Watch NFL fight that could lead to massive fines for Cleveland Browns' Myles Garrett

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Cleveland Browns' defensive end Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph and used it to strike Rudolph in the head. The incident started when Garrett tackled Rudolph well after the quarterback had thrown the ball. Cleveland won the game 21-7, improving to 4-6 on the season, while the Steelers dropped to 5-5.

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  • CHOzen _1
    CHOzen _1 11 days ago

    Cry me a river. Shit happens. At least you know football ain't too scripted lol !

  • khanyisani Buthelezi
    khanyisani Buthelezi 12 days ago

    Mens sports is the best sports. You have to be aggressive in sports. Women lack aggression.

  • Grim Chuckles
    Grim Chuckles 14 days ago +1

    Looks like NFL is transitioning to NHL!

  • Kevin Jewell
    Kevin Jewell 14 days ago +1

    Ima say one thing Anyone in their right damn mind know to not run after a guy 3 times your size with your helmet.

  • SoupMock
    SoupMock 15 days ago +2

    The 1st ejection should have been the Steelers QB for pushing his cleats into someone’s nutz

  • teamdawson1
    teamdawson1 15 days ago +1

    That’s IT.
    You’re done.
    No more football.
    Jail for you.
    End of story.
    If they don’t send him to jail and they let him play they are guilty too.

  • JAK 31
    JAK 31 16 days ago +2

    That’s assault with dealdly weapon, he needs to be charged, nfl needs to charge this guy for sure. He doesn’t need to play in the nfl.

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 11 days ago

      @JAK 31 Jackass, he was not the aggressor, unless you mean his tackling the guy(ie his job) So I guess you're just going to ignore that Rudolph tried to rip his helmet off and call him the n-word. Typical. Get out of here.

    • JAK 31
      JAK 31 11 days ago

      Tequila Mean example, me spitting in your face, then you knocking me the fuck out, even though I started it you finished it, you become the aggressor. Enough said.

    • JAK 31
      JAK 31 11 days ago

      Tequila Mean he was the aggressor, that’s a charge at the highest, this guys needs to be in jail

    • Mr Mackey
      Mr Mackey 13 days ago

      @Tequila Mean Whatever makes your butthole happy

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 14 days ago

      @Mr Mackey "charge him" you sound ignorant. What happened looked like the stand your ground law to me.

  • Jay Hall
    Jay Hall 16 days ago +1

    I do believe Garrett's actions to be unacceptable, however I believe there are more players that need to be evaluated in this incident.

  • The Elephant in the Room

    So Garrett wasn't right, but this is after Rudolph tried to pull Garrett's helmet off and kicked him between the legs. Come on!

    • Mathew Tuttle
      Mathew Tuttle 13 days ago

      I agree. Garrett deserves to be ejected and fined, but Rudolph also was tugging on Garrett's helmet, which angered the DE even more....Rudolph also needs fines and should have been ejected as well.

  • Eric Glueckert
    Eric Glueckert 16 days ago +1

    Takes a knee during the National Anthem in 2017 over police brutality but in 2019 beats a QB with his own helmet.

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel Ann 16 days ago +2

    Is this not battery or assault with a deadly weapon?

  • latino heat
    latino heat 16 days ago +3

    Poor sports all the f money they make 😢

  • Joseph Cacioppo
    Joseph Cacioppo 17 days ago

    Doesn't surprise me when you're black and dumb.

  • Joy Lawrence
    Joy Lawrence 17 days ago

    well after he threw ball away? umm no.

  • david wilhelm
    david wilhelm 17 days ago

    It’s funny that if that was Tom Brady or another known quarterback Myles Garrett would most likely be facing a lot more discipline because Rudolph is no superstar at all, especially after that night.

  • Fritz Stoop
    Fritz Stoop 17 days ago +3

    “ Myles Garrett is done. He's lucky if he doesn't get charged with criminal assault. Myles Garrett is done. He's lucky if he doesn't get charged with criminal assault.”

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 16 days ago

      So are we forgetting that Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off first only he was too weak to success and then in turned got his come uppance in return for his actions? Bias much? Sure you all are. 😐

  • Life and Cubing
    Life and Cubing 17 days ago


  • Kretenn
    Kretenn 17 days ago +1

    This is exactly why people call you FAKE NEWS, why did you cherry pick portion of the fight? Where’s the initiation of it?

  • Silver Hair Foxes Exercise & Lifestyle

    I'm watching the video......all i want to know is......WHO started the fight. Someone just tell me that! Who started the fight!?

  • Rowdy T
    Rowdy T 18 days ago

    I'm not a Browns nor Steelers fan, but Garret deserves his indefinite suspension. ..

    • The Elephant in the Room
      The Elephant in the Room 16 days ago

      If that is the case, so does Rudolph for instigating the fight by trying to remove Garret's helmet and kicking him between the legs.

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith 18 days ago

    CNBC is racist they don't show white boy trying to take helmet first! Busted! RACIST

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 18 days ago +2

    Throwing a helment at someones head bad

  • Enrique Mireles
    Enrique Mireles 18 days ago +1

    NFL ratings are down. They are trying to get the ratings up.

  • Kevin Larson
    Kevin Larson 18 days ago

    Garrett takes a while wild with three people in his face.
    Pouncey continues going after a man on the ground, with intent to injure.
    No was was seriously hurt. That's the best thing. But I think Pouncey's INTENT to injure was far more prevalent than Garrett's and should be suspended at least as long.

  • PayneCty Gardener
    PayneCty Gardener 18 days ago

    The attack must have been designed by Oklahoma Boomer Sooner Player Mayfield, who is known in the State of Arkansas as "Crime Wave" after his conduct there.. Yah go heisman wild man mayfield!!

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man 18 days ago +7

    That dude needs to be kicked out of the NFL PERIOD!

    • josh 22963
      josh 22963 15 days ago

      Defending himself

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 16 days ago

      So are we forgetting that Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off first only he was too weak to success and then in turned got his come uppance in return for his actions? Bias much? Sure you all are. 😐

  • Jerry Perkins
    Jerry Perkins 18 days ago +1

    We fight like this for real in Cleveland though. The homies don't sit back and watch.

    • Long Johnathan
      Long Johnathan 15 days ago

      We get it, Cleveland also has a whole bunch of ghetto blacks, most of which couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag especially against someone who can use their hands for real.. I grew up in the jects and was forced to become a good fighter, took up boxing, after about a solid year of training I never lost a street fight again in high-school. And I've been around em most of my adult life cause of my job, now a days they can't fight for fuck all (for the most part). Standing-bent backwards swinging their arms all wide from the side and shit lmao. And this dude ain't nothing but a hypocritical twat; 2017 he kneels to "protest police brutality" | 2019 ends up taking another players helmet off, hitting him with it and gettting ejected.

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe 19 days ago

    EPSTEIN was sidelined with a neck injury. It is unknown how long his recovery won't take.

  • Justin Garrison
    Justin Garrison 19 days ago

    Rudolph is a punk that deserved worse. F-ing crybaby gets tackled and kicks him in the sack. I'd of done far worse than hit him in the head.

  • Saoirse
    Saoirse 19 days ago +1

    "A violent fight", as opposed to a tender, loving fight.

  • Tanya Tuttle
    Tanya Tuttle 19 days ago +2

    Why not play the whole shit-show from the beginning? The Steelers player STARTED IT!!!

  • Dara Loposky
    Dara Loposky 19 days ago +2

    He said his actions were selfish. I wouldn't call his actions selfish, I would call them criminal. Why isn't he being charged for aggravated assault?

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 16 days ago

      So are we forgetting that Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off first only he was too weak to success and then in turned got his come uppance in return for his actions? Bias much? Sure you all are. 😐

    • Jim Wichert
      Jim Wichert 16 days ago

      Because it was on a football field

  • Catfish Ftw
    Catfish Ftw 19 days ago

    That’s not fair I think that was instinct

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 19 days ago

    Steelers got their asses kicked in this game. Best hit by them was kicking a player who was down.

  • JamAM007
    JamAM007 19 days ago +2

    Rudolph was clearly instigating the fight immediately after the tackle. After he pulled his helmet off, Rudolph aent after him like a rabid dog.
    I'm not a fan of either team, but the QB isn't clean of this situation.

  • bruce vee
    bruce vee 19 days ago +2

    this thug should never play another down

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 19 days ago +1

    Garett has issues with violence. He should be ejected for the rest of the season and fined. They should also evaluate whether they want him back at all.

  • Kerry Mei
    Kerry Mei 19 days ago +4

    Funny how the man attacks FIRST, then plays the victim, and throws his hands in the air when the other guy RESPONDS TO HIS ATTACK #ANOTHERgeorgeZimmerman

  • btwnlls
    btwnlls 19 days ago +2

    Cake and circus for simple minds! This, an example of devolution.

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker 19 days ago

    If I did that shit it would be a felony

  • dc
    dc 19 days ago +4

    Okay. That’s ridiculous. Someone needs to be charges with assault

  • StokedPhilosophy
    StokedPhilosophy 19 days ago

    They should have beat the fuck out of him although the guy whom had his helmet ripped off shouldn't have kept going after him

  • Edward Cook
    Edward Cook 19 days ago +1

    I hope Garrett gets kicked off the team

  • Cindy Snyder
    Cindy Snyder 19 days ago

    Fines and suspension? How about banned? Serious head injuries have a high rate of death. If it wasnt for the Steelers defending their own, the outcome could have been grave. But instead, lets continue to pay this guy millions? UGHHHH!

  • naggedd
    naggedd 19 days ago

    ejection with 8 seconds left on the clock

  • Olivia Connell
    Olivia Connell 19 days ago +1

    De Castro is the only one who did the right thing - split them up and didn’t get violent about it. Just got Garrett on the ground and kept him there without trying to attack him.

  • Omaticdream
    Omaticdream 19 days ago

    That play was dirty af. zero sportsmanship

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 19 days ago +2

    The albino tried taking off Myles helmet first but failed 😂😂

    • American Son
      American Son 17 days ago +1

      Little racist there huh, another example of why there is no such thing as white privilege

  • heelsfanatic88
    heelsfanatic88 19 days ago +8

    New NFL Rule: If you throw 4 int, you deserve to get hit in the head with your own helmet..

    • Silver Hair Foxes Exercise & Lifestyle
      Silver Hair Foxes Exercise & Lifestyle 18 days ago

      That's it!!!!! Who started the s***. Cause it look to me like #2 started sumptin and fit his a** served up. And that's the bottom line. All these other comments are coming across like a division of law and rules. One rule for us another rule for them.

  • arclight
    arclight 19 days ago

    ARTICLE 17. USE OF HELMET AS A WEAPON.A player may not use a helmet that is no longer worn by anyone as a weapon to strike, swing at, or throw at an opponent.Penalty: For illegal use of a helmet as a weapon: Loss of 15 yards and automatic disqualification. If the foul is by the defense, it is also an automatic first down
    People make an extreme fuss over this. Indefinite suspension over a simple 15 yarder. What next? Electric chair for a roughing the passer?

  • Aaron Scarpa
    Aaron Scarpa 19 days ago

    I wish Pouncey would’ve killed him

  • Jeff
    Jeff 19 days ago +1

    Got to toss Garrett out of the league as an example to the rest of the NFL. Money is a big motivation to inhibit Pavlonian copycats.

  • Sam Vazquez
    Sam Vazquez 19 days ago

    Antonio Smith and Ritchie incognito!!!!!!this has happened before, the only reason it's a issue is cuz it's the browns.

  • Atristix
    Atristix 19 days ago +1

    How can they even blame Myles Garrett for this, they were clearly fighting him and he was just finding a way to defend. Sure it's against the rules with the helmet but still.

  • 64kdwg
    64kdwg 19 days ago +10

    Myles Garrett is done. He's lucky if he doesn't get charged with criminal assault.

    • Phateechubchub
      Phateechubchub 15 days ago +1

      @Tequila Mean Text book "Stand your ground" laws

    • Tequila Mean
      Tequila Mean 16 days ago +1

      So are we forgetting that Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off first only he was too weak to success and then in turned got his come uppance in return for his actions? Bias much? Sure you all are. 😐

    • Terry B
      Terry B 16 days ago +1

      I hope he does get charged with something! That was too fuqqin STUPID!!!

  • Michelle Maier
    Michelle Maier 19 days ago +3

    Ironic how the gear is designed to protect the head, but it’s the main weapon in the scuffle

  • dan whitford
    dan whitford 19 days ago

    Go get em Pouncey!

  • Pauly Hollywood
    Pauly Hollywood 19 days ago

    #95 is a bitch for all time

  • Kenny Dodd
    Kenny Dodd 19 days ago

    Get that S.O.B. Off the field...... he’s fired!! Never play in N.F.L.again👍👍👍

  • MJBclassics
    MJBclassics 19 days ago

    Garbage video. Fake news