Baylor vs Oklahoma Football Highlights - #Big12Championship

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Rhamondre Stevenson had a 5-yard touchdown run in overtime and No. 6 Oklahoma made its bid for another playoff berth with a 30-23 win over No. 8 Baylor in the Big 12 championship game Saturday.
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  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady 9 days ago

    I'm just here because Panthers hired the coach and dc of Baylor. Nice concepts on offense.

  • Lindsay Cookson
    Lindsay Cookson 22 days ago


  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 23 days ago

    Breakaway speed on one play but on the other the OU db had run down speed. That was play of game for OU.

  • Rell Simon
    Rell Simon 23 days ago

    Baylor going to whoop Georgia ass ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  • jamine671
    jamine671 Month ago

    CeeDee we need a Tavon Austin demonstrations against LSU (:)

  • Kevin Longan
    Kevin Longan Month ago

    Way to go, Sooners! Yet another championship in a long line; never thought I'd see the day when Baylor would become a powerhouse, good lookin' out, Bears.

  • Jamal Adams
    Jamal Adams Month ago +1

    Jaylen hurts a lil to cocky like dude chill u needed Overtime to win ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Justus Rodriguez
    Justus Rodriguez Month ago +3


  • Justin D'murcielago


  • Haywire
    Haywire Month ago

    All the LSU fans acting like Texas didn't chop you all up. OU whooped Texas far worse than LSU did.

  • Ostrich Wayne
    Ostrich Wayne Month ago

    This was a good game.

  • John Rodriquez
    John Rodriquez Month ago +1

    I was going to get on here and curse the hell out of OU but after seeing the classy comments below, you guys played a great game.
    I still hate you though. I'm sick of losing to yal every year ๐Ÿ˜‚
    GG though and good luck ahead.

  • Jason Claunch
    Jason Claunch Month ago

    But they didnโ€™t include the smash tackle on Baylorโ€™s qb in overtime. Greatest clean tackle Iโ€™ve seen from OUโ€™s defense all year.

  • Joe Banasky
    Joe Banasky Month ago

    good game but GO TIGERS

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard Month ago

    I see very poor coaching in that first run by gotta look behind ya too when your runner is in front of you. That run should have been a touchdown. Coaches come on pay attention. You're not living up to your paycheck!

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver Month ago

    Baylor ran 56 plays and got positive yardage on only 22 of them. That's incredible defense by OU against a top 10 team in the country. OU also just shut down OSU and held them to only 18. If anybody thinks LSU is just going to blow them out they're living in a fantasy world. This defense is playing at its highest level right now and OU has the best offense in the country (when they're not turning it over!). Bring on those Tigers...

  • Brad S
    Brad S Month ago +1

    I understand that LSU is favored, but I've seen so many people disrespecting Oklahoma it's crazy.

  • JETX25
    JETX25 Month ago

    God be with You and your defense Vs LSU, Sooner fans..

  • Philip Hatcher
    Philip Hatcher Month ago

    I know every game is different. I do think that LSU is the best matchup Oklahoma could face of teams in the playoff. The Longhorns gave LSU a pretty good test. If OU has no costly turnovers and we established the run we can definitely defeat LSU.

  • Benjamin Ruthard
    Benjamin Ruthard Month ago

    sooner nation

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers Month ago

    Respect to Oklahoma. The defense was superb this game. Baylor's defense was good. This game was the best game from yesterday man. And Baylor is legit. But now Baylor vs Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

  • Deon Go healthy
    Deon Go healthy Month ago

    Oklahoma ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Ž#Hurts

  • drsevrin100
    drsevrin100 Month ago +3

    OU is in first place and has 13 Big XII championships and last 5 in a row. Texas is second and has 3. That is dominance.

    • Steven Neal
      Steven Neal Month ago

      @Antonio Borens you must be one of them cousin fuckers from sure do hate a lot on OU...๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    • Brad S
      Brad S Month ago

      @Antonio Borens The Big 12 has to play everyone in their conference. You have SEC Alabama playing Western Carolina in the second to last game of the season.

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Month ago

      OU is scary ๐Ÿˆ ! They didn't wanna make that jump to the s.e.c !! Big12 laughable more like Arena 3

  • otherwise
    otherwise Month ago +1

    think about it yall... jalen hurts just outperformed arguably the best college football coach of all time after leaving alabama.

  • lowell powell
    lowell powell Month ago +1

    what is the sack count on this game?

  • Yolanda G.
    Yolanda G. Month ago +1

    Great Game! All of the young men did really well, on both teams! Congratulations to the Sooners!

  • BubbaScrump
    BubbaScrump Month ago +4

    That boy ceedee gonna be a 1st rounder no doubt ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ–ค

  • Alessandro Ortuzar
    Alessandro Ortuzar Month ago +1

    Baylor has a bright future

  • Grant Pierce
    Grant Pierce Month ago +4

    Greatest part was where the TCU student won 100K in tuition and the Baylor fans booed her๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Guts
      Guts Month ago

      A TCU student?. Lol I'm not surprised.

  • Antonio Borens
    Antonio Borens Month ago +1

    Just in OU will play LSU spells doomed,murder,over, close the curtain, fat lady warming up in the back Mimi Mimi Mimi faneto! And every other cliche term that has to deal with something being over

    • Haywire
      Haywire Month ago

      LSU acting like they've played for a title this decade. Lol

  • Noah Rolen
    Noah Rolen Month ago +1

    The defense looked great though other than taking a few plays off

  • Noah Rolen
    Noah Rolen Month ago +1

    We just need to get a new qb all together. I think Spencer AND Tanner are better than Jalen

    • Jerah Selig
      Jerah Selig Month ago

      Youโ€™re a special kind of idiot you know that?

  • Noah Rolen
    Noah Rolen Month ago +1

    Iโ€™m an oklahoma super fan but this game was particularly awesome because I get to rub it in all of my friends faces

  • Antonio Borens
    Antonio Borens Month ago

    To all Sooner fans the proverbial bus stops here ! If any are real football fans and not jus homers! The writing is on the wall! the committee did OU A disservice by let them in!! LSU will hang 60 on OU ,this going to get ugly fast and what's crazy is OU fans know it !

  • Coolkid Coolkid275
    Coolkid Coolkid275 Month ago +1


  • MR FREEZE-98
    MR FREEZE-98 Month ago

    I either hope OU doesnโ€™t make it to the play offs or that they get smoked in the play off lol

  • Shimada Son
    Shimada Son Month ago +1

    Good fight to the finish on both sides. Baylor came up short in the end. Congrats OU!!!

  • Qeuso Boi
    Qeuso Boi Month ago +3

    Now we in da playoffs boys!

  • Cowboy Nation
    Cowboy Nation Month ago +1

    Boomer sooner

  • Kelly Pike
    Kelly Pike Month ago +3

    Letโ€™s show six field goals instead of six sacks.

  • D W L
    D W L Month ago +1

    Glad to see coach Grinch & defense players just keep proving themselves to be in the top. I like Rhamondre Stevenson running a lot along Brooks, plus a group of top runners coming on.

  • John Davis
    John Davis Month ago +1

    I would like to see Jalen in a powder blue and lighting bolts jersey to replace Rivers.

  • Real Kub
    Real Kub Month ago +2

    This gonna be the best playoff weโ€™ve seen in a while

    • Haywire
      Haywire Month ago

      @Antonio Borens to LSU? Lol their stats are only good against SEC teams.

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Month ago +1

      How? OU ass is going to get there teeth kick in! Beat to death! Not close homie

  • Emanuele Arca
    Emanuele Arca Month ago +1

    2:29 what are those stickers?

    • Windbag Jones
      Windbag Jones Month ago +1

      It's recognition for "special" plays during the season. Ohio State started that tradition many years ago.

  • RAAM855
    RAAM855 Month ago +24

    God I wish NCAA Football 20 existed

    • Sooner Keith
      Sooner Keith Month ago +1

      Hopefully it won't be much longer. I tried to play Madden for years to fill the void, but it didn't work. We need NCAA football back!

    • Aidan Brewer
      Aidan Brewer Month ago

      Same bro same

  • j jones
    j jones Month ago +3

    Ceedee the real MVP

  • Carvan Jackson
    Carvan Jackson Month ago +12

    1. LSU
    2. Ohio State
    3. Clemson
    4. Oklahoma

    Preparation, preparation, preparation!!! Hard work and preparation are the most important factors in the college football playoffs. Again, in my preparation I would give Spencer Rattler some practice reps to motivate Jalen Hurts. The offensive line cannot go out there and get bombed rushed at times and not give Jalen Hurts the needed time to sit in the pocket and make plays. This offensive line misses the guard play of Ben Powers and Dru Samia, big time. This offensive live needs to put some major work in during the down time waiting for this playoff series. The offensive line also needs to eliminate dumb penalties and prepare higher level completion. BOOMER UP!!! BOOMER BLESSINGS!!! SOONER NATION WE GOT TO BELIEVE!!!

    • Richard Craig
      Richard Craig Month ago

      Antonio Borens I agree, their gonna be seeing tiger eyes in their boomer sooner nightmares

    • Chafing cake
      Chafing cake Month ago

      Like the sooners but LSU is just too dominant. I fear it will be a blow out. Hope Iโ€™m wrong though.

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Month ago

      @Carvan Jackson obviously you didn't know! Or don't know LSU has 3 NFL cornerbacks! Follow me! OU has 1 ceedee lamb! 1! I sound like a hater! That's just sarcasm! In real life brother you suppose to believe in your team! In my humble opinion it's all fictitious dreams! Y'all do this ever year all to be met with a harse reality!

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Month ago

      @Potato Kid french fries OU is playing LSU !!! Smarty-pants

    • Carvan Jackson
      Carvan Jackson Month ago

      @Antonio Borens I once knew a governor, senator, and president with the name Borens, obviously he is a lot more intelligent than yourself. I remember our common opponent, Texas. LSU played Texas close but save for a few mistakes OU almost mascaraed Texas. I think OU will soundly beat LSU. Keep believing the media's rat poison because you are partying with the original AIR RAID.

  • Mountaineer World
    Mountaineer World Month ago

    If brewer never got hurt would of been a different story

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago

    The Greatest, Teams, Ohio, Clemson, LSU

    • DMUB
      DMUB Month ago +1

      Native American The Worst Grammar

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago

    Boomer Schroomers, Guess who the next Heisman Trophy going too

  • Raff Alhousni
    Raff Alhousni Month ago

    Jalen Hurts for the 4th game in row, 2 turnovers...hope he stops doing this shit when playing in CF playoff.

    • DankBurrito
      DankBurrito Month ago

      Oh my god, it is so irritating. He did it vs Texas, ISU, K state. tCU Baylor in game 1 and does it here too. This really has to change before January 1.

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago

    Ohio State at Wisconsin, best come from behind game, Go Ohio to Championship

  • Brant Phillips
    Brant Phillips Month ago +4

    Nothing like the TCU girl winning the $100k for tuition and the Baylor fans booing. Such class.

    • Grant Pierce
      Grant Pierce Month ago

      @Pseudo Psolomon because Oklahoma got no beef with TCU

    • Brant Phillips
      Brant Phillips Month ago

      Pseudo Psolomon um well Baylor and TCU are rivals and no other team in the Big 12 has animosity towards TCU

    • Me Thinks
      Me Thinks Month ago

      Pseudo Psolomon the green shirt

    • Pseudo Psolomon
      Pseudo Psolomon Month ago

      How do you know it was just the Baylor fans?

    • Grant Pierce
      Grant Pierce Month ago

      Oh yeah

  • csdthadude
    csdthadude Month ago

    OU will get shit on in the next game

    • Windbag Jones
      Windbag Jones Month ago

      You're probably getting shit on right now.

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago +3

    Ohio State, still number 1, great come back, still beat Wisconsin, by more than 7 points

    • Guts
      Guts Month ago


    • Joyner_46
      Joyner_46 Month ago

      LSU blew out the number 4 team tho and never looked back. I think that will give them the edge since Ohio State has to comeback.

    • Genobeast123
      Genobeast123 Month ago


  • Michael Zaragoza
    Michael Zaragoza Month ago

    Every year people bitch that OU is overrated. Owning the Big 12 for the better part of a decade is overrated? People are really dumb

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago +1

    LSU, Clemson, the best in the Nation

    • Steven Neal
      Steven Neal Month ago

      I'm a sooner fan, but I believe lsu will beat us, and ohio state will beat Clemson, so lsu and ohio state for the championship...and ohio state will win....just my predictions

    • The One
      The One Month ago +1

      LSU barely beat Texas. Ou beat texas. Clemson has blood in the water this year

  • Jesse Sloan
    Jesse Sloan Month ago

    Boomer Sooner

  • Steve Someone
    Steve Someone Month ago +2

    I worked with a supervisor a few years ago who is a total jerk and who is a big Baylor fan. Seeing them lose in overtime and knowing how it made him feel was very satisfying.

  • Native American
    Native American Month ago

    Oklahoma Land Stealing Schooners, are over rated

    • Digitalbumpin
      Digitalbumpin Month ago +5

      Number 1 program of all time, bitch. Now fuck off.