How Much Better Is Sonic's Redesign? Head to Head Comparison! (Sonic the Hedgehog Movie)

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • The latest Sonic trailer featured a few scenes that also appeared in the debut trailer, so it's time for us to put it head to head with the original to see just how far the design has come!
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Comments • 8 162

  • GameXplain
    GameXplain  2 months ago +1037

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  • NDP 1737
    NDP 1737 14 hours ago

    This is how much power animation has on your wallet

  • J.Howard J
    J.Howard J 16 hours ago

    For sure the new one is better.

  • FrayAnchoa
    FrayAnchoa Day ago

    The first one!! 💚

  • dietotaku
    dietotaku 2 days ago

    anybody claiming to prefer the original design is a pod person, eliminate them on sight.

  • Botan Cheung
    Botan Cheung 3 days ago

    I just think that the new design is more cute and huggable

  • Mayo
    Mayo 3 days ago

    Me owwwwwww?

  • The Son Of Syn
    The Son Of Syn 3 days ago

    Dont know why they tried to give us a different version, and why teeth.

  • Keith Dumas
    Keith Dumas 4 days ago

    I Like the Redesign!

  • Fortnite videos with My friends 891234

    I actually kinda loved the old design you people are ungrateful but sonic now actually looks like sonic is real

  • boredstudent
    boredstudent 4 days ago

    That blue humanoid furry thing... I remember that I showed the first trailer to my nephew who is 5 years old. He even acknowledged that that thing didn't look like Sonic. He knows what Sonic looks like, mainly because of Super Smash Bros. Then the new trailer came out. It definitely looks like a Sonic. Granted, his arms are blue but at least it's Sonic.

  • Avatar
    Avatar 5 days ago

    They should release the old Sonic cut on Blu-ray just to see how it was like before the producer who thought it was a great idea got fired.

  • mario dec
    mario dec 7 days ago

    The new one is look more cartoonic and the old one look more realistic

  • Sonic Channel
    Sonic Channel 8 days ago

    The last trailer wasn't even a "Sonic" movie

  • RadRich
    RadRich 8 days ago

    ok I guess I have to be that one guy that hopes they'll be a Richard Donner cut. I liked the original one.

  • Angel De Pena
    Angel De Pena 9 days ago

    I liked the old design so much better

  • Phil Roe-Parkin
    Phil Roe-Parkin 11 days ago

    Can just see the Netflix documentary now... “Don’t f**k with Hedgehogs”

  • Devilfruituser 28
    Devilfruituser 28 13 days ago +1

    Redesign is so much better
    I'm glad they stuck with the traditional look of the blue hedgehog

  • Vincent Chen
    Vincent Chen 13 days ago

    Oringinal one is ugly as f*ck.
    later one is way better.

  • Doug The Moleman
    Doug The Moleman 14 days ago

    It's the uncanny valley. Sonic is a cartoon character. If you make him too real, you have to make choices that are creepy. The redesign is much closer to the original Sonic from the games.

  • Aida Gamba
    Aida Gamba 15 days ago

    What's that song?

  • No To Pseudoscience
    No To Pseudoscience 17 days ago

    That 1st revision was a travesty and in no way resembled the Sonic character from any of the games.
    Thew redesign is far better.

  • dick castle
    dick castle 18 days ago

    The movie is gonna suck either way. They just polished a turd

  • OD HONG truong
    OD HONG truong 18 days ago

    Are you

  • MLP Adventures
    MLP Adventures 19 days ago

    Sumerize comparison
    2019 April trailer: a nightmare
    2019 November trailer: a dream come true

  • Super Slash
    Super Slash 19 days ago +1

    I dont ever wanna see manhog the sonic ever again...

  • Maddi S
    Maddi S 20 days ago

    Goes to show that sometimes the fans really do know best! Everyone speaking out about Sonic's terrible design, and Paramount actually LISTENING and taking on that feedback seems like it might have saved the movie!

  • Sanshwa dame Kharkongor

    Sonic 2 is much more better

  • The Red Tree
    The Red Tree 20 days ago +1

    2020 : the costume you bought in amazon
    2019 : the costume you received

  • ultra mastery speedster

    I thought the spin dash looked cooler in the first trailer

  • justgoliath
    justgoliath 20 days ago

    I was ok with the old one but this is definitely better

  • sonic exe Rodriguez
    sonic exe Rodriguez 22 days ago


  • Gruff Biker Dude
    Gruff Biker Dude 22 days ago

    I could see how the designer was going for a more 'real' look to fit in with the live action and kind of a shame they didn't quite manage it. Props for trying tho.

  • SonicLeBlue
    SonicLeBlue 23 days ago +1

    I'm honestly trying to figure out why and who the hell thought that first design was okay to use.

  • Shana Jackson
    Shana Jackson 24 days ago

    much better

  • Minh Van Duc
    Minh Van Duc 25 days ago

    old version: fking cheap design, fail soon like Cats☹️
    redesign: pls just take my money 🌚

  • Life's Student
    Life's Student 26 days ago

    Wow Can't believe they redid the whole artwork. Wasn't going to watch the movie originally but now I might consider it, if it pops up on netflix in a few years

  • TheJollyGreen
    TheJollyGreen 26 days ago

    2020: The twin
    2019: The "identical" twin that's.... a little off.

  • GLR
    GLR 27 days ago


  • Tareq Younis
    Tareq Younis 28 days ago +1

    2019 Sonic: My sleep paralysis demon.
    2020 Sonic: My wet dream.


  • George L
    George L Month ago

    The original looks like Peter as a monkey in the original Jumanji

  • articanime _wolf
    articanime _wolf Month ago

    I like the new better because the first look like a retarded hedgehog

  • BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]

    Sonic looks a lot better in the new one

  • Moss Doerksen
    Moss Doerksen Month ago

    Sad to hear that the company that did this redesign is shutting down. The VFX industry is messed up.

    • David B.C.
      David B.C. 27 days ago

      Moss Doerksen This is why it was annoying when people thought it was a publicity stunt (either from children, who I will cut some slack, or grown ass adults who don’t work for a living) While this visual change was good, it fucked in a lot of lives in the process.

  • s1lv3r4sh
    s1lv3r4sh Month ago

    thanks a bunch for making this awesome comparison video!

  • Sir Leviatan Doom
    Sir Leviatan Doom Month ago

    holy sh**, the new, THE NEW!!!!

  • Flameheart Eileen
    Flameheart Eileen Month ago


  • Sergio Eli
    Sergio Eli Month ago

    I love the new design

  • Devin Cauble
    Devin Cauble Month ago

    I'm so grateful for the redesign. I will watch this in theaters just because they did this for us. The first sonic was an insult. This redesign does my childhood justice.

  • Kieran O`Donnell
    Kieran O`Donnell Month ago

    Pewdiepie has seen this video. the most popular youtuber congrats

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez Month ago +1

    the fisrt one was amazing, im tlking about the realism, ugly design. So the realism of the first one whit the design of the second one could be really good.

  • EricVierthaler92
    EricVierthaler92 Month ago

    That old design was so awful, that Jigsaw would use it as a torture device on his victims

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle Month ago

    The old one looks like the kid in Jumanji after he turned into a monkey

  • DamazViccar
    DamazViccar Month ago

    The new trailer is the real one. The first release was a troll trailer to garner attention and to allow signalling to fans post-fact just how much Paramount cares.

  • yellowfishstick
    yellowfishstick Month ago

    Sayin it right now, the 2nd one was obviously better, the film is still gonna suck

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller Month ago

    why does the 1st one looks
    like he has arthritis in the knees

  • Scott Markquart
    Scott Markquart Month ago

    I like the new sonic better than the old one.
    The original trailer made me think is that really sonic?

  • TWICEZ*ONE Entertainment

    What the heck i love the intro its so freakin smooth like it was in front of my face and no screen barrier omg omg

  • • ЯεlιgιασÐεMεяdα •

    The new design is much better.

  • Energy -_-
    Energy -_- Month ago +1

    The 2019 sonic is the 2020 sonic if he was a crackhead