• Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • was on hand in Los Angeles, California where undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Luis Ortiz held the kick-off press conference to officially announced their upcoming rematch on November 23. You don't want to miss what those in attendance had to say. Check it out!
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  • Gareth Parker
    Gareth Parker 10 days ago

    Wilder thinks Tyson fury is nothing. Why the fuck he didn't stop him ? Hes living in fairy land. What a dosser

  • Kale Will
    Kale Will 12 days ago +1

    he wears Elton John's clothes because both like fighting bums.

  • Boxing Icons and Legends

    He sounded his usual obnoxious arrogant self right from the off with a slight smattering of humility and then 3.06 happened and he became the COCK he truly is

  • Student Loan Millionaire
    Student Loan Millionaire 14 days ago +1

    You never fought anyone strong like Tyson. Luiz Ortiz will easily beat Deyonte Wilder.

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman 16 days ago

    Why is bumsquad wearing Elton John's fuckin specs lol #FURYWASROBBED

  • Trail Pirate
    Trail Pirate 16 days ago

    Ortiz may upset the apple cart

  • Jen alves
    Jen alves 16 days ago +1

    Is gonna be a reunation, a recconecting... most definitely.

  • George Hall
    George Hall 16 days ago +3

    👍Tyson fury no.1 👎🏻wilder no.1
    Let the fans pick!

  • Stacey Wallace
    Stacey Wallace 17 days ago

    you never cut him in the first fight you dosser pmsl

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 14 days ago

      That fury is such a bum cut up by a 48 ranked Wallin..what a poof lmaoooo

  • Jaiden Isbister
    Jaiden Isbister 17 days ago

    I like wilder but a hall of fame career; cmon bro...not yet

  • Ben Finesilver
    Ben Finesilver 17 days ago

    Something tells me that his life and career will not work out happily. It seems to be fate.

  • Ben Finesilver
    Ben Finesilver 17 days ago

    A moron with a platform, where people have to listen to him.

  • John Basch
    John Basch 19 days ago

    “It’s a catch-22” I was shocked deontay possessed this verbal prowess

  • Twilight 8368
    Twilight 8368 19 days ago +6

    I'm guessing those glasses came as a set with a snorkel and flippers.

  • billblackhart
    billblackhart 19 days ago

    Buuuuuum Squuuuuuuad grandpa kong will ko you this time around

  • Maori Warrior
    Maori Warrior 20 days ago

    I could listen too papi all night long lol no homo thoe on god real talk 💯😂👂🏿that new hair dude he's got doesn't suit him lol

  • Worldwide Remix
    Worldwide Remix 20 days ago

    If it wasn't for Fury, barely anyone would have bought tickets for your bout.
    Humble yourself you big swinger.

    • Shirley Newton
      Shirley Newton 19 days ago

      Are you serious? How many tickets did Fury sell for Schwarz and Wallin fights? In a 20000 seats arena, 3500 tickets were sold for Wallin and they had to give away 3500 so that arena does not sound empty... You CAN'T DENY THAT, its well documented. Fury ain't a big draw, stop it.

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison 20 days ago +2

    Can anybody hit him hard enough to knock him out.

  • Teigan_katie10
    Teigan_katie10 20 days ago +1

    Tyson better than deionta I know him in real life

  • heyseus chang
    heyseus chang 20 days ago

    Man this hype over the heavyweight division is nonsense, we were spoiled with fantastic heavyweights from the 60s all the way to the early 2000s then had a 10-15 year dry streak and the division was quiet, so now that we have several sub-par heavyweights that LOOK the part (wilder, joshua) people are all super excited. I personally don't give a FUCK, none of these trash ass heavyweights deserve ANY recognition until they put some work in the gym and polish off some skills instead of all this diva actor media personalities they put on for the public. Regardless of who unifies the division between wilder, fury, joshua, or ANY current heavyweight they're still only a 6/10 boxer and I couldn't care less about em.

    • heyseus chang
      heyseus chang 12 days ago

      @Fast Car if you judge the importance and quality of fights by the weight of the fighters're missing out big time then

    • Fast Car
      Fast Car 13 days ago

      @heyseus chang yes but something about giants over 200lbs going at it makes it important.

    • heyseus chang
      heyseus chang 13 days ago

      @Fast Car how so? There are loads of legitimately talented fighters all through the lower weight divisions. There's plenty of fantastic boxing going on for me to watch

    • Fast Car
      Fast Car 20 days ago

      You are missing out big time then

  • west ham boy
    west ham boy 20 days ago

    Fury is the man we can all say you lost you got knocked down against any boxer in the world ever blah blah blah but tyson will out box you AGAIN

  • Fat Dad
    Fat Dad 20 days ago

    This guy is fighting a 40 year old that he already knocked out, this guy is such a bum. Worst resume ever.

    • Fat Dad
      Fat Dad 20 days ago

      MatrixBoi P.P I’m not defending Tyson fury in my comment dumbass

    • MatrixBoi P.P
      MatrixBoi P.P 20 days ago +1

      Ortiz got nothing on the great Otto that’s for sure

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James 20 days ago +2

    There’s only oooonnnnneeee Tyson fury!!!!

    • Kenneth Doyle
      Kenneth Doyle 16 days ago

      @Fast CarIf he that strong how is it that fury got caught flush and got up and smashed wilde for the rest of the round ......

    • Fast Car
      Fast Car 16 days ago

      @Kenneth Doyle Fury didnt even make the Olympics. Fury never qualified because he was not good enough. And do you realize how strong Bronze is? Get hit with it and you are out.

    • Kenneth Doyle
      Kenneth Doyle 16 days ago

      @Fast Car Your dead right bronze bomber the name is fitten as he is number 3 in the world....

    • Fast Car
      Fast Car 20 days ago +2

      There's only one BRONZE BOMBER!

  • Fader 1
    Fader 1 20 days ago

    Fury got robbed you got schooled by fat a man on a come back. hall of fame my ass

  • Brandon brandon
    Brandon brandon 20 days ago +1

    Deontay Wilder talking about poor ticket sales, the mofos never sold out an arena in his life. Even in his own country.

    • Shirley Newton
      Shirley Newton 16 days ago

      @Brandon brandon Good, their rematch should be bigger then. Wilder has sold out arenas as well when he fought Molina in Alabama.

    • Brandon brandon
      Brandon brandon 18 days ago

      @Shirley Newton His comeback fight.

    • Shirley Newton
      Shirley Newton 18 days ago

      @Brandon brandon for which fight?

    • Brandon brandon
      Brandon brandon 19 days ago

      @Shirley Newton yes Fury has sold out arenas in his own country

    • Shirley Newton
      Shirley Newton 19 days ago

      In 20000 seats arenas he regularly sells around 14000, which is respectable compared to 3500. Have Fury sell out arenas in UK?

  • WhoIamIsNotImportant
    WhoIamIsNotImportant 20 days ago

    This pussy is praying Ruiz beats AJ again.

  • bigP
    bigP 21 day ago +9

    12 rounds of punching air son!

  • Soldier For God
    Soldier For God 21 day ago +17

    It's going to be so funny if Ortiz stops this big mouth that will really shake up the heavyweight division

    • Smiggy Ballz
      Smiggy Ballz 13 days ago

      @aaron pryor You need to seek professional help mate 🤦‍♂️😂

    • Smiggy Ballz
      Smiggy Ballz 14 days ago

      @aaron pryor Andy Ruiz has the most belts dumb ass lmfao

    • Smiggy Ballz
      Smiggy Ballz 14 days ago

      @aaron pryor How does Wilders dick taste? Bet the only time you wake up with a hard on is after you've been dreaming about Wilder 😂😂

    • William Varner
      William Varner 14 days ago

      Ortiz isn't gonna stop him. Fury may not stop him.

    • Jordan A.
      Jordan A. 18 days ago +1

      aaron pryor Facts

  • June Williams
    June Williams 21 day ago

    Yo , champs crazy , champ will knock you the fuck out , and start dancing , woosh like a fucking concord plane.

  • Al O
    Al O 21 day ago

    Wilder is punch drunk or just incredibly deluded. It's all well and good aiming for the cut but last fight in 12 rounds against a 50% ready Fury he landed just 3 meaningful punches which is pretty poor for a massive puncher. Fury already tasted those punches and got up. That kills Wilder as before hand he genuinely believed he was a killer

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 21 day ago +2

    Wilder could beat Fury easily if he went to the body. Get him to the ropes and bang that body. Even with jabs and straight rights. When you have power like Wilder a straight to the body could probably take a fighter out. It's also easy to see Fury is soft in the middle plus all his abuse to his body. Head hunting an guy like Fury is rough bang that body, slow him down and decapitate him late

    • SB Gaz
      SB Gaz 21 day ago

      Possible it could work. Wallin had success with body shots though none had any obvious impact on Fury though could be a different story with Wilder's power. I've been told Fury uses some old school training methods and spends part of his training camps letting guys hit him in the body in order to condition himself to taking body shots. I know guys who are sceptical whether that actually works though.
      From the other side, I think Fury should make the fight ugly and boring, lean on Wilder as much as he can get away with and hope he can gas him out. I know it's not what people want to see but I feel didn't do that as much as he could of in LA and as a result Wilder was still carrying serious power in the last round.

  • Sam Hyde
    Sam Hyde 21 day ago

    Loses a 12 round fight despite 2 knockdowns and gets handed a candy land scorecard.
    Talks mad shit because nobody is telling him what he needs to hear.
    I don't blame Fury if he doesn't take the rematch.

  • MrGodismypower
    MrGodismypower 21 day ago

    Is the dude behind deontay his brother or sum? I see this nigga following deontay around 24/7

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 21 day ago +1

    I believe Fury won the first fight. Wilder KOs Fury in rematch. Fury dont want that smoke. Wilder will catch Fury trying to duck under a looping right hand with a straight right and it will be lights out...

  • SufamiDan
    SufamiDan 21 day ago

    Buuuuuuuuuuuum squaaaaaaad.

    • SufamiDan
      SufamiDan 20 days ago

      B.G London as long as he holds that strap hostage I’ll be watching him.

    • B.G London
      B.G London 21 day ago

      Still watching his every move.. SMH

  • kamal
    kamal 21 day ago


    WAKE UP 21 day ago

    Bullshit.. this faggot aint do shit the first time.. he cant cut himself let alone fury.. this piece of shit about to lose his belt watch

  • free willy
    free willy 21 day ago +2

    IQ level 200 right here

  • CapitalConnections
    CapitalConnections 21 day ago +4

    Reunition 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  • GalaxyZ
    GalaxyZ 21 day ago +5

    Pretty useless to cut a man open when he clearly out boxed you and made you look like the one dimensional power puncher that you are 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Drink Water
      Drink Water 20 days ago +1

      @GalaxyZ fury is a pretend champion, he cant hurt a fly, has no belts, does drugs and plays the victim daily

    • GalaxyZ
      GalaxyZ 21 day ago

      rAnSaCK MAORI knockdowns don’t mean shit fanboy. He got dropped a bunch of times and exposed mr windmill only to get robbed on the cards . Wilder ain’t shit.

    • rAnSaCK MAORI
      rAnSaCK MAORI 21 day ago +1

      Fury would have looked one dimensional to Wilder as he lay stretched out flat on his ass 😂

  • The Jim Reaper™
    The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

    Claims he knows how to cut a man open, yet still hasn't worked out the fundamentals of boxing... Wilder is the only pro boxer i know can punch the canvas when trying to land on his opponent

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 20 days ago

      @Drink Water lol nope thats because he swings wildly and punches everything but his opponents and falls over or punches the canvas!!!
      Fuck me he did both in the Szpilka fight ffs

    • Drink Water
      Drink Water 20 days ago

      that's cus he punches through to the canvas after he smashes his oppoenent through it

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas 21 day ago

    Only current Heavyweight worthy of Hall of Fame Status is Fury - for fighting Undefeated Klitschko and Undefeated Wilder in their backyards and schooling both. He won 12/12 rounds vs Klitschko, and 10/12 rounds vs Wilder.
    So he schooled the top two of his era. If he goes on to school Wilder again in the Rematch, and then does the same to AJ/Ruiz - then he’s gotta be considered one of the GOAT’s. Not just for beating all the only 3 World Champions of his era when they were undefeated and still massively feared by the division - but for HOW convincingly he outboxed them.
    There’s not a fighter in history that I think Prime Pre-Cocaine / Drinking / 550lbs / Huge Cut Fury wouldn’t be the favourite to win against tbh (if we are saying there is no A side and judges are 100% impartial).

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

      @imjr8o8 Lennox is like 63 for fuck sake, even DinosOrtiz has a couple less years on him than Lennox

    • imjr8o8
      imjr8o8 21 day ago

      Lennox beats fury. Faster more powerful

    • CapitalConnections
      CapitalConnections 21 day ago +1

      Lol Hall of fame?! FOH with that bullshit..

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

      Im a Fury fan but after Wilder he's got a Schwarz trilogy and a Wallin quadrilogy

  • Billy
    Billy 21 day ago

    shut up

  • bruce akins
    bruce akins 21 day ago +7

    Fury beat you bro.

  • Simon Woods
    Simon Woods 21 day ago +1

    He is right to much money involved

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

      @Simon Woods lol dude they offered him 120m dollars and he chickened out, Wilder even called a presser to announce the DUCK

    • Simon Woods
      Simon Woods 21 day ago

      @The Jim Reaper™ your smoking dope Billy aj and hearns always gave themselves 60/40 and he agreed to it and they still backed out

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

      He's only saying that because he DUCKED 120m for that AJ fight

  • LoneStar State
    LoneStar State 21 day ago +1

    Man this fool gets on my nervous yeah he good fighter but he turned down that $100 million from DAZN n now who knows if AJ will ever fight him smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 21 day ago +21

    Wilder’s genius, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom is up there with Plato, Socrates, Einstein, Carl Jung, Archimedes and Stephen Hawkins.

    • William Varner
      William Varner 14 days ago

      You guys are funny! You're talking about the intelligence of a guy that gets punched in the head hundreds or thousands of times.

    • Bill Murray
      Bill Murray 20 days ago +1

      Drink Water life will deal with yo ma’fuckin dumbass

    • Drink Water
      Drink Water 20 days ago

      he's smarter than all of them, all those names you mentioned just ripped off ideas from other people

    • Soldier For God
      Soldier For God 21 day ago +4

      😂😂😂 oh my goodness now that was a good one😂😂😂😂

    • The wonderful life of Bob Jay
      The wonderful life of Bob Jay 21 day ago +1

      real talk

  • benshirlz Miller
    benshirlz Miller 21 day ago +11

    "Reunighshin"😂😂 the man bro!!!✊✊👊👊

  • Barca Raider
    Barca Raider 21 day ago

    This is the same guy who ducked $100million

    • G1Main
      G1Main 21 day ago

      To sign with DAZN??? And watch Ruiz and Joshua fight a rematch?? Ahaha u crazy

  • Major Music
    Major Music 21 day ago

    3500 tickets? Did no1 see the fight

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 21 day ago +1

    Yeah, too bad you probably wont make it past Ortiz this time around. You BARELY squeaked by before. Had you not gotten EXTREMELY LUCKY in the 12th round, Ortiz would've won by a long shot.

  • Coolkidz Media
    Coolkidz Media 21 day ago +14

    Wilder definitely will be in the hall of fame

    • Ben Finesilver
      Ben Finesilver 17 days ago

      Hall of fame moron

    • Coolkidz Media
      Coolkidz Media 19 days ago +2

      aaron pryor but fury made it clear he wants a rematch

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 19 days ago

      Fury will be in the hall of shame and ducking rematches.

  • Coolkidz Media
    Coolkidz Media 21 day ago

    Honestly fury worked his ass that last fight the knock down of fury helped him

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 14 days ago

      Fury got KTFO and it was hilarious watching him hold and hug after he got up in the 9th..that pig skin is weak af lolol

  • Al Haymon
    Al Haymon 21 day ago

    No you not in the hall of fame dumb ass

  • David
    David 21 day ago +11

    This is a very articulate and intelligent brother I’m a Wilder fan but to be real he can’t box💯 he won 2 rounds against Fury

    • David
      David 21 day ago

      Turyasingura humphrey you sound slow. Any competent judge would have scored that fight 10 rounds to 2, I have no idea what you’re thinking

    • rAnSaCK MAORI
      rAnSaCK MAORI 21 day ago +1

      @Super Nova Fury's running, he has nightmares of Wilder's power.

    • Super Nova
      Super Nova 21 day ago +1

      Fury will get KOd in the rematch.

    • rAnSaCK MAORI
      rAnSaCK MAORI 21 day ago +1

      @The Jim Reaper™ this the same Tyson "who got away with not having the fight waved once again" Fury??? 😂 corrupt refs everywhere he goes..

    • The Jim Reaper™
      The Jim Reaper™ 21 day ago

      @Shane Stewart Wilder is the only "Boxer" i know who can throw a punch and end up hitting the canvas instead of his opponent ffs
      The man has only fought 3 credible opponents and only managed to beat 2 of those, of which he's fighting 1 he only beat last year ffs
      Maybe if he didnt fall over when punching, or stopped punching the canvas or even learned how to throw more than 1 or 2 punches id have more respect, but the fact is he throws wild shots that hardly land and gets a refs stoppage, against low level guys like Duhaupas or Washington and he got soundly beat by Fury because of not moving up in opposition (in his 4pth fight the guy was fighting opponents he should have beaten 9 years ago ffs

  • Mr. Grinch
    Mr. Grinch 21 day ago


  • Minion #62618
    Minion #62618 21 day ago +1

    Wilder sure makes it seem like he wanted that Fury fight stopped.

  • darius
    darius 21 day ago +21

    Modern day Einstein right here, IQ off the charts

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 19 days ago

      dariusis feeling inferior again ... just get a heavyweight champion like the rest of the folks thats all...insulting makes you look stupid coz y'all inferior in boxing lmaooooo

    • Drink Water
      Drink Water 20 days ago

      high iq, high power, high energy, high motivation, high ethics

    • G1Main
      G1Main 21 day ago +2

      Power off the charts too. 💣

    • darius
      darius 21 day ago

      @Zee nope lol

    • The wonderful life of Bob Jay
      The wonderful life of Bob Jay 21 day ago

      how is is your job

  • Danny Diaz
    Danny Diaz 21 day ago +6

    I’m glad he knocked out fury 2 times

    • rAnSaCK MAORI
      rAnSaCK MAORI 21 day ago +1

      @Kevin Lewis fight should have been waved after the 2nd knockdown, as Wilder said in this video "Catch 22" The ref failed to owe a duty of care neglecting the fighters safety. Fury and the ref were very lucky.

    • Kevin Lewis
      Kevin Lewis 21 day ago +3

      they are called knock downs...the second knock-down fury almost died😁 ,but he made the it starts from 22.18, you're welcome... and besides those 2 moments, fury gave wilder a boxing-lesson

    • Coolkidz Media
      Coolkidz Media 21 day ago +1

      Carlos Vazquez fury was working his ass that last fight

  • morgan gentle
    morgan gentle 21 day ago +3

    Anyone could train to fight these clowns