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Taking Our Free Abandoned Airplane Home! Ep2

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • This week on Rebuild Rescue we’re diving right back into our Cessna 401 project! After over 15 years of being exposed to the elements outside we will finally be bringing this airplane inside our new hanger to start the cleaning and repair of the engines!

    After the insanely disgusting job of blowing as much bird debris out of the exposed engine as possible, the engine is finally starting to look clean, and the turbo is accessible enough to get the oil feed line off and start working on getting the turbo to spin freely.

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  • risk
    risk 10 days ago +585

    This is going to be a massive project.

    • Make-U-rich
      Make-U-rich 2 days ago


    • William Kuehn
      William Kuehn 3 days ago

      That's what she said? ;)

    • V i n a ♥️
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    • toadman506
      toadman506 4 days ago

      @Gary Maybe once it;s cleaned up, Donate it to an A/P school as a test dummy

    • VVALT3R
      VVALT3R 5 days ago

      @Simon Frampton Hah yeah, I really hope this thing never flies again. It's got no business leaving the ground.

  • Christopher Bowyer-Meeder

    I can honestly say watching your first video I thought to myself, “of course you get it started, otherwise you wouldn’t post this video.” Seeing the outcome made me genuinely appreciate the fact that you bring us, the viewers, along for the entire journey. I’ve had a Flash-Player account for over a decade now, and have only subscribed to about half a dozen channels. I subscribed to yours on the spot. I look forward to seeing you get this bird in the air!

    • Dave Mattia
      Dave Mattia 3 days ago

      @Christopher Bowyer-Meeder There's this thing...uh....it's where someone makes a video and then you can say something about it....uh...darn...what's that called? Oh yeah, I know...comments! You can COMMENT. I think the purpose of the comments thing to is to share your opinion. And guess what else. You can even comment on other people's comments. Isn't that a wonderful idea? Yeah, so my opinion about your comment is my opinion, and "how much did u get paid," is a figure of speech. This is swell. Today we learned that I'm sometimes an adroit polemicist and you're a nice guy who says nice things. Isn't that nice? Trollingly yours...David-Damien Mattia.

    • Christopher Bowyer-Meeder
      Christopher Bowyer-Meeder 4 days ago +3

      @Dave Mattia truth be told, I honestly don’t care what you do with your time. My previous comment was referring to the time I took to write something nice instead of something negative. Dude, you do you. I know I wasn’t paid off, I know I genuinely enjoyed the video, and as a videographer myself, I know what it takes to create something like this. I just wanted to pass along some encouragement and let him know it was well-received. You can go ahead and reply to this so you get the last word, but know I won’t be responding anymore. I don’t gain anything by going to battle with trolls.


    • Dave Mattia
      Dave Mattia 4 days ago

      @Christopher Bowyer-Meeder I took time (8 seconds) to comment because - A) Your comment is indeed fake. B) What is another 9 seconds of my life when this video already wasted over 30 minutes of my life?

    • Christopher Bowyer-Meeder
      Christopher Bowyer-Meeder 4 days ago +1

      @Dave Mattia first of all, just out of curiosity, what makes you think my comment is fake? Second of all, are we to a point in society where someone takes time out of their day to write a nice comment instead of a scathing “keyboard warrior,” comment, and the genera consensus is just, “it must be fake”?! We suck if that’s the case.

    • Dave Mattia
      Dave Mattia 4 days ago +1

      How much did he pay you to write this obviously fake comment?

  • Christopher Renner
    Christopher Renner 7 days ago +89

    Twin Cessnas are notorious for having rotted out engine mount beams caused by exhaust leaks. There were some airworthiness directives that addressed the problems. It's quite an extensive project to replace those beams as they extend back to the spar inside the wing.

    • JDE
      JDE 5 days ago

      No Doubt. You have to tear everything apart, strip it down to frame and rebuild and reinforce, make it better then the government standards. It's surprising that there are older planes that were better built. I'm surprised sometimes when I hear about issues like this.

    • Charles G Stockmeister
      Charles G Stockmeister 6 days ago +6

      Christopher you are absolutely right so is mechanic 58 so why don't all of us just send him 10 bucks then he can buy a couple of good Piper Cherokees pay off the mortgage on that hanger and work one hour a week bullshiting us

  • Alex A. MT
    Alex A. MT Day ago +1

    Came on my Flash-Player account randomly and I’ve always loved airplanes since a young age, I instantly got hooked by the detail, information and passion you have! Subscribed and kept checking your accounts for more!🙏🏻❤️

  • Bram Quak
    Bram Quak 6 days ago +12

    As an AMT, I think you underestimate how much this rebuild is gonna cost…

    • Brennan Vilcheck
      Brennan Vilcheck Day ago

      Agreed. Especially with logbook missing, he would need to have a certified A&P go over the entire aircraft and comply with all ADs for the aircraft, both engine and airframe, to get it airworthy again, and that's not counting who knows what may come up in inspection.

      Engines will need to defiantly get a overhaul by now, or not replacement of parts depending on inspection during overhaul.

  • Jimmys World
    Jimmys World 9 days ago +208

    Nice to have a warm place inside. Good find on that! Congrats on the explosive channel growth! Great camera work.

    • Infinite Tech
      Infinite Tech 7 days ago +2

      Can I get a Clear Prop!!😂😂😂
      #savethe310 and now #savethe401
      Much love from Kenya 🥳

    • Jay Straw
      Jay Straw 7 days ago +1

      Warmth? I figured he only got the hanger so he could sip a well deserved beer on occasion hehehe

    • Psycopath Plays
      Psycopath Plays 8 days ago +2

      my favorite channel on commenting on my favorite channel.

      what a great day!🤯

    • Kyle F
      Kyle F 8 days ago

      @tincuptools Nobody's making you continue watching this.

    • Kyle F
      Kyle F 8 days ago +1

      love the channel

  • michael logullo
    michael logullo 6 days ago +8

    I'm really enjoying this project you are taking on. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. My question is this, why didn't you
    do a serious power wash before you brought this plane inside this amazing hanger? It seems like it would have been very beneficial on a number of issues. One being a great way to get the bird crap off the plane and out of your face. come on, be safe.

  • rob lesser
    rob lesser 7 days ago +67

    Put a tarp underneath so you can just pull out and keep the floor clean. Keep all owners of other planes in the hanger happy !

    • comeberza
      comeberza 5 days ago +1

      @Propelled there are some questionable things here and I'm not even into planes. Let's see if this goes anywhere beyond Flash-Player stunt

    • Propelled
      Propelled 7 days ago +3

      Common sense is not in the script.

    • Jimmy Com
      Jimmy Com 7 days ago +22

      I'd be pissed if I walked into my hangar and this guy has compressed air with no mask or eye protection blowing crap all over the place. At the very least I'd know he's not a pilot.

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli 5 days ago +11

    As a 18 year instrument rated pilot, I don’t think I would ever ride in this plane…..I’d be really surprised if there’s not significant structural critical corrosion!

  • Brian Lucius
    Brian Lucius 6 days ago +4

    Woah! I’ve taken on my share of crusty cars, trucks, houses, and electronic gear, but this is a whole other level! I commend you on your ambition and don’t have a doubt you’ll get both engines started. Getting her rebuilt, re-certified and airworthy again will be a monumental endeavor! Best wishes on the journey.👍

  • Georgia NFA
    Georgia NFA 11 days ago +397

    Love it man! I see lots of cool toys in the hangar. I love seeing new life breathed into these neglected birds. ✈️

    • Gordon Deane
      Gordon Deane 3 days ago

      @Dick Trickles your mother got your name right lol

    • Dick Trickles
      Dick Trickles 7 days ago

      @Larry Allen where are they?... Looks to me like a owner has gone off the deep end

    • Larry Allen
      Larry Allen 7 days ago

      @Dick Trickles We means more than one person, you see. I took that to mean that a few of the people involved here have got an A&P license. Your repetition of the question looks like you're setting up a little "gotcha" about the presenter here not having a license but, as I'm sure you know, he is entitled to work on the aircraft under the supervision of a certified person.

    • Larry Allen
      Larry Allen 7 days ago

      @ronald bedford In fairness this is addressed in the video, so not sure if you watched it or just hopped into the comments to moan.

    • Don Kendall
      Don Kendall 8 days ago

      @Rebuild Rescue Please fog the cylinders before you do anymore cranking. Surprised you didn't lock up the pistons cranking on dry cylinders.

  • Peg Leg Reefer
    Peg Leg Reefer 4 days ago +1

    Happy to see you kept this going. Also, 1 million plus views, congrats on becoming famous! I wish you continued growth of your channel. I am really interested to see what happens when you get it to fire after freeing the turbo bearings with penetrating oil. I feel like there is a good chance we will see something akin to what you see in those high powered diesel trucks exploding on dynos.

    It might be wise to watch some of those videos, so everyone on your team knows where not to stand when you do go to fire it up for sure. If it were me, I would remove the propellers also, just in case.

  • johnnysneds
    johnnysneds 8 days ago +10

    Great videos and I really hope you get this aircraft running. I’m an ex RAF Airframes Engineer and I am astonished you got to make the mess you made with compressed air inside that hanger. You really should be doing stuff like that in a controlled area.
    All the best with the project, very interesting. 🤘🏻

  • Jase_ Was_Here
    Jase_ Was_Here 7 days ago +21

    Might be worth using a pressure steamer to clean the engine bays so you’ll be relying mostly on heat to remove the dirt. You won’t have to worry about oceans of water going everywhere and you can do it indoors.

    • Nolan Keilty
      Nolan Keilty 6 days ago +1

      @uptowndisco2 it's more about the metals in the engine, like I said, alot of metals are very specialized and some do not have corrosion resistance worth a damn which is easy cause to scrap parts

    • Nolan Keilty
      Nolan Keilty 6 days ago +1

      @uptowndisco2 in a thunderstorm they have a cowl over them too, as well as there is much less chance of moisture getting into places that aren't good for it to be. Guaranteed the manual for the plane does not list pressure steaming as a cleaning method, to safely maintain an aircraft you always have to do what the most recent revision of a manual says and they have very stringent cleaning methods

    • uptowndisco2
      uptowndisco2 6 days ago +2

      @Nolan Keilty they fly in thunderstorms , how is a little water in a steam clean going to hurt anything ?

    • Nolan Keilty
      Nolan Keilty 7 days ago +3

      Anything moisture cleaning should be avoided alot of aircraft use proprietary high performance metals that alot of the time ave little to no corrosion resistance

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Day ago

    both engines started. Getting her rebuilt, re-certified and airworthy again will be a monumental endeavor! Best wishes on the journey.

  • Charles Honey
    Charles Honey 11 days ago +1474

    Found part 1, and subscribed on the spot. I’ve been checking daily to see part 2. Great channel, man! Hoping to see even more of this 401 project.

    • darrion whitfield
      darrion whitfield Day ago +1

      Same here !

      BLACKACIDEVlL 3 days ago

      I guess I wasn't the only one to sub. after watching the first video hah ....awesome !

    • Barrie Wright
      Barrie Wright 3 days ago

      Did the same thing. After Seeing ep1 and subed straight away.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  5 days ago

      @Kyle Hassen Thank you for watching Kyle 👍🏼

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  5 days ago

      @Matthew Buckner Thank you for watching Matthew !

  • Dwight Pries
    Dwight Pries 4 days ago +1

    The airport must have been overjoyed to see this plane moved off the apron after so long.

    Looking forward to hearing those engines turn over. It’ll almost be as interesting to see the interior after it’s all been stripped out.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  4 days ago

      I believe they were ecstatic ! Lol
      Can’t wait as well. Thank you for watching Dwight !

  • Poptart McJelly
    Poptart McJelly 7 days ago +16

    Depending on where the pump is located it could be that your oil pump has dried out and is not priming.
    So it would be good to check if there's a way to backfeed some oil into the pump just so that it seals up and primes quicker.

    • randall behrens
      randall behrens 2 days ago

      perhaps ...but they gear driven pumps not a diaphram type

  • Jayde.
    Jayde. 7 days ago +1

    This is truly awesome, I can't wait to see this plane get worked on and finally lift on, keep up the great work :D

  • Sincerely, tk.
    Sincerely, tk. 8 days ago +2

    I'm living vicariously through you! I wish you well and cant wait to see this turn over!

  • Chill Beatz
    Chill Beatz 9 days ago +499

    Normally series like this don't really get me hooked but this is genuinely interesting and fun to watch, keep up the awesome work!

    • Donmack Shanks
      Donmack Shanks 8 days ago

      @Rebuild Rescue z

    • Steve Nichols
      Steve Nichols 8 days ago

      I came for boat resto videos, and stayed for this one

    • ChevTec Group
      ChevTec Group 8 days ago

      @Dan Harris haha yeah I finally got to that part. 😅

    • Dan Harris
      Dan Harris 8 days ago +1

      @ChevTec Group Anyone actually watch the video? He addresses that it was brought up and that it was absolutely not this plane that was flying, he says it was probably a mistake when some other plane was declaring their tail number.

    • ChevTec Group
      ChevTec Group 8 days ago

      @ronald bedford that log has to be a mistake. It shows it flew to Chino CA and no other flights. That airport its at sure doesn't look like Chino to me...

      There would be more flights shown if it was actually flying then

  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny 6 days ago +2

    This is wicked interesting to watch and want to see it start up. I’m usually a car guy but this has my curiosity to see if it’ll run . I’m hooked and now subscribed.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  6 days ago +1

      We’ll get her fired up ! Thank you for subscribing 👍🏼

  • Theo
    Theo 7 days ago +1

    Really cool stuff! real cliff hanger actually and full of hope getting this thing started. I know how it fills: did the same with an old boat engine: absolute joy when it finally coughs and runs!

  • Robert Hartmaier
    Robert Hartmaier 2 days ago

    Great story! Watching the episodes in order; can't wait to hear that first engine start! One comment. A "hanger" is something that you use to hang up clothes in your closet. A "hangar" is a building used to shelter an airplane.

  • Roel Abraham
    Roel Abraham 6 days ago +2

    You're a hero man. Love watching you revive this plane.

  • wwjbrickd
    wwjbrickd 8 days ago +301

    It's been said that nothing's more expensive than a free boat, but I think we might have found something a LOT more expensive!

    • Yoga Boat
      Yoga Boat Day ago

      Big truth

    • clay allen
      clay allen 2 days ago

      @Jay Straw dang bro

    • foxyroxstar
      foxyroxstar 2 days ago +1

      @randall behrens nice that a man desires to fly friendly skies!

    • randall behrens
      randall behrens 2 days ago +1

      REMEMBER THE 3Fs if it flies floats fooks ...its cheaper to rent

    • S/V Pearl Sail a Cape George sailboat
      S/V Pearl Sail a Cape George sailboat 2 days ago

      Painful to watch the slow way he cleans. I guess that makes for more content. Why not use a pressure washer? (outside) it’s not like the insides of the cowlings have been dry

  • Katrisa
    Katrisa 6 days ago +6

    Regardless if its cost effective or not its an interesting project and if it generates enough video traffic, the monetary gains could be well worth mucking around just to get the engines spinning!

  • Will
    Will 6 days ago +2

    This is a great series. Can't wait to hear it run!

    GREAT WHITE SHARK 4 days ago +1

    Awesome mate, what a job and a great-looking plane too. It's gonna be a beast when its works again. well done buddy.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv 6 days ago +2

    Great update. Glad your keeping it going. (Side note: Consider safety glasses, mask and gloves until you get it a little more normal.)

  • JonnyT
    JonnyT 11 days ago +377

    After part 1 showed up in my feed I was instantly hooked! You’ve got yourself a subscriber off the back of this project. I can’t wait to see what you do with it and I really hope you can get her flying again and restore her to her former glory!

    • Shiba Inu
      Shiba Inu 8 days ago


    • Yusarjun khanna
      Yusarjun khanna 8 days ago

      @Daniel Fallas People are talking of the aeroplane if is gonna fly, while you are preaching is better you get to find a better place to preach we all know of that story

    • Anthony Gibbo
      Anthony Gibbo 9 days ago

      Yep I'm a believer too this thing will run one way or another I'm sure, and as for ppl trying to be clever dicks and saying the plane was airworthy in 2019 and flying in cali are just plane stoopid 🤭 why do ppl always try and be that guy, just pls don't be that guy, let's just see and enjoy the content man it's pretty cool I think I mean who knows maybe this will fly again one day 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Gavin Strawn
      Gavin Strawn 9 days ago

      This guy made me wanna take pilot lessons

    • Snipedog1978
      Snipedog1978 9 days ago

      Same here

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth 8 days ago +15

    For me it is always heartbreaking so see an airplane grounded. It is like seeing an eagle with a broken wing. They are meant to fly.

    • Eagle201
      Eagle201 7 days ago +3

      I feel exactly the same way!!

  • Donnie C.
    Donnie C. 4 days ago +1

    I appreciate you talking about it "being a part of the family." This is like and old barn find car that has history in it. Sometimes, just seeing it run again is a sort of closure. I promise the guy feels ashamed for the condition. It may never fly, but it will yield a win.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  4 days ago +1

      I believe you’re absolutely correct Donnie…

  • D M
    D M 8 days ago +3

    Great update. Glad your keeping it going. (Side note: Consider safety glasses, mask and gloves until you get it a little more normal.)

  • Alan Torrance
    Alan Torrance 18 hours ago +1

    That initial cleaning should be done outside of the hanger, so that debris does not permeate the breathing space of the other people there. Common courtesy!

  • Bill Carns
    Bill Carns 9 days ago +135

    Hey Brother, two things. First, a pressure steamer is the way to go with cleaning that bird. Do the entire outside, from top down, then do the engine areas. Second, the very best penetrating solution is something you make at the shop. 1 part acetone to 1 part transmission fluid. Steam clean the turbos and soak it with that solution. They'll break free.

  • sirtango1
    sirtango1 8 days ago +21

    Now THAT’S what I call a green airplane! It comes complete with its own compost starter kit! It will be a task to get her purring again, but once you do it won’t seem so bad! Good luck and I hope all of your problems are mostly cosmetic!

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl 4 days ago

      Love it man! I see lots of cool toys in the hangar. I love seeing new life breathed into these neglected birds.

  • Scott Norcia
    Scott Norcia 7 days ago +1

    Awesome channel! I know nothing about airplanes but I find this to be most interesting, especially the fact that someone would be willing to take on a project like this! A bit of what I hope is constructive criticism, however. I believe that your viewers would be well served by you giving a little more credence to safety, and especially the proper use of appropriate PPE. I follow other channels of this nature, car/truck rescues, etc., and you are not alone in this regard. I would hope that there would be some younger folks subscribing to channels of this nature and this may be the only exposure they get to safe work practices. Please keep up the good work!

  • greenhamlet1
    greenhamlet1 3 days ago

    Totally hooked and just subscribed. Keep at it lads. Cannot wait to see this bird lift off!! Hurry up with Episode 3 please.

  • Brian Augenstein
    Brian Augenstein 6 days ago +1

    Hey man, this is a pretty awesome undertaking. Your other videos I have watched from time to time with the vehicles reminded me of what my grandfather did in the last 20-30 years of his life or so, before there was even internet. It's kind of hard for me to watch those, cause I still miss him, and those vids remind me a lot of the few times I went with him to do those things as a kid. But airplane engines? Wow man. I decided to finally subscribe and I wanna see you get this free plane. Remember your goggles and mask. Yup, I know, it's a pain. But take it from someone that has had glass/metal shards repeatedly bounce off his goggles (and some even stuck into them) when repairing technology stuff.... You want those things protecting your eyes/mouth/nose. Promise.

  • Adrian W
    Adrian W 10 days ago +125

    This is going to be a massive project. Apart from the spar strapping, the amount of work to get this thing airworthy is immense so good luck and I am looking forward to seeing her get airborne again. What a great project.

    • vyruss
      vyruss 9 days ago

      spam bot trying to steal your comment there...

    MISSxAWESOME 6 days ago +1

    I love this project and how you do your videos! Thank you and keep up the hard work your awesome!

  • Tommy Hooks
    Tommy Hooks 5 days ago +8

    After hearing comments that someone, with aviation knowledge and experience, had the forethought to take the numbers off the tail wing, and used it to identify this plane was brilliant. Your comments concerning that 'this plane' had not flown is probably correct, but the missing log books, might also be attached to the phantom plane that is using this planes' identification numbers.

    • Chris T
      Chris T Day ago

      I doubt that happened. The Flight Tracking websites are notorious for "phantom" flights, especially with aircraft that have shorter registration numbers because when flying VFR, ATC will sometimes "shorten" the registration they put in the system since it's not required to have the full one in or put the wrong one in and not correct it because it's all done "on the fly" and at the end of the day doesn't really matter that much.

  • Lebasy Larroc
    Lebasy Larroc 8 days ago +1

    Wow this is amazing! I will be waiting for part 3. I’m sure you will bring the engine back to life.

  • Scott Staggs
    Scott Staggs 7 days ago +1

    Literally living a dream I had a few years ago. Great job!

  • Noah Peeters
    Noah Peeters 11 days ago +115

    I've been waiting for part 2 love this video keep going

    • Dont read my User name
      Dont read my User name 11 days ago +2

      Incase u r wondering why birds pooped all over the airplane, they just wanted to prove their air supperiority
      Who says only planes kill birds

    • Ty Richardson
      Ty Richardson 11 days ago


    • Ray E
      Ray E 11 days ago


    • JP's
      JP's 11 days ago

      Same here!

  • machinist58
    machinist58 8 days ago +127

    By the time you are done with this series you will have gotten one heck of an education.
    I don't mean to be a downer but I sincerely doubt this aircraft will legally and morally fly again.
    Corrosion is the death of an aircraft. It reduces the thickness of the material which weakens it.
    It gets in between surfaces and forces them apart the same way ice cracks an engine block. So just imagine every panel, bolt and rivet having tons of pressure much more than they were ever designed to endure placed upon them.
    It would be a death trap not only for the pilot and anyone on the ground.
    Without copious amounts of money, much more than the aircraft is worth will it ever be certified to fly again.
    I would get it running and functioning then turn it over to and aviation mechanics school to be an excellent training aid. Maybe there after they put the aircraft on jacks, remove and rebuild the landing gear, remove and rebuild the engines, remove all the wiring and replace it, take every panel off and at least neutralize the corrosive nature of the poop, pee and just plain water damage will it even be considered for inspection.
    That is, after the defect that originally grounded the aircraft in the first place has been accomplished.
    I applaud your efforts to get the aircraft running again but I think you need to emphasize the fact that it may never fly again.
    I wish I was closer so that I might help you with the removal of the hardware. I was a machinist in the air force so along with the structural repair folks could help you immensely. Check with the VFW and other veterans organizations in the area for retired aircraft specialists. Most would love to be back near am aircraft again. I know I would.
    Never quit, never lose hope, never leave anyone behind.

    • Pat Hagan
      Pat Hagan 4 days ago +2

      it seems to be about how they are stored. indoors with low humidity and few hard freezes would be key. Less frequent use like B 52 bombers?? They are scheduled to be used for a very long time. many many times longer than a jet airliner.

    • Denevsky MLBB
      Denevsky MLBB 4 days ago +4

      The guy has literally said the same thing that this plane will never fly again. Think it’s a fiddling job and then it will be parted out

    • Speedster
      Speedster 4 days ago +4

      Although it would cost a lot of money the fact that he could stretch this into a year + long series fixing it the amount of ad revenue he would make off of it would be well worth it if you look up his social blade his estimated revenue from the past 2 videos he posted about the plane was $35,000 even if he made 10,000 a video and he did 2 a month for the Next year on rebuilding this that would be close to 240,000 which would likely cover the costs to rebuild everything in the plane

    • Branden Stanley
      Branden Stanley 4 days ago +3

      @Rhys Adams Warbirds definitely cost more to restore than they ever would have cost to make back in the day, the reason they are a potentially profitable endeavor is simply because of the value due to scarcity. it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to go through all of the panels and fix all issues but when it is done one of these planes will be worth ~$100-200k while the other would be worth millions. That is clearly a massive oversimplification but hopefully, it conveys the point.

    • Rhys Adams
      Rhys Adams 5 days ago +4

      Given your comment, which I respect, what do they do with old warbirds? Do they end up having far more spent on them than they ever cost to make? Do they somehow avoid serious corrosion - are flying examples just fortunate to have been stored and maintained well since the 40s?

  • Markus S.
    Markus S. 6 days ago

    Of course it's gonna run, you are doing an amazing job, I absolutely understand your enthusiasm!
    In the december 24th video I got the impression you did not clean up that thing immediately because you might have been concerned it could fll apart if the bird poop would not hold it together anymore... ;-)
    Thanks for sharing what you are doing here, I'm looking forward to see these engines run again.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  6 days ago

      Thank you for being so enthusiastic and for being a part of the Rebuild Rescue channel Markus !

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 3 days ago

    Hey, I am keen to see you work this and get the ol' girl running, it will be very interesting, and I am sure you will learn a lot about aviation and the workings of a small aircraft along the way.
    I am a former Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (not Licensed though) and I worked mainly on Dash 8's.
    I am now in Apron Operations for Qantas Freight in Australia and am mainly involved in general apron movements of freight aircraft during loading and unloading and am also involved in the Receipt and Dispatch of these aircraft.
    I did note one thing in this video and that is that there wasn't anyone in the cockpit when you were towing the plane. It is always good practice to have someone in the cockpit during towing operations so if something goes wrong and the aircraft separates from the towing tug, there is someone inside that can activate the aircrafts brakes.

  • Patrick Brookings
    Patrick Brookings 3 days ago

    I am so hooked on this project. Off to watch ep3 right away. I would love to see this baby flying again. Though I have my doubts, seeing the amount of corrosion. I don't mean to be disrespectful towards the owner, but they could have at least covered it up to avoid all this bird crap if they really cared so much about the plane. And what about parking fees for all of these years? Surely that is not cheap either. From what I understand, it can mount up to a few hundred USD per month to have a plane of this size parked. That's a lot of wasted money over a 17 year period.

  • GarbagePlate
    GarbagePlate 11 days ago +114

    I want a pressure washing video of the whole plane (outside of the hanger of course)! It will be so satisfying!

    • John Nunn
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      @Andrew Wilks, at last, a sensible comment.

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      They are one of the best concerts, you can not go but just seeing them from the screen, I know it was surprising


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      harrier331 10 days ago

      @Chris Spencer I have a novel idea for you, if you don't want to watch it... don't watch it! What a revelation!

    • Bart Zuidgeest
      Bart Zuidgeest 10 days ago +2

      @Andrew Wilks it needs a full overhaul anyway. And I bet that if you'd let a plane get in that state your commander would have shot you for treason. In this state its an infection waiting to happen.

    • Luke Olson
      Luke Olson 10 days ago

      They are gonna have to have the fire dpt. airdrop a couple thousand gallons onto it and maybe it’ll be clean

  • same soomro
    same soomro 8 days ago +5

    love to watch your video about aircraft and trying to bring them to their airworthiness state since I am also currently studying to become a aircraft mechanic currently getting my experience on Cessna 172,Dimond D 40a and 150

  • Virgil T. Gipson
    Virgil T. Gipson 7 days ago +5

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    nill nill 2 days ago

    Hello. I like the video and appreciate how you have pivoted to this project so much with the success of the first video. Don't burn yourself out, but it is nice to watch this being cleaned from somewhere where I cannot smell it :)

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  2 days ago +1

      Thank you for being here to support the channel 👍🏼

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    Lucas Keeley 3 days ago

    Been watching this from the 401s first video and I'm all in. Can't wait to keep watching videos. Been flying g ultralight airplanes since I was a kid and love what your doing

  • Jehad Eid
    Jehad Eid 6 days ago +1

    Your commitment and dedication are beyond words. It's good to see this plane in the hangar and I trust your words, this plane will run, and indeed it will. Please keep up the good work, from this part of the world in Beirut Lebanon I wish you best of luck, bravo !!

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  6 days ago

      Thank you for dropping by to say hi !
      Can’t wait to hear her run for the first time in so long 👍🏼

  • Robert Finch
    Robert Finch 6 days ago +2

    Hey I am 73 and have had my A&P license for about 48 years worked on everything from single engine c-3 all the way up to DC-3's and rebuilding of 1820's and 1830's. Really glad to see you working at this project. Wish I could help! The only A/C I worked on that had a wing spar prob'm, was the D-18. Big job to do but when its done will be great. will be interested in your progress.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  6 days ago

      Hey Robert
      Those are some crazy cool birds you worked on ! Wish I had a tenth of your knowledge when it comes to these airplanes !

  • John L
    John L 2 days ago

    I spent many years working at FBOs in Billings, Mt. Las Vegas and Reno and I always found it kinda depressing to see so many nice aircraft that were tied down on our ramp and just left to slowly rot away .

  • Cody Worman
    Cody Worman 10 days ago +121

    In case no other A&P’s mentioned it already, I seem to remember seeing two leads running to at least one of the mags. That would indicate to me that they are shower of sparks ignition rather than impulse coupled. Bright side, no impulse couplings to stick or fail. Downside: there’s a vibrator box which sends the “shower of sparks” through the retard points for starting; this all relies upon battery power, and upon another set of points within that box. So, rebuilding the mags may not be enough. Also, that is generally the left mag which has that system. The right mag should be off for starting unless it also has a starting circuit, which I haven’t seen, but is possible. My point here being, for the sake of making the engine run, you could rebuild/repair the LH mag, make sure that the shower of sparks box is working, and fire it up on the LH mag only. Once it’s running throw the RH mag switch on and see if it works. To test that start box, disconnect the starter cable and hit the start button with the master on. You should hear a high frequency “buzz” from wherever it’s located on that airplane. My guess being somewhere in the engine nacelle.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  9 days ago +3

      @Cody Worman That’s so cool. I just picked up an M20C project that had been a gear up landing…. Cool birds. Those mud daubers are such a pain. They get in everywhere !

    • Cody Worman
      Cody Worman 9 days ago +5

      @Rebuild Rescue my pleasure! I look forward to following this process! I’m actually getting ready to start the annual inspection on an M20J that I pulled out of an unheated hangar for a guy where it had been left sitting for 12 or so years. His airplane had less bird infestation and more mud dobber nests, but I do still feel your pain. Projects like these tend to bring out the romanticism in all the true mechanics out there. Cheers!

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  9 days ago +7

      Hey Cody !
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing some great tech info. This one does in fact have the shower of sparks mag on her. When it’s turning over you can hear the buzz box under the switch panel rattling. Such crazy tech back in the day ! Thank you for dropping by and being part of the channel 👍🏼

    • Art Houston
      Art Houston 9 days ago +3

      @Daniel Fallas As a believer pilot, I agree with you. This plane will need a miracle worthy of Elijah.

    • Eric Be
      Eric Be 9 days ago +1

      @Cody Worman or completely broken

  • Peter Humphries
    Peter Humphries 8 days ago +1

    Definitely going to watch this to the end . Its great that you got access to a hanger.

  • David and Brenda
    David and Brenda 7 days ago

    You're doing a great job. I always dreamed of working on my own aircraft and flying them. However, I only managed to jump out of the Aircraft owned by the US Army Airborne Units. Thanks for the videos, keep them coming. Cant wait to see this baby fly.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  7 days ago

      Thank you David ….. And thank you for your service !

  • Maverick
    Maverick 7 days ago +5

    Be careful with the pressure washer. You can force water right past any engine gaskets & right into the engine internals. Best of Luck on this project.

    • Giant Pants
      Giant Pants Hour ago

      Yeah what @Maverick said. Good luck.

  • John Clements
    John Clements 6 days ago

    Glad I found your channel, certainly an interesting restoration project, hopefully the interior will clean up nicely.
    Have you contacted Cessna and or parent Textron/Textron Aviation? They may be interested in providing some parts and/or assistance with this project. I look forward to the next video, all the best from Christchurch NZ.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  6 days ago +1

      Hey John from Christchurch NZ !!
      Glad you’re here to join in on the fun 👍🏼
      We haven’t spoke with anyone at Cessna yet but are planning to soon….

  • Chris C
    Chris C 8 days ago +4

    What a great project, I'm in, would love to see this get fully rebuilt. I would chip in a bit of cash if you are going to make it into a full series. Sure others would too. You should look into setting up a means for this if you're looking to take it all the way 🛫 Greetings from the UK!

  • Chad Rollins
    Chad Rollins 7 days ago

    You are awesome to watch… I love motors and always rebuild small engines when I was younger, but this is something that’s intriguing.

  • Andycharger
    Andycharger 7 days ago

    This is such an interesting and satisfying project to watch. As a youtuber who restores and repairs machines myself, this is very inspirational. It almost makes my Audi TT Mk1 potential project car that has not run in years look like an easy fix! Keep up the great work, I will be watching!

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    Wybe De Vries 7 days ago

    Another fantastic video, thanks for staying the course with this one. Can't wait for the next one!

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    Andrew Langdon 4 days ago

    Seeing all the FOD you created makes me wince in pain but I must say I'm very interested in the outcome of this project. For legal reasons I would look into FAA regulations on working on your own aircraft without a license. Good luck.

  • Vanilla Garilla
    Vanilla Garilla 8 days ago +4

    This is wicked interesting to watch and want to see it start up. I’m usually a car guy but this has my curiosity to see if it’ll run . I’m hooked and now subscribed.👍🏻👍🏻

  • Horse Nuts
    Horse Nuts 8 days ago +40

    20:18 Never, ever, lie underneath a drill without goggles. If you get any ferrous metal in your eyes, it can be extremely serious (the steel filings will rust within your eye and this is very, very dangerous for your eyesight).

    • Galf506
      Galf506 3 days ago +1

      @barney fife he obviously DOESN'T know what the hell he's doing because he just sprayed bird poop with compressed air without any sort of masking. And real masking, not a simple face mask, you need a gas mask.

    • barney fife
      barney fife 4 days ago

      You little soy boy wussies worry to much! He knows what the hell he's doin

    • Edwin Wong
      Edwin Wong 5 days ago

      Dude needs goggles, mask and biosuit! 🤣

    • TurboWankel
      TurboWankel 6 days ago +1

      Horse nuts Been that soldier. Grinder puke bounced under my lense and rusted to my eyeball, hospital trip later to have it fished out as it had burned to the outer layer and left a rust stain temporarily

    • Horse Nuts
      Horse Nuts 6 days ago +2

      @Michael MacLeod Try watching it for 2 more seconds and you will see that he has replaced the screw bit with a drill bit. As you say, "Jeez".

  • DarthRevan4
    DarthRevan4 6 days ago

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  • James Patrick Montañez

    Just found your channel and when I saw those birds being rebuilt, my thumb just instictively reached for the subscribe button

  • Xàphán of the Nightfall

    A&P here. you dont NEED the OLD logs to make it legally "airworthy" just perform an annual and fix all the descrpancies from that inspection, then have the IA start new logs with what he just did to the plane and you're all set. as for the pain in my ass plane to work on. Beech and Mooney's. They are very much a Pilots plane while a 172 and most other high-wings are mechanic friendlyt

    • Mike Cunico Designs
      Mike Cunico Designs 6 days ago +1

      I was going to comment the exact same thing, but I wanted to see if someone else beat me to it!! Thank you!!!

    • Eagle201
      Eagle201 7 days ago +4

      Thankfully someone commenting that knows what he is talking about!!!! I read all these comments from the "Keyboard Experts" how this airplane will never fly again an how you have to get new logbooks from the FAA or that every part has to be recertified!!! All experts that know nothing!!! The FAA has nothing to do with logbooks. The FAA knows nothing about the maintenance logs. Lost logbooks are not a rare occurrence! I have been able to rebuild logbooks by often times looking at the tags that an overhaul shop has affixed to a part they overhauled and called them to get a copy of the work order. As you stated this is a matter of doing an annual inspection and repairing the discrepancies.

  • 65MK
    65MK 11 days ago +4

    Looking forward to seeing all the progress on this. I really hope you can find the log books for it. I never would have it into the hanger without cleaning it up first. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Aram Paronyan
    Aram Paronyan 6 days ago

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    AZshooter 5 days ago

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  • Diana- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    So happy to see you do this, absolutely can't wait for the next vid. Kept refreshing and waiting for this one over the last couple of weeks, it's gonna be a tough wait, I'm too excited!!!!!!!!!

  • Johannes Fischbach
    Johannes Fischbach 8 days ago +145

    I would recommend you try dry-ice blasting to clean the engine. This technology is often used on classic cars to remove old grease and dirt without damaging any rubber tubes or cables.

    • Demonslayer20111
      Demonslayer20111 Day ago

      @Metalcore Guitarist thats only really used for cleaning turbine/compressor blades

    • Tom
      Tom 4 days ago

      @ShroomiestShroom good luck pressure washing or sand blasting a closed engine and trying to make it run afterwards. His goal is to clean it up, make it run so he gets it, not to get every little piece of dirt off of it. T he engine will have to be disassabled at some point to replace all the gaskets and seals

    • ShroomiestShroom
      ShroomiestShroom 4 days ago

      thats just a bad choice for this plane, very expensive for what can be done with a pressure washer or sand blaster, the reason they use that on classic cars is because the rubber and plastic parts are not made anymore, you cant buy them, instead you have to preserve everything you can. Everything is still available to buy for these engines, waste of money dry-ice blasting.

    • Metalcore Guitarist
      Metalcore Guitarist 5 days ago

      And wallnut blasting

    • Gary
      Gary 6 days ago

      @Curtis Irwin The Beechcraft King Air is a pressurized twin turboprop. Its forerunner, the older Queen Air was a twin, geared, supercharged piston-engined plane. The Apache, which is not a Beechcraft, was a Piper Product, a small twin-piston engine plane that preceded the Piper Aztec. None of these share the same engines.

  • Ato Botchway
    Ato Botchway 8 days ago

    Great project I'm excited you've been able to bring it to the shop.

  • Mia-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

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    KHALID NASSER 8 days ago +1

    Nice work and thanks for sharing the information .Take care and be careful to all of you ,also keep the amazing hanger clean from any surprise dirts , I would clean up and wash it before moving it in the hanger .

  • Crazy Buttboarding Guy
    Crazy Buttboarding Guy 5 days ago +4

    There is a pilot place in Oshkosh, Winsconsin as far as I know that keep all logs for years, IF the logs were even filled out porperly once they should have copies as its the FAA law to HAVE logs for the airplane. GL my friend.

  • tbirdsteve1
    tbirdsteve1 9 days ago +9

    Love this series, really looking forward to seeing this progress and future vids. I don't know about everyone else but I just wanna scrub all that bird crap off. We don't want to hear it's gonna run, we want to hear it's gonna fly! Keep up the great work!

  • Dale justice
    Dale justice 4 hours ago

    You got this buddy, I really think you can Wing it 🤣 I think your doin great n I'm a car race mechanic n I have never worked on a plane before. Good to learn new stuff. Thanks for the video, I really wish you were close, I would deff come n help ya out.

  • Rudedog
    Rudedog 7 days ago

    Been waiting on a follow up video on this 401, great video.
    I keep reminding myself that you are just trying to get it running, the A&P side of me keeps depressing me with the expense of what it would take to get it flying again.
    As far as it being dirty, I bet some of the Radial engine guys that work or have worked on the big ones are probably saying "that's not dirty", I know for myself, having worked on a lot of P&W JT9D engine equipped airplanes, they get pretty grimy under the cowls, and if there isn't a puddle of oil under the engine, bring out a case of oil, and start adding.
    Abandoned airplanes cry out to airplane guys, they look so sad just sitting and rotting away, as a mechanic you ask yourself, "could I make her fly again", they pull at your conscience.
    You see, pilots fly airplanes, but mechanics make them fly, it would be difficult to scrap one that hasn't been wrecked or crashed.

  • Dave Yearsley
    Dave Yearsley 5 days ago +1

    Ideally you should of got an extra man and rode the break when towing like we do with commercial aircraft just in case but nether the less its awesomento see the prohect in full swing!

  • Gary how to bluetooth jbl headphones Gray

    You are putting so much effort into such a mammoth task and if you get that plane going it would be such a result and you deserve to reap the rewards - what an achievement that would be ?! The best of luck to you my friend!

  • Aiden Allweiss
    Aiden Allweiss 10 days ago +110

    I would love to watch every second of a full restoration of this plane. Good luck on getting flying!

    • ScotTjays360 S.Johnson
      ScotTjays360 S.Johnson 9 days ago +2

      Safety first. That is some nasty , foul crap your breathing in. I cringe watching you cleaning that mess up. The interior looks just as bad if not worse. Get your PPG up and running first.

    • JC1028
      JC1028 9 days ago +4

      @1one3 Racing I think you underestimate the money to be made filming a full restoration.

    • iskoos
      iskoos 9 days ago

      @1one3 Racing Expecting it to be flight ready only by the efforts of this guy is not logical I agree. But after getting the engines running and taking the ownership of the plane, he may find some sponsors to raise money to work on it Or he could sell it (at a reasonable price) to someone who would be willing to spend money to make it airworthy (again only if the price is right). Getting this airplane for free will be a huge head-start and will bring up opportunities. Let's see where it is going to go.

    • PointlessMiracle
      PointlessMiracle 10 days ago +3

      @1one3 Racing yes, but a full restoration on video would probably make more money than the cost.

      Also, it will be worth more fully restored than 130k. Assuming that one isn’t freshly rebuild.

      So for you it won’t be wise, for them, maybe

    • tazaxx21
      tazaxx21 10 days ago

      @1one3 Racing You're right, not to mention the antique avionics that's probably in the panel...

  • KingAriesX92
    KingAriesX92 4 days ago

    Just watched part 1 and I subscribed man and we need definitely more parts of the plane love to see you restore it.

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  • nuget102
    nuget102 7 days ago

    I never thought I would be watching someone try to start a airplane, especially since I know precisely nothing about airplanes, but this is really entertaining to watch.

    • Rebuild Rescue
      Rebuild Rescue  7 days ago

      Craziest thing is I would have thought the same thing a year ago ! 😂🤣

  • Gary
    Gary 6 days ago

    I noticed from the first video, when you were in the cockpit, you picked up some charts and approach plates on the floor below the pilot's seat--if you check the dates on plates, it should tell you when the aircraft last flew, since those charts used to be revised and re-issued several times a year, thus the date on the charts should be the last year the A/C flew.

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis 5 days ago

    I'd be getting away from this plane faster than Trevor Jacobs.
    Best of luck you definitely have patience most of us would never have I look forward to your progress.

  • Raimo Jackson
    Raimo Jackson 6 days ago +2

    Omg, he is so excited that he doesn't even use gloves...that's not wise. I would use an overall and a mask that covers my head entirely.
    Anyway, I am waiting to see the next episode. This is sooo interesting! Good work, guys!!!

  • Bogdan Lupascu
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