for GGG

  • MPRO 98
    MPRO 98 Month ago +1

    Is it only me or can everyone see Eddie hearn checking out the ring girl on the right side from his point of view 1:57 😂😂

  • Benjaminn Hazee
    Benjaminn Hazee Month ago

    Ggg chin looks different

  • Benjaminn Hazee
    Benjaminn Hazee Month ago

    I know this bouta sound gay asf but I looked at the title I thought it said daddy glo lmao

  • Twce grocery
    Twce grocery Month ago +1

    All technician's surname ends with the letters of "chenko" (the other is lomachenko)

  • Nanny Perez
    Nanny Perez Month ago

    Ggg should fight charlo, Andrade ,or Smith next stop fighting trash cans

  • Horacio Cordova
    Horacio Cordova Month ago

    I hope Sergiy beats this foolio up. ggg is a fraud.

  • Andrej Alpackij
    Andrej Alpackij Month ago

    Go Ukraine! Strongest boxing nation

  • Tyger King of kings

    GGG is a beast even at an old age. No wonder why Canelo gave him a belt before to avoid fighting him and recently ducked him for a 3rd fight. I don't blame him.💯🤣🤣🤣

  • Daren Goudeau
    Daren Goudeau Month ago

    Man idk why ggg waste his time on no name fighters win its plenty in the devision that is relevant & would make a more desirable fight he is getting old in boxing years every fight counts he should be fighting the charlos

  • Luca Seganti
    Luca Seganti Month ago

    ggg looks in a much better shape than the fight with Canelo ,probably the new training is better for him