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What's in my Fridge: Jalapeño Popper Mac & Cheese | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • This week, we're doing something a little crazy. If you're taking the time to read the video description, hell I'll just be real with you: I've been in a creative slump the past few months, and since making some work-life changes, have been feeling a ton of new energy. Yesterday I had a wild hair up my ass and I realized that even though we had no Basics shot for today, I was hell-bent on getting one done anyway. So we decided to improvise, and what resulted was a lovely creative exercise in resourcefulness, one that kept me glued to my edit suite until 2AM like I was back in film school. I hope you find it a little entertaining, a little fun, a little both - thank you for watching, because not only was it fun for all of us to make, it gave me some space to feel like myself again.

    00:00 Intro
    01:23 Fridge Raid
    03:28 Jalepeño Popper Mac & Cheese
    07:53 Bloops

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  • Dofutofu
    Dofutofu Day ago +3

    I would love to see you guys continue this idea, but with your friends' fridges. It would be interesting if they weren't in the food content business

  • The King of Antarctica

    "Bumbling with Babish" is a series that needs to continue.

  • z
    z Day ago +883

    Please, more of this. It’s all to relatable for a lot of people.

  • Dark Oak Leaves
    Dark Oak Leaves Day ago +1

    This is such a cool idea! Would love to see this series continued.

  • Eden
    Eden Day ago +1

    I hope this inspires a series! I love recipes that are thrown together with leftover ingredients

  • Curl Alot
    Curl Alot Day ago +961

    This was great! I usually find I’m lacking ingredients, so more “what’s in the fridge”s would be awesome!

  • Exemplar Kyle
    Exemplar Kyle Day ago +598

    It's strangely reassuring to see that even professionals can have science projects in the forgotten corners of their fridges.

  • D'Angelo Zuniga
    D'Angelo Zuniga Day ago +896

    This is real cooking, not having anything but still slapping something delicious together😂👌

  • Cobalt360Degrees
    Cobalt360Degrees Day ago +91

    Honestly, I love this idea.

  • Jacob Oldham
    Jacob Oldham Day ago +407

    A seasoning basics would be cool. Making different mixes that can pair with several dishes or proteins with various cultural cuisine themes. And how much is the average pinch of salt? Test everyone’s “pinch volume” in the babish kitchen and maybe some other Flash-Player friends too. I know season to taste is the way to go… but, content

  • Jason Blalock
    Jason Blalock Day ago +454

    For the record, he's totally right about American singles. Don't use them for the "flavor." But they're kind of magical when tossed into a savory sauce, like for noodles, or soups and stews. They add a little creaminess, while also encouraging everything to bind together.

  • not bryce
    not bryce Day ago +370

    A last minute put together episode still comes out as a better quality video then most cooking channels on Flash-Player

  • TheTrueBaconator
    TheTrueBaconator Day ago +413

    This is a fun idea. Can't wait to see more!

  • enfjftw
    enfjftw Day ago +73

    Immediately into this idea. As a person who watches and follows lots of recipe videos I'm not very practiced at "improvisational" and "use up what's left" cooking, so it would be super cool to see more examples of that

  • TheTourGUIDE
    TheTourGUIDE Day ago +6

    I do love these behind the scenes bits, also makes for an easier to replicate recipe for most home cooks.

  • Saoran 97
    Saoran 97 Day ago +65

    I like this concept!

  • Devon Cormier
    Devon Cormier Day ago +150

    Please, more of this. It’s all to relatable for a lot of people.

  • CnDuct
    CnDuct Day ago +38

    Big fan of this episode, I've always wondered what a series of this kind would look like. Once a month mish mash of previous episodes leftovers made into something yummy. Hope you make another one!

  • Actual Turtle
    Actual Turtle Day ago +20

    Honestly, this is one of the best basics episodes because it shows that you can make something cool out of whatever you have laying around and you don't have to do a "recipe." You can just make it up as you go along and end up at a satisfying destination.

  • Hannah Vee
    Hannah Vee Day ago +2

    How this hasn't happen before is astonishing! So down for this to be a series!! ❤️