Cowboys Mic’d Up vs. Lions 'I Got You At Least 15 Points!’ | Sounds From The Sideline

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • "Run. Hit. Talk 🤫"
    🔊🆙 for Sounds From The Sideline of the #DallasCowboys week 11 victory against the Lions.
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Comments • 579

  • Beats Bang
    Beats Bang 20 days ago

    Should have inflated the ball against the cheattriots and fired Maher!!!!

  • Beats Bang
    Beats Bang 20 days ago

    Damn gronk said bellichek puts water on the football during practice when it 20 degrees!!!! And makes Brady throw it, Houston rains and is cold!!!!why don't the cowboys practice there??? Thats dedication jones aNd Garrett wake the fu k up, I'm burning one of my cowboys shirts......thanks for nothing on memories

  • Todd McGowan
    Todd McGowan 20 days ago

    Cowboys win coin toss don't defer.Welcome Pats deferring.Reason?Will show trust in offense add confidence to entire team!Have best offensive plays ready.I mean everyone {Cowboy fans included}are picking Pats to win.Nothing to lose

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King 20 days ago

    Really enjoyed this.. we are a team now time to put it altogether at the right time

  • Lj Garcia
    Lj Garcia 21 day ago

    The replacement of cuss words in them subtitles has me rolling! 😂 love ya Dallas!

  • jaime tonche
    jaime tonche 21 day ago

    Bennet reminds me of my loud drunk uncle...

  • jaime tonche
    jaime tonche 21 day ago

    Why did Dak say that Tavon is the player of the game?

  • Keegan Reilly
    Keegan Reilly 21 day ago


  • marvelandgroup
    marvelandgroup 21 day ago

    I replayed the Bennett pregame speech 30 times

  • The eric lai
    The eric lai 21 day ago

    We coming💯🤫 #patsnation

  • Lisa Canada
    Lisa Canada 22 days ago

    You better preach Bennett. Hell yeah. Glad to see him finally fitting in. God Bless Americas Team!!!

  • Zakk
    Zakk 22 days ago

    *cuts to zeke fumbling immediately after*

  • DigDoug 702
    DigDoug 702 22 days ago

    You can tell this team is tight. These guys really play for each other.

  • AJ Bueno
    AJ Bueno 22 days ago

    Oh I'm sorry there the Cowgirls

  • AJ Bueno
    AJ Bueno 22 days ago

    The Cowboys are C-O-C-K-Y

  • Issac Arriola
    Issac Arriola 23 days ago


  • Johny García
    Johny García 23 days ago +1


  • Phillip D. Ward
    Phillip D. Ward 23 days ago

    Chop that wood... gonna chop the whole tree down.. hah

  • Silent 1
    Silent 1 23 days ago

    Step it up Defense! Step it up Zeke!

  • Alcatrazzz
    Alcatrazzz 23 days ago

    I new it 2:16

  • joel _ 101
    joel _ 101 23 days ago

    That voice crack at the start

  • David Lee Quintanilla
    David Lee Quintanilla 23 days ago

    That voice crack tho from jourdan lewis

  • REDEEMED_433 sfc
    REDEEMED_433 sfc 23 days ago

    The words they inserted to replace the cuss words were funny!! 😆

  • Ronnie Crumby
    Ronnie Crumby 23 days ago

    Defense needs to stop doing all that talkin and height before the game and just go out there and perform because they haven't been looking good these past few weeks....

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton 23 days ago +1

    Dallas cowboys got to be perfect no turnovers no 3 and outs get points no turnovers execute finish be consistent effective detail discipline great decision

  • Cheyhockey2929
    Cheyhockey2929 23 days ago

    Hotboyz 😂 that's what they themselves

  • Connie B
    Connie B 23 days ago

    That’s just the new guy, Bennett.

  • Asylum Clan
    Asylum Clan 24 days ago

    that voice crack in the beginning lol

  • tossed but not sunk ss

    Sign eric berry, guys been a free agent for months and instead of grabbing him they go after a guy they can't afford to pay and willing to lose draft picks as well. We need heath back though.

    • tossed but not sunk ss
      tossed but not sunk ss 22 days ago

      @thegorn68 who in the cowboys secondary is better, I'll wait.

    • thegorn68
      thegorn68 22 days ago

      "...guys been a free agent for months..." Which should tell you what?

  • TheRealJasonC
    TheRealJasonC 24 days ago +1


  • Them_Eyes_Thou
    Them_Eyes_Thou 24 days ago

    You ain’t about that shit don’t step foot on that field Facts Let’s Get this ball rolling start putting fears in teams Stop playing with em play time over with ⭐️✊ We Dem Boyz

  • Shi Williams
    Shi Williams 24 days ago

    Gallup turning into Baby Dez (minus the controversy). Defense HAS TO get it together tho

  • baze hachem
    baze hachem 24 days ago +1

    Relaxxxxxxx lol it was the fake BILICHICK coached team (Patricia) ...33rd ranked Def. I wanna see this energy against the Pat's lol.

  • Teddy David
    Teddy David 24 days ago

    💪ets go The Cowboys are gonna take to New England 💪ets gooooooooooooo

  • Pedro Rodriguez III
    Pedro Rodriguez III 24 days ago

    They really didn't get Dak's reaction to Zeke's TD celebration? I was waiting the whole video for that part!

  • Kalel311 superman
    Kalel311 superman 24 days ago

    they can't make mistakes against the patriots or is going to be a long day

  • AnimeKing
    AnimeKing 24 days ago

    This is why I’m a Cowboys Fan for moments like 0:20

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 24 days ago +1

    The beginning voice crack

  • C•0•2 Designs
    C•0•2 Designs 24 days ago

    Micheal bennett is what Dallas needs. A leader who will keep it real . You can tell dude knows the defense is lazy at times . Dude wants to win. I think problem is Dallas players going to post Malone concerts n partying on Jerry’s expense is a problem but if bennett can motivate like he is they team gonna be lethal

  • Affordable Sticks
    Affordable Sticks 24 days ago

    Bennet will be the key to us beating the patriots. He knows all of their tricks.

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James 24 days ago

    Pollard plus Zeke plus Dak plus Amari equals a championship

  • Loco Tx
    Loco Tx 24 days ago

    Bennett has the skins to be able to show up and take the reigns . . . . . hate him or not . . . but that's leadership

  • Brett Robertson
    Brett Robertson 24 days ago

    We a super bowl capable team guys

  • DRock6906
    DRock6906 24 days ago

    @ 3:13 "Man if he was a regular QB, I'd have 4 sacks right now!" So that means Michael Bennett should FEAST on Tom Brady Sunday! The Lions QB was a backup but that little MF was running his ass off! Benett, Quinn, and D Law don't have to worry about #12 running like that when we play New England LMAO!! :-)

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke 24 days ago

    Look at Bennett...already leading...he has the attitude we need! Let’s goooooo!

  • Emiliano Andujar
    Emiliano Andujar 24 days ago

    Man after watching this I’m more hype about New England than I was last for the after we beat the saints...I think we have a good shot of beating the pats but let’s hope they coming out firing all 4 quarters!!! Especially in the FIRST HALF! DC4L let’s go boys!!!!!

  • Justin Barton
    Justin Barton 24 days ago

    Brad Sham micd up

  • RustyTinCanMan yt
    RustyTinCanMan yt 24 days ago +1

    0:02 State championShIiP

  • Mason S
    Mason S 24 days ago

    I love seeing the work Kellen Moore is putting in on this Cowboys team- he's always looking for the next big play it seems. Working hard as offensive coordinator, and I like it. He definitely is under appreciated.

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias 24 days ago

    What did you say man?
    Nothing, I just moved my mouth like I was yelling.

    Give the man an oscar

  • Juan Meza
    Juan Meza 24 days ago

    The DB goes, "God (bless America)"!


  • Manuel Valero
    Manuel Valero 24 days ago

    What?! Bennett already getting his teammates crunck

  • rytiski
    rytiski 24 days ago

    The bleeps are awesome lol HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS?!!!! #DC4L

    REVENGE_FAZZO 24 days ago

    We not gonna talk about the voice crack at 0:02😂😂😂

  • Cam
    Cam 24 days ago +2

    "I was just moving my mouth like I was really yelling" - my hero, Michael Gallup

  • Cole Christianson
    Cole Christianson 24 days ago

    Anyone notice that voice crack thooo right at the beginning lol

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 24 days ago

    Don't know why everyone's talking up Bennett. Defense looked like shit.

    N0T0RI0US DRUNK 24 days ago

    They think Driskell is fast...they havent played against Lamar Jackson yet....

  • James Jones
    James Jones 24 days ago +1

    First 5 seconds of the video we get a voice crack 😂

  • Yacan Son of Israel
    Yacan Son of Israel 24 days ago

    *OLD ASS WITTEN* 🐌 🐌 🐌