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  • Published on Oct 25, 2020
  • Completed my mandatory government 14 day quarantine in South Korea and here's what the food, hotel situation looks like also things I wish I had and what to expect during this process.
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  • Roy G. Biv
    Roy G. Biv Year ago +3726

    in a hotel for 2 weeks ? food delivered to the door 3 times a day? sleeping alone whenever you want? not being bothered by people for 14 days?????? YOU ARE LIVING MY DREAM LIFE.

    • Mr.PokaYoka
      Mr.PokaYoka 9 months ago

      Basically you want to go to prison lmao

    • Lu
      Lu 9 months ago

      @Hi for sure since I'm pretty introverted

    • Masha Spikego
      Masha Spikego 9 months ago

      No doubt it gets tedious but believe me during lockdown in a 2 bedroom house with hubby working from our bedroom and homeschooling two kids I fantasised about being locked in a hotel by myself with Netflix.

    • Hi
      Hi 9 months ago

      @Lu do you know what a introvert is

    • Quality YaFool
      Quality YaFool 9 months ago

      Bro same 😭

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +185

    Seeing him in absolute joy after eating his first meals after quarantine is honestly so nice 🥺

  • Rudy Z.
    Rudy Z. Year ago +758

    Korea has the best quarantine system in the world...people who arrive to Korea, and have to stay alone( quarantine) for 2 weeks, clear for cov 19, and free to visit, and travel. Also for Korean people, government gives people 2 weeks of food, and other essential things such as toilet papers, sanitizers, water..etc.

    • T R
      T R Month ago

      @wild fire in Korea? How can govt afford that?

    • AquaGamer1212
      AquaGamer1212 Month ago

      @Wonderlandidi You can do that in Korea too. It all depends on the facility or where you’re staying.

    • wild fire
      wild fire 2 months ago

      Food is delivered free of charge for two weeks in isolation. Other toiletries, bottled water, and hotel care are all free. This is crazy.

    • Bianca Huff
      Bianca Huff 3 months ago

      Nz is the same but you can order food from anywhere including supermarkets so if definitely argue that it’s better in New Zealand

  • ADR Vacations
    ADR Vacations Year ago +211

    Thanks for being open and honest about the anxiety you've been experiencing. I was nodding emphatically the entire time you were speaking on it. You are not alone.

    • L.U. Rehuher
      L.U. Rehuher 4 months ago +1

      He looks like Jacky Chan

    • Glitterqueen08
      Glitterqueen08 4 months ago +1

      You are such a ray of sunshine!!!

  • TheMom WithTheThroatTattoo

    The moment you realize that people would rather be homeless in Korea than stay at their home in America. I am with you Mike!

    • Robin Lillian
      Robin Lillian 3 months ago +1

      @Rachel Jestice He wasn't suggesting you should deliberately spread disease. He was referring to politics.

    • Snowmochi
      Snowmochi 10 months ago +10

      @Rachel Jestice only free country left in the world. Oh god… I am ashamed as an American that there are other Americans who feel this way.

  • Raven Llya
    Raven Llya Year ago +2103

    The fact Mikey deliberately chose to become a customer for the Korean aunty who’s noodle stall was the least crowded is just.... AMAZING. He truly means it when he says “supporting local food”

    • EMPress
      EMPress Year ago

      @Kris LVgirl agreed although the irony, but yes agreed

    • Jordan P
      Jordan P Year ago

      Now it will be packed

    • Andreea P
      Andreea P Year ago +18

      @God Kill Me she made it seem like he only chose that stall because he wanted to support that aunty and I don't like sugar coated things.

    • God Kill Me
      God Kill Me Year ago +5

      @Andreea P then if you knew why take a dig at him lol. Like this comment didn't dispute the fact that he wanted to stay away from people lol.

    • Andreea P
      Andreea P Year ago +8

      @God Kill Me I didn't say he doesn't support local food. I said that wasn't his main reason to chose to eat there this time. I know him and I'm following him since a long time ago.

  • Aspen Margaret
    Aspen Margaret Year ago +108

    Thank you for taking this seriously. I have anxiety about it as well and see so many people here in America just refuse to care. The beginning of this year I got a virus that damaged my lungs. Because of Covid the hospital couldn’t treat the asthma complications I developed and I spent days struggling to breathe.
    I’m frightened of what would happen if I get Covid.

    • SharingWhat
      SharingWhat Month ago

      We got Covid last year at this time in America. We went to the ER and the doctor was mad as hell that we were there. They would not help us at all. We called clinic after clinic and no one would help us. Found a clinic with a doctor who had already had Covid who would see us. My husband had Covid Pneumonia, and other things. The doctor was surprised he was not in the hospital. He was sweating like someone was pouring buckets of water on the bed every day. I had bronchitis. We thought we were going to die alone at home. He was going off the road a bit here and there on the way to the ER and when we went to the clinic. It was terrifying. Then I waited the 3 months and got the first vaccine and had a bad reaction to it.

    • Anna
      Anna 7 months ago +1

      He had no choice. The SK government is on point and requires this of everyone entering the country.

    • BrownEyedMama3
      BrownEyedMama3 Year ago +7

      Hope you are feeling better

  • Masha Spikego
    Masha Spikego 9 months ago +51

    This quarantine video was really informative and a great insight into the down to earth person Mike is. He didn’t try to make it seem dramatic or glamorous just a normal fellow. No doubt it was challenging but he tried to focus on the positive side. Thanks for sharing your story about your anxiety.

  • Eric Forsberg
    Eric Forsberg Year ago +22

    This is a very interesting and personal video diary of a quarantine in a foreign country. I love Korean food - and it is very cool to see it in such a state, almost like refugee camp rations or train food (although I'll be train food in Korea is better). I look forward to seeing the next video in the timeline. Thanks Mikey.

  • Sharon Johnston
    Sharon Johnston Year ago +19

    I love your positive attitude. You’re making the best of a fourteen-day quarantine. Not everyone could do that. 💕

    • Masha Spikego
      Masha Spikego 9 months ago

      Yep he’s keeping it real - not trying to make it overly dramatic or glamorous.

  • charis_cale
    charis_cale Year ago +3792

    Dang that quarantine food is way better than any Hospital food I've ever eaten.

  • wheelchairby284
    wheelchairby284 Year ago +13

    I went through something very similar to you, regarding living and travel. I'm a writer, and I moved to Ireland in June of 2019. I was supposed to go home within a year, but COVID hit 3 months before my departure date. I've been through 3 lockdowns, and had my permission extended 5 times. Occasionally I'd be given a brief window to return back to the United States, but comparing the COVID situation back home to Ireland - and looking at some of the news back home - I thought that it was the best choice to stay away for now. Glad to see that you got through it!

  • Juhsga
    Juhsga Year ago +30

    I was fortunate enough to live in Korea for about a year and it was one of the best places I have ever visited. I never felt in danger and everyone was super kind. The best country in Asia. I've been to China and Thailand and Korea is great. The weather in Seoul area isn't always great but the people make up for it. Anyone in Korea hiring American professionals in the aviation sector? I'll love to come over there to work and live!

  • Jessi Lessenberry
    Jessi Lessenberry Year ago +11

    this is one of the best explanation I've heard of how COVID has mentally affected me. Granted, I've always struggled with anxiety, the whole lump in your throat thing that he talked about was so relatable. Glad to know its not just me

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon 5 months ago +5

    Do they ask you if you're allergic to any foods before you begin the quarantine?

  • Karen Brown
    Karen Brown Year ago +361

    Glad to know you are in a country where people are taking the virus seriously, and where they actually care enough about their fellow human beings to take precautions to protect one another. That says alot about the government *and* people of South Korea.

    • George B
      George B Year ago +1

      @Molly Abcede You have a great president, as does Brazil as well.

    • SahiPie
      SahiPie Year ago +3

      @John Kim Pretty much anything that is reported coming from China itself needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    • John Kim
      John Kim Year ago +8

      @HkJoK I totally agree with you in regards to human rights issues in China. I also know that the 1st amendments issues are notorious in China too! I was referring to how they locked down a whole province in order to get control of this problem.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Year ago +8

    As someone who has spent a great deal of time in hospital throughout my life where the only thing to look forward to that is positive is the food and it’s not that good. I would be incredibly happy if I received food like this in my daily life let alone in hospital, so in a way I feel his expectations are way too high and that most people would be more than happy with the meals provided.

  • softsvthours _
    softsvthours _ Year ago +15

    mikey im glad that you're taking a 'break' or 'vacation', it's really a struggle for you're health and im happy you're taking care of yourself. best of luck!

  • Mr. Secret
    Mr. Secret Year ago +5

    I like how you give very honest review on the quarantine food and also how you support that aunty.. usually people will go for stall that have many people because it show that their food is delicious...big respect 🦊🦊

  • Rob Reid
    Rob Reid Year ago +6

    Hey, you were really lucky with your hotel. The food you have been given looks really varied and you got plenty of fruit. I got put in a Ramada and the food was pretty terrible. I took photos of every meal i had over the 14 days if you are interested in seeing what could have been. Thankfully i have a couple of friends here who were kind enough to send me a box of snacks and some homebaked goods. I might have gone mad without it.

  • Lele
    Lele Year ago +541

    I know this is a travel and food channel but I really appreciated the short talk about your mental health during these times. Know that myself along with a lot of your subscribers are feeling this way too. This is why you’re so loved by everyone who watches your content, you’re so relatable and honest.

    • Aimee Paterson
      Aimee Paterson 3 months ago

      COMPLETELY AGREE!!! A Great, Moving, Emotional and Relatable Video. Stay Well, Mike…..and EVERYONE!!!💟

  • Michelle Neal
    Michelle Neal Year ago +1

    I totally get it. I was paranoid and depressed for months, after all that paranoia, my husband and I ended up testing positive. It was a long two weeks of feeling like garbage, but we made it out okay. I'm actually still dealing with side effects, but vaccine dose one is done.

  • mikefly562
    mikefly562 10 months ago +4

    I'm currently in Shanghai, starting Day 3 of my 14 day quarantine, and your food looks good, but I think our hotel has healthier food....lots more veggies, and less fried foods. I'm really enjoying my hotel's food so far. We don't get a snacks like you get though, so that's a nice touch you had at your hotel. With all the exercise I'm doing in my room all day, and eating very healthy, I'll be in such great shape. I'm still struggling with jet lag though. In my hotel, they come and take your temperature via a heat gun 2x per day...which is way more sanitary.

  • sirène
    sirène 11 months ago +20

    he looks so kind. i love watching his videos. they’re so relaxing and they feel safe

  • oktarina oktarina
    oktarina oktarina Year ago +7

    I relate so much with you, my stress level is never decrease from back in march and now everyone become even relaxed when things actually got worse

  • Vannie Eats
    Vannie Eats Year ago +2133

    This is probably the longest Mikey has gone not eating chili oil 😂

    • Avery Pins
      Avery Pins 11 months ago

      That’s so true

    • Elva Sands
      Elva Sands Year ago +3

      😁😂😀 lollollol. I suppose he'll make up for it later.

    • Jerry C
      Jerry C Year ago +7

      The shakes from the withdraw lol

    • 도민준
      도민준 Year ago +43

      he's gonna have withdrawals. gotta make a trip to chinatown ASAP

  • M C
    M C Year ago +1

    Mike, I am glad you made the quarantine program in Seoul. I love your advices on how to ride out this crazy time. Please stay safe and be well.

  • Dr. Bao Tran
    Dr. Bao Tran Year ago +2

    How are you? Hopefully, you are better back in the US. Thank you for giving us an update on the quarantine process in S. Korea and what to expect.

  • Alanna Leong
    Alanna Leong Year ago +1

    I'm so happy for you Mike! You deserve it! Have an amazing and safe stay!!

  • kin kane
    kin kane Year ago +1

    Reminds me of the quarantine I did in Saipan. Food in similar boxes, and it was the highlight of my day whenever it was delivered. I felt like a dog, with my whole life revolving around getting fed. Alcohol was not allowed in the Saipan quarantine facility, can you get alcohol in the Korean quarantine?

  • Made in Busan
    Made in Busan Year ago +3806

    Man I love your life. I wish I could just drop everything and go to a different country and eat delicious foods and explore. Next best thing, I can live vicariously through you in these coming weeks. I can't wait for more food vlogs from Korea

    • Minecraft Bee
      Minecraft Bee 8 months ago

      I see your pfp are you a minarchist?

    • FARDOUS_ RONYᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
      FARDOUS_ RONYᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ 9 months ago

      Me too ☺️

    • sookable h
      sookable h 9 months ago

      Ngl I think anyone can as long as your personality is clean and you look good

    • Rachel G
      Rachel G 10 months ago +1

      @Jake L it’s all about your ability to catch people’s interest you could start with recipes at home, even taste test the snacks in a vending machine at work during your break just gotta gain traction

    • chœrry
      chœrry Year ago

      girl ur everywhere

  • Michelle Marie Campbell

    Mikey, you're so funny when you remind us to bring our own food because you're hungry all the time and it's not enough food. So funny...
    Fantastic video and really enjoyed your message at the end. Mikey!

  • Harim
    Harim Year ago +13

    Mike is like all of us. He wants his Korean series with some English subtitles.

  • Copper Cat Apothecary
    Copper Cat Apothecary 4 months ago

    Thank you for addressing your personal experience and emotions regarding the Pandemic. It was beautifully put and honest.

  • Skating Canuck
    Skating Canuck Year ago

    Kudos to the Korean government for enforcing the quarantine policy. I am glad you are in a safer place now. South Korea has been a paragon for the world for how to combat this virus . By the way you called the grey jelly "mung bean jelly". It is actually acorn jelly (made from acorn starch).
    I love that you went to the noodle booth that was empty. Most people only flock to busy restaurants. Glad you found a gem.
    You are 100% right that canned tuna in Korea is way better than in North America.

  • Jacob Min Chul Baik
    Jacob Min Chul Baik Year ago +451

    You cannot believe how good this food is compared to the quarantine food of other countries.

    • Thunder_Gurl🇺🇦
      Thunder_Gurl🇺🇦 4 months ago +3

      In my country they sometimes doesn't give ypu food for 2 days. A lot of ppl complaining. Some has shared pics of the one bread roll they got for lunch. One small, dry and tasteless bread roll.

    • Netzzie
      Netzzie  Year ago +1

      Nz quarantine food is amazing

    • Anita
      Anita Year ago +1


    • Anita
      Anita Year ago +1

      Nyc kids crying omg

    • dope rounds
      dope rounds Year ago +14

      for 2100 dollars, you're practically investing 70% of your budget towards quarantine which is pretty extreme imo

  • Simple Junn
    Simple Junn Year ago +1

    As a public health, biology, and microbiology student, I can understand you. I wish people in this country (U.S) TOOK THIS VIRUS MORE SERIOUS. It sucks that the majority of these restaurants and social gathers are still happening. I wish the states took everything seriously. I am currently attending every remotely online for grad school and back home on the Navajo reservation. Here on the reservation, we have 48 hours lockdown starting Friday and ending Monday morning at 5 am. Also, stores and everything closes at 3 pm now. We do not allow anyone on the reservation anymore unless you actually show proof of residency here on the reservation. If the U.S took this more seriously, we could've been prepared back in January. but i love this video :)

  • Hug Life
    Hug Life Year ago

    Thanks for sharing!! I am sure there are more people going through / dealing with the mental health issue during these times than are admitting to. Awesome video!! Stay safe!!

  • Amy Rivers
    Amy Rivers 3 months ago

    I got excited for you when the tuna arrived. You did so well being in quarantine for two weeks. Xx

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Year ago +1115

    Spends years trying to convince us that he isn’t Jackie Chan then comes out with this video

  • E V A
    E V A Year ago +3459

    Take care of yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

    • DerpyRacoon
      DerpyRacoon Month ago


    • Becky Newton
      Becky Newton Year ago

      Hell yes.

    • cristopher martinez
      cristopher martinez Year ago

      Happy you checked out my recommendation for Kings Avatar

    • Montisaquadeis
      Montisaquadeis Year ago +5

      Agree we want you Mikey to be healthy and happy so you can continue making videos for us even if it means a break every now and then

  • Dee Luscious
    Dee Luscious 6 months ago +3

    You wouldnt think a quarantine video could be interesting but....I keep rewatching this one. Even locked up, you still manage to make it interesting 💕

  • irisyeo07
    irisyeo07 Month ago

    Hi Mike, thanks for your sharing about your mental health situation... really appreciate it. I’ve been following you for a while now, always see you so energetic and descriptive in your food adventures so I never really expected you to share about your own mental health state. This whole covid thing has been tough on everyone, some even more. Didn’t expect my own mental health to be that affected but now standing at end of March 2022, I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to be able to travel to Korea and Japan soon… I also miss Europe so much. Greetings from sunny Singapore! Hope you can come back to Singapore soon to film lots of food videos! 💪🏼💪🏼😂😂🥰

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 9 months ago +3

    I am Korean and that for 14 days looks like torture 😂😂. Love your show, keep up the great content.

  • Megan Tuano
    Megan Tuano 7 months ago +1

    You're the best

  • HeyitsDee
    HeyitsDee Year ago +193

    So glad you're taking care of yourself, Mike. You seem to be in a more peaceful place, mentally and physically, and that makes me breathe a sigh of relief for you. Enjoy Korea for as long as you can.

  • Cole
    Cole Year ago +8

    Damn, I wish I could go to places where you were just for a day... Food looks sooooo delicious and I am a picky person 😋

  • Katherine Wren
    Katherine Wren 4 months ago +1

    Just randomly found this guy tonight, this is the second video I've watched. He's fantastic, no notes. Love him.

  • EHS
    EHS Year ago

    The red stuff you keep calling “bulgogi” is actually daeji bulgogi (spicy pork). It’s sweet and spicy, but I prefer it on the spicier side. Traditional bulgogi is beef. The banchan you called “snot zucchini” is hobak bokkeum, pan fried zucchini, which is really delicious. It’s a shame that what you had was not.

  • OheyJessica
    OheyJessica 3 months ago

    I don’t say this often…actually I never said this but what a well put together vlog! Loved it. Caught myself not wanting it to end.

  • William Lambert
    William Lambert Year ago +319

    Korean food is so good, even the quarantine version is better than regular food from elsewhere. I need to go to Korea right now!

    • lahel light
      lahel light Year ago

      everybody can have different tastes. do u tell your friend who loves In-n-out how bad their food is cus you like mcdonalds more? of when your friend compliments his GF how pretty she is, u have this uncontrollable urge to say "actually, your gf isnt pretty at all, arianna grande is prettier"
      dont be that guy. urg

    • Nari
      Nari Year ago

      Then go.

    • Nomomania
      Nomomania Year ago +2

      I enjoy PI lechon of Cebu. But the variety of Kbbq can't be beat from beef, chicken, pork. Have you been to Korea's Jeju Island? Mike been there and covered it, he even said it's the best pork he's ever had. I've tried it, Jeju bbq pork trumps lechon easily. I been to HK and Japan. They're both good, one thing about Japanese cuisine is their presentation is world class, but I never felt a sense of having hearty meal.

    • Yo its Cattystylelady
      Yo its Cattystylelady Year ago +1

      @kekIdk, they're all pretty equal in terms of excellency to me :/

    • Amy Fischer
      Amy Fischer Year ago +14

      @Nomomania I agree too! I'm a French girl (though I live in America now) so I'm a very picky eater, and I've been to most of Asia by now, and Korean food is my favorite too! The first time I tried it, I literally felt like I was in heaven!!! Kbbq is creme de la creme, plus all the mouthwatering soups, side dishes, kimchi, topoki, braised meats, kimbab, I feel like I can go on forever haha.

  • B An
    B An 5 months ago

    Thank you for expressing your feelings about your anxiety. That is perfectly normal. Hmmm...it seems that the situation is the same as when you were in quarantine in South Korea. I'm in Spain and I am older and have had to take 3 ...I REPEAT .....THREE .... Covid vaccines! I hope that your anxiety has gone down. Peace.

  • nikip
    nikip Year ago

    I just finished the second half of this video since it was first posted and I feel you regarding the state of being with regards to the awful state of affairs... I'm singing, you are not alone.... the realm of uncertainty is ueber stressful. Sending big hugs 🤗 to you and safe travels.. ps, I love the Chinese clothes dryer, lol, the Germans have one very similar😉

  • H M
    H M Year ago +6

    i wish Canada and the States also have the same quarantine procedure with designated facilities.

  • Heart Of Lotus
    Heart Of Lotus Year ago +2

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your quarantine time with us. How much did the accommodation with food cost for your entire time in quarantine? I am glad you were able to leave the US when you did. Covid is out of control in the US right now. That is strange that there are no sheets. Have you figured out why that is the case? I hope you find some sheets and continue to enjoy your time in Korea. 😊

  • Krystal Maiden
    Krystal Maiden Year ago

    Gosh I wish I could move too. A lot of people in my country aren’t taking the virus seriously and it caused me to NEVER leave the house for the last 7 months. My mental health has been suffering too until I blocked every single news site and just tried to forget the virus existed. This was nice to watch. Thank you,

  • daniel esterman
    daniel esterman 10 months ago +1

    I’m currently in quarantine at home with nasty covid symptoms. I love your travel videos and wish I had an appetite

  • Pamela Zero
    Pamela Zero Year ago

    Great video! Thanks for showing the ups and downs of quarantine.

  • Helen Dang
    Helen Dang 8 months ago

    Lmao this video really made my day. You are just soo hilarious. I wish i could have a friend like you honestly😂

  • portgas d. ace🔥🥵

    I actually wonder how do they cook so many meals a day and it's still so good

  • 3 lil oz
    3 lil oz Year ago +1

    I love Mike so much lol. I've been binge watching his channel since about March of this year. Great stuff man.

  • lilkoko
    lilkoko Year ago

    Omg I LOVE quarantine meal reviews. Plus Mike. Gold.

  • DaniB143
    DaniB143 Year ago +1

    Job well done! I really appreciated this blog. Thank you for sharing your journey and your tips and tricks! You make me excited to get back out there, with very much safety

  • Linda Bryant
    Linda Bryant Year ago +2

    Mikey I don't think I could do the quarantine thing in a motel room I would go stir crazy but you are sure handling it well especially the food I would cry!!😫😫

  • marissa ffs
    marissa ffs Year ago +3

    mike throwing each bag of nuts and fruits he pulled out more and more aggressively 😂

  • MRO AO
    MRO AO Year ago

    Mad respect for teaching everyone to take covid seriously and follow protocols.

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf Year ago

    Great, honest vid Mike. First one I've watched showing quarantine in reality. Stay safe.

  • MiRae Ros
    MiRae Ros Year ago +3

    Bedsheets are life savers!!! It's hella cold out there. I can still remember my trip in Seoul and the first thing I was looking for in my Airbnb was thick bedsheets. hahaha
    I hope you take it easy on yourself in Seoul and take care Mike. Stay healthy and stay safe 😊😊

  • Brazen Metz
    Brazen Metz Year ago +8

    Bro! I stayed in the same hotel when I came to Korea two months ago! Haha. The food was solid, but after a few days it got to me 😂 We survived quarantine! 💯

  • TheYamCam
    TheYamCam Year ago +9

    Thanks for talking about Covid anxiety and how tough it’s been here in the US.

  • Freelance writer, editor Logistics

    I hear you on your anxiety level and frustration with U.S. Covid response. That said, I am now a new subscriber... you are giving those of us who are "stuck" a much-needed vicarious recharge!

  • lngun4311
    lngun4311 Year ago +317

    I've heard that korean canned tuna is in a class of its own. There's stories about how if you gave people the choice of instant noodles or canned tuna nearly everyone would take the tuna.
    Nice to see that the stories are actually true!

    • KFX
      KFX Year ago +2

      @천사 The brand I want to recommend is 'Dongwon Cham-chi(Tuna)' . It is the biggest canned tuna manufacturer and bestseller in Korea. But I don't know if Dongwon is also being exported overseas. I hope you can find it around where you live! For your information, the non-flavored tuna is nothing different from the others, so i recommend you to buy it in flavored one!

    • 천사
      천사 Year ago +1

      @KFX now u make me want to try it. Any specific brand so i can check my local grocery???

    • KFX
      KFX Year ago

      @Mike's Big Mouth I think the Tuna itself is nothing different from the others but a variety of flavors that you can't find any elsewhere makes it special. Like the jja jang(black bean paste) flavored tuna or ramen flavored one and etc.. It sounds a bit weird at first but every each flavors are excellent.. at least for me... (sorry about my poorEnglish tho haha)

    • NdaKeekz
      NdaKeekz Year ago

      @XpiR3d the one he ordered was flavored. He thought he ordered plain because everything else was sold out.

    • XpiR3d
      XpiR3d Year ago

      total overexaggeration IMO. the nonflavored tuna (same brand he ordered) tastes exactly the same as it does the US tuna cans. have not tried the flavored ones tho.

  • andirang
    andirang Year ago

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    Good job getting through quarantine. I was curious about the hotel food. I stayed at an airbnb, so I had to mostly order my food.

    RION The LION Year ago +16

    watching you eat those quarantine meals brought back memories when i was in a psych ward.. *shivers* but your food looks a lot better than what i had in the psych ward. Lot of negative memories at that place lol. but at least you could order out.. i downed a 12 pk of coke after leaving my stay at the ward alongside a pizza.

    • 123beesbeesbees
      123beesbeesbees Year ago

      @Manisha Sinhababu yeah media portrayal is veryyyy different from reality. At least in the U.S. for adolescents. I can't speak for everybody but when I was a kid going in and out of mental hospitals (in two different states) they were all awful. the doctors where I was at were basically trying to drug everyone up, and most times I couldn't go outside. if I did, it was a small courtyard. unfortunately the way these places were structured, they made things for me far worse in the end. they would use punishment, tranquilizers and restraints to get people to behave. it was a pretty traumatizing experience for me. I wish it was like the K-dramas :/

    • 123beesbeesbees
      123beesbeesbees Year ago +1

      Same for me!!! And the tiny room + those towels 😭

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    How do foreigners sort out quarantine accommodation?

  • Susie
    Susie Year ago

    Mike, I’m just like you. My health anxiety is high and I hate living near people and with a government who don’t take this seriously. I’m thinking of doing something like you except the fear of the flight is holding me back.

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  • LiteralSoup Stream Archive

    Those eggs are actually "maekbangseok gyeran"/"jjimjil gyeran" or "hot spring stone eggs." They're basically slowly baked for hours on hot stone which is why they turn that color. People eat them after coming out of korean spas/jjimjilbangs

    • min bro
      min bro Year ago

      @Justqt yes, the ones that are packaged like in the video are usually called 구운계란

    • Justqt
      Justqt Year ago

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    • lunae12
      lunae12 Year ago +4

      @Nadeem That one is different, it’s herbal boiled egg 😃 Smells really strong and can put you off but taste is decent.

    • Nadeem
      Nadeem Year ago

      My mom went to China and she tried an egg boiled in tea she almost threw up 😂

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