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Queen strips Prince Andrew of HRH title and military roles - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • The Duke of York's military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has said.

    Prince Andrew, 61, will also stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source said.

    It comes as he faces a US civil action over sexual assault allegations - claims he has consistently denied.

    A source close to the duke said he would "continue to defend himself" against the case brought in New York by Virginia Giuffre.

    Buckingham Palace said in a statement: "With the Queen's approval and agreement, the Duke of York's military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen."

    Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by royal correspondents Nicholas Witchell and Helena Wilkinson.

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  • This Is It
    This Is It 11 days ago +2606

    ANY person, in any political affiliation, or powerful position, that is found to have been involved with Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of minors, must face ACCOUNTABILITY and justice.

    • 01x 01
      01x 01 2 hours ago

      And who's gonna strip her off her title for murdering her daughter in law Diana

    • Stella H
      Stella H 8 hours ago

      But will not! They killed Epstein

    • Charles White
      Charles White 3 days ago

      @Montana Crone In the UK the age of majority is 18 but the age of consent for sexual relations is 16. "Age of majority" refers to the age at which you are able to sign a legally binding contract enforceable in law.

    • AvniStar
      AvniStar 3 days ago

      Basically every white rich old male. Trump, Gates, Clinton etc...

    • Montana Crone
      Montana Crone 3 days ago

      @Charles White In the US, the age of majority is 18.

    AGUSTIN MONTEALTO 3 days ago +316

    Imagine your mom is 95 and still giving her these problems.

    • Cee crystal clear
      Cee crystal clear 5 hours ago

      @WolfPackGameing no we remember very well ! Murderers and pedos

    • WolfPackGameing
      WolfPackGameing 5 hours ago +2

      There are pictures of epstine and maxwell at the queens cabin. I would say she is very aware of what her family is doing. It’s not like she’s a saint. Remember Diane?

    • Cee crystal clear
      Cee crystal clear 10 hours ago +1

      @Sik Style right !

    • Hardik Rajpal
      Hardik Rajpal 10 hours ago

      Dude I also googled the age when I started this video.

    • Neko
      Neko 16 hours ago

      @Sik Style I was born in an upper middle class family and I'm taking advantage of that by using that money to go to college and to buy anything I need for it. Some of my classmates in highschool came from lower class households yet they put in their all in their academics. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and looking for excuses for your misfortunes, put more effort into life instead. You can be born into any family but as long as you know how the World works then you'll progress, especially if you're in a somewhat good country.

  • Nihal 542765
    Nihal 542765 6 days ago +608

    The woman coming out about this is really brave, going against someone with so much power is scary but I am proud to see how far our justice system has come (there is still things to improve of course).

    • Uthman Hanif
      Uthman Hanif Day ago

      I don't care if she blackmail him or took a bribe to be quiet and so on or whatever. He is a sick human and did all kinds of Pyschological damage and what not, he brought it upon himself. Hopefully she blackmails him till he is penniless.

      But the taking money and recruiting younger girls by the girl herself needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis to identify if force was involved or Pyschological damage and so forth.

    • Kyle little But I have a big PP
      Kyle little But I have a big PP Day ago

      She won't be alive long

    • Katherine Martinez
      Katherine Martinez Day ago +1

      As of right now, the only person being held responsible for the callous sexual assaults, is another WOMAN! How exactly does that reveal anything positive about our justice system? Quite the opposite. Smfh

    • Graeme Morris
      Graeme Morris 2 days ago

      @Laura Claire You are ignorant. It is the American “justice” system that is pursuing Prince Andrew, not ours. And even so, it is only a civil action, not criminal.
      Even if his alleged sexual encounters are found to be true, he has broken no law unless it can be proven that he forced sex on the girl or paid her for it ( which is nearly impossible to do ).
      Believe it or not , it is still legal to have sex in England.

    • About Me
      About Me 2 days ago

      Well, If you have billion on your pocket, your ex or your enemy will soon find you and tainted your name. Be real. This is not about brave, this is about money. In this situation even when he is innocent, or win the case, what will happen with his reputation? He will never in win win situation, even when he win the case and proved innocent he still being labelled as criminal.
      Justice my ass. You dont know what justice is my brother. Justice is cruel.

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 10 days ago +883

    I've known and worked with many sexual assault survivors in the past, and I can't tell you how GOOD this is to see. The idea of a powerful man stripped of titles and privileges for life is a really heartwarming start to getting a bit of justice. This does WONDERS for the victims out there who feel like the world doesn't care. It renews some of my faith in humanity. This is actually a healing thing to behold.

    • Inquizzing
      Inquizzing 12 hours ago

      @Markmark Mark I’ve spent quite a time in Thailand…underage prostitutes exist, but many girls “look” underage at a glance. I’m also a lawyer, and her lawyers wouldn’t leak that information as it would jeopardize future settlements. And again, she accepted less than 10% of that amount from somebody who did far worse. She was 17 at the time of their encounter, assuming it happened, and that’s not underage in the UK or most of the US. She’s looking for a payday.

    • Markmark Mark
      Markmark Mark 12 hours ago

      @Inquizzing I live in Thailand The Thai girl in the photo looks below legal age And the five million pounds offer was reported on a blog from The man who has his dog with him on his blog Who I have found to be very good on his research

    • Inquizzing
      Inquizzing 13 hours ago

      @Markmark Mark Zero chance the latter is true. She took $500K from Epstein. Have you been to Phuket? Hookers willing to dance on a boat for minimal money are as easy to find as the damn beach. That doesn’t mean they were underage, so who cares?

    • Markmark Mark
      Markmark Mark 16 hours ago

      @Inquizzing Another photo of Andrew has surfaced Showing him on a luxury yacht in Thailand with young topless Thai girls And Andrew has offered five million pounds to settle the American case But it has been declined

    • Cath F
      Cath F Day ago

      @Meatrub.exe It means officially that Britain won't consider it an act of war if he's convicted and sent to prison. One does not normally arrest and confine members of any Royal Household ;-)

  • Cpt.AirWolf
    Cpt.AirWolf 5 days ago +212

    Can we just talk about how incredibly brave that girl is to pursue charges against him? I can't imagine the pressure she's been under from varying sources to drop the case.

    • Shannel
      Shannel 7 hours ago +1

      @username @username what's wrong with you? What she went through was traumatic and terrible and in no way should be made light of. You think it's all easy and the same but you do understand in the process of getting money, she's ruining her name, her reputation and putting her face and story out in public to be judged and dragged by people like you. Even pursuing this would be no less traumatic than what she went through because of people like you. And you want to be in her shoes?

    • JohnZackarias
      JohnZackarias 12 hours ago +2

      @username You'd kill to be in a situation where you suffer trauma as a result of grown men sexually abusing you as a child?

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago +2

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

      ANGELA_ROY 3 days ago

      Yes that is so true

    • Marilyn Mitchell
      Marilyn Mitchell 4 days ago +1

      Even death. Remember Princess Di and others?

  • z
    z 8 days ago +338

    What a sad day for everyone when the queen already tells the world her son is guilty without saying so.

    • ᴋᴀʏʟᴇɪɢʜ
      ᴋᴀʏʟᴇɪɢʜ 2 days ago

      What is "sad" about a predator who's been protected by status his whole life finally being held accountable?

    • Jelena
      Jelena 2 days ago

      @9crutnacker 9 "evidence or no that makes him quality" LOL..you are funny 🤣

    • 9crutnacker 9
      9crutnacker 9 2 days ago

      @Jelena Taking this action makes him look guilty, evidence or no. why would need to distance the 'monarchy' from an innocent person.

    • S R
      S R 3 days ago +1

      I hate those parasite "royals" anyways so I am happy to dump them

    • D N
      D N 3 days ago +1


  • Concerned Voice
    Concerned Voice 10 days ago +219

    The fact that he attempted to evade this due to his title says volumes.

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

    • Concerned Voice
      Concerned Voice 8 days ago +3

      You are right. He did not earn them just like the rest, however, I believe that by stripping him of these titles, it may make him a regular mortal and he may be tried.

    • Australia First
      Australia First 8 days ago +5

      @Concerned Voice So what, he didn't earn any of them, they were given because of who he was born to.

    • Concerned Voice
      Concerned Voice 9 days ago +1

      We will have to see. Damage control is in progress. Stripped of his HRH title and stripped of his commands.

    • TravelWell
      TravelWell 9 days ago +1

      Do you think he's not still teflon?

  • Iza Waniek
    Iza Waniek 9 days ago +224

    This kind of crime should be severely punished no matter who the offender is.

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

    • Cockedandlocked
      Cockedandlocked 2 days ago +1

      Yeah including bill clinton

    • Siul Seyer
      Siul Seyer 5 days ago +1

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • Fairy Princess
      Fairy Princess 6 days ago +1

      @Z A I feel like people in their middle ages hanging around a 17 year old child says it all

    • c sh
      c sh 6 days ago

      Tell the windsors, because they did this in order they get away with their own dirt

  • alifc
    alifc 10 days ago +202

    Isn't the word "devastating" misplaced? Not being called Royal and not wearing a uniform.. That's devastating???

    • Sandy No
      Sandy No 7 days ago +1

      @Sylvia Koetz H left the rf and went abroad. He can't do the duties that come with the titles from America.

    • g paramaeswary
      g paramaeswary 7 days ago


    • Imran Mahmud
      Imran Mahmud 7 days ago +8

      well that is devasting because thats all he was and that was the only thing that defined him, i'm sure anyone would be dissapointed from being degraded from a Prince or Princess to just a citizen, but he deserves that having all that he worked for in life taken away, the mans a creep.

    • Melissa Paoletti
      Melissa Paoletti 7 days ago +1

      For the 2nd son of the queen and for the British that is devastating... Read Christopher Hitchens... he has a unique critique of the Royal Family - he calls the Royals - England's favorite "fetish." It is a fetish... He calls Charles "a spineless, chinless Muslim sympathizer with horrific taste in women." He actually has some kind words for Anne - who was nominated for a Nobel for her charity work - but has virtually has received no media attention - b/c the British media - of course was focused on Diana.

    • Phoebe Vanderhorst
      Phoebe Vanderhorst 8 days ago +1


  • James Jamieson
    James Jamieson 11 days ago +1777

    They haven't faced a situation like this in modern times because all past events were covered up.

    • Oxum Yamaja
      Oxum Yamaja 7 hours ago

      @Alishah Khaliq
      Look who is talking about trash, you shouldn't be talking in public, remember?

    • Robin Redbreast
      Robin Redbreast 4 days ago +1

      @C Q Being royal means you can do whatever depraved thing you want, nobody says anything, till now. Maybe people are seeing royals are only human beings like us plebs.

    • C Q
      C Q 5 days ago

      @Miscellaneous man King Edward V11 King of England, Queen Victorias Son, ruled from 22nd Jan 1901 - 6th May 1910, is very relevant, suggest you study your history. He had many mistresses within a culture where this was tolerated, as it was for hundreds of years. It was sometimes in the press, but very quietly. In addition wives of these Monarchs also knew and accepted these Mistresses. Edward V11, was another one. He was Edward V11s grandson and abdicated the Throne to marry a two time USA divorced lady. Again the British press ignored this right up to when he made the decision. My point being this would not be tolerated today 🇦🇺

    • Miscellaneous man
      Miscellaneous man 5 days ago

      @C Q 19th century and reigning from 1901 to 1910 isnt really that much of a different time, especially when it comes to laws regarding such a serious crime, if you are referring to edward VII by 'V11' whatever that is

    • SHODAN64
      SHODAN64 8 days ago

      @Jecinta M the are legitimately trash

  • sine wave
    sine wave 10 days ago +94

    We must no longer use the word pedophile, literal definition child lover, to describe a child abuser. If a woman is raped no one would suggest her perpetrator is a woman-lover. For a child rapist to be publicly referred to as a child lover is a dagger to the heart of every child abuse survivor. Pedo-criminal is a more appropriate definition, because there is no love in the act of child abuse.

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      she's smiling with Andrew...but now she's a victim

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago +2

      We should not use 'pedophile' when the relevant parties are post-pubescent. Cheers! :)

    • Matty
      Matty 8 days ago +1

      I absolutely agree with you. It’s such a terrible thing to be conflated with, and I honestly think it’s unfair to equate the attraction to the act of child abuse.

    • Pruu
      Pruu 9 days ago +2

      You can be both (as much as it is disgusting), the words are fine.

  • chuaberna
    chuaberna 10 days ago +237

    Stripping his titles are not enough, he SHOULD be charged for his involvement with a minor. SHAMEFUL!

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      sounds like you want another crucifixion....sometimes reactions are worse than the crime...Andrew's got a real job and fought for his country...I'm not agreed with what he's done but I don't condone hate either...we've all sinned.

    • irondragonmaiden
      irondragonmaiden Day ago

      His case is coming up. The monarchy can't judge anyone legally as an entity.

    • Babee byrd
      Babee byrd 4 days ago

      @SunMoon Crystal Gotcha,thanks x

    • SunMoon Crystal
      SunMoon Crystal 4 days ago

      He'll be charged in the US.

    • Babee byrd
      Babee byrd 8 days ago

      @Peter Roberts Plus she was over 16, the legal age in uk..Don't think he would of really cared though x

  • Jeebs Unabia
    Jeebs Unabia 8 days ago +147

    "severe reputational damage" - really? Get over yourselves, and make him accountable!

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago +1

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

    • c sh
      c sh 6 days ago

      I doubt the awful elizabeth want to lose his favorite son.
      Its sad british adore so much the windsor they hate voices of reason like meghan markle (at least partially)

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Day ago +2

    It took the Queen this long to strip off her son's titles?! His victims are brave for telling the truth.

  • Gerard Collins
    Gerard Collins 11 days ago +5394

    Make no mistake, this isn't about punishing Andrew, it's about saving face for the monarchy.

    • Penultimate H
      Penultimate H 7 hours ago


    • LEGION
      LEGION 8 hours ago +1

      @Kitty Katz

      Anne who was booked for drink driving but saw no charges..
      people have short memories or no moral compasses..

    • LEGION
      LEGION 8 hours ago

      @Penultimate H
      That’s utter crap. The crown buildings are public property, she only owns Balmoral and Sandringham.
      The public pays for the upkeep of crown estates.
      The Duchy takes rent at extortionate rates from public members, ask anyone living in Cornwall.
      The Duchy also claimed grants from the EU fund regarding listed buildings and matters relating to defra, (environment)
      The EU contributions were from the British tax payer. Part of Funnelled back to the duchy through EU grants.
      We also contribute to all family members security and transportation costs, memorials and anniversaries and public visits/tours here and abroad.

      In 1946, on the Queens 21st birthday she clearly stated she understood her place was to serve, as her family had served before her.
      5 years later she became Queen.
      As serving Diplomats and ambassadors of this country they should not disgrace the realm. The Realm is not the family, it is the country and it’s constitution.
      Her son by definition has disgraced the family and the realm, apparent by his being stripped of titles and privileges.
      We are a semi monarchistic Union, not a dictatorship or a full monarchistic state and have been since the 1600’s, which means the family are temporary in history and here to serve not rule unabated.
      Effectively what she said in her speech on her 21st birthday. To serve.
      If you still cannot see the gaslighting in that statement you are beyond saving..

    • Robin VDL
      Robin VDL 21 hour ago

      That is good enough reason

    • Katherine Martinez
      Katherine Martinez Day ago

      @Elon Musk please don’t confuse your lack of morals and character with my own. I said what I said and it appears you needed to hear it most. Be well!

  • Rave Shadows
    Rave Shadows 2 days ago +3

    Personally I feel bad for princes mother yea she may be the queen but this must hurt them somewhere deep with all of this. Even if people say otherwise I cant imagen what they're mind is going through right now.

  • looney llama lady
    looney llama lady 7 days ago +71

    He hasn't really "returned" anything though has he, behind the scenes, he's had no other choice, he was practically forced to do so, no one is so stupid to believe he gave it up willingly 🙄

    • Tsuliwaensis
      Tsuliwaensis 5 days ago +3

      it's just a polite way of phrasing it, it's not meant literally.

    • Detective Hildibrand
      Detective Hildibrand 5 days ago

      what exactly did he gave up? not having to attend to public events? sounds like a win to me.

  • Zancrus
    Zancrus 2 days ago +3

    I love how it is "Well now he is a private citizen so everyone will forget that he is part of the royal family".

  • Annie Lou
    Annie Lou 10 days ago +14

    And people had the nerve to have more anger towards Harry and Megan 😂

  • Harry Bond
    Harry Bond 11 days ago +1741

    CORRECTION: The "palace" did not act quickly, they waited 7 years hoping for a last minute reprieve, as soon as it was signaled that the case was going to court they cut him loose to save their own skins

    • Massive Cumshot
      Massive Cumshot 6 hours ago

      That's how royalty rolls.

    • Adina Medrea
      Adina Medrea Day ago

      The queen acting like she never knew anything about Epstein's paedophile island and shit...

    • Harry Bond
      Harry Bond 2 days ago

      Of course that is correct!

    • GreyWolfClimber
      GreyWolfClimber 2 days ago

      @IAN BANNER the courts are not fooled that easily. Andrew has assets.

    • Inquizzing
      Inquizzing 2 days ago

      @Natalie Carter You’re missing my point. If he forced her to have sex against her will, he’s a piece of shit who deserves what he gets, though he’ll never be charged criminally. However, the girls who testified at Maxwell’s trial weren’t kidnapped or trafficked. Perhaps the first time was a surprise, but they returned on their own literally hundreds of times to get the money…so it doesn’t sound like forcible rape to me. That leaves us with underage sex, which is wrong, but in this case, the girl was 17…nobody forced her aboard that plane…she wanted the money and the trip. It’s not illegal for old men to have sex with 16/17 year old girls in the UK, as well as the vast majority of US states. So he’s not a pedophile who needs to be thrown in prison to protect society…the sex was legally sanctioned. Perhaps he’s an old pervert, I’ll grant you that.

      If it was my daughter, I’d want to kill him, but that’s true of a 15 year old who slept with her, too…I’d just feel more comfortable killing the old guy. Those paternal instincts have nothing to do with the law and whether the guy deserves to have everything taken from him…over an allegation he denies, btw.

  • Russell Der geko Wright
    Russell Der geko Wright 5 days ago +26

    I wonder how many times he was guilty of this sort of thing but it’s been covered up.
    His behaviour didn’t just suddenly begin with this incident.

  • S Graham
    S Graham Day ago

    He has to fight the accusations as a private citizen? So, does that mean the royal court is no longer involved?

  • black cat
    black cat 4 days ago +10

    "have been returned to the Queen" what a careful use of word . He’s been stripped because of public pressure

  • Kaiserbill99
    Kaiserbill99 7 days ago +60

    The stripping of Andrew's HRH title may have more to do with protecting royal assets than "doing the right thing". It is reasonable to assume that Andrew will not travel to the US to contest the case so the courts will award in the plaintiff's favour by default. Even if he does contest the case then he may lose. This being the case Andrew's US assets would be threatened. His US assets may be non existent or negligible but the Royal family may have substantial assets in the US. There is a theory that if Andrew was still part of the royal institution then these assets may be threatened. Hence stripping him of his HRH title. After all, the US courts allowing the civil court case does not make Andrew any more or less guilty than he was before so why strip him of his HRH status now and not before? Why strip him of the HRH title at all if he is to withdraw from public life?

    Andrew has always been an insufferable arrogant dimwit.

    • steviesteveo1
      steviesteveo1 5 days ago

      It'd be interesting to see how that works out: that wouldn't be the first time someone gets rid of stuff to stop it being awarded in a court case. There are loads of provisions for clawing it back

    • Nazri Buang
      Nazri Buang 5 days ago

      Lies again? Rear Admiral

  • Corpsebride84
    Corpsebride84 11 days ago +1123

    My uncle was in the guards, he always says Andrew was outright rude to them

    • Brown Viking
      Brown Viking 5 days ago

      @Juanita Richards Bruh. He broke the law. Why the hell are you talking about kings marrying 14 year olds??? Obviously that was wrong, but power meant everything back then. Kings have no power anymore, thankfully, and everyone must be held accountable. This is an example of child sex trafficking. She was 17 years old god damn

    • Kelly Sells
      Kelly Sells 5 days ago

      I bet he won't be rude now aye

    • Juanita Richards
      Juanita Richards 6 days ago

      @Christine Stone Cutoff?

    • Christine Stone
      Christine Stone 6 days ago

      @Juanita Richards is 12 your cutoff?

    • Rob
      Rob 8 days ago

      Prince Andrew was mean to the Queens corgi dogs. On many occasions he would hide their toys and chew bones in Buckingham Palace, they would spend weeks trying to locate them.

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson 4 days ago +27

    What a brave young lady. I'm worried for her safety.

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      she should be worried for her own safety...eastern is dead so we'll never get the whole story....just remember this condemnation the next time you make a mistake.

  • Mark H
    Mark H 9 days ago +137

    I hope he loses in his court battles and names others involved. This is a humanitarian scandal.

    • Z A
      Z A 6 days ago +1

      @Mark H I haven't heard of any actual evidence that he had sex with her. Clearly he made bad decisions.

      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

    • Mark H
      Mark H 6 days ago +2

      @Z A virtually every time I would agree with you in that point, but this case has shown too much evidence worldwide against him including the Queen herself. And let’s remember she is also the queen of the media as well and she has disowned him.

    • Z A
      Z A 6 days ago +1

      You've already decided he's guilty even before a trial, just on speculation, assumptions and accusations. So much for innocent until proven guilty. I'd be surprised if he didn't do something wrong but I'll reserve judgement until substantiated evidence is presented. That's the humanitarian thing to do.

    • RI0T_ Hawk987
      RI0T_ Hawk987 7 days ago +2

      I can tell you some, I did follow news, but I am just forklift driver at local warehouse.....

  • walkwitmeh427
    walkwitmeh427 4 days ago +5

    It's ridiculous that some random woman can come forward after allegedly being sexually assaulted 20 years ago, which Prince Andrew denies. But still found guilty by the court of public perception. How can something like this be proven after so long?

    • Shannel
      Shannel 7 hours ago

      Well, see, she's not really some random woman coming out of nowhere. To the rest of the world, she may be, but investigation into epstein began around 2005, and she was contacted around 2007 regarding it, and has been public about her story and experience since 2010. And as for how it can be proven after so long, well, the investigation goes as far back as 2005. That's over 15 years ago and just 3 years after she ended her association with Epstein, so evidence prolly goes way back too.

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago +1

      I agree...as usual it will backfire

    • purplefee
      purplefee 3 days ago +4

      Everyone is after Andrew, regardless of his entire family that is being ripped apart in the process. His daughters, his mother... his entire family in fact. If he wasn't a prince nobody would care about who he had sex with (over the age of 16 of course ) 20 years ago. Sounds like a witch hunt.

  • Oswald
    Oswald Day ago

    I couldn’t imagine how it feels to be ousted from a monarchy that is completely useless to a country.

  • Danielle A
    Danielle A 9 days ago +71

    Justice is coming for those poor vulnerable under aged girls

    • carol jones
      carol jones 5 days ago

      @Cleopatra Oatcake how do u make that out..... NO WAY do i think that... I just think this more about money !,

    • J B
      J B 7 days ago

      @DMG Soul'togetherness she's smiling in the picture, she doesn't look that hard done by...

    • Cleopatra Oatcake
      Cleopatra Oatcake 8 days ago +1

      @carol jones So you think Ghislaine Maxwell is innocent and should be set free?

    • carol jones
      carol jones 8 days ago

      @DMG Soul'togetherness she had a 19 yr old boyfriend who knew what was going on and he was also invited to Epsteins many times so it makes you wonder wonder!!!!

    • carol jones
      carol jones 8 days ago +2

      She should of done this 2009 and not taken the 700.00 Dollar out of court deal!!!
      Yes, its all about money and not morals!!!

  • Robbb
    Robbb 2 days ago +4

    I feel as though the queen knew of this for decades probably. She probably spoke to him and told him to watch himself and he screwed up and now bc everyone is looking at them not just for this but many things she is choosing save face for the public..

  • Natalie Carter
    Natalie Carter 3 days ago +26

    He's been hiding behind his mom's apron for far too long. Who knows what else hides behind those palace walls... I feel sorry for his daughters though, but applaud this young lady for speaking out.

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

    • Ronak Choudhary
      Ronak Choudhary 2 days ago

      Here here, for queen and empire

    • B H
      B H 2 days ago +1

      They are all vicious child abusers and sadistic horrid things go on behind those walls to the very very young make no mistake

  • jayinmaine
    jayinmaine 3 days ago +24

    Sex accusations aside, is this man really qualified to have any titles if he’s screaming at the maid because his dozens of teddy bears aren’t arranged correctly?

  • John Scan
    John Scan 11 days ago +1469

    The Queen isn’t stupid! She picks her fights carefully, Andrew only has himself to blame.

    • EzmGame
      EzmGame 9 hours ago +1

      @Мишель Поппинс ☂️ imagine simping for child molestors lol get help

    • Prophet 17
      Prophet 17 4 days ago

      @Kamila K. Dr Kamila. really ? Time will tell who's deranged.

    • Kitty Katz
      Kitty Katz 5 days ago

      She certainly tossed Prince Harry out in his ear quickly.

    • MinaOlenElla
      MinaOlenElla 5 days ago

      @John Scan Bad comparison. MJ is innocent according to ALL evidence from 15 years of investigation by multiple offices. Andrew has not had any investigation. on the allegations.

    • krschn
      krschn 8 days ago

      @Мишель Поппинс ☂️ please learn about grooming. You are obviouly oblivious to it. As if you never made a bad decision when you were younger.

  • Treasure2Behold
    Treasure2Behold 8 days ago +45

    He needs to face prison time. Wealthy and entitled, titles didn't stop him from acting like a perv. Disgrace to the Crown.

  • biyao kiti
    biyao kiti 10 days ago +13

    Despite everything you can’t deny this must be devastating for any mother

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      they don't care about that...she was born into these headaches.. my heart goes out to her

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall 6 days ago +2

    Slightly misleading video title. HRH is a style not a title. It has not been removed from him. He has agreed not to use it in any official business. Same way Camilla is Princess of Wales but does not use title

  • mauricio echeverria
    mauricio echeverria 7 days ago +1

    Just incredible to see such historical actions being undertaken by the Monarchy of the Commonwealth. But we must be wary of this action, the public is only seeing the tip of the iceberg, of what must be known to very senior position personal.

  • Evalasting Thrift
    Evalasting Thrift 10 days ago +605

    "The royal family have acted very quickly" 😂😂😂😂😂.. How can he say that with a straight face..these allegations are 10 years old and the interview was 2 years ago...they have done this simply because of the court ruling!

    • Sik Style
      Sik Style Day ago +1

      The royal family is 100% tyrants who get everything they ever wanted by just being born in the right family. I am really hopeful hell exist for people like them alone including the ugly queen

    • nad 08
      nad 08 2 days ago

      @Kitty Katz he is the one who washed his hands off them, leaving his country and selling family's private matters stories to the press, the leaked messages about the couple "non autorised" biography made things clear for all people, the monarchy is no Angel but Harry and Meghan are proven liars and master manipulators.

    • Kitty Katz
      Kitty Katz 5 days ago

      The only thing they did quickly, was to toss Prince Harry away…

    • Kitty Katz
      Kitty Katz 5 days ago

      They certainly gave Andrew more of a chance than Prince Harry. They washed their hands of him so fast it made my head spin.

    • Diptangshu Chowdhury
      Diptangshu Chowdhury 6 days ago +4

      @Fairy Princess she painted herself as a victim but she was equally responsible for her bad relationship with Charles. And I am not going to compare her with Andrew. Of course Andrew did heinous stuff. But this person said that they treated Diana badly. Where in reality none of them were good for each other and thus both cheated. So both are guilty, not the royal family only

  • Ross Beck
    Ross Beck 2 days ago +1

    Wow the British news media feel so sorry for him.

  • Judy Robertson
    Judy Robertson 5 days ago +5

    But, but he’s so honorable.
    This truly may be the first time in his life he has been held accountable!

  • Cyril Bruce-Cathline
    Cyril Bruce-Cathline 9 days ago +31

    Make no mistake. It’s about saving and protecting the royal family’s asset in the US. The court can attack the Royal family’s estate in the US. Hence by removing Andrew from royal duties, he doesn’t have a stake in the assets known in the US. Andrew will not go to court.

    • Antonnick
      Antonnick 8 days ago +1

      Indeed, we must remember that the woman is a US American and one of the national traits is money grabbing whereever you can. Lawyers get hired on the basis of "no win, no fee" so will go all out. It therefore makes perfect sense for him to be cut out of the assets responsibility pending a possible guilty verdict. He can always be reinstated if proven innocent. Incidentally, in the foto of him with the girl ,she does not give the impression of being abhored, the opposite in fact. Nah, guiilty or not, just a money grabbing exercise

    • Mrs. Janell
      Mrs. Janell 8 days ago

      You hit the nail on the head!

    • Simone Peterson
      Simone Peterson 8 days ago


    • Coastal_memories_fishing
      Coastal_memories_fishing 8 days ago +1

      Ding ding ding

  • Barbielocs007
    Barbielocs007 17 hours ago

    Oh my goodness! 😱 this is really hitting me how serious this is!

  • sarah pooley
    sarah pooley 7 days ago +55

    I hope he goes to prison for what he has done - he's a disgusting example of elitism

  • TeaLadyWhimsy
    TeaLadyWhimsy 6 days ago +1

    Good on the brave woman. May justice prevail.

  • Diana B.
    Diana B. 6 days ago +5

    They did the right thing. I didn't know this was possible really (as a move), but since it is - it would've been weird for them *not* to do it.👍

  • Mellow
    Mellow 7 days ago +1

    I feel for the Queen.

  • Imranah H.
    Imranah H. 9 days ago +4

    Protecting the family from reputational damage.. that's all you care about!

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago

      It seems presumptuous to clam that such is the *only* thing anyone cares about.

      Who are you talking to?

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis Day ago +2

    The entire monarchy should be dismantled. Let the queen be the last monarch of the British Empire and call it a day.

  • coreysue
    coreysue 20 hours ago +1

    quick action lol. That family knew and knows what each member is up to at any given time. Disgusting.

  • montielh
    montielh 9 days ago +33

    This is the real monarchy, people stepping over the law for year with total impunity. They know he is fully guilty!

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago +1

      That is more than _I_ know.


  • Teeter Totter
    Teeter Totter 11 days ago +349

    If only every rich privileged person's crimes and lack of integrity was truly revealed. There is so much disgusting behaviour at the so-called "upper class" levels. Throughout history. It is rare to find actual high standards of character.

    • Fred Al Watkins
      Fred Al Watkins Day ago

      @Mork MelloYou mean you're, dummy. Oh and you're Mork the Dork.

    • Mork Mello
      Mork Mello Day ago

      @Fred Al Watkins The middle the most wholesome? Your an idiot

    • J Cortese
      J Cortese 6 days ago +1

      Yeah, the more money and power, the less human they are. For most of them, you can look in their eyes and you see nothing remotely human is left.

    • maeshelle west-davies
      maeshelle west-davies 7 days ago +1

      @Fred Al Watkins thanks for your honesty. Although I don’t totally agree, i think it’s important to hear all sides. I have met good people in every income range. I have noticed there are cultural differences.

    • Fred Al Watkins
      Fred Al Watkins 7 days ago +1

      @maeshelle west-davies I'm an upper middle class American. In poor countries there are no opportunities. In rich countries people on the bottom get there because of their behavior. I've also seen a lot of disrespectful behavior from the rich. The middle class not so much

  • Angela
    Angela 6 days ago +2

    There are consequences for abusing children. I still remember him saying the picture with the woman he assaulted hasn't been authenticated. So she risked everything to randomly lie about about a member of the royal family abusing her...righttt.

  • Leyan Clasi
    Leyan Clasi 9 days ago +19

    They've saved him basically, now he's going to simply hide - and his grandma / family won't be held liable for anything. No justice here.

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago

      @H2X2E2532 You can't cure stupid.

    • H2X2E2532
      H2X2E2532 7 days ago +1

      So if any of your siblings or cousins have done anything wrong you would agree that you should be held liable for justice's sake

  • i miss my bed
    i miss my bed 7 days ago +2

    Of course it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about saving face. Private citizen or not, dude is still filthy rich and powerful, hard to see him being at a disadvantage at any point forward. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got away with it and the Britons embracing this man again. Ugh. That gives me goosebumps 😖

  • Ca Thonn
    Ca Thonn 8 days ago +14

    Yeah....this doesn’t happened to an “innocent” man....the Queen knows he is guilty

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      I agree joe...whats the point... you've got a picture you can humiliate the queen with....I would not have stripped my son

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago

      @Ca Thonn Ad hominem _and_ ducking the question. Well done! :)

    • Ca Thonn
      Ca Thonn 6 days ago +2

      @Joe Fairweather Blues .....AHHHH, typical response from uneducated sheep!!

    • Joe Fairweather Blues
      Joe Fairweather Blues 7 days ago +1

      Guilty of what? This sort of thing goes on all the time. Guiffre well knew what she was doing, but now is out to destroy a decent man, a Royal no less.

  • Harvey S.
    Harvey S. 11 days ago +772

    This should have been done ages ago. I hope his heritage does not continue to protect him from his crimes. And he is subject to the same penalties as everyone else.

    • John Jones
      John Jones 3 days ago

      I'll put it another way, if a Father found out his child was a victim, and took action, how would he be treated under the law? Any Father knows exactly what they would do, all hypothetical of course.

    • John Jones
      John Jones 3 days ago

      @Fred Willey oh do give your head a shake, it sounds like you don't find anything wrong in what was alleged to have happened, if a person is under the age of consent, it's rape, simple as that, because that person is a child, and anyone involed in sexual activity with a child is a sick individual.
      As I understand it, the law in the US doesn't go far enough in these type of proceedings in the civil court, it should be heard in a criminal court to send a message to other sick fucks, regardless of their status.

    • Fred Willey
      Fred Willey 3 days ago

      @John Jones all in how you want to phrase it. I don't condone it some adolescents are quite head strong and convinced they are right. As far as I know they were not held prisoners.

    • Wompo
      Wompo 4 days ago

      @jordan spiritual T Will Christ eat my ass tho

    • Your Grace _
      Your Grace _ 7 days ago

      @Fred Willey and were underage and not legally allowed to decide

  • Sid bob
    Sid bob 2 days ago +2

    What a QUEEN

  • Natasha Merline
    Natasha Merline 2 days ago

    Literally the only royal family that I care about is The Queen, and the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Kasper Kjærsgaard
    Kasper Kjærsgaard 5 days ago +2

    But as an outsider from the british isles, i would still presume that even a member of the Royalty must be sentenced “guilty” before he’s taken away and shot?

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 6 days ago +9

    The Queen: Well Andrew, dear boy, how did the interview go? Andrew: No sweat!

  • Z A
    Z A 6 days ago +5

    So he's presumed guilty by his own family. THAT sends a clear sign to her lawyers.

  • atomant451
    atomant451 2 days ago

    Should Andrew win his case and be absolved of all allegation be re-instated to his Royal duties?
    Not one to condemn until the the truth be told!
    I understand in the court of public opinion, he is guilty, but what if?

  • Artparty222 Murphy
    Artparty222 Murphy 9 days ago +4

    'Bout time. Hes known as an arrogant rude man to those "beneath" him

  • Sadie Hawkins
    Sadie Hawkins 2 days ago +1

    Any " honorary " military title is nonsense anyway and should end. The REAL ones worked so hard and Gaines such expertise then rich boycomes along.... ... I know ut isn't his personal fault he was born into that ,not any of them. This guy.... embarrassed them . They me. He had unearned rank on. I feel sorry for him. I wonder how this weird life would effect a man

  • Devraj Ray
    Devraj Ray 11 days ago +444

    People say how brave a decision it is by the Queen. Absolute bollocks. Been protecting him as long as she can and now they save their own skins.

    • Helen B Mclean
      Helen B Mclean 4 days ago

      @Kitty Katz
      Harry, as you so eloquently stated “tossed himself out”. The Queen, in order that he could return, gave him a twelve month probationary period. At the end of the twelve months, Harry confirmed that he did not wish to return. So how, was he “tossed out”?

    • Kitty Katz
      Kitty Katz 5 days ago +1

      Yeah. And they tossed Prince Harry out so quick and she shielded this degenerate.

    • Helen B Mclean
      Helen B Mclean 5 days ago

      @Gro Gas
      My achievements? How pathetic and puerile. I am not a Politician?
      I am not a hermit and do listen to the news and “yes. I am a Tory. Always have been.
      My sister, decided to vote for New Labour and Tony Blaire. What occurred? He took this Country into an illegal war, causing, unnecessary, loss of young lives whilst, leaving others traumatised. He should have been charged with War Crimes!
      Whereas, Boris has saved thousands of lives. Prior to the Pfizer vaccine being approved, he had everything required, in place, to commence immediate vaccinations and, purchased more vaccines from, any other Country, world wide.
      That is all I have to say on the matter.

    • Gro Gas
      Gro Gas 6 days ago

      @Helen B Mclean Your achievements? Don't remember commenting on them. So Kay burley is beneath you.

      flash-player.net/video/8s68cL-aQYA/video.html maybe a tory is more to your liking. PMQ's again had Boris lying and making fools of the British public as his latest defence is that he did not know that he was breaking his own rules. Do you believe everything he says? He was smirking again today when hearing about the disgust of constituents. He truly is a man without shame. I believe a vote of no confidence may be in the offing.

    • Helen B Mclean
      Helen B Mclean 7 days ago

      @Gro Gas
      Kay Burley! Seriously 😂😂😂😂. Oh please!
      You have failed to give an explanation as, to your accusation regarding, my achievements and, instead chose to direct me to Kay Burley! Did you want me to puke over my lunch?

  • Clare Owens
    Clare Owens 6 days ago

    I wish the victims all the best. I also wish they had screamed and yelled and run away. Such a horrible situation they must’ve been in.

  • Died Alone
    Died Alone 7 days ago +1

    "Take comfort in the fact your overlords are a frail woman and an infant"
    - Ron Swanson

  • Amy N
    Amy N 7 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for his daughters. He knew what he was doing.

  • Vahakn Gehlhaar Matossian

    "For Andrew this must be devastating....?" What about the person who was abused? No talk of them.

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      what of the other 200 men she's slept with? Will Andrew pay for them all

  • Abisai Jorge Vega Perez

    Everyone told him not to do the interview in 2019, but thinking that he could calm down the situation instead got unto himself more attention to where we are today, he deserves all the bad that is coming

  • Father son?!
    Father son?! Day ago +2

    Imagine still having a monarchy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amparo B.
    Amparo B. 3 days ago

    If he committed a crime (sexual assault of a minor), shouldn't he go to jail? Why is he above the law?

  • Ergo
    Ergo 9 days ago +1

    she was born for a time as this. G-d Bless her for upholding righteousness and setting an example for godly heritage.

  • Vee Seven
    Vee Seven 5 days ago +2

    Most amazing thing to me is who advised him to do that interview. Because whoever it was clearly hates him.

  • Nathan Graf
    Nathan Graf 3 days ago

    Andrew has brought utter shame to the United Kingdom, to the Queen and to the royal family.

  • Robby334
    Robby334 9 days ago

    The poor Queen must be so upset Bless you your Majesty Keep well safe and strong

  • Migue byte
    Migue byte 2 days ago

    Every person on Earth knows he's guilty.. PERIOD

  • Elvira Stokes
    Elvira Stokes 9 days ago

    I salute Queen Elizabeth11 God save and Bless the Queen 👸❤️

  • wexfordam
    wexfordam 5 days ago

    when you're rich you can get away with what ever you wanted its disgusting and slickening it turns my stomach that he wont face trail or imprisonment if found guilty

  • Zara Royce
    Zara Royce 3 days ago +1

    It may be unfortunate that people are so petty to push for something like this

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      I so agree. What goes around comes around....

  • Akila Sultana
    Akila Sultana 3 days ago

    Why does this video try and draw sympathy to Andrew saying he’s “isolated” as if they’re already assuming he’s innocent. God the royal family and their need to make the public want them. The tone of this video should be kept completely neutral until more information comes out.

  • Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone 11 days ago +726

    A life of privilege and elite catering has deluded Andrew into thinking that he had impeccable speaking skills and that he had the capability to finesse his alleged innocence by giving a personal interview. What a mistake that was, if anything he’s implicated himself ten times over.

    • Mish375 S
      Mish375 S 5 days ago

      @Henry Livingstone That's the classism of the royals though. Prince Andrew viewed us commoners in the UK and Commonwealth as idiots (or "wallys" as you say in the UK). So he was arrogant enough to believe he could tell everyone off in an interview and still walk away because of his position in the royal family. And we all know that was a disaster.

    • A2Z
      A2Z 8 days ago

      @Luminous Raven That is what court is for .

      If Andrew has nothing to hide he has nothing to fear from his day in court to demonstrate his innocence and the oppertunity to demonstrate his impeccable character and her bad character .

      He should not be being dragged to court, he should be eager to get it done and clear his good name and the Royal families reputation .

    • babkee babkus
      babkee babkus 9 days ago

      @A2Z disgusting...dunno how they can do it..after travelling to thailand over 25 years ago and realizing how beautiful asian girls are I never went back...only thai...burmese...laotian...chinese..japanese...korean...taiwanese...khmer and vietnamese girls for 25 years...been approached by beautiful white girls and said no every time

    • A2Z
      A2Z 9 days ago

      @babkee babkus Literally ‘into’ white girls.

    • Sandy No
      Sandy No 9 days ago

      He's like Harry, he's utterly amazed to discover that people don't really like him after all.

  • Mohammad bazzi
    Mohammad bazzi 4 days ago

    God bless our Queen.

  • Messaiiina
    Messaiiina Day ago

    "Protecting the monarchy"?? Her oldest son said he wanted to be a tampon.

  • dehsa
    dehsa 9 hours ago

    He always reminded me of a person who begrudgingly goes along with all this royalty bs...

  • Miss Larissa Fay
    Miss Larissa Fay 5 days ago

    I never thought this would actually happen, but I don’t think it’s for the survivors... it’s for show. Epstein and Maxwell knew who to invite into their circle, to gain knowledge and power over people. I hope he is punished for the crimes he has committed. Sending healing to all the victims.


    President Clinton: *“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”*

    Prince Andrew: *“I did not sweat at the time”*

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago

      REMEMBER FRIENDS: Trolls are best left unfed. Cheers!

    • Bryan Hann
      Bryan Hann 5 days ago +1

      @Saltysleigh Oohhhh.... salty ad hominem! :)

    • As the World Burns
      As the World Burns 8 days ago +1

      @Patty Cake When you have sex with a minor it is in the US sexual assault by definition. If you are an adult.

    • Michelle Makoni
      Michelle Makoni 9 days ago +1


    • Jules kitch
      Jules kitch 9 days ago +1

      I bet he's sweating now!

  • nico
    nico 6 days ago +4

    I haven’t really followed this much but is he actually guilty of something? Or is still to be decided in court?

    • London Jones
      London Jones Day ago

      exactly. He hasn't been convinced of anything....its all a waste

    • Johann Coetzee
      Johann Coetzee 5 days ago

      ohh he is guilty as can be

  • imaner76
    imaner76 9 days ago +1

    I'm not a massive fan of the monarchy. But this shows some honest understanding. It also shows me that, the protection from the crown is now about protecting the crown and the values it has previously claimed to hold. Finally showing that they do hold them. Rather than telling us they do.

  • Samuel Mandarelli
    Samuel Mandarelli 6 days ago

    God Bless The Queen.

  • Verónica Gómez Calvo
    Verónica Gómez Calvo 9 days ago +4

    Well, he's been stripped of his titles to save their own skins but at the same time, they're making an statement, they are certain he's guilty.

  • norma desmond
    norma desmond 10 days ago +155

    this is the end for him. You can get away with a lot of things. Sex trafficking of minors is not one of them. This will never go away.

    • Chantell Senekal
      Chantell Senekal 6 days ago

      And no doubt the courts will make an example of him because its so public

  • delilahbelle2125
    delilahbelle2125 5 days ago +1

    I keep hearing Queen Mary from season 1 of The Crown. "The crown must win, must always win."

  • Michael Benton
    Michael Benton 6 days ago +1

    How can this be ,as far as I am aware he has not been found guilty in any court ,I may be wrong, but yet he is being punished before any verdict of guilt has been heard, I do not get it. He may be found to be guilty yet I don't know .no one knows ,but I do worry that he is not putting him self forward to courts in America asp if he has nothing to hid surely he should have took the siad woman to court to prove whatever it is she has to..she will become very rich of this whatever the outcome,she has had half a million.of epstien already ,I would trust no one any more ,lawyers especially. Cause why has it taken her all this time to come.forward.,her.father took her to epstiens place when she was 17 ,what was he thinking ,if men had done sextual.things against her wishes at the time many America media corps would have killed for.this story, or was it one massive cover up by media as like Jimmy Savile many knew completely what he was doing and said nothing..a cover up ..

  • alphonse
    alphonse 6 days ago +6

    This is embarrassing. For the queen most importantly. Ages of royalty stamped with this.

    • alphonse
      alphonse 4 days ago

      @roofie and raggy mental health is important 💕

    • roofie and raggy
      roofie and raggy 5 days ago +1

      Id like to munch on some popcorn and watch the royal family get sent thru a tree chipper one at a time feet first set on low speed......🤔

    • Luke O’Brien
      Luke O’Brien 5 days ago +2

      The royals have always been scum

  • Mati khorasani
    Mati khorasani 3 days ago

    Anyone that thinks this Prince will actually be held accountable and serve a day in prison is living in kuku land


    In the Uk when you turn 100 you get a letter from the queen..... when you turn 13 you get a text from Andrew

    • Gray Fox
      Gray Fox 4 days ago

      @xpusostomos exactly. Yes Andrew shouldn’t had been anywhere near teenage girls. Buy it’s quite strange that she took payment and also recruited other girls herself. Wouldn’t that make Guifre a sex trafficker herself?
      It’s quite convenient to sue Andrew on a civil level for a high amount of money , Years after the alleged events.
      Reality it’s often stranger than fiction.
      In my opinion she knew what she was doing , took advantage of the money , parties etc... once Andrew lost interest she became bitter and years latter decided it was abuse and requires more money.
      Other girls recall guifre being proud of having sex with a Prince.
      They just had bad as each other.

    • Evgenia M
      Evgenia M 9 days ago

      @xpusostomos it's just surface of story. It's worse than that flash-player.net/video/qmJGHzXj_bA/video.html

    • xpusostomos
      xpusostomos 9 days ago

      @Rana El Taco Firstly, she was the one who said she got 15000 pounds. So yes, she got it, unless the whole story is made up. Secondly you don't get more money because of being royalty. If anything you get a discount. Royalty get discounts off their Rolls Royces etc to be seen to be using it.. "By Royal Appointment". The price of a ho in London, even a high class one, is a lot less than that.

    • Jules kitch
      Jules kitch 9 days ago


    • Andrew B
      Andrew B 9 days ago

      Good one

  • Kane Smith
    Kane Smith 4 days ago +1

    If hes lost it can I have it? I've always wanted to fly in first class 😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    Roles? He shows up at a banquet once a year and presto he is a general? On second thought that’s about all “real” generals do.