Last workout ahead of Valencia match with Neto back in the squad

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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Comments • 392

  • Matias Sosa
    Matias Sosa Month ago

    Name of this song please it’s 🔥👌🏼🙌 Visca el Barca

    NISHANT HARIPAL Month ago +1

    Full timepass

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago

    Nice win boys

  • GHoSTik 228
    GHoSTik 228 Month ago

    What a music? Say please

    • Seth Walker
      Seth Walker Month ago

      I don't know bro. I am very sorry.

  • Barça Herb.
    Barça Herb. Month ago

    Visca El Barça 💙❤️👍😎

  • JMB Btz
    JMB Btz Month ago

    Please Valverde❌ out never to winner like good manager... He is good Manager but not is for barça...

  • Abdullah Ossaili
    Abdullah Ossaili Month ago +1


    LIONEL MESSI Month ago

    Ich vermisse Messi

  • Chidera Ogbu
    Chidera Ogbu Month ago

    Why does Pique always do that to his shorts?

  • محمد الخفاجي

    برسا برسا

  • Rafat Chowdhary
    Rafat Chowdhary Month ago +1


  • a aaahmed
    a aaahmed Month ago

    is messi playing in this match vs valencia

  • Nova Man
    Nova Man Month ago

    Still am not happy want to see msg playing together before Tuesday anyway all the best barca love from my heart

  • Rutendo Takaendesa
    Rutendo Takaendesa Month ago

    Why do they spend all this time doing crosses in training when they are never used in games?? Ever since Alves left iv seen very few crosses in a Barca game

  • Dia Ami
    Dia Ami Month ago +1

    Arthur busquets de jong

  • HadesLNZ
    HadesLNZ Month ago


  • ورده البنفسج ورده البنفسج

    يارب الفوز اليوم والتوفيق دائما والبطولة للبرسا تعيش برشلونه😍😘❤💖💝💝💝💞💞💞

  • sbai marseille Sbai marseille

    Viva barsalona Subscrib

  • Kaiden LeVasseur
    Kaiden LeVasseur Month ago +1

    Todibo neeeds to start pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • AlphaDani A.G
    AlphaDani A.G Month ago

    Good trainings but please change this f****** happy flower music. Is this football or Disney channel?

  • Bugs
    Bugs Month ago

    100 099 % lose this game

  • MilonAbdul Guni
    MilonAbdul Guni Month ago

    No music please only player sound....... please

  • C H E W Y
    C H E W Y Month ago +1

    Messi? Dortmund?!

  • كرم الضللي


  • Hoa Nguyen
    Hoa Nguyen Month ago

    good luck to day Barca , Griezmann , Suarez go up

  • mok mung
    mok mung Month ago

    Can't wait for griezmann dancing

  • Anzonini Delpuerto
    Anzonini Delpuerto Month ago

    Traigan a Marcelino ese si es un entrenador Valverde es un pelele.

  • Kevin Zaka
    Kevin Zaka Month ago

    Neymar come back to barcelona with Messi and Suarez MSN PLEASE BARCELONA PLEASEEE BARTOMEU NEY COME BACK PLEASEEE LEO

  • Darth Elius
    Darth Elius Month ago

    It's time to make Barcelona great again!!!

  • xbox TNT
    xbox TNT Month ago

    البارشة وبس

  • R10 Messi 10
    R10 Messi 10 Month ago +1

    Força Barça siempre 🔵🔴😎👏👏⚽💪💪

  • Football Plus
    Football Plus Month ago

    Barca will return from this match. Barca 2-1 Valencia. ok?

  • Fernando González
    Fernando González Month ago

    Everyone, absolutely everyone: "De Jong, Busquets and Arthur"
    Valverde: "Rakitic"

  • Emirhan Sever
    Emirhan Sever Month ago


  • Raajas Joglekar
    Raajas Joglekar Month ago +4

    Frenkie de jong is the FUTURE!!

  • LM10
    LM10 Month ago

    same trainings everytime

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson Month ago

    Which song is it in the last???

  • Adem Eliyev
    Adem Eliyev Month ago +1

    Barselona 2-2Valencia

  • Y.S Yim
    Y.S Yim Month ago +2

    Use arthur! Don't use roberto as a starter;

  • Vu Phan
    Vu Phan Month ago

    Name music 2:05

  • Roidar RMCF
    Roidar RMCF Month ago

    we just gonna lose with out Messi

  • Me Mungon o goc
    Me Mungon o goc Month ago

    4-0 for Barcelona

  • gardah4w gDhrsh
    gardah4w gDhrsh Month ago

    Fesca Barca ❤💙

  • King_of_games
    King_of_games Month ago

    Good luck Barca

  • Umanga Luintel
    Umanga Luintel Month ago +2

    Will Neto celebrate if he scores against Valencia?
    But wait....He's a GK
    Still wait.....Valverde might play him as a CF.....

  • منتظرالكتلوني برشلوني العشق

    بلتوفيق لبرشلونة عشقي

  • mohe xasan
    mohe xasan Month ago +1

    Freanka De jong New Bueasquts

  • Steve Chancelin
    Steve Chancelin Month ago


  • Steve Chancelin
    Steve Chancelin Month ago

    Visca Barcelona fc ❤❤❤

  • Mohammad Raihan
    Mohammad Raihan Month ago

    Everyone back but not messi?? Wtf happen

  • Martin Boris Alima
    Martin Boris Alima Month ago

    Plesase leo back now!!

  • N0stalgic Retro
    N0stalgic Retro Month ago

    Valverde has to try different setups, they can't play all the time with their best formations. For different style opponent, they need different formation, to strategically capitalise on their weaknesses and counter their strengths.
    They won't win UCL if they just start with strongest formation they like most all the time...

  • Wait 24
    Wait 24 Month ago

    why they play with a puma ball as they have a nike sponsor

  • Soram Bishwas
    Soram Bishwas Month ago

    Messi will not play against valencia. He said it in his last interview. He is not fully recovered.

  • Himanshu Verma
    Himanshu Verma Month ago +1

    Arthur de jong Vidal should be mid-field for the match. Who else agree?

  • rali mini
    rali mini Month ago


  • radwan chowaya
    radwan chowaya Month ago


  • Junaid Rahman
    Junaid Rahman Month ago

    What messi

  • Ofek Harush
    Ofek Harush Month ago

    Forca barca

  • Daniel Lau
    Daniel Lau Month ago

    Neto is back! 😁👏