Wilco Performs 'Everyone Hides'

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Friends of the show Wilco return to rock the Ed Sullivan Theater once again, this time with a song off their new album 'Ode to Joy.' #Colbert #Wilco #Music
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Comments • 106

  • DownHill Phil
    DownHill Phil Month ago

    Nels Cline and the boys....RS Playlist brought me here......good tune right in the Wilco groove.

  • 2468hap
    2468hap Month ago +1

    Sounds like Christmas time is here from snl lol

  • Grant Ferstat
    Grant Ferstat Month ago

    What an ensemble!

  • Jeremy Rhoads
    Jeremy Rhoads Month ago

    Wilco kicks ass

  • Peck the Town Crier

    JT's guitar sounds awesome.

  • joe 07
    joe 07 Month ago +2

    Wilco est sous- estimé. Ce groupe est le meilleur de ces vingt dernières années...

  • Adrian R
    Adrian R Month ago +4

    Wilco, this is your dad - you can't name your album "Ode to Joy"; you're nothing like Beethoven. And call your mother!

    • Adrian R
      Adrian R 29 days ago

      And your mother wants to know why you never mention St. Louis! Are you ashamed of us?

    • Adrian R
      Adrian R 29 days ago

      @Alissa Burton Didn't buy that one either...

    • Alissa Burton
      Alissa Burton 29 days ago

      Considering they released Star Wars a couple years ago...

    jACKIE kUTTAINEH Month ago

    Hey, hay , henny penny--very gut job guys & ck. out purple mattresses--the commercial quacked me up. Thanks! Jackie(;>)

  • ted gurecki
    ted gurecki Month ago

    Reminds Me And Sounds Like The Greatfull Dead..Good Stuff.//

  • ThePhilly501
    ThePhilly501 Month ago

    So good!

  • Rush P.
    Rush P. Month ago

    The drummer must have a strong masturbation hand. 🖐🏾

  • Justyn Delbridge
    Justyn Delbridge Month ago +2

    I love Wilco! I saw them at the Berkeley Greek Theatre during the Wilco (the Album) Tour and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  • Ichiro W.
    Ichiro W. Month ago

    great as always.

  • watching u
    watching u Month ago

    treble only kicks in halfway through?

  • Adam Denton
    Adam Denton Month ago +2

    Could anyone tell me what brand / model of guitar Jeff is playing in this song? Also, I think Pat's contribution to this song is pretty sublime. Great song. They consistently put out great songs and albums.

    • Ewoud van den Dool
      Ewoud van den Dool Month ago

      It’s a Chicago made vintage ‘Harmony’ semi acoustic, sounds like it’s played with nylon strings, but is actually because of the rubber bridge!. Probably solid rosewood body.

  • Michael Pellas
    Michael Pellas Month ago +2

    This song sounds like a cross between The Band and Gerry Rafferty's Album City to City.

  • Rebecca Rush
    Rebecca Rush Month ago +1

    I've loved this band ever since they did the credit music for spongebob squarepants the movie.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B Month ago

    Yep, definitely a Wilco song. That's about all I can say about it though.

  • Marty Cray
    Marty Cray Month ago +16

    Always loved Wilco, but I think Jeff has been writing some of his best songs in 15 years lately. Warm and Warmer were amazing and Ode to Joy is shaping up to be the best Wilco album since A Ghost Is Born..... not that any are bad mind you.

  • Joe Leone
    Joe Leone Month ago

    Love it

  • Mario Godoy
    Mario Godoy Month ago

    Anyone else think this sounds like SNL's Christmas song?? "I Wish It Was Christmas Today"


  • mickeyhynes
    mickeyhynes Month ago +9

    Literally saw them playing in London on Saturday night. Hard working band.

  • Dewitt Hobson
    Dewitt Hobson Month ago

    Crying shame Uncle Tupelo broke up after putting out just two classic albums. They pretty much invented alt-country. Too bad Jeff Tweedy had to be an idiot and put the moves on Jay Farrar’s girl friend.

    • drischord
      drischord Month ago +8

      In equally relevant news, do you think Olajuwon's Rockets will beat Ewing's Knicks in the NBA Finals? How do you think President Bill Clinton will treat his Russian counterpart Boris Yeltsin? And did you see the latest line of computers? Some of them have 500 megabyte hard drives! (PS - Uncle Tupelo put out four albums, not two. All classics.)

  • Silas Ehlers
    Silas Ehlers Month ago

    Groovy !

  • bob burroughs
    bob burroughs Month ago

    Go Nels!

  • MosesPlays
    MosesPlays Month ago +1

    New Wilco fan here! When are you coming to Israel? I'd buy a ticket! :)

    • GreySkyLady
      GreySkyLady Day ago

      You won't regret it. Wilco is fantastic.

  • R Gerard
    R Gerard Month ago +3

    Nels is God.

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin Month ago +2

    I like that song first time I heard it !!!?***❤️❤️❤️

  • Matt W.
    Matt W. Month ago

    I’m kinda off/on the Wilco wagon, but this song was awesome! They are a fine group of musicians. I once chatted with Glenn Kotche after one of his solo shows and he is an incredibly nice guy.

  • LR G
    LR G Month ago +1

    Snl Christmas song with Jimmy Fallon... Lol

  • multinez thodes
    multinez thodes Month ago

    Good stuff. Can't wait to see them live in a few weeks.

  • Flip Winkdale
    Flip Winkdale Month ago +1

    Seeing them in Tulsa in a few weeks....can't wait!!!

  • Ethan Koerner
    Ethan Koerner Month ago +28

    Glenn played that whole song with one drumstick

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago

    Great song!

  • Musical Commentary
    Musical Commentary Month ago

    Great song.

  • Alex Kealey
    Alex Kealey Month ago +4

    A thinking mans band.

  • Joey Esguerra
    Joey Esguerra Month ago +4

    Oh. They actually released an official version of this song? I remember hearing this on the soundtrack to “St. Vincent”.

  • Jeanette Thomas
    Jeanette Thomas Month ago +2

    As much as I like Tweedy's solo work, it's great to see the band back as a unit! Awesome song!

    • daniel morris
      daniel morris Month ago +1

      @Jeanette Thomas I wasn't even aware of that book but will seek it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I have read Jeff's autobiography from 2018 called 'Lets Go (So We Can Get Back)' and he says he isn't even 100% sure why Jay left the band to this day. There is a great interview with Tweedy on Marc Marons WTF podcast that's worth listening to. I love Jays solo work with Son Volt a lot too. Both talented musicians.

    • Jeanette Thomas
      Jeanette Thomas Month ago

      @daniel morris have you ever read Learning How to Die? As far as I know, Jeff and Jay Farrar still don't get along; as long as that's the case, a reunion would be pretty unlikely. It would be cool, though.

    • daniel morris
      daniel morris Month ago

      Agreed Jeanette. Sounding great as always. Although it's doubtful we will never see it happen I like to imagine Uncle Tupelo reuniting for a album or a small tour too.

  • Stephen H. Koontz
    Stephen H. Koontz Month ago +16

    Wilco will love you, baby

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni Month ago +29

    God damn, does anyone sound better live then these guys?

    • Rebecca Rush
      Rebecca Rush Month ago +1

      The grateful dead does. A lot of members of the band have died but the rest that survive do still tour and they are called "the dead and company" ♡ they're incredible live. Def check em out!! 🙏💖

  • Jkm
    Jkm Month ago +4

    2:58, Dang. That ending.

  • Jkm
    Jkm Month ago +9

    They are so dialed in.

  • Patrick Hawkinson
    Patrick Hawkinson Month ago +8

    I read that to purposely reduce sustain on the album Glenn didn't use cymbals and Jeff used a guitar with a rubber bridge.

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell Month ago +4

    Wilco AND The Looney Tunes Character We All Want To See:
    Jeff Tweedy Bird"
    "I Thought I Saw A Snooty Brat. I Did. I Did See A Snooty Brat. A Music Critic"

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell Month ago +2

    Wilco AND "The VHI Behind The Music Series We All Want To See"

  • Sidilicious
    Sidilicious Month ago +2

    Channeling John Lennon.

  • Show Pigs
    Show Pigs Month ago +1


  • Carlos Conesa Carbonell

    I hate Nels Cline.

  • Person McPerson
    Person McPerson Month ago +1

    My favorite dad band.

  • René Proal
    René Proal Month ago +3

    Nels Cline at his best.

  • Cromer Jenkins
    Cromer Jenkins Month ago

    Rock is dead. Wilco dug up its corpse and did terrible things with it.
    Im amazed at the folks with such strong feels for this band. Im trying to imagine what people you are and if you ever step away from you keyboards. Im noting none of you are showing your faces. Someone asked about my blog, for real?

    • Matthew Masin
      Matthew Masin Month ago

      @Cromer Jenkins u literally have a rob thomas song first video on your page.

    • Cromer Jenkins
      Cromer Jenkins Month ago

      @LoneRhino its not me "bro" it's the drugs you're smoking

    • LoneRhino
      LoneRhino Month ago +1

      @Cromer Jenkins You're a clown, bro. FOH

    • Cromer Jenkins
      Cromer Jenkins Month ago

      @LoneRhino nice language. I bet they're scared of you on the playground.

    • Cromer Jenkins
      Cromer Jenkins Month ago

      @Brad Bognar you'll never know. I'd never stick around the kind of parties you think are fun.

  • Sergej Lovrekovic
    Sergej Lovrekovic Month ago +7

    such beauty!

    If you're telling yourself a story
    Where the secrets twist like vines
    And you know where the bodies are buried
    But you can't remember where you buried the mines

    Oh, no one denies
    Everyone hides
    Oh‚ oh
    Everyone hides

    If you're selling yourself on a tale
    Where the details drift with time
    Where the point gets lost in the telling
    And the telling was the point all the while

    Deep inside
    Everyone hides
    Oh‚ oh
    Some of the time

    If you're selling yourself on a vision
    A dream of who you are
    An idea of how it should be
    And a wish upon a star

    Remember it can't be denied
    Oh‚ oh
    Everyone hides

    Oh, no one denies
    Everyone hides
    Oh, oh
    Everyone hides

  • Sk Jones
    Sk Jones Month ago +10

    great song, but does it not sound like the SNL christmas song (w/ Fallon Sanz et al) at the beginning

    • LR G
      LR G Month ago

      Is it me or is this the Snl Christmas song with Jimmy Fallon?

    • Mark OBrien
      Mark OBrien Month ago +3

      flash-player.net/video/StQJSjQjhlg/video.html YES!

  • JacksonT11
    JacksonT11 Month ago +10

    One of their best songs ever imo and that's really saying something when it comes to. a great band like Wilco. Can't wait for OTJ!

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Month ago +6

    Stop hiding! God damn it I can't see you.

  • timothy pero
    timothy pero Month ago

    Still sound like Dr Feelgood

  • Trex100
    Trex100 Month ago +4

    They are f-ing awesome.

  • yeah oh right
    yeah oh right Month ago +76

    Wow, not only are Wilco still around after more than 20 years, but they're still making good music. That's more than can be said for the vast majority of 90s bands still making music.

    • Jacob Roddam
      Jacob Roddam 15 days ago

      @Eric Hart from 90s bands in particular though? I haven't been looking hard but I can't think of many 90s bands who've still put out good music in the past few years. Radiohead?

    • Taz D
      Taz D Month ago

      @Eric Hart they're getting drowned out by the flow of rap and video game music.

    • Eric Hart
      Eric Hart Month ago

      You are looking in the wrong places. There is so much amazing music

    • michael wertzy
      michael wertzy Month ago

      Doesn't it seem like they're covering their own covers?! I don't mean Wilco.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago +1

    I would like to add a public comment. I like this band

  • Caryn Schwengel
    Caryn Schwengel Month ago +31

    His voice sounds a bit like John Lennon’s.

    • lcozzarelli
      lcozzarelli Month ago

      I’m not hearing it...

    • Anthony
      Anthony Month ago

      @Johann potakowskyj
      Tweedy is 12 years older than Lennon when he died. There's that too.

    • My Name is Abel
      My Name is Abel Month ago +3

      @Adam Hartzell lmaoo that's a funny joke. i'm a big fan of Wilco but nope that's not true.

    • Johann potakowskyj
      Johann potakowskyj Month ago

      But John Lennon looked better!

    • Jkm
      Jkm Month ago

      I've always thought that too. Love it.