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NEW AUDIO RELEASED - Johnny Depp v Amber Heard

  • Published on Sep 12, 2022
  • Wow!! In VA court in June 2022 there was NEW AUDIO RELEASED - Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. The trial in Virginia continues as Johnny Depp has a defamation lawsuit against abusive ex-wife Amber Heard.
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  • Vault Of Truth
    Vault Of Truth  21 day ago +283

    This is a repost from the old channel, audio released during the US trial, but I feel it’s important to keep it out there for people to hear her behaviour! Thanks for listening 🙏

    • iva hofmannova
      iva hofmannova 9 hours ago

      she is evil...come out, come in.. in the end he couldn't breathe at all.....whispers, roars, her evil's hysterical laughter, swearing at his children, pressure, pressure,... now I know it's a miracle that he survived
      She really need the EXORCIST

    • Ronda Kenyon
      Ronda Kenyon 6 days ago

      She's acting like a child right now. Laughing chuckling so immature for grown woman. This is the longest tape I've heard so far. She's making no sense and it's actually coming off like she's kind of scared but she doesn't want him to know that. Thank God the jury seen her for what she really is a liar and someone that does not know how to tell the truth all she seen out of Johnny was a nail ticket in for just a year and a half to get over 10 million in a divorce is unbelievable

    • Al ways lernin
      Al ways lernin 7 days ago

      @Yvette Kaufman check out incredibly average channel, he's got all of them.

    • Yvette Kaufman
      Yvette Kaufman 7 days ago +1

      Vault, I’m glad you kept it out. I hadn’t heard this till now. Good God in Heaven. She’s the Devil incarnate …..

  • Owlesy
    Owlesy 20 days ago +198

    I feel so bad for Johnny. This whole case is heartbreaking when you really look into it and understand what actually happened. He didn’t deserve any of this and I hope with all my heart that he heals from it.

    • Paulette Sliker
      Paulette Sliker 7 days ago +4

      I believe all Johnny wanted was to be loved and have someone to love !!!

    • Susan B
      Susan B 20 days ago +14

      I feel the same way. I also, however, think that Johnny, in his vulnerable post detox state, made the mistake of allowing her to get close to him. There is a lesson in there somewhere for him (and I'm sure some others involved as well), and it appears that he's learned it, or is in the process of working through it. Bless his heart ❤
      I've been in a relationship with a male version of Amber who had her style of fighting. It's horrifying when it dawns on you that the person you're fucking married to is not who they originally presented themselves to be. As my grandmother always said: Marry in haste - repent in leisure. Johnny fucking knew better by the time he married her how she was! She must've really pressured him while he was in that extremely vulnerable state of post detox. I wish someone could have warned him. Maybe they did, but he was too far gone into the relationship. She already had her hooks in him.

  • Petra Kleine
    Petra Kleine 21 day ago +185

    Johnny needs to get a medal for not hitting her!she tries so hard to push all the buttons to try to get him to hit her i think.
    That he didn't says a lot about his character.
    Even listening to this is so frustrating,imagine living with her for years! We would all start drinking and use drugs to cope with her

    • Heather Cuevas
      Heather Cuevas 3 days ago +1

      I have thought that exact thing through the whole trial.

    • Sally Mascorro
      Sally Mascorro 5 days ago

      So true

    • Mariví Palomino
      Mariví Palomino 11 days ago


    • Anna Rosen
      Anna Rosen 20 days ago +1

      @Janine Brewer 😢 I totally feel you ❤️‍🩹.

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp  20 days ago +2

      How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless.

  • Julie Levinge
    Julie Levinge 21 day ago +225

    She has to be the most vindictive person I’ve ever heard, every calculating word she says is all planned.
    Driven by greed,self importance, she has 0 self awareness & is shocked that everyone sees her for exactly what she is.
    She is very poor at disguise, is completely transparent to everyone.

    • Darlene Ouellette
      Darlene Ouellette 17 hours ago

      She is evil. That laugh is haunting. I hope she gets the karma she deserves. She's so wasted and she tells everyone that Johnny is the drug addict. What has she done that even compares to what Johnny has done? She is the joke, her movies are low rate B movies. He's one of the greatest actors to date.

    • st fo
      st fo 10 days ago

      And a poor actress!!!

  • Gill Davis
    Gill Davis 21 day ago +228

    If the roles were reversed and he was sitting over her as she is in and out of sleep I can only imagine the horrors he could have recorded. She is actually torturing him in this audio. The man is so exhausted he is disorientated. Any normal, compassionate human would realize he needs to rest and protect him. She has been found guilty yet she can appeal it makes no sense.

    • iva hofmannova
      iva hofmannova 15 hours ago

      @Gill Davis that's great problem. And reason why I so worry about Johnny. TRAUMA OF THE ABUSED it would be POSTTRAUMA SYNDROM ...🙏🙏🙏 it is a long way out🥺

    • iva hofmannova
      iva hofmannova 15 hours ago

      @Brklyn NuYawka yess agree. it was torture.directly

    • iva hofmannova
      iva hofmannova 15 hours ago +1

      @Ann Young thank for your comment. I agree👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • iva hofmannova
      iva hofmannova 15 hours ago

      EXACTLY!!fantasting comment.I agree‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Deborah Ramsden
    Deborah Ramsden 20 days ago +159

    She’s a piece of work, man. And to know that she’s an ambassador against DV??? She’s the epitome of an abuser! She wrote the handbook!

    • Debra Bing
      Debra Bing 19 days ago +1

      @Deborah Ramsden be careful he's a scammer

    • Nell Sun
      Nell Sun 19 days ago +1

      @Anna Rosen The movement was never grass-roots though, it was always pushed with big money.

    • Anna Rosen
      Anna Rosen 20 days ago

      @Nell Sun no it doesn’t. She duped ppl, like she duped JD. And slews of others.

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 20 days ago +58

    How she would not let him sleep when he said he was tired is very telling. Also, these recordings are not of a woman who is afraid of a man. She calls herself the victim of DV. What a joke. His patience w this woman is telling. What a gentleman. She deserves everything she is getting

  • Lisa Goldstone
    Lisa Goldstone 21 day ago +90

    The only thing he wants her to do for that whole recording is leave! Her behaviour is vile and shows this behaviour isn't new, she has been treating people like this her whole life.

    • Riley
      Riley 3 days ago

      She’s trying to break him

    • Adrian Brett
      Adrian Brett 20 days ago +1

      She’s been so crazy all these while and jealous. I dislike her guts

    • NATASHA008
      NATASHA008 20 days ago +3

      @Susan B I know right?????😆😆😆

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp  20 days ago

      How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless.

  • faith nicole
    faith nicole 21 day ago +104

    To record him when he's asleep or strung out, is disgusting to begin with. But the tone of voice she uses is so condescending, and disgusting, all she's doing is gaslighting the hellxoutta him and for what? For her thinking she had all these power moves and look where it got her. Owing him thousands, while smearing her own name through the mud, exposing the real person under that mask she has worn for so many years. Well, the truth is out now. We all knew you were sick, but this.. this is a new level. Go back to Texas and forget you ever stepped foot in Hollywood and for the love of GOD leave this man the hell alone.
    I dont understand how she is stillxable to defame him all these months after losing the trial

    • Sally Mascorro
      Sally Mascorro 5 days ago

      Me either she is truly sick I wish to God she was just leave Johnny Depp alone

    • Vicki Hurley-Arwood
      Vicki Hurley-Arwood 20 days ago +1

      @faith nicole He was recording not her.

  • Michele Ellis
    Michele Ellis 20 days ago +36

    My heart goes out to that poor man, she truly relishes in hurting him, she’s full of spite, hostility, and hatred [it’s just how she is]
    It’s not because of him, she’s just pouring it out on him.
    I pray he finds someone to hug him and hold him through any bad times, Smiles and laughs with all the good, and wonderful things coming to him.

    • Gaelic fleur-de-lis
      Gaelic fleur-de-lis 2 days ago

      @Irene Thomson at least you have the common decency to acknowledge and honor your vows. More than I can say about some women.......

    • Irene Thomson
      Irene Thomson 4 days ago

      I'd love to be the someone who gives him huge hugs 🫂 and helps him to heal. Unfortunately, I'm married!

    • Sally Mascorro
      Sally Mascorro 5 days ago +1

      Me too

  • Adrienne G
    Adrienne G 20 days ago +138

    Without the recordings, I really don't think people would have fully understood what he was dealing with and that he was not the abuser but the abused. Thank god for these recordings. Thank god that they went to therapy and the therapist recommended they make them because she was gaslighting him.

    • Judy Mettlach
      Judy Mettlach 2 days ago

      @Johnny depp is it really you?

    • Gaelic fleur-de-lis
      Gaelic fleur-de-lis 2 days ago

      @Malene Maare on the audio when they are arguing about the relationship, he asked her what posters she had on her wall as a kid. She replies "Rosie the riveter,, who was on yours?". He then says her mom had different ideas and she challenges him to call her and ask

    • Malene Maare
      Malene Maare 2 days ago

      @Gaelic fleur-de-lis Ok. I always thought AH ment HIS mom and he hesitated because his mom was abusive when he was young. I just don't really understand on your post, why he should call her mom. If AH had a crush on him from young, calling her mom would just prove AH lying?

    • Gaelic fleur-de-lis
      Gaelic fleur-de-lis 2 days ago

      @Malene Maare she's telling him to call her mom. When she was younger all her friends and her parents said that he had a crush on Johnny Depp and her mom said she had his poster on her wall. She wants to pretend like she didn't know who he was before she got with him but her previous personal assistant, her childhood friends and her mother not to mention former interviews she gave, shows that she was obsessed with him from the beginning

    • Jan Piko
      Jan Piko 5 days ago +2

      That's interesting that their therapist recommended to record. To me, that is brilliant. I'm sure AH still refuses to see what she is, even hearing herself...

  • Brenda Seager
    Brenda Seager 20 days ago +46

    Even with him trying to have a serious conversation, she is still condescending and patronizing. How can she honestly think that anyone could ever put up with her, once the true colours come out?
    I am happy for Depp that he got out in time to feel safe again and start over. Games are hard when your the pawn or the puppet.
    It took so much out of him but, he is finally coming around. I have always been a person that has a spontaneous reaction to a person, I like them or I take a instant dislike, to this case watching and listening to Heard while doing her deposition, it was an instant dislike! She is obnoxious, pretentious,thinks she is better then everyone, wow, I have never felt such a dislike for anyone like this in my life and, I have never met her, she truly thinks she is superior to everyone around her, and all these accusations she makes, After taking so many people of both sexes into Depps bed while he was away working!
    This was a big take down for Heard to comprehend, she is still not accepting the fact, she was seen thru by the world.
    Heard is going to die alone, with no one unless she seeks help. You can’t expect people to stick with you when you continue believing they owe you, in Heards case, she owes everyone apologies, however she is above that in her mind. Sick, sick woman.

    • Kathy Lopez
      Kathy Lopez 13 days ago +1

      She will NEVER seek help as she doesn"t think there's anything wrong with her. She will have to be committed by her family. Will they do that?? I don't think so esp if she gives them money.

    • Adrian Brett
      Adrian Brett 20 days ago +4

      You are right, she truly does think she is superior to everyone around her

  • Happy Wife
    Happy Wife 21 day ago +108

    She spins him, reels him in, spits him out, reels him in, spits him out. He's full of love and hope for her, but he despises her manipulation. The best thing that happened to this relationship, is that it ended. God bless you Johnny, you're a good man.

    • Cynthia Haney
      Cynthia Haney 4 days ago

      Johnny broke up a marriage

    • Paulette Sliker
      Paulette Sliker 7 days ago

      @Johnny Depp your such an awesome composed man !!! You certainly deserve many awards for putting up with Amber Heard !!!!! God Bless you for getting her out of your life !!!! Johnny you deserve so much better !!!!

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago +3

      Hello dear happy,how are you?,, thank you so much for your support

  • Siska Westerhuis
    Siska Westerhuis 21 day ago +147

    Het voice and way off talking literally makes me sick. Heard all the tapes and had to do it with pauses. Soooo very sickening. The audacity of her to accuse him is beyond me. She forces herself on him on some audio, she gives him medication on a other. Admitting to hitting him on yet another audio. I truly don't understand why she is not in jail. If it would be the other way around. JD would be thrown in jail. Can't stumick the dubbel standard. Really can't.

    • Barbara Duggan
      Barbara Duggan 13 days ago +1

      @Johnny depp you are not Johnny so why don't you just go away ... he is off living his life and doing positive things ... How dare you impersonate
      Johnny .. you're ask sick as Amber Turd ..a name she will be remembered
      for the rest her life ... very fitting for her ...

    • Johanna & Co.
      Johanna & Co. 20 days ago +1

      This is absolutely sickening. I was married to a diagnosed borderline/histrionic …. It was absolute misery.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      @Jentastic823 Hello dear jentastic ,How are you?,, Thank you so much for your support

  • SydMountaineer
    SydMountaineer 20 days ago +72

    When I hear her torturing him, while he's trying to tell her doesn't have regrets, staying logical, sane, & responsibly trying to help her get a safe ride home, all while he's tired and half drunk, it breaks my heart. I feel like I'm his mother (even though he's a bit older than me) wishing I could save him.
    He was more emotionally intelligent and mature when he was 20 than she EVER will be. Johnny Depp is an old soul, and Amber has no soul, her inner self died when she was a child, all that's left is her defense mechanism.

    • Cynthia Haney
      Cynthia Haney 11 days ago

      Fake johnny Depp scammers are you for money..real johnny Depp I rich girlfriend.. she can donate money

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      @Robert segobia Segobia Hello dear Robert,how are you?,, Thank you so much for your support

    • carla turner
      carla turner 20 days ago +5

      @MorningMary67 me also she's a monster

    • Robert segobia Segobia
      Robert segobia Segobia 20 days ago +4

      I have to agree and agree with love thanks.

    • MorningMary67
      MorningMary67 20 days ago +10

      I feel the same as you, even though he's a few years older than me. I hate that he went through this with her, after what he lived through as a child. It's just so sad! She's pure evil, that's for sure. I hope I'm still here one day to see her get what she deserves.

  • kittdekat1
    kittdekat1 21 day ago +56

    This is so triggering for anyone who survived a narcissist!

  • Annie Warbux🏴‍☠️

    It is still so surreal to me that this is JOHNNY DEPP being treated with such cruelty! As a survivor, I sometimes think of the past, what others may be going through and the horrible circumstances that entrap victims into a World of hurt. But, for it to be Johnny Depp??! Not just because he has been afforded the freedom to leave her and has the rmeans to move on but, because the World knows him as a talented, gifted, kind, compassionate, Generous Soul! A Saint by no means, he admits, but, for him to suffer setbacks, insults, and injury at the Insanity of this toxic pos, is just.. Heartbreaking!! She is a Psychopath! Not a Sociopath, a PSYCHOPATH!

  • FROG 🐸
    FROG 🐸 21 day ago +139

    Hearing Johnny breath in and say "I'm tired" as he exhaled was heartbreaking. I could feel his mental and emotional exhaustion.
    AH doesn't understand why fighting isn't ok. She gets off on the fights. It makes her feel better about herself when she puts him down. It's so disturbing. There is such thing as healthy arguments. Disagreements can be an opportunity to grow as a couple. She does the opposite. She can't accept that she is the reason he wanted to leave.
    I heard her admit to asking Johnny to help her with Aquaman. Yes, she auditioned but Johnny secured her role after she asked him to help. He reached out to WB per her request after her audition didn't go so well.
    At the point where she tries to drink from his glass, she is testing him. When he doesn't give her what she wants then she starts berating him again. Johnny has to give in and gives it to her.
    Johnny messing with the guitar is gold!

    • lise klerekoper
      lise klerekoper 7 days ago +2

      @Gail Thompson - Whether they were married or not has nothing to do with it. They were in a committed relationship for over a decade & had two children together. Pretty much the same as marriage w/ out the piece of paper. He loved and adored Vanessa and denies ever cheating on her until they had significant problems over time and then he met Heard. He spoke about that during the trial as well. Suggest you go check out Amber‘s record of fidelity as it’s embarrassingly bad.
      In reading through your other comments, it’s both shocking and laughable as to the number of assumptions you make as if you know so much when you didn’t even see Aquaman. You clearly don’t like Depp and probably formed opinions about him long before this happened. Did you watch the trial? It’s obvious you didn’t, yet you know all about Depp. I did, all of it, so maybe before you present yourself as some expert here who knows it all, you should try some humility and right size yourself. Depp & Heard both spoke about his relationship with Vanessa & how their relationship developed while on the stand a number of times, w/ how they had been having problems for quite a while, as I said before, & living separate lives for the most part except when it came to their children. Meeting & falling for Heard accelerated the ending of his relationship with Vanessa for sure, & in no way am I praising his decision here. Like anyone else, you should end one relationship before you start another one, but that doesn’t make you right. It makes Depp human & capable of making very poor decisions … just like everyone else.

    • Gail Thompson
      Gail Thompson 8 days ago

      @lise klerekoper they were never married..and he left Vanessa after his kiss to AH in Rum Diary he has said on multiple interviews he regrets it..so why don't you start googling some interviews on it?

    • Gail Thompson
      Gail Thompson 8 days ago

      @Susan B - I never even saw Aquaman, not my taste in movies, I am saying in general no one will hire someone if they aren't half good..and Johnny fell for her looks apparently so I guess he thought he good get her roles on her looks alone..that's on him

    • lise klerekoper
      lise klerekoper 8 days ago +1

      @Gail Thompson - do you recall how small of a role she had in the first Aquaman? Yes, she can act in a so-so manner, but Jason Mamoa carried that movie.
      The head of casting for Warner Bros. casting acknowledged under oath that there was significant concerned that there wasn’t enough chemistry between her and Momoa, & they didn’t initially offer the role.

    • lise klerekoper
      lise klerekoper 8 days ago +1

      @Gail Thompson - I suggest you do some research before spreading falsehoods like that. Johnny & Vanessa had been separated before he met Heard. The actual divorce came later but they were very much living separate lives at that point. Vanessa also fell in love w/ someone else & she ultimately married him.
      Not one of Depp’s past long-time girlfriends ever accused him of being abusive. Yet look at Heard’s past history of physical & emotional violence toward her partners & sister.

  • Wicked Bird
    Wicked Bird 20 days ago +20

    “Domestic Violence has no gender”. Too bad main stream media is determined to NOT discuss this issue. AH was a horrific liar and abuser. In the trial, Recording after recording of HER abuse were sickening.
    She cannot stand it that he would hide from her when she shouts and hits.

  • Arabella Gentile
    Arabella Gentile 20 days ago +16

    This lady is sick. I can’t even imagine If the roles were reversed. She is an embarrassment to true victims.

  • Gail Ventzke
    Gail Ventzke 20 days ago +21

    He even refers to losing an ear. She doesn’t deny hitting him yet people still want to defend her. I don’t know how anyone can side with her after listening to these tapes.

    • Paddy .Cook
      Paddy .Cook 17 days ago +1

      Very true.
      I think the problem is, that this case blows the narrative of a lot of 'woke' people clear out of the water, so they can only double down, rather than admit that their views were over-simplistic and unfair.

    • MorningMary67
      MorningMary67 20 days ago +2

      I know- she used to hit him in the ear too.

  • Rose Harvey
    Rose Harvey 20 days ago +25

    Couples have arguments but this and some of the other tapes are just so nasty and mean. Amber is rotten all the way through.

  • Marilyn Laurence
    Marilyn Laurence 21 day ago +83

    Imagine if she’d never been told to record - her therapists advice was her downfall

    • Elizandro Pedraza
      Elizandro Pedraza 20 days ago

      So true !

    • Marilyn Laurence
      Marilyn Laurence 20 days ago

      @Eamm Butler exactly

    • Katharina K.
      Katharina K. 20 days ago

      @Brklyn NuYawka Amen!

    • Brklyn NuYawka
      Brklyn NuYawka 20 days ago +8

      I often wonder if the therapist suggested the recordings so AH can hear how ridiculous she behaves since verbally telling her may not have been working...but it seems like AH used the opportunity to record EVERYTHING as a weapon..which clearly backfired.

  • Jacqueline Mc Gurran
    Jacqueline Mc Gurran 20 days ago +51

    How anyone can listen to these tapes and still feel she was a victim, needs their head looked at.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      Hello dear Jacqueline,how are you?, thank you so much for your support

  • Rose
    Rose 20 days ago +14

    She’s such a troubled person. Why he put up with her circular offensive abusive gross conversations and her mere presence for as long as he did is beyond me. I hope he forgives himself for getting involved with her at all. Johnny, you are so much better than this. 💜

  • marie lee
    marie lee 21 day ago +27

    Geez I really feel big distaste for this person. She is just everything I’m so glad I’m not.
    Such arrogance, she believed she would never get caught out.

  • Gamersoldier100
    Gamersoldier100 20 days ago +28

    This poor man was trying to sleep!! She is from hell!! I am a female DV survivor, I remember my abuse and completely feel Johnny's pain (and anguish)!! My heart and prayers will always remain with Johnny for healing, peace, happiness, and prosperity in all that he does!! Let karma do its job. It worked in my case. 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

  • Joanne Agnew
    Joanne Agnew 20 days ago +25

    It's not hard to tell that Johnny was very used to having her talk to him this way! There wasn't even a hint of shock or surprise from him.

  • Pete Roderick
    Pete Roderick 21 day ago +39

    I have shivers running down my spine. Thank goodness the angels were looking out for johnny.

  • Chantal Schultz
    Chantal Schultz 21 day ago +33

    Also he could have just forcefully removed her as she obviously was combative… if he wanted he could have hit her many times… I have so much respect for him that he refuses to let her bait him as that was her whole plan

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      Hello dear Chantal , how are you?,, Thank you so much for your support

    • Flor L. Delgado
      Flor L. Delgado 20 days ago +5


  • Mina Haddadi
    Mina Haddadi 21 day ago +53

    Omg what an evil person , I don’t know how he could survive from her , angels were supporting him

    • Redo It Yourself Inspirations
      Redo It Yourself Inspirations 20 days ago +4

      A true abusive husband would never have tolerated her behavior. Proof that he didn't hit her. His patience was strong but his mind must have been a hot mess because of her manipulation. Relieved, that he survived and overcame the worst of his relationships.

    • Flor L. Delgado
      Flor L. Delgado 21 day ago +2


  • Marilyn Laurence
    Marilyn Laurence 21 day ago +43

    It’s unbelievable he was driven to leave his home to avoid the abuse physical and verbal she’s.a dangerous fruit loop

    • Gail Thompson
      Gail Thompson 20 days ago +1

      It is UNBELIEVABLE ..to the point I have seen guys, have friends that have had husbands that just use any excuse so they can go out and hang with the buddies..didn't he like hanging at his " man cave" a lot? Sorry I'm not feeling sorry for JD..he's loaded and ppl are buying his cologne to support him..give your $ to the homeless shelters..he isn't hurting

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp  20 days ago +1

      How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless.

  • ClairMbear
    ClairMbear 21 day ago +20

    wow she is just horrible her condescending attitude towards him as he's trying to talk to her as an adult and sort their issues out, she won't even accept her share of the blame for the failure of their marriage

    • Flor L. Delgado
      Flor L. Delgado 20 days ago

      RIGHT! Takes two to battle and NO ONE is perfect. Thus she's making herself ridiculous by not accepting anything!!!
      Your not perfect Amber, sorry to have to tell you.

    • TKPS
      TKPS 21 day ago +2

      No wonder he walked out each time she got like this. She just won't let him speak. I'd absolutely lose it with someone like her. She's supposed to be leaving but she's doing everything in her power to stay and niggle him. God this is frustrating. Is this her idea of trying to get him back? "I can't believe I came over here to try to get you back". I don't either love, you're a right royal pain the arse. Doesn't she get this behaviour is why he called time?

  • m h
    m h 12 days ago +3

    Bless him, he sound absolutely exhausted in every way. She’s so f**king cruel. I really hope karma gives her & all her lying friends/MSM the attention they deserve. #JusticeForJohnny

  • Kat
    Kat 20 days ago +13

    This is heartbreaking to listen to. This woman is an abuser, anyone can hear it.

  • Martie Boutens
    Martie Boutens 20 days ago +21

    The greater the inside into Amber Heard behavior , the more the world abhors her. Incomprehensible sonic and sarcastic sic women. I can't understand how there are people who ignore all this and continue to support her, Thanks to Journalist/Flash-Playerrs like you, the world gets the truth. Greetings from out The Netherlands

  • Mittens MacKenzees
    Mittens MacKenzees 20 days ago +15

    She doesn't soound like someone who is frightened of physical abuse. Her behavior is actually frightening in this tape, sounding like someone who is maniacal.

  • Teri D
    Teri D 20 days ago +17

    Johnny sounds so tired and beaten and AH sounds very condescending toward him. I fully believe that he was trusting her to a degree and she was drugging him to make him seem like an, out of control addict. How sad, evil and awful, the whole thing is. She is truly possessed by a demon. She needs an exorcism on herself. If any human being had been living with her, they would have anesthetized themselves against her, every single night of the world!!!!! I'm so thankful he is free!!!!!

    • Chica Bear
      Chica Bear 20 days ago +2

      I think she may have been drugging him too

  • Brandwyn Hensley
    Brandwyn Hensley 20 days ago +13

    My God, listening to her is so nauseating. He is trying to have a serious, meaningful conversation with her but to no avail. She is condescending and unbelievably immature. How he got wrapped up in this nightmare, I will never understand. Except, that the Narcissist doesn't reveal their true colors until the trap has been set and the target is captured.

  • Angelica Escamilla
    Angelica Escamilla 20 days ago +34

    at 51:51 it literally makes me cringe how he's practically begging for her to just go and she keeps trying to push him to argue. It makes have cold chills I have went through the same gaslighting, demeaning manipulations for years. It took me a long time to realize my relationship was toxic. It's unbelievable to hear her use the same tactics and I never realized it at the time.... it's an awful feeling to relive

    • DJ
      DJ 8 days ago +1

      I feel you.

    • Cynthia Haney
      Cynthia Haney 11 days ago

      Fake johnny Depp scammers are you for money..real johnny Depp has rich girlfriend she can donate money to charties

    • Angelica Escamilla
      Angelica Escamilla 19 days ago +4

      @Ines absolutely. I believe she knew what she was going to do before she even got the call for Rum Diary.

    • Ines
      Ines 19 days ago +4

      AH: i will leave whenever i want, you do not want me to call the cops
      JD: i’ll call the cops
      AH: do it, right now, do it im waiting, go
      just wow, she had the plan ready

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp  20 days ago

      How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless.

  • Susan B
    Susan B 20 days ago +13

    OMG! She actually said, "If only I could spell it out for you...," and then proceeds to misspell "phone," spelling it "fone." Too funny! She is terrifyingly cruel. She is one sick little princess who thinks she's got the world on a string. That's what makes her defeat in court so unimaginable. She can't accept flaws or mistakes in herself. And then she keeps spelling things in a ridiculous attempt at "winning this argument."

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith 20 days ago +10

    Listening to this I sure do not hear a traumatized woman, with PTSD.
    I hear a lot of manipulation, and insults, a very unstable woman that needs a much better therapist than what she has.
    I mean seriously if Johnny was as explosive, and reactive and abusive as she said he was wouldn't we have heard him exploding on this recording, especially with all the insults and mocking and flat out rudeness! So glad he got out when he did, it could have been so much worse!

  • Lessie Dedier
    Lessie Dedier 20 days ago +17

    This woman needs to be put away. She's evil and unapologetic for her nasty twisted condescending behaviour towards Johnny. She taunts him and gets a kick out of doing it. She's so twisted and manipulative. The righteous always prevails. Hold in there Johnny.

  • Chantal Schultz
    Chantal Schultz 21 day ago +34

    Still a gentleman “can I walk you out?” After everything

    • jackie lehman
      jackie lehman 9 days ago

      I think that was also half "Can you just go and I'll be sure you are gone"

    • Brandwyn Hensley
      Brandwyn Hensley 20 days ago +3

      Unbelievable, right? I don't think we even come close to understanding how nice he is. This audio is so repulsive, I could have NEVER been that nice. I was married to a narcissist for 20 years. I stayed because we had 5 boys and I knew splitting custody was something I couldn't do. But, when he was his worst, I would give it back. Whether right or wrong, it's done and over. My boys are adults and doing great. That was my main goal. Yet, I was never this nice under this kind of abuse. JD is a saint.

  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel 11 days ago +3

    She’s nuts. This audio is proof he didn’t hit her- because she did her best to provoke him and he didn’t react violently. He had an Uber called and paid for it. She kept coming back and berating, belittling, insulting, provoking and laughing at him and he remained calm. I mean- all that shit she talked to him and then had to nerve to take a sip of his drink? She makes my blood boil and I know She would have caught these hands.

  • colleen sanders
    colleen sanders 21 day ago +22

    It's her sweetest voice ever. You tell me, tell me, you tell me. What a horrible person. That's it! 🤷‍♀️

    • Gina Beswick
      Gina Beswick 21 day ago +5

      I agree TAUNTING him like a baby Vile woman aint she

  • Angelique Matos
    Angelique Matos 20 days ago +15

    After all the horrible things Turd said to JD, she then tells him she loves him. She’s crazy, really crazy! I would’ve called the cops to get her to leave.🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Mercedez Lucke-Benedict
    Mercedez Lucke-Benedict 20 days ago +12

    For somebody who always says he’s hurting her she sure seems to always want him to come back so she can fight with him I can’t stand this woman and her voice makes my skin crawl

  • nicodorable
    nicodorable 20 days ago +11

    She can’t believe he’s rejecting her, and she proceeds to embarrass herself by belittling him. That Uber must have been outside and she probably sent it away in her desperation to get JD back. Even a narcissist like her knows a good thing and she doesn’t want to lose it.

    • Manuela Schneider
      Manuela Schneider 19 days ago +2

      Just listening to it Bring tears to my eyes. I hope he will find his true Love. Neverless, he has helped many men who are in a similar Situation.
      I hope she finally leaves him alone now.
      Good bless you.

  • Rebecca shanklyn
    Rebecca shanklyn 20 days ago +9

    53 minutes, "you don't want me to call the cops"
    She was planning this hoax from the minute he said he was done. She's despicable

    • astrid vvv
      astrid vvv 10 days ago +1

      This was after the hoax which means the TRO is in effect. That's why she's threatening to call the cops, they aren't supposed to be around each other. But she somehow found his hotel room.

  • Gina Dantus
    Gina Dantus 20 days ago +15

    Until now I’m wondering if the mainstream media didn’t hear those audio tapes🤔 if yes, why and how they are continuing to back her up 🤔

    • Paddy .Cook
      Paddy .Cook 17 days ago +1

      Yeah, it's quite scary.
      When I was doing my BA, the only newspaper we could reference was 'The Guardian', as it was deemed an 'academically sound source'.
      One of their invigilators then once kicked me out of an online comments section for saying that comparing Trump to Hitler in a review for 'Mr and Mrs Smith' was both ridiculous and alarmist.
      And more recently, one of The Guardian's columnists wrote about the 'misogyny of anti-Heard sentiment', and boasted about giving Depp a 'cold, hard stare' as he left court.
      It's small wonder that universities are now spewing out brainwashed drones, who can't handle the slightest disagreement or conversation questioning their stance on anything.

    • ESB40
      ESB40 20 days ago +5

      I think they don't care....JDs win upsets the flawed narrative of me too and "believe all women". The media made a huge mistake backing her in the beginning smh

    • Sonja Van Dam
      Sonja Van Dam 20 days ago +2

      I just listened to the one sided documentary. It was disgusting to watch them demonise Johnny.i would love to hear them all now defend her.

  • Amanda Morris
    Amanda Morris 20 days ago +5

    I felt the most sorrow for him at the end when be fell asleep exhausted and after all the nasty things she’s said he walks back like nothing happened and tries to sound all caring and sweet. She did it for the recording . He was ok just exhausted from the intense mood swings and disgusting taunting from the devil personified. How he put up with it for so long beats me

  • Kris
    Kris 20 days ago +6

    She is truly vile and the people that defend her, see themselves in her. That’s the truly disgusting part. They are abusers and have convinced themselves they are victims.

    • Sandra Alty
      Sandra Alty 20 days ago +1

      Very true, her lawyers treated witnesses like she treated johnny.... She truly is awful

  • Ricardo Mitchell
    Ricardo Mitchell 21 day ago +27

    Amber really fumbled the bag on this one. Even when disgusted by her you could tell the man still cared about her and treated her with kindness calling Uber for her and all. She must be wallowing in regrets, she had it all and let it slip away, now she's broke and hated by everyone. And I still don't think she has half of what is coming yet, I personal won't be satisfied until I see her in prison for perpetuating these deterimental false allegations against an innocent man.

    • Ricardo Mitchell
      Ricardo Mitchell 20 days ago +2

      Yes ,I'm watching it all as it unfolds. Apparently she wasn't even present nor had any representation for the initial hearing(s). I normally wish good for ppl and even forgiveness but this succubus must go down and meet her demise just as how she almost anhilated an innocent man!

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      @MDGB7899 😍

    • MDGB7899
      MDGB7899 20 days ago +1

      @Ileana Hernandez I don’t think the insurance co paid for her legal fees from the Va trial because she was found to have defamed him with actual malice so they refused to pay. Unless something changed since that came out in the news.

    • Johnny's Girl
      Johnny's Girl 20 days ago +3

      @Ricardo Mitchell And now she's being sued by both insurance companies!

  • Amber Bixler
    Amber Bixler 19 days ago +4

    This is something Johnny will never forget what she did to him. I am so glad that Johnny has made it easy for men to come out as being abused by women. Johnny did not deserve what Amber did to him and she should pay and serve time in prison just like the men served time for domestic abuse.😮‍💨

  • Becca Melton
    Becca Melton 21 day ago +20

    She always tries to destroy everyone who cares about or tries to help her. Please try to stop using substance that are mind altering. This is how people take you for granted. God laid it on my heart to care so much that it hurts so much to know how she abused you horribly. both mentally and physically. Please don't let her into your head any more.I don't think your children would ever get over it if you let her drive you insane or death.

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp  20 days ago

      How are you doing? Thank you for being a fan and linking my page & music,may God bless.

  • Joanna Lankford
    Joanna Lankford 20 days ago +12

    Omg! It's unbearable the way she so condescending and cruel towards JD! Someday she will do this to the wrong person. I am waiting for that day. We are watching you A-TURD. #Team Johnny 🥰

  • Jan Piko
    Jan Piko 5 days ago +3

    I truly believe she could actually kill someone and have zero remorse. SHE reminds me of the person who says "It's your fault I had to hit you. You brought this on yourself. There is a special place in hell for AH. I feel like JD was probably not an angel (I DO NOT think he ever physically hurt her) but he most certainly did not deserve what she was doing to him.

  • Rose Selby
    Rose Selby 13 days ago +1

    I have never heard a woman talk this way ever! I can't even imagine saying some of the things she said to her husband. This is so disturbing to listen too. Johnny Depp has more patience than any man I have ever known. If it were me talking to my husband like this, he would of beat the hell out of me or walked out and never come back, and I wouldn't blame him for doing it. NO woman should talk to her husband like this. She should show him respect and she will get it back 100 fold from him. SO SAD. I hate to see Johnny Depp go thru this or anyone for that matter. Maybe now he can live in peace and take the loss and move on, which I am sure he is doing. Prayers are with you Mr. Depp.

  • myandra_brown Kiana95
    myandra_brown Kiana95 20 days ago +17

    Best thing they ever did was decide to record each other because I’m sure she never thought anyone would ever hear them

    • myandra_brown Kiana95
      myandra_brown Kiana95 20 days ago +4

      @Rose Harvey Exactly. she constantly talked about him and his delusions all through her depo but she sounds pretty delusional in this
      recording. I never really payed attention to the allegations prior to this year but the moment I heard her speak in court I knew she was lying. Just sad she let it get this far.

    • Rose Harvey
      Rose Harvey 20 days ago +7

      She also doesn't realise how awful she sounds. She thinks she sounds like she is standing up for herself and that people will believe JD is abusing her when she accused him of shite. She just has no grip on reality and how other normal people actually see what is going on.

  • Kathryn Billinghurst
    Kathryn Billinghurst 21 day ago +24

    Why couldn’t that defendant just listen and accept Johnny’s wisdom… instead she chose to be a ‘B’!!

    • Vault Of Truth
      Vault Of Truth  21 day ago +10

      A massive B. She is totally off the wall here. Ugh 😣

  • Sam Watson
    Sam Watson 20 days ago +12

    He really is a gentleman… even when she’s being an absolute terror… he is still kind and tries to share with her.
    The part of Texas I’m from… she would get her teeth knocked out by every woman in the county for condescending that way

  • Stef84
    Stef84 20 days ago +15

    She is basically stomping and smacking him around in this audio. His sighs and the "I`m tired" moment are so sad to hear. And he is certainly not stingy and he never was.

  • Joanne Alfano
    Joanne Alfano 20 days ago +17

    DEFINITELY sounds like someone who's scared of her abusive husband! She's literally INSANE!!

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago +1

      Hello dear Joanne ,how are you ?,, thank you so much for your support

  • LydiaBell
    LydiaBell 20 days ago +7

    She is used to using that "baby" voice at the beginning to seduce people. But this is so weird the levels of her voice, how quickly she changes. Her arguing "go on tell me" in her baby voice.
    He knows the Nursery Rhyme since he probably sang it for his kids. But she MOCKS everything - it's so grotesque

  • SydMountaineer
    SydMountaineer 20 days ago +8

    She got mad and broke a glass- Yet always blamed HIM for breaking glass & other damage! That is the worst, suffering something,, then getting blamed for the same thing! She was known to break glasses & bottles before she met Johnny, in fights with her GF.

  • Gen X Bitch💋
    Gen X Bitch💋 18 days ago +2

    I don’t know how the hell he lasted as long as he did with that! She is so immature and emotionally devoid. Ugh 😩 yuk

  • Watching the wheels go round

    Honestly I don’t know why he didn’t give up and call the police! If the roles were reversed he would already be booked! This woman needs a severe attitude adjustment! Oh wait, she got it and it didn’t stick! She still thinks she’s done nothing wrong?! If it is not baffling, then it is TERRIFYING!

  • dal hucknall
    dal hucknall 19 days ago +3

    Johnny had Amazing self- control, despite her horrible taunting and psychological( in addition to physical) abuse! Not many ppl could have shown such strength and composure.

  • Kay K
    Kay K 20 days ago +8

    Sends shivers over my body that haunting laugh the foul mouth … I’m glad Johnny is safe now. Thanks Stevie J 🌹

  • Sam Zak
    Sam Zak 20 days ago +14

    Her mother must have been ashamed of her !

  • Trace S
    Trace S 20 days ago +11

    Well, maybe something positive can come out of these awful recordings. Maybe they can be used as a tool to teach people about narcissistic abuse and how gaslighting works. People might be able to recognize the signs through them and escape the hell Johnny went through.♡

  • Rockulikeahurricane
    Rockulikeahurricane 20 days ago +10

    I think she was putting pills in his drinks. He seemed alert at beginning of this audio and he went to sleep almost right after she was there for a little while. She is that devious

  • Kitty Hawk
    Kitty Hawk 20 days ago +2

    If she thinks a PR team will ever, EVER be able to fix her reputation and show her in any sort of positive light, they won't.
    Doesn't matter how much money she spends, or how bad she keeps trying to make Johnny look, or how many people she blackmails, or how many little girls she's photographed with pretending to be her daughter,
    NOTHING will bring her back. People don't like this sort of shit!
    Her star has fallen, and it won't be rising any higher than the mediocre level she achieved.

  • Eva Rene’
    Eva Rene’ 19 days ago +2

    These recordings are exhausting…I cannot imagine having to live through this…Even here she sounds “high as the sky”(allegedly)…as she picks at him like a vulture…

  • ava cadman
    ava cadman 19 days ago +3

    It was his love for AH that kept him in this poisonous cycle for so long. A person can only take so much and they actually get to see and understand what the others true intent was. And they break free. Yet also in this case wanting the World to also see as that gives them self validation that they were never the one in the wrong.

  • Mina Haddadi
    Mina Haddadi 21 day ago +19

    Omg I what an evil 👿 person , god and angels were looking after him , thank god he left alive from her 🙏🙏🙏

  • Puck Groeneweg
    Puck Groeneweg 21 day ago +14

    He is so patience, and he doesn’t want to go on with her…he know he was wrong to marry her…because she never loved him. Just hear what she is doing in this audio…playing with his feelings, respect that he did run away and alway trying….forgive…but her violence doesn’t know when to stop…..she just keep pushing to get the thing done on her way…

  • DP
    DP 19 days ago +3

    Johnny! Amber was sick before she met you. She was cruel and has no capacity to love . Absolutely none of this is about you not being lovable. That s what people with her many personality disorders do. Especially at the degree she has it. She is not capable of loving anyone! I experienced something similar but not as bad. I can tell u that at the end I didn’t believe i was lovable. That was all because of the psychological abuse. It is the hardest thing to get over but it s ridiculous to take it personally.

  • Dannigirl
    Dannigirl 20 days ago +9

    She's choosing her words very carefully because she knows she's being recorded...

  • petra
    petra 17 days ago +2


  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 20 days ago +9

    How did he live like this for so long? If think we nearly lost Johnny after she fired the fatal shot of SA!

  • HarmlessRN
    HarmlessRN 19 days ago +2

    I just caught the part where he didn't want her to pick up the bottle of wine. He said something about them not being in the position for her to pour her own wine and he would pour it for her. Poor guy is traumatized from the finger incident.

  • I'm KtLn, the Run-A-Muck Muse

    I’ve walked a mile or two in shoes like his and the emotional trauma lasts long after the marriage is over… my heart 💜 goes out to him. He’s only human and can only take so much before self preservation kicks in. I’m glad he has fans that love him.🥰 that will help him heal. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💞❤️‍🩹💝 and his music…. Music can repair the human body! 🎸🎧🎭 I would smacked the shit out of her by now…. Johnny deserves a medal for dealing with her. What a POS She is.

  • P Callander
    P Callander 20 days ago +1

    Johnny will Abe a great father. He realizes the mistakes he makes and tries to fix himself. We can't fix other people especially when they are broken beyond repair or wanting to change themselves.

  • Suzanne Manning
    Suzanne Manning 20 days ago +17

    The gaslighting is just awful, and must have been so infuriating and frustrating for JD when mainstream media jumped on her band wagon of lies and misinformation ! Bad enough to get bad publicity for something you did but when truth is twisted and turned on it’s head it’s just so so unfair.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 20 days ago

      Hello dear Suzanne,how are you? ,Thank you so much for your support

  • Keelala
    Keelala 20 days ago +5

    I can't believe she is still not in prison, I truly think she would have murder him, he is lucky to still be alive

  • Becky Eads
    Becky Eads 20 days ago +12

    My gut tells me that she is going to violently hurt someone in the worst way. She’s like a ticking time bomb. Thank goodness J.D. got away. He needs to heal with his family & friends. He’s definitely moving on.

    • Mandy Strong
      Mandy Strong 14 days ago +1

      Jodi Arias 2.0 but worse.

    • ESB40
      ESB40 20 days ago

      @Becky Eads totally agree

    • Becky Eads
      Becky Eads 20 days ago +1

      @ESB40 That is also a strong possibility. Unfortunately, she will not learn from it if she did did get hurt & survived. She’s only capable of blaming everyone else for the upsets in her life. She has no accountability & frankly she doesn’t have to be accountable. That’s why I truly hope the media stops giving her any attention of any kind. Just let it go. No press, means no attention.

    • ESB40
      ESB40 20 days ago +1

      Either that or she's going to try it with someone not so nice as JD and she's going to get seriously hurt.

  • Walter N.
    Walter N. 20 days ago +8

    Holy I literally can’t listen to her voice for 1 minute. She’s delusional

  • Jeannie M
    Jeannie M 21 day ago +16

    So proud of him, for finally saying enough. ❤️ as far as she is concern.. ( never mind)

  • mar
    mar 20 days ago +8

    Omg she is evil!! He was really tired of everything. She abused him and wanted just his money the freeloader.

  • Karen Rueger
    Karen Rueger 20 days ago +12

    Eeww... narcissists are disgusting and she is the queen. Just to listen to her gaslighting him, she's so desperate.

  • Eunice Clark
    Eunice Clark 20 days ago +3

    She is a nasty woman poor Johnny how did he cope with her he so lucky he got away from her he is a angel to have put up with such a crazy woman

  • tc102167
    tc102167 20 days ago +20

    At 1:09:00 mark listen when she takes his glass of wine. She then leaves the room with it. JD keeps asking y she can’t get her own glass of wine while she leaves the room. She yells back at him from the other room while she drugs the wine. She comes back in and gives him his wine. Minutes later he goes to sleep. Amber walks back in room to ask if he is ok, cause she knows she drugged the wine. She wakes him as he can barely speak. He then becomes dillusional talking about a dead musician. Listen to Amber, she knew she drugged him and is not even wondering how did he go from totally coherent to delusional in minutes. She was going to kill JD once he put her in the will. She called him a junkie so her drugging him and it coming across as an OD on his prescription meds would have gotten her nothing but a chunk of his fortune and to be back at it with another rich guyextorting them form money.

    • DJ
      DJ 8 days ago +1

      Not only that, but she gave him Xanax at least twice. I do believe what you said is entirely possible.
      I don't remember if it's in this recording, but there's a fight that came up where she was furious that she wasn't in his will.
      Oh! Also, there's that story that came out recently where a woman using the alias "Gia" said AH slipped something into her mouth while kissing her, and she didn't remember anything until she woke up the next day.

    • kierramom
      kierramom 20 days ago

      Oh I so agree with you! That is too coincidental that before she took his wine glass JD was perfectly coherent...then she comes back into the room knowing that he will be out of it and she can then get JD's incoherent speech on tape... it is Sooo apparent that she slipped some kind of drug into his wine. There is no other explanation for the way JD's speech and mental state changed that quickly and drastically...She is so sick wth!

    • Sandra Alty
      Sandra Alty 20 days ago +3

      I would never have thought this possible but after seeing the trial and her depositions in 2016.... It really is heart breaking.... I can actually now believe she may have done what your suggesting.... He's lucky to be alive

  • Monique Scott
    Monique Scott Day ago +1

    My god! --I don’t know just How JD was able to deal with her for as long as he did without completely losing his s**t 🤯‼️

  • Rachel Landherr
    Rachel Landherr 20 days ago +2

    He’s writing so he remembers. People like Heard rewrite the narrative, which is hard for honest people to recognize.

  • Eryn Faith
    Eryn Faith 20 days ago +8

    I loved hearing him tool around on the guitar. All the amber stuff's been said... he's reallly good sounding on the guitar.

  • Sue Preston Taylor
    Sue Preston Taylor 20 days ago +3

    She's such a lady "NOT"!!! A vile individual, thank god he's free from her.

  • N Pats
    N Pats 20 days ago +9

    It's that voice. The quiet, mocking, victorious (to her), that pis$3s me off. Trying to pretend she's the reasonable one. But I am glad Johnny realised one thing here..."You're too young for me"...oh and taking responsibility when she says blame everyone else, and he says "No, it's my fault for not being able to deal...".
    I think she wanted him to keep recording, because she can come across as the patient, mature calm one, and him as the drugged up/sleepy one. Urgh!

  • Lauren
    Lauren 20 days ago +2

    Whoa, this is like hearing a documentary of my existence recounted.... Except that nobody knows who I am because I'm not a celebrity.
    Anyhow, I wasted a significant amount of time being wretched as my existence and identity were completely obliterated right in front of me by another “Amber”.
    Similarly to Johnny, I couldn't fathom how somebody could possibly be recording me, taking pictures of me, or even potentially leaning on my human failings while incoherent. Once outed, it shook my world to think someone could be that cruel. I mean, WOW, They were working behind your back the whole time, building up ambush plans!
    Being considerably younger and inexperienced in the litigation field meant that I was caught off guard and had no way of verifying the validity of the allegations I had against him.
    Many times, I didn't take the precautions I should have, which left me vulnerable and caused me to lose a lot of my parents' money!
    From the start, I never stood a chance. Already lacking my ex's position, assets, and discretion, I was the one who ended up being taken advantage of.
    Moral of the story,” Until The Lion Learns How To Write, Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter”