Hairdresser Reacts To Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Straightening treatments are super helpful to those of you with extremely frizzy hair that just want to wake up and have your hair look perfect. But there's also some down sides to doing these treatments...
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  11 days ago +5966

    Ever thought about getting your hair permanently straightened?

    • sunnytea
      sunnytea 7 days ago


    • sunnytea
      sunnytea 7 days ago


    • sunnytea
      sunnytea 7 days ago


    • sunnytea
      sunnytea 7 days ago

      Imma keep replying until there’s 500

    • Sophi Woods
      Sophi Woods 7 days ago

      I've done it before. 3 times. One time at home and twice at a beauty salon. I have hella curly kinky hair so I wasted so much money because all it did was make it CURLIER. I had curl locks instead of my normal tiny squiggle locks. I was out here looking from the Victorian age. I was so mad.

  • Michelle Just
    Michelle Just 2 minutes ago

    I have had keratin treatments when I was in highschool

  • Name Unknown
    Name Unknown 45 minutes ago

    My hair doesn’t grow so I’d be just fine with this

  • Lolly McNeill
    Lolly McNeill 3 hours ago

    Honestly same brad. I want my long hair back and I want it to be freaking crazy ass colours all the time

  • Steve Christopher Cheung

    you should react to korean natural wave perms :D

  • Kimberly L
    Kimberly L 3 hours ago

    I want the treatment so bad but I thought they only did them in Japan. Anyone know where to get it done in Dallas?

  • Kandace Lalo-Wright
    Kandace Lalo-Wright 4 hours ago

    The way that I see that is that if you are using daily heat to style your hair that is very damaging. *raises hand* I tried a Brazilian blowout from a highly reputable hair stylist. My hair wave disappeared, my frizz still lingered. I am honestly considering this Japanese straightening to save time. My hair texture is just annoying. And I've tried many products, high end and suggested by hair stylists. I've tried simple products like even coconut oil. Nothing tames my hair like heat :(. I'm a busy mom of 6 kids so honestly this Japanese straightening in my eyes seems less damaging and time saving.

  • Suely Almeida
    Suely Almeida 5 hours ago

    The third step, the lotion after the flat iron process, is a Neutralizer, the function is to restore the hair´s pH to it´s normal. The hair relaxer has an high alcaline pH, so it is necessary to use the neutralizer in the end of the process.

  • Love the End
    Love the End 5 hours ago

    Why that girl in the video sounds like Emma Watson?

  • mm1234Xxx
    mm1234Xxx 7 hours ago

    I LOVE Jun's channel! And their cats!

  • 진Worldwide Shoulders

    I love Rachel and Jun 🥺💖

  • Hilde S
    Hilde S 9 hours ago

    Gosh, this is my dreeeeam! I've wanted straight hair ever since I learned the word "hair"! One day... one day I'm gonna get a Japanese straightening perm and I'm gonna be so happy!

  • ローズ Rosé Shin
    ローズ Rosé Shin 9 hours ago

    Awwee I love Mikan and Rachel! I'm excited to watch this whole video!

  • Sara Vieira
    Sara Vieira 15 hours ago

    I always do the Brazilian one and here it’s called Botox hahah and we use no chemicals so it’s kinda healthy for your hair

  • Natalia Ducard
    Natalia Ducard 15 hours ago

    I used to do this on my bangs!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Now i just learned to live with my curls XD

  • Liticia Sikes
    Liticia Sikes 16 hours ago

    I had a Korean Straight Perm. Takes 3 hours. Works better than a regular relaxer. Last longer but if you grow it out. Any straightening your texture changes. When I had a relaxer, it did not change much after it grew out. But the Korean Perm........after a year and 7 months of no perm....... very different.

  • Persia Jalilzadeh
    Persia Jalilzadeh 17 hours ago

    I get my hair Japanese straightened (in Japan) and it’s the best

  • iamlollyrockz
    iamlollyrockz 20 hours ago

    Im brazilian and ill love to change my hair to a similar like the second girl, but ill use some treatments. Cuz the brazilian stuff dont work the way i want to lol

  • Ezra Fox
    Ezra Fox 20 hours ago

    I looooooooooooooooooooooove Rachel and Junnnnn. Omggggg

  • katie4799
    katie4799 21 hour ago

    Love Rachel and jun!!!!

  • Ana Paula Guevara
    Ana Paula Guevara 23 hours ago +1

    I got henna on my hair and I'm still waiting to grow it out. (I knew what I was getting into when I did it though)

  • EnvyNV
    EnvyNV 23 hours ago

    Clicked for Rachel whoops

  • fallon greenspane

    Does anyone else think that the first girl sounds exactly like Hermione Granger lol

  • M. E. V
    M. E. V Day ago

    I've had both of these types of these Japanese straightening treatments. The 1 step treatment is cheaper but damages your hair more because no deep conditioning is done. The 1 step treatment is like the first video, you get a solution put in, heat is applied, it is washed out, then your hair is blow-dried and straightened. The 2 step treatment is like the second video, solution and heat is applied, it is washed out, deep conditioning solution is applied, heat is applied, it is washed out, then it is blow-dried and straightened and final solution is applied and kept in for 2 days before washing. In both situations, my perm lasted 6 months only as my hair is naturally wavy and my roots grew out quickly. But the 2-step one ultimately resulted in a better and healthier result. The third time I got my Japanese straightening done I got the 2-step again but the hairdresser applied too much final solution so my hair was suuuuuuuuper greasy for two days then absolutely dry after that. It took 2 years to get rid of that god awful, uncanny pin-straight texture and it made me give up on that treatment process altogether. It was time-consuming (7h process + 2 days no washing) and it was ridiculously expensive (about 450 Canadian dollars and my hair is above my shoulders).

  • iggy bae
    iggy bae Day ago

    I had a Brazilian blow out on my 3b hair and tbh it didn't take much it was still springy as shit and in the end it damaged my hair. I don't like my curls but i dislike dead ends more lol

  • Soggy Sir
    Soggy Sir Day ago

    Brad...what do you think about coloured (red actually) goddess braids... they're gonna be real long and REAL CURLY at the ends...

  • N :CODE
    N :CODE Day ago

    Wanted my hair permanently straightened when i was in middle and high school. Now i just want it curly, my hair is like a weird wavy thing

  • Zee Moody
    Zee Moody Day ago

    Isnt this just the relaxer step of a soft curl perm? Thays why jheri curls are so DRY

  • Helena Carlock
    Helena Carlock Day ago

    1) I've lived in 5 different countries- and my favorite place to get my hair done is in Japanese hair salons. They operate a little different then I've experienced in the US or other places I have lived. Most importantly they will ask you around 300 different questions before they pick up the scissors. How you part your hair, what products you use, what foods do you eat, whose hair you like, what job you have, what your favorite things about your hair. They actually go through an consultation (they have done drawings for me to show me what it will look like from the back- so we have an understanding) everytime and because of that I have always gotten the best hair cut from their. (Maybe because it's I'm just a god awful communicator, soo I appreciate them doing all the "work" to figure out what I want. )
    (Also. Gotta love the soothing and heated cloths they put over your eye and under your neck when the wash your hair. Unreal. )
    2) I got a japanese permanent straightening in Tokyo. OMG.GURL. AMAZING. For two years I was the happiest bee there ever was. I natural have the thickest head of hair ever should be allowed (that is what every hairdresser as said to me) so I have never had problems with volume. But I did have huge frizz and my hair is 8 times has big as my head and I wanted to see what it was like to have straight hair. It cost 200 dollars and 7 hours to get my hair done. But it became the softest, sleek, shinest hair from my dreams. For the first time I could run my fingers through my hair! And it felt like silk!! I loves it. And it stayed like that for 2 1/2 years. When my natural waviness did come back it was weighed down a bit by the length of my hair, so all it did was hide my bumpy head a bit with a natural lift. For a girl who has had giant, curly, wavy hair (you can see in my picture) this treatment was a dream come true. DREAM. COME. TRUE. The only con (if we can call it that) was that if I curled my hair for an event- the curl would fall out in 3 hours. I have now finally started to appreciate my lion mane hair though (thanks for letting me see the grass on the other side, Japan) so I have just been sticking to it's natural texture. But oh my goodness. I'm so happy I did it.
    Shout out to: Kenichi momoi the greatest hairdresser of Tokyo!!!

  • Shiloh Amah
    Shiloh Amah Day ago

    The second girl first got a treatment that uses IONIC BONDING!!!

  • Jen Niebla-Love
    Jen Niebla-Love Day ago

    Mikan really looks like Anne Frank

  • j .w
    j .w Day ago

    i paid about 1100 for my very long and textured hair. definitely a very long(it took about 4 hours!) and expensive process. but its changed my life and how i take care of my hair.

  • im wyldan
    im wyldan Day ago

    that hair part and shirt makes brad look like he's about to film a tiktok as an eboy 😭

  • Angellant 5
    Angellant 5 Day ago

    You should watch edvasian dye his own hair. Love love love you ❤❤

  • iTs eMmA :3
    iTs eMmA :3 Day ago

    im thinking about doing it cuz my roots are soooo straight but the ends are still wavy and curly its kinda a secret why my roots are straight hihi but i dont have the patience to wait til the ends are straight..

  • Yoongi’s Chubby Cheeks

    Mikan my child I-

  • Eva Hoshizora
    Eva Hoshizora Day ago +1

    I love my curly hair. HOWEVER, my hair is naturally curly, meaning that I have to see it day, after day, after day... sometimes we just get bored of it and want a change.
    Yes, it's not common and might be prettier to some people, but rather than think what you like the most, think how the people with the hair feels?
    I get super upset whenever someone tells me that me wanting to straight my hair is dumb because my hair is beautiful as it is.
    It might be, but I would love to, ya know? Have a change of pace for once.

  • Lilith Zehra
    Lilith Zehra Day ago

    The first girl looks like McKenna

    • boop
      boop 5 hours ago

      Lilith Zehra lol Mikan’s thrown shade at that bitch, and rightly so

  • ALBcryingSOUL
    ALBcryingSOUL Day ago

    I love that you used Rachel's video! ❤️

  • Kitsune-DAS
    Kitsune-DAS Day ago

    omg. So strange to see Rachel on here! Wildly different parts of my YT experience collide.

  • D L
    D L Day ago

    I have naturally very tight curly hair (4c) I had straightening perm or relaxer. For as long as I can remember until I was 16. I had to cut my hair to grow back natural because I started to lose A LOT of hair.

  • Limrtyam
    Limrtyam Day ago

    Omg mikan is so adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • renee s
    renee s Day ago

    I would never hate on another person’s hair texture because it’s not something that most people can change, and I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate how shiny and nice their hair looks but their hair is so straight that it looks flat and to not have volume in your hair isn’t the most flattering in my opinion

  • Collinster Kannah

    *screams in natural black girl*

  • K T
    K T Day ago

    Totally disagree with you for people with wavy curly hair on the Last points you make on the video. Keratin 'perming' will not get your straight like this. Japanese perming will But you have to choose Japanese straightening and commit to that and not dye your hair as well. And cut your hair after the straightening treatment. Just like when you curly perm you have to do regrowth or grow out.

  • Geraldine Munguia

    My first time getting a keratin treatment was when I was 17, at first I had to do it every 4 months, but after that I have done it once a year and I’m really happy with it! I got mine on October of last year and I’m going back next week cause I need it so bad haha, but I love the silky feeling it left on my hair for so long

  • Deeply Blue
    Deeply Blue Day ago

    Rachel hair is natural she is a ginger

  • NekoGrace 79
    NekoGrace 79 2 days ago

    Rachel and Jun!!! I love their cats. They are so hilarious. I saw this video, her hair looked so good. Well before and after really. I love her color.

  • Moriko yatsume
    Moriko yatsume 2 days ago

    You're late

  • Shelby
    Shelby 2 days ago

    Could you do this same video but for a curly perm

  • tatyn1115
    tatyn1115 2 days ago

    When I was 16 I did this treatment...I had super curly thick hair. It looked amazing for about a year but now I’m 25 and my hair is finally getting back to its normal texture and it damaged my hair so much ☹️

  • Banshee Queen
    Banshee Queen 2 days ago

    i'm literally always right on time for my hairdresser appointment but my hairdresser lady takes for freaking ever and then i always have to wait, so maybe i should just be late 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Karly Wiley
    Karly Wiley 2 days ago

    You are giving me Leonardo DeCaprio from Romeo + Juliet vibesss

  • BentNeck Lady
    BentNeck Lady 2 days ago

    My hair is so dramatic, she’s literally problematic for no reason. I hate that bitch tbh 😒

  • Gemish Homie
    Gemish Homie 2 days ago

    I spent like my last 8 years doing the japanese hair treatment to me. Because I always HATE my natural hair, I have a very VERY strong hair and is so curly like it's get afro lol. I mean, I don't hate afro hair or curly hair, is just that I have a lot of issues, like actually health issues because all the hair I have, and omg I was desesperated, when I first get the japanese hair treatment, OMG it was the best thing I ever done. But try to do the keratin one is way too weak for my hair!! my hair is extremely very STRONG!! So I keep doing it the japanese one through the years (sorry for my english!)

  • Camille Collins
    Camille Collins 2 days ago

    I’m always 15 minutes early or exactly on time and that’s because I had a theater teacher in high school who had a phrase that always resonated with me. 15 minutes early and you’re on time, on time you’re late, 15 minutes late don’t even bother showing up. It’s about respecting other people’s time and their profession.

  • Itzel Olivera
    Itzel Olivera 2 days ago

    I don’t like it either because it looks good only on some people and at the end when your hair grows out, if you get it permed in a Mexican solan you have to wait hours under heat and then simply same as these videos and you can’t wash it for a couple of days. Yeah I definitely love my natural wavy/curly hair.

  • Miranda Hany
    Miranda Hany 2 days ago

    Mikan reminds me so much of Hermione Granger 😂

  • Brianna Navetta
    Brianna Navetta 2 days ago


  • Oooowaa
    Oooowaa 2 days ago

    I used to watch her so long ago (Rachel)