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Officials Call For Federal Investigation Into Traffic Stop Involving Delaware State University Lacro

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • Jan Carabeo reports.

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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +181

    That was outrageous & unlawful

  • Brix Moore
    Brix Moore Day ago +30

    A police chief lying?

  • Todd Raymond
    Todd Raymond Day ago +641

    The deputy on body-cam said any vehicle with six wheels and air brakes cannot travel in the left lane. However, Georgia Code actually states “any vehicle equipped with more than six wheels, except buses and motorcoaches.”

  • SouthernSlav
    SouthernSlav Day ago +418

    I'm a truck driver with over ten years of experience and these traffic stops on the interstates involving a search of a vehicle are the most dangerous traffic stops for everyone on the interstate. It slows down the traffic flow to a crawling speeds because of onlooking passing vehicles and thus it causes traffic to come to a complete stop quarter mile up the road and sometimes even less than that. The probability of accidents occurring is really high, even fatalities. Notice how there is no traffic passing by and I wonder why. I'm absolutely certain that there is data available and it just needs to be gathered in order to get statistics involving traffic stops on the shoulders of our interstates and how many accidents they cause. Even a simple speeding traffic stop should not be performed on the interstate shoulder, but on the off ramp of an exit. It should be mandatory and enforced by the law. Shoulders are for an emergencies, not a source of an income and traffic laws can be enforced in a much safer way.

  • Jason Pinilla
    Jason Pinilla Day ago +343

    There was no PC for them to search and seize. All I heard was “there are a bunch of school girls on that bus, there’s probably some weed.” Are you serious? They didn’t smell anything or see any paraphernalia in plain sight that would lead them to that conclusion. Now, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t sound lawful at all.

  • Brad Cramer
    Brad Cramer Day ago +143

    These cops and their promises of "tell me you broke the law now, so later I can help you". Unreal.

  • giggy miggins
    giggy miggins Day ago +98

    If a cop ever says to you: "tell me now so that I can help you" and you're not suffering a medical emergency or are in an active shooter situation, they aren't really there to 'help' you.

  • Griffin Reitz
    Griffin Reitz Day ago +149

    " If we find anything then we can't help you" They aren't there to "help" you. They are there to arrest you or steal from you. They should have never been allowed on the buss.

  • Rusty
    Rusty Day ago +139

    Besides traveling in the passing lane, what crime did they suspect and have reasonable suspicion of? The using traffic stops as fishing needs to stop. Someone other than police needs to police the police! It seems it is TOO much to ask police to follow the law. The sheriff condones this, he is part of the problem along with rogue cops.

  • Mike G
    Mike G Day ago +24

    Oh wow corrupt cops. That never happens.

  • Cyprus Glenn
    Cyprus Glenn Day ago +146

    Oh god, not the reefers! Laws and police enforcement in general need a complete overhaul in America.

  • quagmirefx
    quagmirefx Day ago +153

    Supreme court has ruled you cannot extend a traffic stop beyond the time it takes to write up the initial infraction (usually 20mn max). Police cannot delay a stop to wait for a drug dog to be called in. Police tried this on me and said I would have to wait for the dog to arrive. I told them the law and they still made me wait 45mn (which brought the total time stopped to over an hour. I sued and won a nice settlement and got the officer fired. Know your rights.

  • Let’s go Brandon
    Let’s go Brandon Day ago +150

    So the Sheriff’s department lied? Shocker.

  • Shamar Needham
    Shamar Needham Day ago +63

    Thank you for reporting. The only way the people can demand change is we are aware of what is going on in our nation

  • The Timekeeper
    The Timekeeper Day ago +34

    Wow, the sheer amount of intimidation being used while trying to come across as helpful and concerned. Disgusting.

  • Greg Vasquez
    Greg Vasquez Day ago +31

    When cops get on a bus of girls and start accusing and threateningly all of them collectively if they don't turn up the drugs, for a lane change is jaw dropping. We need less narcissist cops running around and more moral men. Let them be truck drivers. What they did that day, did nothing to help anybody, quite the reverse, and should be reprimanded and against the law.

  • Gail Joe
    Gail Joe Day ago +127

    This is clearly a civil rights overstep of police power. If it is a traffic stop, they are supposed to only be interested in the driver and suspicion for the stop. It is clear that the people in the bus are passengers upon their stepping in to the bus. Police need their powers and protections reigned in considerably. The cops here need to be certainly looked in to and disciplined.

  • Brian Speed
    Brian Speed Day ago +27

    "Bunch of school girls on the bus, probably got some weed on them!"

  • Eric Navarre
    Eric Navarre Day ago +70

    Just a reminder - what you say CAN and WILL be used Against you in court, not maybe or possibly. Don’t say anything. If you are asked questions tell them you WILL NOT answer unless your lawyer is present.

  • Shawn Finlay
    Shawn Finlay Day ago +66

    I hear Georgia law enforcement has had an increase in drug smuggling, involving out of state Lacrosse teams. They found it very suspicious that the ENTIRE team was on the same bus! "Quick, somebody call Depuddy Dawg"!