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Queen Alicent Misses Her Father | House of the Dragon | HBO Max

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • In this exclusive clip, Queen Alicent wishes that her father Otto Hightower was still the hand of the king. Catch up on the latest episode of House of the Dragon before a new episode streams this Sunday night on HBO Max.
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Comments • 933

  • HBO Max
    HBO Max  8 days ago +49

    Watch more House of the Dragon here: flash-player.net/p/PLSduohp5OGX5tYPOtjlYnwucsjMtpgGQN

    • 3pCGi
      3pCGi 8 days ago

      So many spoilers! Why?

  • Nicholas Chen
    Nicholas Chen 8 days ago +871

    I like this take of Alicent. She is the more emotional, anxiety-fused and mentally vulnerable one out of her and Rhaenyra. To be honest, this is relatable. This also makes her villainous antagonistic motivation more reasonable. Must be really sad tho to be in Alicent’s position, always living in fear, melancholy and anxiety. She is as much of a villain as she is a victim.

    • Andrew Boniface
      Andrew Boniface 2 hours ago

      The main villain her is Larys Strong

    • Kamo Shaho
      Kamo Shaho Day ago

      There’s no villain in this story, it’s more tragic
      Although some characters are worse than others

    • Jauneault Nicolas
      Jauneault Nicolas 3 days ago

      @Waltuh Goodman Well I can't spoil in case someone didn't read the book 😉 sorry

    • Waltuh Goodman
      Waltuh Goodman 3 days ago

      @Jauneault Nicolas what did she do viserys' legacy

    • Thess Fangirl
      Thess Fangirl 3 days ago

      @protect_provide Viserys had no problem with that, so it seems he didn't think it would be a big deal.

  • Nicole Sudjono
    Nicole Sudjono 7 days ago +427

    Sad how Alicent and Rhaenyra's friendship broke because they both have their own duties. Very realistic and emotional. I'm really excited for this show and what comes next.

    • Thess Fangirl
      Thess Fangirl 3 days ago

      @lartisteautravail Because Rhaenyra looked up him as example, and he influenced her to do stupid crap thinking it won't have consequences exactly how he always gets away with everything. That's how she landed in trouble in the first place.

    • Cassandra Mcbride
      Cassandra Mcbride 3 days ago

      its funny how Alicent lied, but when it comes to Rhaenyra, she just ommited. Alicent also ommited till she was forced to lied. The difference is the real motive. Alicent ommited because her goal was to seduce the king. Rhaenyra ommited to protect herself! but in the end, both did lie to each other! And both resent each other for that! This is also associated with other issues, that each girl, saw by her own prespective.
      -In the eyes of Rhaenyra, she is the true queen, and she doesnt need to explain herself. She do as she pleases, because she is the future queen. Her nature is to confront her fathers wishes and showing she is not submissive, because she have character and will change this world! She sees Alicent as some mother replacer, that she could choose not to accept the wedding if she was stronger and said No!
      -In Alicent eyes, she worked to become queen and is fullfiling her dutie as a wife and a woman. She is alone, the king dismiss her opinions, and always takes Rhaenyra side. No matter how wrong she is. Rhaenyra was the reason that otto was exiled even when he told the truth (the truth that the princess was no more virgin) and the king took her defense, despite sending moon tea to his daughter! Alicent sees Rhaenyra as spoilled girl, that do as she pleases, without thinking about the consequences. People still turn eyes away when Laenor is not the true father! But her´s are sons of Viserys and still they are not choose to be king. Her kids are a threat to Rhaenyra legacy....
      Theres no right or wrong, instead two different prespectives of the same coin.

    • lartisteautravail
      lartisteautravail 3 days ago

      @Thess Fangirl I don’t like Daemon but why exactly was Otto having Alicent marry Viserys related to Daemon?

    • Thess Fangirl
      Thess Fangirl 3 days ago

      @lartisteautravail Otto and Daemon, why you forgot the latter in the equation? It was their rivalry that caused this.

    • Degree 563
      Degree 563 3 days ago

      @protect_provide I don’t have to rewatch it to know that Alicent was forced into lie whereas Rhaenyra chose not to tell the truth (btw omitting is another way to lie)

  • Mercent
    Mercent 8 days ago +2498

    Alicent hellbent on proving that Rhaenyra's 3 kids are not from Laenor

    • Master Plo Koon
      Master Plo Koon 3 days ago

      @Anja Plushenka not if they are ilegitimate but Rhaenyra can just legitimize them.

    • asonofclay. 1ofmany
      asonofclay. 1ofmany 4 days ago

      daemon targaryen= silver hair
      criston cole= black of hair
      harwin strong= brown of hair.

    • Nnenna
      Nnenna 4 days ago

      @IBRAHIM SURTI John’s mom was a stark, with dark hair. He wasn’t a direct product of incest.

    • Hamdi Ali hassan
      Hamdi Ali hassan 4 days ago

      I’m sorry but if they were Laenor’s wouldn’t they be 25% black so shouldn’t it be rather easy to know…

    • holtimt
      holtimt 4 days ago

      Vicerys should just proclaim loud and strong that Rhaenyra is the heir come what may and that he would allow nothing to come in the way of her getting the throne. Only this can definitely cut Alicent's wings for good.

  • Cine Fiend40
    Cine Fiend40 8 days ago +263

    For anyone unfamiliar with Olivia Cooke’s work, she’s been consistently brilliant in a bunch of films like Thoroughbreds, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and Sound of Metal. And this clip alone really showcases why Olivia was picked for this role. And given where Alicent is now, her strength and confidence is beautifully conveyed by Olivia. Can’t wait for more.

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 2 days ago

      @Tøøbà Khalid I agree. For some reason, I see adult Rhaenyra looks older than adult Alicent and Olivia Cooke is still 28 years old in real life. Even though Alicent is supposed to be 1-2 years older than Rhaneyra. At least the younger counterparts looked like they are on the same age.

    • Mely
      Mely 4 days ago

      Me and Earl and the dying girl is one of my favorite movies!!!

    • Tøøbà Khalid
      Tøøbà Khalid 5 days ago +4

      I love Olivia and her acting but it’s kinda weird watching her play adult version of Alicent who’s supposed to be older than Rhaenyra but somehow she looks as young as the younger Alicent.

      RCKTFNGR 7 days ago +1

      Hey, don't forget Jill the Ripper from Limehouse Golem.

    • Moonrock
      Moonrock 7 days ago +4

      She stole the screen in Bate's Motel. I like that she deepened her voice slightly for this role

  • thatoneguy
    thatoneguy 4 days ago +11

    I can see where Alicent is coming from. She didn't want the destiny her father planned, but she obeyed it anyway.
    She supported Rhaenyra at first but became disillusioned seeing Rhaenyra carelessness and getting away with doing what she likes but at everyone's expense. Similar to Ned's feelings towards Joffrey, Alicent believes Rhaenyra doesn't stand for honor and decency; not an example for the Queen. Alicent wants her kids legitimized not because she wants power, but because she did everything right and knowing Rhaenyra is not one to follow the rules and can kill them. Alicent has a touch of Ned and Cersei.

  • LaMario
    LaMario 8 days ago +292

    I think the near manic frustration over being the only one who realizes the heir apparent has three bastards secretly in line of succession is what drives her to try and knife Rhaenyra

    • MochaMa
      MochaMa 2 days ago

      @The Lost Unicorn but everyone does not follow the rules. And she’s a better leader than alicent who knows nothing political other than spreading rumors.

    • moppis
      moppis 3 days ago

      Exactly, also the only claim Targs have to the throne really is that they’re Targs. They haven’t been ruling for very long at this point. What happens when one of Rhaenyra’s sons, who are obviously bastards, take the throne and feel threatened by the competition - aka Visery’s male heirs who are very obviously his. I understand why people don’t like Alicent, but you can hear her frustration and concern.

    • Thess Fangirl
      Thess Fangirl 3 days ago

      @free bird Is it jealousy or is it because Rhae can't actually fulfill her duty and would be a terrible ruler too? A ruler who thinks no laws apply to her is just a tyrant. How can she trust her?

    • free bird
      free bird 4 days ago +1

      @mimiSunshineLove she is jealous of her independent life where she is living the way she wants unlike her.

    • The Lost Unicorn
      The Lost Unicorn 4 days ago +4

      I don't blame her. Everyone has to follow the rules but rhaenyra is hellbent on doing what she wants and that is not a good quality for a potential leader. Not to mention her bastards are ahead of Aegon. It's like the cersei situation and it's sickening

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 2 days ago +4

    You honestly kinda feel for Alicent, seeing what she's been turned into. Brought to court, not as a person, but as an asset of political leverage for her house. Just seeing her life at King's Landing from a teenage girl into a grown woman, makes me think back to the original series and how bitter Cersei was for living a similar life.

    • dixia xie
      dixia xie 2 days ago

      cruel than Alicent currently.

  • Temo Harri
    Temo Harri 8 days ago +816

    I am going to miss the prior actress as she had some good acting that made you feel the emotions of the character. She along with the actor for Sir Christian Cole and the Valerian Sea King are my favorites in this show.

    • telyahc
      telyahc 2 days ago +1

      @chisom O lol I said the same thing

    • tyu7456
      tyu7456 4 days ago +1

      Get over it

    • Krystal
      Krystal 6 days ago +1

      @Abdulrahman Mohammad Maybe it's their autocorrect 🤔🤷

    • chisom O
      chisom O 7 days ago +1

      She wasn't a great actress, and that scene where she was supposed to be crying with Otto in ep5 and she couldn't even shed a tear was so cringe

    • Belmin Spahić
      Belmin Spahić 7 days ago

      @Charlie black guy with white hair

  • C.W.Simpson Productions
    C.W.Simpson Productions 8 days ago +117

    Larys is definitely coming off as a Littlefinger, bringing about strife and chaos to up his position.

    • Kamo Shaho
      Kamo Shaho Day ago

      Littlefinger was a genius, larys is not in his level.

    • Noah
      Noah 3 days ago

      I feel like Larys is gonna Dwarf Littlefinger and Varys though. His charisma is very unsettling and he appears to have no moral compass guiding him. Only his personal desires. He's like Qyburn and Tyrion put together.

    • kemzyacco
      kemzyacco 7 days ago +19

      just about to say that, just with less charm, more weaselish

  • Amit Kenan
    Amit Kenan 8 days ago +73

    I like how clubfoot is the opposite of his brother: his brother has strength and he has wisdom

    • Z N
      Z N 2 days ago +1

      There is a difference between wisdom and low cunning.

    • liriettrod
      liriettrod 4 days ago +2

      Lol he regret all his decision 😅🤣

    • infinity8
      infinity8 7 days ago +20

      N his is stupid, destroying his own house to further his personal advances….

  • Kerol
    Kerol 8 days ago +11

    She's obviously using the excuse of "exposing" the children not being Leanor's (they're obviously not his, but nobody gives a damn and she's pissed at that lol) as an excuse to further the claims of her children to the throne. 'Cause what if they're not Leanor's, Rhaenyra is the heir to the throne, not Leanor. And if it's a question of "honor", Leanor seems very supportive of Rhaenyra and recognizes the children as his and he and Rhaenyra even named one after his dead lover, Joffrey.

    • MochaMa
      MochaMa 2 days ago

      Exactly. Bastards are only a problem if the father thinks the children aren’t his but Leanor knows it and is their so called true father to the public.

  • Duckerdy
    Duckerdy 8 days ago +27

    excited for the next episode but really sad to see the other actresses go, they were amazing for the role and i believe its going to be really hard to find a perfect replacement that everyone likes. i hope they make appearances in later episodes through dreams or something.

    • MajorMlgNoob
      MajorMlgNoob 8 days ago +8

      The Younger Actresses were cast due to how similar they were to Emma and Olivia
      The show just needed to establish all the background events in Season 1 before getting to the main story

    • sweetstjens
      sweetstjens 8 days ago +2

      The younger actresses wouldn't be able to pull off how they actually act yall need to go read the books

  • Allan Veríssimo
    Allan Veríssimo 8 days ago +19

    I've been a fan of Olivia Cooke's amazing work since Bates Motel. With House of the Dragon, it's time for her to secure her first Emmy nomination.

  • Ashish Sunny
    Ashish Sunny 8 days ago +297

    I like Olivia from the Bates Motel and Me Earl & the dying Girl days but the Emiley Carey did a great job in portraying Alicent's multilayered character!

    • Lizzy Lou
      Lizzy Lou 3 days ago

      @Wrangle McDangle And some pretty bad art as well. Which kinda proves the point

    • Wrangle McDangle
      Wrangle McDangle 6 days ago

      @March Angelo P. Aliño i agree

      AJITESH MISHRA 6 days ago

      @Wrangle McDangle I think she didn't had enough range on the show to stand out... She did good with what was given to her but it was mostly a plain face or a sad face. She is really pretty tho lol so it worked

    • March Angelo P. Aliño
      March Angelo P. Aliño 7 days ago +1

      @Wrangle McDangle Yes, in a conventional viewpoint, we can always sense if the acting was bad or good. But, I do think that the young Alicent portrayed well.

    • Wrangle McDangle
      Wrangle McDangle 7 days ago +1

      @March Angelo P. Aliño there is some pretty objectively bad acting my man lol

  • djanthaz
    djanthaz 8 days ago +31

    I do appreciate that the show seriously made me feel for her at first. Looking forward to seeing the Dance begin.

  • Angelic Vega
    Angelic Vega 8 days ago +11

    I’m so excited Olivia finally gets to shine in Hotd. She’s been one of my favorite actresses for as long as I can remember.

  • 귀한
    귀한 8 days ago +51

    "In all of King's Landing, is there no one to take my side?"
    *makes a woman who just gave birth come see her just to be petty*
    yea i wonder why theres no one on your side

    • 귀한
      귀한 14 hours ago

      @pyranomics okay and rhaenyra obviously didnt want her baby taken from her the moment he was birthed so like??? this wasnt like a wet nurse situation (and a lot of the times the birth mother was there with the wet nurse) alicent couldve waited but she didnt cause she wanted to exert her power of rhaenyra, thats all it is and everyone knows it.

    • pyranomics
      pyranomics 14 hours ago

      @귀한 no one was "taking her baby". Granted it's a bit douchey to separate the baby from the mother. But in medieval times in royal circles, it's not uncommon for the baby to be given to wet nurses pretty soon. What Alicent did was not so out there.

    • 귀한
      귀한 14 hours ago

      @pyranomics stubborn pride?!?!? thats her newborn baby 😭😭 aint no way she would let them take her baby

    • pyranomics
      pyranomics 14 hours ago

      She wanted to see the baby. It was Rhaenyra's stubborn pride that made her go to see Alicent.

  • princeofdatny
    princeofdatny 8 days ago +20

    Not gonna lie, I’m loving Alicents character

    • ivan kovač
      ivan kovač 4 days ago

      @Mohammed Shafiq Rhaenyra would definitely do that tho, and it isnt even a personnal matter, she would be forced to kill Alicent's children to retain legitimacy as a woman on that throne.

    • Mohammed Shafiq
      Mohammed Shafiq 5 days ago +1

      @Amit Kenan the thing is.... protect them from Rhaenyra? bcz she didn't want to harm her half siblings

    • Heliz14
      Heliz14 5 days ago

      @Amit Kenan Don't say that until you see the rest of the story...

    • Ad Bylsh
      Ad Bylsh 7 days ago

      @Amit Kenan exactly yet there are people who view her as the villain while she isn’t

    • Amit Kenan
      Amit Kenan 8 days ago +8

      Come to think of it, she's not really a bad person. She was brought into this game by her greedy father and now she has to play to protect her children

  • juju 32
    juju 32 8 days ago +22

    I trust that both of the older actors will give great performances and portrayals of the characters but at the same time I'm wondering how hard it'll be to view them as just older versions of the same characters instead of completely different people because they litterally are lol.

    • Zoe AL-Ali
      Zoe AL-Ali 4 days ago +1

      Umm they’re actresses.. it’s what they do

  • polo raid
    polo raid 8 days ago +36

    She was rightfully furious when her father was first wrongly accused of treason but as the time went by she became unrightfully hateful. I'm really excited to see how the chaos will unfold

    • Sepulchure
      Sepulchure 5 days ago

      @polo raid no he wanted aegon on the throne. If it was his daughter doing it the he wouls say nothing.

    • Kussie Bussie
      Kussie Bussie 5 days ago

      Facts. Her father placed Alicent in a spot when the King was very vulnerable! He’s been aspiring power on the low. King V might be old but he ain’t a fool

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 6 days ago

      @polo raid Like the new hand Strong advised the king about Corlys action, it was a calculated move. Though we all made it seem whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant. The deed is done. His intention of removing Rhae and making his grandchild king is shown.

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 6 days ago +1

      @Promise Mabu Not just any princess he dared to spy on an heir.

    • Juel Johnson
      Juel Johnson 6 days ago +2

      @Promise Mabu We don't know if Otto actually ordered Mysaria to spy on Rhaenyra. For all we know, Mysaria could have fed him that info on Daemon's behalf, or that she was doing so independently. And even if it does turn out that Mysaria was doing the spying on Otto's orders, he may have just told her to watch Daemon, not necessarily Rhaenyra. I mean, I don't think that anyone would've expected Rhaenyra to sneak out into town at night. Definitely seems more up Daemon's alley.

  • Barnita Sarkar
    Barnita Sarkar 8 days ago +30

    Olivia Cooke's voice is so elegant maan
    Can't wait for her portrayal as Alicent

  • MyDreaminOrbit
    MyDreaminOrbit 8 days ago +16

    I can feel the tone shift in just this short clip. As much I like the younger actresses. The show is in good hands with Olivia and co. taking over.

  • ally
    ally 8 days ago +172

    people that doubted Emma and Olivia's acting will eat their own words

    • Ad Bylsh
      Ad Bylsh 2 days ago

      @I P nah they have great chemistry you haven’t seen them together

    • ally
      ally 3 days ago +1

      @grey B we are watching the same show?? because that first scene of Rhaenyra giving birth, all in one shot, the acting was phenomenal

    • protect_provide
      protect_provide 3 days ago +2

      @grey B i still liked episode but really miss other two actors

    • grey B
      grey B 3 days ago +2

      Just watched last night's episode, and am still waiting for ur reply. This was a huge downgrade and letdown compared to the previous actors.. 🤢I doubted and I'm glad I doubted cuz what an awful ep that was..

  • batgurrl
    batgurrl 8 days ago +10

    I can’t wait to see more drama. I’m loving this series❤️She is ‘not a happy camper’ here.

  • yazi way
    yazi way 3 days ago +1

    I can feel the tone shift in just this short clip. As much I like the younger actresses. The show is in good hands with Olivia and co. taking over.

  • Frank Del prado
    Frank Del prado 8 days ago +25

    I hated Alicent in the books. She was really the source cause of the dance of dragons. She disobeyed King Visery’s order of naming Rhaenyra as his heir simply because she wanted her son Aegon to be king which is what started the war. It doesn’t matter if Rhaenyra was a woman, the king can name his daughter as his heir if he so wishes and it’s the duty of all lords and those in court to follow said kings will after his death. Alicent usurped the throne for her son Aegon from Rhaenyra and had no right to do so.

  • Michael 🇮🇪
    Michael 🇮🇪 8 days ago +8

    I don't understand why people keep complaining about the older versions of Alicent and Rhaenyra. I love young Rhaenyra (and Alicent) A LOT but even with make up it would be a joke to have 3 kids and in later seasons to be 30+. Now Emma will be the perfect age for Rhaenyra's portrayal !

  • Kedo
    Kedo 7 days ago +16

    Their acting is so good ❤

  • Kedo
    Kedo 7 days ago +13

    Olivia Cook was perfect for this role ❤

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi 8 days ago +19

    Olivia Cooke is going to absolutely devour this role 🔥

  • poppy
    poppy 8 days ago +9

    people in this comment section making it a little too obvious that they’ve not seen any of olivia cooke’s previous work because she is about to be one of this show’s *greatest* assets as alicent.

  • Pranav Gandham
    Pranav Gandham 8 days ago +7

    Olivia Cooke already fits in and so does Emma D’arcy. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • Robert Palatsky
    Robert Palatsky 3 days ago +1

    Alicent says " In all of King's landing is there anyone to take my side"
    What he heard: "I need someone to take out my enemies so I can get my dad back"

  • Jesse Dell Ross
    Jesse Dell Ross 8 days ago +9

    “In all of kings landing, is there no one who will take my side?”
    No Alicent cause your not gonna find any proof

  • victoria
    victoria 8 days ago +11

    i don't think people understand the younger actresses were chosen after them, it's supposed to be that way

  • Anukii
    Anukii 5 days ago +2

    Larys is gonna play her like a fiddle. He's quite comfy knowing he's secure right by her lonely side.

  • Nyzzlesticks
    Nyzzlesticks 5 days ago +4

    The part when Alicent said, "Make America Great Again" brought me to tears. Top tier writing!

  • Sirdropsalot
    Sirdropsalot 6 days ago +4

    whoever the actor that is playing clubfoot, he needs a pay raise. Clubfoot was a good character in the book, he's even better

  • TheZackariah
    TheZackariah 7 days ago +4

    In the books Otto Hightower is still alive during Dance of the Dragons bc he’s famously quoted for insulting her son(his grandson) Aemond and calling him a blind fool even though he still had one good eye. Love or hate Otto Hightower but the man knew how to hurl an insult.

    • Gudson Mendes
      Gudson Mendes 7 days ago +3

      Otto still alive on the show, he only isn't the Hand of The King anymore.

    • Demir Kazanasmaz
      Demir Kazanasmaz 7 days ago +4

      He is alive in the show too

  • OceanCat04
    OceanCat04 3 days ago +2

    Last nights episode with the new actresses was so freaking good.
    I was hesitant with the actresses changing but they did a magnificent job.

  • David H
    David H 8 days ago +5

    I'm so ready for the next episode with the new casts swap!

  • Ira Sally Fitri
    Ira Sally Fitri 8 days ago +3

    Her voice are more loud than before. Young Alicent had a soft voice. But Rhaenyra, has a same vibes.

  • Juan S
    Juan S 3 days ago +1

    In retrospect Eddard Stark seemed obssesed with honor and traditions, but looking back at how Westeros used to be uptight about these concepts I get it now. Cersei really said, "nah" to hundreds of years of norms when she shredded the paper.

  • Pink
    Pink 8 days ago +2

    Wow this acting is amazing. So excited for the next episode!

  • Luca Buccella
    Luca Buccella 8 days ago +7

    Olivia Cooke is an incredible actor and now everyone will know

  • Emman Cua
    Emman Cua 8 days ago +11

    GoT had Littlefinger. HOTD has Clubfoot. All these body part nicknames are so dangerous.

  • Angelo715
    Angelo715 4 days ago +1

    There is a lot of people saying that the ones who like Alicent Hightower are horrible people, but I remembere that Cersei had a lot of fans and she was far more horrible and cruel than Alicent currently.

  • asgkasgasi
    asgkasgasi 8 days ago +16

    I'm on your side, Queen Alicent, don't worry!

    • Ad Bylsh
      Ad Bylsh 7 days ago +4

      Same 💚💚💚

    • Wserthmar
      Wserthmar 8 days ago +5

      You don’t live in King's Landing

    • P G
      P G 8 days ago +5

      Count me in. Some of us are still loyal to the true queen 💚

  • Jose Braghiroli
    Jose Braghiroli 8 days ago +5

    Smart of HBO to release clips of the new Rhaenyra and Alicent. It sort of softens the blow before their introduction next episode. I still wonder why they didn't do the time jump at the end of 5, the whole cliffhanger with the King collapsing was immediately undermined by the promo showing a very much alive, if mad-looking, King Viserys.

  • DRoNZeR GaMeR
    DRoNZeR GaMeR 8 days ago +6

    House of the dragon is on another level 🔥🔥🔥

  • T
    T 7 days ago +3

    Yall need to remember that Olivia and Emma were casted first, yes Milly and Emily did great jobs and they will be missed but These characters arent their roles, the show is just now truely starting, the first 5 eps were like a prologue in some kind of way.

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore 8 days ago +30

    Olivia Cooke is the cutest thing ever. But as Alicent Hightower my god she’s so damn scary looking LMAO.

    • Tøøbà Khalid
      Tøøbà Khalid 3 days ago

      @yo lo I would describe Olivia as cute but not gorgeous. Anyways the looks doesn’t matter anyways since she’s a good actress though.

    • yo lo
      yo lo 5 days ago +2

      @Tøøbà Khalid nah olivia looks gorgeous

    • Tøøbà Khalid
      Tøøbà Khalid 5 days ago +2

      Yeah especially when Alicent is supposed to be really gorgeous and high to the point that Rhaenyra feels insecure under her presence. But in the show it’s the opposite thing.

  • Just an Average Guy
    Just an Average Guy 7 days ago +8

    She giving cersei lannister vibes

  • Julia Medeiros
    Julia Medeiros 8 days ago +3

    Eu não consigo entender pq o irmão do Harwin vai ficar do lado dela sendo que os filhos da Rhaenyra são filhos do irmão dele... eles não se dão bem? No ep passado pareciam tão unidos...

  • TeamKhaleesi
    TeamKhaleesi 8 days ago +4

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      midnightblackroses 7 days ago +4

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    • Guru Xara
      Guru Xara 7 days ago +3

      Because she want to destroy Rhaenyra and the Targaryens...

    • Кат Ус
      Кат Ус 7 days ago +7

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    • Black panther
      Black panther 4 days ago

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    • Tshepo Rabekane
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    Had she not instigated the Dance of the Dragons, Aegon the III wouldn't have had to be traumatized by the idea of dragons.

    • ivan kovač
      ivan kovač 4 days ago

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  • sillylittlesheep Jax
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    • liriettrod
      liriettrod 7 days ago

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    • Black panther
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    • liriettrod
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    • Sir Arthur of Winterfell
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  • Brenther Mcdoodlemyer

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      It might not be, but think if you were in her shoes. She feels like she's in a den of snakes with no strong defender. Having an advocate would be pretty nice in her circumstances, biased or not.

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