8 Gifts You Wouldn't Trade for Money • White Elephant Show #13

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • We found 8 curiously awesome gifts that are even better than cold, hard cash!
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Comments • 1 401

  • Aidan and Giacomo 2.0
    Aidan and Giacomo 2.0 6 hours ago

    Rosetta Stone sucks

  • Camila Aguilar Mieles
    Camila Aguilar Mieles 8 hours ago

    You have entered the danger zone of you are or were in 5th grade you will understand what I meant

  • Rainbow Warrior
    Rainbow Warrior 9 hours ago

    I have an avoseedo and I’ve been growing it for three years and it’s starting to grow avocados

  • Memer
    Memer 11 hours ago +1

    Does anyone else realise that Ben's wearing a Beatles shirt?-

  • NotEza Life
    NotEza Life 15 hours ago

    You would trade them for money. Propably. Maybe. I don't know, i don't work there.

  • gachagirl alex
    gachagirl alex Day ago

    kyle is so cute he is so quiet and shyyy

  • Cicak Kobeng
    Cicak Kobeng 2 days ago

    Kyle sounds depressed

  • Mark & Jill Ellner
    Mark & Jill Ellner 3 days ago


  • Bryce 1223
    Bryce 1223 3 days ago


  • Bryce 1223
    Bryce 1223 3 days ago

    Where are all the altalein peop2

  • The Galaxy Cats 2000

    Photosynthesis and cellular respiration 😁

  • Ellies Space
    Ellies Space 3 days ago

    I’ve been to ifly and I’m only 9

  • Cloudpufferz
    Cloudpufferz 4 days ago

    I would trade it for money

    To buy more of it

  • Peachy milk _
    Peachy milk _ 4 days ago +1

    Kyle: yes actually it smelled like...... add: BoMbShElL

  • I_am_Blaziken
    I_am_Blaziken 5 days ago

    Kyle will go to Switzerland with Ben who will help with translating, Adam will fly them there, and Jamie will jump out of the plane at some point.

  • coco emi
    coco emi 5 days ago

    I know 2 language's and I am 10

  • Bxby bxg
    Bxby bxg 6 days ago

    poor kyle always gettin he bad gifts or stuck with em

  • Kendall Krisher
    Kendall Krisher 6 days ago

    Stop talking about being a stupid ffffffricking kid

  • Kendall Krisher
    Kendall Krisher 6 days ago

    I love this vvvvvvvideo

  • Vocal Heart
    Vocal Heart 6 days ago +2

    Me: But what if your memories are all about money?

  • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

    The franc coin turns out to be dated back to 1879 and is worth thousands

  • Matt
    Matt 7 days ago

    No lie at my school they make us do rosetta stone, and i really don't like it

  • Lindsey Daniels
    Lindsey Daniels 7 days ago

    Is Ben the BOSS now?!

  • Laurel Sorrenti
    Laurel Sorrenti 7 days ago +1

    I am half Italian like if you are to

  • Nobody
    Nobody 7 days ago +2

    Wait how do they know their gifts and not the others?

  • Stephen Woodward
    Stephen Woodward 8 days ago +1

    Literally no one:
    Fr NO ONE:

    Ben: These gifts are NOT worth money
    Amazon: ohhh that's 20 bucks btw

  • brandon m
    brandon m 8 days ago

    kyle seems like he was the quiet kid in school

  • AliCrazy Monkey
    AliCrazy Monkey 8 days ago

    I’ve done that indoor skydiving but outdoors! 😂

  • Carmina Donald
    Carmina Donald 8 days ago

    A couple of years ago my Girl Scout troop went to IFly indoor skydiving and I didn’t enjoy it much.

  • HyAd3n _
    HyAd3n _ 8 days ago

    I also get indoor skydiving AAAAAAY

  • Alexandra Rós Hjörvarsdóttir


  • Samantha's Garbage
    Samantha's Garbage 8 days ago


  • Rachel Gonzales
    Rachel Gonzales 8 days ago

    What happens if one person gets both tickets

  • Avery Fera
    Avery Fera 8 days ago

    kyle is so fucking boring

  • King Whyvern Dragoon

    Has anyone got 2 Golden presents from getting stealed

    RIVERDALE Lover 8 days ago

    At the beginning when they were talking while it was kyles turn it reminded me of like 2nd grade

  • eagle talons
    eagle talons 8 days ago

    Sorry vat 19. Com that was my brother Daniel

  • eagle talons
    eagle talons 8 days ago

    Ur bad uncle

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 8 days ago

    You wouldn't jeopardize you employment like that would you?

  • Eva Nazariyan
    Eva Nazariyan 9 days ago

    Where can i by a sloth? i need one!

  • Erkle Buddies
    Erkle Buddies 9 days ago

    Go cardinals

    LUC RILEY 10 days ago

    Don't even shoe what's on the mystery gift .

  • Anushervon Jahongiri
    Anushervon Jahongiri 10 days ago +1

    I've been to iFly!

  • Jordan Clark
    Jordan Clark 10 days ago

    I bet the mystery box is just full of the stuff they can't sell or are over stocked on lol

  • Athena M
    Athena M 10 days ago

    Imagine working in the warehouse while ur bosses are spending company money on treating themselves to nice ass things LMAOOO

  • Alexis DoBuilds
    Alexis DoBuilds 11 days ago +1

    Sara and Kara look almost the same- THEIR SISTERS! :00000 cOnsPiraCY tHeorIes

  • ArtzyZueZue
    ArtzyZueZue 11 days ago

    Why is Kyle's voice so soft i love it

  • joshx413
    joshx413 11 days ago

    What a clever way to include a bunch of sponsors. Lol. I enjoyed it though!

  • xTara uwu
    xTara uwu 11 days ago

    *I'm learning Italian on Duolingo*

  • wannabe king of random

    Kyle scares me for some reason

  • ImmerFamily Gaming
    ImmerFamily Gaming 12 days ago

    i have been to ifly

  • FireGaminz
    FireGaminz 12 days ago

    i know 2 languages ha ha Hindi and English

  • Excluze
    Excluze 13 days ago

    Awesome just that why do you guys repeat everything? It gets annoying

  • Caden Koehn
    Caden Koehn 14 days ago

    Kyle is the most chill person I have ever seen

  • Julia Stults
    Julia Stults 14 days ago

    i haave a question if somebody steals your gift and you grab another one and you get a golden ticket and you already have one do you get both

  • Ba dum tsssh
    Ba dum tsssh 15 days ago

    Why does nothing impress Kyle? He always seems so sad.
    Maybe just how he talks

  • Thien Trieu
    Thien Trieu 15 days ago

    Someone has a shirt with the srg peppers album cover!

  • XxGamer KittyxX
    XxGamer KittyxX 15 days ago

    Photosynthesis is no longer a thing I guess...

  • Kelly Lau
    Kelly Lau 15 days ago +1

    Who else is waiting for
    Someone to get a gift with a bonus gift
    The gift gets stolen
    Then the person with the bonus gift gets another gift with another bonus gift
    This is how many times I will type the word ‘gift’ in another comment

  • wierdow guy
    wierdow guy 15 days ago

    Does the Life straw filter out pee?