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My New House

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • Have I lost it.... maybe
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  • morgans vlogs
    morgans vlogs  Day ago +861

    How is everyone doin happy Wednesday from cookie and I no one can figure out how to build our house so I guess we are building our own hahah hahaha hahah help

  • Jodie Hinds
    Jodie Hinds Day ago +2

    Hope Grandma is ok. Hadn’t seen her with the oxygen before. She’s a rockstar!! Tell her we love her!!

  • BF
    BF Day ago +349

    You are so so so so so fortunate to have a dad like yours, with so much knowledge and so much love to want to help you! I’d give anything. Your dad needs a huge thank you when this is all done, you should surprise him with a little dad and daughter trip as a thank you.

  • chickolat
    chickolat Day ago +617

    I felt so seen when you talked about the construction people. I'm a single as well with 2 cats. I bought a property in 2020 (2 acre, pool and 3000sq ft). It took me 20 months to renovate. I have been scammed twice (1 just flat out took my deposit and never did the work) and second guy overcharged. I finally learned and interviewed 8 different contractors and went with the one who was professional, provided a quote and stuck to it and timeline! I'm also a POC and I have experienced racism on top of the sexism (been called Honey, sweetie & where is your husband on the daily). What no one understands is how emotionally taxing this is. You are extremely lucky to have a family at least to help you with some aspects. I done this completely alone. Thankfully I did meet 2 honest people (one is the contractor and my handy man) whom I both consider good friends now. Just hang in there! It will be worth it one day when you realized every single thing in that house was your decision. Oh you may want to start thinking about switch lights and vent plates too! There are so many options and if you want a smart home..start to implement them as soon as possible with your electrician. It will be worth it! I made the mistake of waiting....and got a little burned at the end. Sending you lots of love!

  • 1818Pancakes
    1818Pancakes Day ago +267

    I think the absolute hussle in the construction world is disgusting. I helped my dad with a Reno a few years ago and I'm still traumatized. The city inspectors, contraction managers, vendors is such a scam. Don't be afraid to demand contracts, keep all receipts and don't be scared to take them to small claim court.

  • Maxime Alarie
    Maxime Alarie Day ago +126

    The best thing that Shane Dawson brought to the world is Morgan Adams! There I said it and you cannot change my mind!

  • Mckenzee Yang
    Mckenzee Yang Day ago +38

    The morgan pep talks/rants always make me feel better about where I am in my life in the moment. It just brings comfort that everyone is on a journey and life gets a little crazy sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • LA Latina
    LA Latina Day ago +1

    " So did this guy have a wife?" I love your grandma she is too hilarous🤣😂

  • Sofia Silva
    Sofia Silva Day ago +22

    When we got our apartment renovated our project manager/interior designer added a clause to the contract with the contractors company: any work done after a certain deadline would be unpaid. You can be sure it all got done in time, and I feel like 80% of the work was done in like 2 weeks lol

  • qelephant8
    qelephant8 Day ago +12

    Love seeing the growth Morgan! from trusting a scammer in the streets of la and buying crystals from her to trusting your gut and getting it done 🎉 keep going your glowing and growing 💪🏽🌟

  • LadyRosieRose
    LadyRosieRose Day ago +71

    Morgan, make sure you get written quotes from all of the contractors. When y’all agree to move forward with one contractor, make sure there is a contract with every detail of what they are doing.

  • sunshine & coffee
    sunshine & coffee Day ago +5

    Props for staying vigilant about the contractors! 🏡 Good work Morgan. I so loved watching Cookie explore the catio. Cute!!

  • DLewisLife
    DLewisLife Day ago +133

    As someone who comes from a construction family, I can understand where you are coming from. We do our best to work within the budget that we are given, and produce the best quality work from that. The ONLY time my father and grandfather will change the price. Is if the cost of materials changes. However, we don’t change stuff up that much or for a crazy amount. We believe in having a good standing with our customers. If we didn’t have good standing, we would not get new customers. We pride ourselves on out customer service and quality of our work! My father’s tile work has been in MULTIPLE Texas living magazines. We are a small, family owned and operated business in Texas. I get where you are coming from Morgan. Some people only care about the money and do everything they can to screw people.

  • Kelsea
    Kelsea Day ago +287

    What a sweet memory you’ll have of building this with your dad!! I love this content, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy 😌

  • Mindy Ross
    Mindy Ross Day ago +21

    The tiny house/coop is going to look amazing... And please don't take it the wrong way, but I Just wanted to give Ya some advice if you're going to put chickens in there with that kind of flooring... it's going to be super hard to keep clean. The cracks in between each board are going to fill up with chicken poop and then get stuck up under each one with that bottom floor under them. You will have to lift up those boards to clean the poop from under them, or it will build up. Hot weather Breeds Fly activity, and you will have maggots (which smells worse than the chicken poop, Sorry but true) in between and under the boards living in any poop that is left under them. I used Vinyl Sheet flooring in all my coops (I have 3 coops) because its Sooo much easier to shovel it out, along with pine shavings to absorb the mess. It also Protects your wood floor from rotting faster from wet poop, spilled water, and the chickens going in & out when it rains. Sending good vibes on your home renovation.

  • nesh
    nesh Day ago +8

    you’re doing so much with your life. i’m genuinely so proud of you

  • Jasmine Begay
    Jasmine Begay Day ago +56

    related so much to this. Being a single woman, especially a parent and people thinking I'm a young naive woman. That it gives them the opportunity to take advantage of me and my money. I am so lucky to have uncles and my grandpa who educated me on so much. 🌻

  • michelle
    michelle Day ago +8

    morgan, i just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate you posting on youtube for us all. i enjoy ur channel no matter what you post.

  • JustCallMeMeghan
    JustCallMeMeghan Day ago +15

    My response to the first window guy's email would have been: "Since you clearly aren't understanding that I don't have a husband, and insist on me asking him about the decisions I'm making, I asked my non-existent husband what I should do. Due to his lack of ability to answer because he doesn't exist, we both decided to seek windows elsewhere." 🤣🤣

  • Shawnie Duran
    Shawnie Duran Day ago +219

    You are 100% correct. My direct experience working along side contractors/installer companies… they will absolutely nickel and dime any possible opportunity they can. Glad you’re standing your ground and doing research!