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The Cyberpunk Anime is Actually Incredible.

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022
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    So Trigger can make good Anime. Who knew.
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  • Alex Moukala Music
    Alex Moukala Music 10 days ago +14225

    Arcane and Cyberpunk Edgerunners should be compulsory study material for anyone who wants to do adaptations from videogames.

    • Pandaptable
      Pandaptable 13 hours ago

      @13 faces no shot did you just say breaking bad is overrated 💀
      I can understand Arcane, despite not agreeing with that.
      There’s a reason BB had SO many people watching the final episode on live TV in 2012 (2011? idk I forget when)

    • Pandaptable
      Pandaptable 13 hours ago

      @Sanchez12345 Edgerunners was in development prior to the game’s release. Not sure how long before, but if you look at Joey’s (the anime man, can’t be bothered coming back to explain) interview with someone from Trigger, it’s explained there. It’s on the “Netflix Anime” yt channel lmfao

    • Pandaptable
      Pandaptable 13 hours ago

      @takanara7 arcane has SO much to do with league. Literally look into the lore of league. I absolutely hate the game, but it has some of the BEST lore out there in any game franchise unfortunately.
      Also the game being based on a tabletop doesn’t mean anything in this regard, there’s another comment that explains perfectly why.

  • Oliver Crespo
    Oliver Crespo 5 days ago +3020

    They way “cyberpychosis” was depicted was incredibly sad, frightening, and beautiful all at the same time. It was truly genius.

    • nonbasicz
      nonbasicz 16 hours ago

      @Socri Abbas it was said several times when you go above your chrome limit you lose your mind people like Adam smasher have such a high tolerance they don't get cyberphysco.
      I wish cyberphyscos had more to do with the game theyre boring fights and would be so cool if they had abilities to mess with u n shit

    • Socri Abbas
      Socri Abbas 2 days ago

      @Starwars Experte I think the cyberpsychosis is mostly triggered by trauma like in David's case but i dont get how it did with Maine

    • L C
      L C 2 days ago +1

      The Japanese had done psychological stuffs since the 90s, it's not surprising that they focused on it. Lain is a low hanging fruit and almost half of Satoshi Kon's stuffs are entirely based on perception, which suits animation very, very well. CD Projekt should give Japanese writers a go at Cyberpunk DLCs. I won't go as far as describing Japan as a cyberpunk world in real life, but they seem extremely comfortable with genre, having contributed half of what the genre is known for.

    • Starwars Experte
      Starwars Experte 2 days ago

      @kaldabolg And what did he say?

    • ScrinGeneral17
      ScrinGeneral17 3 days ago +2

      Oh it was definitely frightening and powerful. God the sound design in those scenes... UGH SO GOOD.

  • Tikke
    Tikke 4 days ago +1099

    Something that most people don't realize is that David completed all 3 dreams that were given to him, he made it to the top of Arasaka Tower, he made it big time, and he got Lucy to the moon.

    • MidKnight
      MidKnight Hour ago

      In a way, all those dreams are the dreams of others, with David making it his own. Lucy said something about David being the type of person that prioritzes others over himself so the ending scene where he seemingly fulfilled his wishes (which were the dreams of others) was kinda tragic. Adding more to the fact that he didn't even fulfill them completely Mom: top of arasaka tower = cyberpsycho on top, Lucy = go to the moon with David = Lucy solo on the moon.

    • Badreddine Kasmi
      Badreddine Kasmi 16 hours ago +2

      @Kusy Yes that's the thing. He could only achieve those dreams at face value.
      He only got to Arasaka tower a cyberpsycho. He only made it big as an edgerunner by the time all his crew died/sacrificing the remaining few. He got Lucy to the moon when Lucy wanted to be on the moon with him.
      That's what makes it tragic.

    • Davidc4747
      Davidc4747 Day ago

      What did it cost?

    • Charger
      Charger Day ago +1

      @twiggy yeah that was sad to me he might have made her old dream come true In reality it meant less without him 😭

    • Doom_o_o
      Doom_o_o Day ago +2

      but failed the real mission , being with the team .

  • Renegade LK
    Renegade LK 7 days ago +903

    The fact that they made a joke about cops spawning out of nowhere just like they did in the game made this the best anime for me!!

    • The Magic Man
      The Magic Man 5 hours ago

      bro i cracked the fuck up.. it was as good as the joke about "leg sweep spam" in the Mortal Kombat movie

    • Ryan
      Ryan 10 hours ago

      I remember that. I laughed my ass off

    • Darth Modred
      Darth Modred Day ago +2

      @XIAMOND bc that's not bug, that's feature

      XIAMOND Day ago +8

      CD Projekt Red sure loves to joke about their bugs/glitches lol

    • ImCroozy
      ImCroozy Day ago +1

      I laughed so hard at that haha

  • Yes Kappa
    Yes Kappa 3 days ago +252

    I was sold when David’s mom started crying, talking about how she understood what her son was going through and how much love and effort she puts into raising her son as an only mother. My heart just sank, thinking about how much my own parents have sacrificed just so we didn’t have to live on the streets.

    • Heli Ruiz
      Heli Ruiz 10 hours ago

      Nah because the relatability in that scene did me in

    •  CadiGamin
      CadiGamin 10 hours ago

      ratio?.... (joke man)

  • unreformed
    unreformed 10 days ago +22744

    i like how “i really want to stay at your house” is the universal trigger for the trauma we all obtained from this show

    • Spy_Kek
      Spy_Kek 3 hours ago +1

      @Bryan Song Such a good song but cant listen to it because of where the conotation with the sadness. Everyone knows the feels

    • Spy_Kek
      Spy_Kek 3 hours ago

      I cannot listen to it anymore. Just like the Your Name Soundtrack

    • Brandon Carter
      Brandon Carter 9 hours ago

      I had to play it at work cuz I couldn't get the song out of my head lol.

    • Hitsuga Tatsuro
      Hitsuga Tatsuro 10 hours ago

      Holy fuck ikr? My heart started to ache the moment I heard it.

    • asbog1
      asbog1 11 hours ago

      Its so good but makes me so sad

  • Tim Roßkamp
    Tim Roßkamp 6 days ago +409

    I really bursted out laughing when Rebecca said: "It’s like these pigs keep appearing out of nowhere!"

      IGRETRO VODs 59 minutes ago

      @lanzelotz26 yeah, and they still do appear out of nowhere 😅

    • lanzelotz26
      lanzelotz26 12 hours ago +2

      @Kuro Shinko only it wasn´t really a bug, was it? They just didn´t have a better system in place. It felt like a placeholder system, they didn´t have the time to replace with an actual system before launch (same for the crowd system and traffic system).

    • Dark Past
      Dark Past 19 hours ago +1

      Oh I remember it I think it was at episode 9 or 10 I think it might be actually 9 but I don't remember

    • Kuro Shinko
      Kuro Shinko Day ago +12

      A nice call out to the in-game bug where the cops literally out of nowhere.

    • Chadacus
      Chadacus 3 days ago +9

      Didn’t catch that when I watched it, shame

  • Peter
    Peter 6 days ago +316

    IF you did play the game, the level of appreciation is so much stronger. The way they implemented so many aspects from the game into the show is incredible. From the ringtones, to the minimap, the hacking and the general look and feel of the city and the badlands is just insane. Incredible show

    • s7robe
      s7robe 10 hours ago

      @ExodusCore the story, atmosphere, and lore of the game were absolutely top tier. I played through it in 4 days and it was fucking incredible imo

    • tusda jk
      tusda jk Day ago

      @ExodusCore They fixed most parts of the game and if you mod it the game is pretty good

    • DreamskyDance
      DreamskyDance Day ago

      I bought it few days ago after i watched Edgeruners... it's awesome. Even dont mind the minor bugs ( car physics for example ) because its like that in Edgeruners, it actually gives you more immersion because "thats just how that world is like" and you feel like dropped into this world from the show.
      Also i didnt knew anything of storyline beforehand, and just begun act 2...and oh maaan, it hits hard and it is good. It seems that in this world the happiest possible ending is getting a drink named by you in the afterlife...
      For me it is awesome, like i never finished the show but the show continued in a bit different medium and a different story from Night City.

      SDIRALN 2 days ago +4

      Don't forget they use half the songs from the game in the anime! Some of those songs really hit hard

    • Peter
      Peter 2 days ago +1

      @Buckheimer 100% agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so comprehensively NAILED from it’s source material.

  • Spencer Gradel
    Spencer Gradel 7 days ago +382

    I genuinely believe this is one of, if not the best, more mature aimed anime in the last 10 years. The topics it touches are easily translated to modern equivalents to make it relatable and at the same time, a thrilling romance tragedy. I've also never seen anime handle casual nudity in such an adult way, practically ignored in most scenes that it's involved in. This and the genuine romance that grows throughout the show in a way no silly fan-service filled harem "romance" ever could. The industry needs to make a conscious shift to start churning out more content like this for the now adults that started watching as young teens in the 90s.
    TLDR: 10/10 masterpiece that the entire industry needs to take notes on. bravo to trigger, best work yet.

    • James Biggs
      James Biggs 8 hours ago +1

      I completely agree, mainly because there hasn't been a single good mature aimed anime in the last 10 years.

    • Spencer Gradel
      Spencer Gradel 21 hour ago

      @JLacay mushoku tensei is also fantastic, I'm hype for next season. And Vineland saga is on my watch list too 👍

    • JLacay
      JLacay 21 hour ago +1

      I believe you're forgetting about other mature animes that have come out in the last 10 years such as Vinland Saga, Devilman Crybaby, Made in Abyss, Mushoku Tensei, Attack on Titan, The Promised Neverlands (s1), Fluorite Eye's Song, and Dororo.

    • Naaman Rivera
      Naaman Rivera Day ago +1

      This anime really struck me as similar to a Greek tragedy. I haven’t ever felt that with a show before, and I am so happy that it’s Trigger that was able to do it because I truly feel like all of their rich themes are underrated. The shows are entertaining, but the message they convey is almost always deeper than most other anime I can think of.

    • Like A Dance
      Like A Dance Day ago

      @NinjapowerMS I never watched a Gundam (UC scares me lmao) but I just watched the prologue for the new one coming up and holy fucking shit.... I am definitely watching as it comes out. Does it have the same feel as the one you recommended because if so, I gotta watch that shit

  • A. H
    A. H 5 days ago +602

    My favorite thing is when trigger said “the loli stays” 😂, which ends up being one of the best characters in the show and a fan favorite

    • Badreddine Kasmi
      Badreddine Kasmi 15 hours ago +1

      @GrippeeTV By the end I would even call it a motherly role.
      I always read Becca as more of a little gremlin trope. Pure chaotic energy in a small frame. Wiki says she's around 20. And she feels like it. She feels mature enough to be an adult. And isn't treated as a child or as a way older character living in the body of child.
      Thing is with anime there will always be a weird thing with age. It's a concept that jsut barely sticks to a medium where artstyle only can make a character look older or younger let alone setting.

    • GrippeeTV
      GrippeeTV Day ago +5

      I wouldn’t call her a Loli, she’s just short lol. She doesn’t act in any way to the traditional loli sense. She can handle herself, doesn’t have a cutesy kids voice, has amazing character development and stops simping over the MC and changes to a sisterly role.

    • A. H
      A. H 2 days ago +5

      @Flame of Anor just search trigger the loli must stay and it will come up, but it was a interview about edge runners with a cdpr developer

    • Flame of Anor
      Flame of Anor 2 days ago

      @A. H what interview is this?

  • 400Kay
    400Kay 10 days ago +4678

    When David was like “I don’t know how to drive,” and started crashing into lampposts… I stood up and clapped. Never had my gaming experience been translated so authentically to another medium. Seriously the cars drove like absolute booty cheeks before installing mods.

    • Chadacus
      Chadacus 3 days ago

      I crash too….make turns faster…yeah

    • O. Oak
      O. Oak 3 days ago

      That was not an angle I had considered and that makes that scene all make sense, great catch there XD !

    • TheWeeky
      TheWeeky 6 days ago

      The fact that they actually referenced the super glitchyness of the cars by in one episode repeatedly ramming into a divider wall and eventually "hopping" over to the other lane was just such a nice touch

    • Levi Bull
      Levi Bull 7 days ago

      @JD pitmint started playing cyber punk again and launched my car doing this by accident

    • JD pitmint
      JD pitmint 7 days ago

      Actually i was so impressed with how they recreated the weird glitch where cars bounce on top of the motorway railings lol

  • DCAMM720
    DCAMM720 2 days ago +21

    The writing was the absolute best here. In such a short show, they achieved what most series can't do in 22-36 episodes. I actually cared and then they devastated me.

  • Seiza
    Seiza 5 days ago +155

    The song “I really want to stay at your house” makes me extremely sad but helps me reminisce how much of a masterpiece this anime was. I’m glad I got to experience it

  • Claud
    Claud 7 days ago +9

    This anime is giving the world of cyberpunk the exposure the game couldn't give it. I'm glad for it, because this shows how good the stories inside this world can get, and it's already making everyone give a second chance to the game. Ever since this anime launched, the cyberpunk2077 player base had it's biggest active player peak since release.
    This is giving the game the breath it needed. Now it's up to CDPR to put their A game into turning this into the same situation as no man's sky, or make it an even bigger comeback.

  • Johnfred
    Johnfred 2 days ago +8

    I haven't felt this attached to an anime in a while. I literally can't stop thinking about it. Also I for sure felt a sense of deep sadness after finishing it.

  • Fish Smell Bad
    Fish Smell Bad 10 days ago +2306

    Unlike with Arcane, I feel like having played the video game beforehand seriously elevated my immersion with the show, TRIGGER stayed incredibly faithful to the game's UI, weapons, characters, and city locations to the point where I don't even know if there was a single scene where you wouldn't be able to recognize the scenery in the background from the game. It honestly blew me away.

    • Wildfire悪魔
      Wildfire悪魔 10 hours ago

      that's because CDPR were very heavily involved in the production process. it was an examplery case study in proper planning and execution of an adaptation

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 3 days ago

      I clapped when I saw Regina (one of the fixers in the game) on the list thrown up on screen. And yeah, pretty much every area is a space in the game.

    • KP-legacy-54
      KP-legacy-54 5 days ago

      It blew me away to see the game mechanics shown off

    • Consuelo Guerrero
      Consuelo Guerrero 6 days ago

      Imo, Arcane just had a different feel...watching Arcane, I remembered my teenage self, getting hyped at the release of the new champions Jinx and Vi, and wondering what the story behind it was, wishing we could know more about them, how it all went down. It was (to me, at least, because I haven't played LoL in several years) a nostalgic feeling, of finally seeing the things that back in the day, you could only imagine from reading the lore and seeing a few pictures, the familiarity comes from the characters themselves. Edgerunners, on the other hand, created character's specifically for this anime, so it made us get attached to a completely different cast, exploring the world the player had explored before them, which is where the sense of familiarity comes from.

    • Blejac
      Blejac 6 days ago +2

      Well no shit, LoL is a MOBA, not an RPG. What did you expect? 12 episodes of them sitting in jungle, top, mid and bottom?

  • Eben van Heerden
    Eben van Heerden 3 days ago +32

    The ending was like ninjas cutting onions and cheering at a football game for your favorite team at the same time. The yearning for more but knowing it ended gives you a rush of emotion like you are part of it, standing right there with the connection of real-life standing behind you.

  • Papa B
    Papa B 4 days ago +28

    10:11 - 11:19 the most well said review I've heard of the show so far, the outro editing, was fantastic made me cry. I haven't had a show mean so much to me in so long, happy to see everyone feels the same way #justice4becca

    • Zemp
      Zemp 2 days ago +1

      Aaaaaaaaaand i fell in love with another non existing person. Damn it.

  • Kingkb2099
    Kingkb2099 4 days ago +40

    Honestly episode 6 made me come to the realization on how cyberpsychosis in the game and in that world is also a commentary on mental illness considering in the game it's described to come from stress levels and in the show one in the main causes they know is that people get so much work done it overloads their own brain to the point of insanity

    • Hitsuga Tatsuro
      Hitsuga Tatsuro 10 hours ago +1

      It sounds more like dementia to me. Getting violent and aggressive, not realizing friend from foe, hallucinations. My grams had almost all of that before she died. She drifted from being an average grandma to a comically slow, knife-wielding psycho who kept saying she'd kill us all for sleeping with her husband.

  • VDS
    VDS 2 days ago +2

    I think that at the level of realistic events and history in general this is one of the best anime ever created, and above all it is an anime that with only 10 episodes manages to complete an entire story narratively perfect, ah and the ending has invested me like a freight train

  • hi
    hi 4 days ago +7

    this anime is both beautiful and heartbreaking, the kind of heartbreak that you can feel for months
    you can really feel the dread and the despair on that last battle holy crap, one of the anime that made me really invested in the story
    the last one was gundam IBO

  • Andre Staubo
    Andre Staubo 7 days ago +69

    Honestly wish this coulda gone on for longer, but they ended it in the right way 10/10. Amazing content.

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo 5 days ago +71

    9:19 Kiwi is such a caring, mom-ish character here. The whole crew feels like a big family.

    • CrashB111
      CrashB111 8 hours ago +1

      Kiwi's betrayal is one of the things that really makes me go ???.
      She's an extremely smart person, she has to know that if Faraday is going to betray the whole crew over the Cyberskeleton that she won't escape that double cross right? And the whole time she's traveling to meet him after she's questioning herself like she KNOWS the man is going to betray her somehow.
      Her doing that + David just completely ignoring basically everyone in the show telling him to stop augmenting himself or he'd go cyberpsycho are the only things that felt kinda "forced". David legit had the entire cast warning him to stop, and didn't listen to a single person even after he knew he was showing early signs of psychosis.

      TRVPMUSIC 14 hours ago

      @MamboJambo every character had their own story that's good enough for a spin off Netflix first win with anime cause everything else they got this year was trash

    • MamboJambo
      MamboJambo Day ago

      @TRVPMUSIC Oh.. yeah, that's a good point of view. Didn't think of that. It would be interesting to see her life, thou, many characters are like that.

      TRVPMUSIC 2 days ago +5

      She warned everyone not to trust anyone aka do not trust me, she also kept a cool distance from everyone in order to not gain specific feelings but ended up gaining it anyway though I hated her last episode I wish we could get a whole series with the entire crew like atleast 4 seasons worth that's how good each character was

  • Rhys Chapps
    Rhys Chapps 3 days ago +2

    I walked into this anime completely un-prepared for how good it was and how crushed I'd be at the end of it. Amazing.

  • 24 Frames Of Nick
    24 Frames Of Nick 8 days ago +2365

    This video helped me cope with the heartbreaking ending

    • Thomas Logan
      Thomas Logan 3 days ago

      Fucking just finished it now and I am swallowing sadness lol.

    • Nøvacain
      Nøvacain 3 days ago

      Bro same

    • Cleskein
      Cleskein 3 days ago

      I feel you, exactly what I needed to hear to process the beautiful and heartbreaking ending.
      Thats why we need veteran anime reviewers and also wait for the chaos that would be when he promotes it to the boys
      I'm hoping that can fill the gaping hole left in our hearts since the story has wrapped up

    • DIVIT Gaming
      DIVIT Gaming 3 days ago +1

      @Dubs it was a very sad and depressing ending but a meaning full one.

    • GunRunner
      GunRunner 4 days ago

      poor blue gremlin, it deserved better.

  • Wiegs Wyv
    Wiegs Wyv 5 days ago +6

    Between this and Arcane you can be sure 2022 inspired a new generation that probably will blow our minds in about 10 years with stellar new anime styles

  • Elliot D
    Elliot D 5 days ago +27

    It really leaves you wanting more. Can't believe it ended like that. We need more anime like this, the pure blood shed, colours and emotions

  • Rik van der Mark
    Rik van der Mark 2 days ago +2

    This was truly one of those amazing shows. Loved it, it was so packed with action that 10 episodes felt like 20 or more.

  • Collin Ames
    Collin Ames 2 days ago +2

    Not having played the game there was one confusing bit for me. It took me several episodes to figure out whether he was experiencing a memory or actually controlling the cyberpsycho in ep 1. Otherwise the story is easy to follow going in blind.

    • nonbasicz
      nonbasicz 16 hours ago

      It's a BD it's a memory like Flash-Player people make content but it's way more real you feel everything.

  • Mad Murdock
    Mad Murdock 10 days ago +2397

    Having played the game before going into the show, theres not THAT much more you'll notice, but it's nice knowing that they kept a lot of the locations in the show while also staying really faithful to the style of cybernetics, guns, and aesthetic.

    • Robert Reed
      Robert Reed 2 days ago

      "theres not THAT much more you'll notice"
      "a lot of the locations"
      Lol those are just from your own comment!

    • Edgier Boi
      Edgier Boi 9 days ago

      @kenny woolhead You forgot to mention the gangs.

    • kenny woolhead
      kenny woolhead 9 days ago

      oh yea the only things taken from the game are every location, sound effects, guns, corps, cars , timeline, major characters, the cyber psychos, max tak , trauma team, the hacking, quick Hacks, augments, drugs, food but other than that.

    • Edgier Boi
      Edgier Boi 10 days ago

      Idk why but I was so hyped when they showed Rogue, even tho it was just a cameo. Lmao

  • OG Skullomania311
    OG Skullomania311 3 days ago +1

    So glad the lore is getting the love it deserves
    So many possibilities in night city

  • tame gaming
    tame gaming 3 days ago

    I really hope this show shows the world how animation is still slept on, fully realized it's truly a paradigm shift.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu 5 days ago +2

    10:55 - 11:19 genuinely edited like it’s straight from a trailer and I want a full version, it’s so good

  • Wither
    Wither 2 days ago

    i was actually pretty impressed at how they portrayed the Sandevistan in the show (the augment that lets you do bullet time shit its in the game) and the presentation of just how fucking dangerous a cyber psycho can be, like in the intro with the war veteran augmented out the ass in combat implants.

  • JaggeR
    JaggeR Day ago

    a friend of mine recommended me this anime after i listened to "i really want to stay at your house" and the impact of the song before and after watching edgerunners is insane. The trauma is just too strong

  • allo bonjour
    allo bonjour 4 hours ago

    There isn't a single other show that made me this attached and emotional about a group of character, and that was in 10 episodes. It's become one of my favorites and I'm still in shock from finishing this amazing show.

  • Adam Waldo
    Adam Waldo 3 days ago

    This was a great review man: funny, engaging and honest. Sums up how we all felt about the show.

  • LeoRéal
    LeoRéal 17 hours ago

    Just finished this yesterday. Still looking for ways to cope. Having played the game before watching the anime, I was amazed at how many in-game places actually made it into the anime. Now coming back to the game after the anime gives me this melancholic feeling when I stumbled upon the places that appeared in the anime. Like the view from Lucy's apartment, for example. Or V's apartment unit which looks exactly the same as David's.

  • fourth panda
    fourth panda 7 days ago +1886

    I think Gigguk maybe missed that all the tracks played in the show are straight from the game itself. So when you have played the game and hear a track in the anime you feel everything, because you were there too. Cruising around Night City listening to these very songs while the world played out around you. Stunning.

    • Socri Abbas
      Socri Abbas 2 days ago

      Didnt he said it first thing in his video that he didnt actually played the game but only see clips of it?

    • Zain Ali
      Zain Ali 2 days ago +1

      @Bystroushaak How ? first time hearing about cloud gaming

    • Bystroushaak
      Bystroushaak 2 days ago +1

      @Zain Ali I played it in cloud on Stadia.

    • Matt Miltenberger
      Matt Miltenberger 3 days ago +1

      Likewise, if you go from watching the anime to playing the game, having never played the game ever before. Its going to hit different for sure.

    • Mr YoloMcCheesy
      Mr YoloMcCheesy 3 days ago

      @Keith Stone jesus what are the specs of that laptop for 300

  • TheRealDeal
    TheRealDeal 9 hours ago

    I’m watching this video directly after finishing the show. As someone who played the game since launch, the show broke me just like the game. I can feel the love seeping out of the story telling. Yes the game was hated at launch because of the bugs. But I stuck through and played to the end, and after finishing the anime, it makes me so thankful I did

  • CoZm0 Plays
    CoZm0 Plays 7 days ago +12

    I'm so glad that cyberpunk edgerunners is doing so well, because now it shows CDPR that this is a profitable series to invest in! Which means more stories for us chooms in the world of cyberpunk. It's such a breath of fresh air to see this genre do great after the heartbreakingly poor launch of the game.

  • hzrinv
    hzrinv 3 days ago +2

    You know it's actually kind of a miraculous outcome. CDPR working with Trigger- you'd think they are bound to have chemistry (considering the premise of Trigger anime like Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann). But working together and finishing a product, DESPITE all the cutural differences, industry differences and character disagreements and compromises is no easy feat. And to achieve that feat with SUCH MASSIVE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS, it goes to show their dedication and single goal and vision in the very end. It all paid off.

    • Mookie Stewart
      Mookie Stewart Day ago

      goes to show you what can happen when people from several different contents work together with a single goal. Its kinda beautiful actually

  • Lost Kin
    Lost Kin Day ago

    This show and its ending was incredible. I think this is the only anime I feel comfortable recommending to non anime watchers. Also, justice for Becca.

  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    Something I loved is how they used the same UI elements and sound effects straight from the game. It makes Cyberpunk 2077 feel more fleshed out and believable!

    • carlos san blas
      carlos san blas 2 days ago

      Comment stealer

    • Ahmad Wahelsa
      Ahmad Wahelsa 4 days ago +1

      @Miguel Ramos hEeey wazzap V, got another car for sale, sending you the detes.....

    • etownzu
      etownzu 10 days ago +4

      Well the whole reason for making the game first person to begin with (as opposed to third person like The Witcher) was they wanted us to see what canonically we would "see" if we were in the world of Cyberpunk. The "UI" is what people in cyberpunk see. The changes to the UI which get affected by mods were the same.

    • Dr. Weewe Mongoose
      Dr. Weewe Mongoose 10 days ago

      @blank gotta sell those lighters

    • Shinobi Daniel _12
      Shinobi Daniel _12 10 days ago

      It felt like I was watching a tabletop campaign


    I really like how they spent the first episode on explaining to the audience what the dystopian futuristic world the story is set on, without saying it explicitly. Night city is a corrupted world where technology boosts those on top even higher and push those in the bottom further off the edge. Accidents happen everyday, crimes and illegal activities litter the streets in broad daylight, and everyone has become so desensitized that even the dead gets their ashes simply vended on the back alleys.

  • Skyler Reardon
    Skyler Reardon 3 days ago

    The best "Easter egg" is that the characters have the exact same UI as the player did. It was amazing to watch.

  • Sizmo
    Sizmo 5 days ago +7

    I just watched it in one night im crying and feel so empty. also just wanted to say 11:08 this moment literally captures the anime perfectly

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz Day ago +1

    I suspect that CDPR only commissioned one season of this show not expecting it to resonate so well with Cyberpunk fans and non fans alike. The fact that it's very much canon with the game is also a sweetener. No, not just the setting and cameos but the game was patched to include references to certain characters and a quest line that basically unlocks David's cool jacket and Rebecca's shotgun if you look hard enough.

  • Colonel__ Klink
    Colonel__ Klink 9 days ago +1293

    One of the rules of a cyberpunk setting is that life is moving so fast that the characters can't ever seem to find a moment to catch their breath. There's intentionally no downtime in the story as that's part of the setting. In night city people live fast and die young. And yet... underneath that there's a beautiful concept. (spoilers) The anime is about two people, David and his mother stretching themselves to the absolute limit to give the person that they love most the moon. That impossible to reach place that only exists in dreams.

    • Brodziarz
      Brodziarz 4 days ago


    • Colonel__ Klink
      Colonel__ Klink 6 days ago +4

      @Reblaze444 it's been a rule since the paper and pencil came out like... forty years ago. One of the guidelines for dms is to interrupt a players lazy relaxed day with something that pushes decisions and action. This isn't always the case in the video game, vs dates with various characters being a good example but those stories can be their own rush. However behind everything there is still the deathclock ticking down.

    • Colonel__ Klink
      Colonel__ Klink 6 days ago

      @Graphite I originally bought it on ps4 and the most fucking hilarious thing is I swear to God the day one unpatched ver ran better than the version a year later lmao. I stood in line for tbe game release night and loved it from the start. Its always been a good game. Admitted I play on pc now. Keyboard and mouse for the win!!

    • Reblaze444
      Reblaze444 7 days ago

      Since when was an extremely fast pace a rule of cyberpunk settings?

    • Skeleton Man
      Skeleton Man 8 days ago

      Watching the show I didn’t feel it’s message ram that deep. Just feels like an excusse

  • Abyss Will
    Abyss Will 3 days ago

    Incredible that a game adaptation can be this good, easily a 10/10 show

  • 223frankthetank
    223frankthetank 3 days ago

    Edgerunners “i really want to stay at your house” is the new "Komm, süsser Tod" for me. Songs that immediately trigger emotions tied to the trauma of the shows/ movies respective endings. (end of evangelion)

  • Brett Richards
    Brett Richards 5 days ago +1

    The one thing I'll say about the pacing and cyberpunk stories in particular is that life in night city is fast and hard and I feel like the pacing reinforces that. Everyone is one bad day from punching out and you can't stop and have to make the most of that time you have.

  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores 6 days ago +5

    This is the best marketing they could have done for the game. Got me back in and I’ve been hooked

  • hurricaneblh
    hurricaneblh 16 hours ago

    i got so attached to the characters that i cried at the end just because i wanted to see them grow more as a team

  • UrMom IsAGuy
    UrMom IsAGuy 3 days ago +3

    Cyberpychosis and chrome junkies is possibly one of the best ways to mimic the dangers of overdosing and over using steroids and other narcotics.

    • Drakon332
      Drakon332 3 days ago

      Scaryass thing is that many people who spend too much time on social media or games have average case of "cyberpsychosis" like in this anime.
      Always checking phone, social media or games for extra dopamine.

  • Honacu
    Honacu 6 days ago +7

    It’s a solid anime. Wouldn’t say it’s perfect but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Loved the bittersweet ending.

  • ][
    ][ 3 days ago

    This is one of those shows you sleep on for a while only to finally watch when you're going through some shit. It's very rare for me to go through as many emotions as I did while watching this show. Makes me glad that I'm as picky as I am with the anime I chose to watch. I feel like if I wasn't I would have never watched this do to being burned out by all the mediocre anime you see out there these days. This show will definitely stick with me for a while.

  • KurageDaisuki
    KurageDaisuki 8 days ago +1643

    Gigguk just knows how to take all the jumbled disheveled thoughts I have in my head about a series and put them into the most poetic and beautiful sentences.

    • Logan Hund
      Logan Hund 4 days ago +2

      "not a single t-pose, 0/10 worst adaptation of all time"

    • Marwan
      Marwan 4 days ago

      Well said, haha

    • jcjuy
      jcjuy 5 days ago

      ikr especially when he was talking about episode 6…

    • Anim0sity
      Anim0sity 5 days ago

      @MAD MAGGOT It sounds like you're just mad that everything didn't go exactly how you wanted it to for a happy ending, that's not the definition of plot armor, that's just a narrative. In a world where if you don't fit in with the Corpo bigwigs, your two alternatives are being a bum, or if you're lucky, poor, or doing illegal shit. If you weren't aware, doing illegal shit, especially in Cyberpunk's universe, is dangerous, so you'd want to get and upgrade shit tons of cyberware to ensure you don't die, and the line is too fine, most don't have the privilege of having a balance, they either aren't chromed enough and die and early death, or chrome up too much and go into cyberpsychosis. It's a cyberpunk tale through and through, you either go quietly with the flow of the corporations, or you fight back and get snuffed out, becoming something of a legend. David was always gonna die in that line of work.

      MAD MAGGOT 5 days ago

      @Anim0sity I mean the ending was bad becuz of the plot armor.
      Lucy knew what Arasaka (the bigass corp that enslaved her once) wanted to do with him and Lucy also stopped caring about the moon, her dream changed to him being with her, just a couple of words could have changed everyhting. Or just making chooms to earn $$$$ and then going to the moon. After all they already had an expensive flat and $$$, not to tell how dumb of him was to chrome up so much.
      Even David died thinking he fulfilled her dream when in reality he didn't.
      I can also talk about how dumb David's mom was for not breaking but meh.... let's leave it.

  • Anton Kiryanov
    Anton Kiryanov 9 hours ago

    I've watched countless hours of anime, but this one fucking broke me. I felt something similar while watching TTGL many years ago. That feeling of desperation like you're going into the abyss, and yet there's some light, some hope and it makes the feels so much stronger

  • Mark B
    Mark B 2 days ago +1

    I bought Cyberpunk because of this anime, and so far I'm enjoying the wacky stuff that happens in the game

  • Zepha21
    Zepha21 2 days ago +1

    The need to make a new cyberpunk game (maybe based on the former one's tech/assets but in good) because after I watched the series and knew there was a DLC i haven't played yet I wanted to give the game another shot.
    And boy was I enjoying fighting that punching bag robot ... with its fist teleporting into my face because the game felt like its hit should connect eventhough I dodged 3 times and blocked during the time it took to throw the punch, getting hit anyways and losing 50% of my HP for it....

  • Kobi Mitchell
    Kobi Mitchell 3 days ago +2

    "i really wanna stay at your house" is already a trauma inducing song for me 💀

  • Rimmy - Downunder Gaming
    Rimmy - Downunder Gaming 10 days ago +1616

    It really impresses me how well the game's endings and the anime's ending mirror each other. Bittersweet is my dressing of choice, and a cyberpunk's end is nothing but that. They absolutely nailed it.

    • The WovenMantis
      The WovenMantis 9 days ago +1

      @carnifex What’s a non-disgusting anime in your mind, then?

    • No Show
      No Show 9 days ago

      How dare you vaguely reference the ending of a game most people will never finish including me.1

    • YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader
      YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader 9 days ago +2

      @carnifex I mean, if you know what happens in the game's endings it should be pretty obvious how they mirror each other.
      Also, great take, it's really annoying seeing people have exciting aesthetics and color pallets, they should be more mature instead of childish and make everything beije

    • ConfirmedZer0
      ConfirmedZer0 9 days ago +2

      The show is alright, but I felt as if something was missing when I realized that this show had no bugs or glitches at launch compared to its video game counterpart.

    • Crowder
      Crowder 9 days ago +1

      If anything, the storyline of the game is the best part of it. Depression at the end, but one you are grateful for experiencing it.
      I'll miss u Judy :(

  • Zenobiwan
    Zenobiwan Day ago

    i'm about 8 episodes deep into Edgerunners, and as someone who's played the game front to back a couple times now, i almost can't imagine any other studio pulling off something like this for cyberpunk 2077. Some of the truly outlandish balls-to-the-wall action moments contrasted by the more intimate character/relationship building moments in a universe like cyberpunk 2077's feels like it was *the* perfect game for studio trigger to adapt.
    Frankly this, coupled with Arcane, should be proof enough that video games not only can become watchable media like this, but that this is the way to do it. No more movies, series like these are the way to go; and i hope media companies are paying attention and catch on to it, because there are a treasure trove of games that deserve this treatment.

  • Reverse Shotgun
    Reverse Shotgun 3 days ago

    Came to watch this as soon as I finished the show. My heart is still racing. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to witness something like this.

  • crescy ita
    crescy ita 3 hours ago

    i just gotta say, now that they did the cyberpunk anime, i just need the warframe one. The developers and the styling team already did a 5 minutes like anime scene, and it was absolutely cool. Imagine a full anime. It would have so much lore and so much story telling in just a few scenes. personally, i need that

  • Synapse
    Synapse 5 days ago

    "I may have missed a few easter eggs" there were easter eggs at basically every scene. They reused everything they could from the game. You can identify the guns by sound, you can go where they went in every episode, you know perfectly well their holo interfaces, and you have ridden all those cars. Literally, if you picked the game as is and just converted it to anime style, that's what it would look like. And all of it enhanced the setting, the story or the characters. PERFECT adaptation.

  • 24Ufa
    24Ufa 10 days ago +1044

    They packed so much into 10 episodes. Really well made anime, they delivered. This goes up there with Arcane for videogame adaptations.

    • 311 lvl Grand Wizard
      311 lvl Grand Wizard 2 days ago

      @L M N O P Well Arcane have a slow start, which made some ppl drop it.

    • Okarun
      Okarun 2 days ago

      To me I prefer edgerunners because it's so fucking good! Arcane didn't make me cry at all meh

    • Azora Ilke
      Azora Ilke 8 days ago +1

      I prefer Edgerunners tbh. I rewatched Arcane lately and it legit feels like a generic action show now.

    • KingsKnowledge
      KingsKnowledge 8 days ago

      @Jabahood Arcane is getting praises because its essentially a visual and storytelling marvel for years to come. Unlike most anime Arcane uses a “show don’t tell” approach, utilizing visual storytelling beats supplemented with animation on par with spider verse. There’s a reason it won multiple awards. It’s up there with Breaking Bad, AOT, and The Last Airbender.

    • Italian Spiderman
      Italian Spiderman 8 days ago

      @Milten personally I found kate one of the blandest characters,with Jaice probably my favourite,what he deals with seems very realistic,a scientist with big aspirations having good intentions finds himself thrown into a position of power,having to deal with politics,something he has no idea about,and it turns out good intentions are not nearly enough to do good,idk,I could write and write about few more characters,sorry,but yea I find it very appealing,and yes there’s so much hype about the show,it’s not the best thing ever made,but comparing it to vast majority of what we getting now,especially from Disney,it’s a f***ing masterpiece.

  • Lukey
    Lukey 2 days ago +1

    I just wanna say that ending was so good dude, that song just gives me goosebumps and the transition was flawless

  • Hitsuga Tatsuro
    Hitsuga Tatsuro 10 hours ago

    Ei, man. Just finished watching this masterpiece and my GOD, what a ride. It was well-written, engaging, visually stunning, heart-wrenching and actually made me care about the characters. It wasn't predictable, you learned to love the gritty lore and world, it felt... alive.
    Up there with Arcane in quality media.

  • Shmoked
    Shmoked 2 days ago

    I couldn't agree more i watched the entire series in one day/night and was absolutley stunned. to think that you haven't even played the game and you enjoyed it as much as i did, is amazing. Studio Trigger really pulled out all the stops and made the best video game adaptation ever done to this day. what a godamn masterpeice

  • Joel Stauffer
    Joel Stauffer 3 hours ago

    After finishing Edgerunners in one go and seeing how everybody else is having the exact same experience with this series I am having, I feel like this has to be the way all kids felt after watching Evangelion almost 30 years ago.

  • Naheem Quattlebaum
    Naheem Quattlebaum 6 days ago +11

    As a fan of the universe since Cyberpunk 2013 (first edition of the TTRPG) it pleases me how this anime created new fans of both the game and genre.

  • Erendirani García
    Erendirani García 2 days ago +1

    my gf didn't love the show when i started making her watch it, but by the end we were both crying our eyes out. i already actually liked the game, so i was ready to like it, but damn it surpassed my expectations

  • MayorBooty
    MayorBooty Day ago

    I just want to say, because you talked about how CD Projekt RED creating the "cyberpunk 2077 universe," Mike Pondsmith really deserves a lot more credit than this review gives him. CD did a really good job of bringing visuals into this but Mike invented this universe with his tabletop games from way back in 1988. The 2077 game is just building on his existing universe

  • LupusWarrior55
    LupusWarrior55 17 hours ago

    when the game came out i was driving around night city and when "i really want to stay at your house" came on the radio, i knew it was a banger and best song in the game. glad the show recognized it too

  • FrizFroz
    FrizFroz 10 days ago +785

    Arcane came out of nowhere to become arguably animation of the year last year.
    Cyberpunk came out from nowhere to become arguably animation of the year this year (so far).
    The future is looking bright for video game adaptations.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 8 days ago +1

      @K W aren't backgrounds usually literally still images? I'm pretty sure that's how animation works. You take a still image, then animate over it.

    • FrizFroz
      FrizFroz 10 days ago

      @trevor veillette If the Nier adaptation receives half the effort and passion that went into Cyberpunk we’re in for a real treat. The writing in CP:ER is solid but not groundbreaking, but it is exceptionally well-packaged together with the music and visuals. The writing in Automata on the other hand is so poignant people are still making videos about it today.

    • FrizFroz
      FrizFroz 10 days ago

      @RAI FIKAR J I agree, people are buying into the CSM hype, but in truth things really go down in S2 and not S1. Same situation with JJK and Shibuya arc. Thing about Edgerunners is that it is the complete package and not one of many seasons, which makes it easier to rate; same as Odd Taxi last year as opposed to recurring seasonal titles.

      RAI FIKAR J 10 days ago

      @Lil' Rae the speculation say we only got 12 episode and that will make it ends at the normal stop point, the hype episode is entirely in the S2 so expect there is disappointment. Also I don't think chainsaw man will evoke the feel of emptyness cyberpunk had in S1 you need S2 or the rest of the story to get the same feeling of Cyberpunk

    • K W
      K W 10 days ago

      @Tech Freak your totally right that budget is the reason but that also doesn't mean it isn't something you can say is a flaw

  • Hanszo Pro
    Hanszo Pro 4 days ago +6

    I realized how good the show was when "I really want to stay at your house" played and remembered the moments in which this song played, it just left this impact on me very few other anime have

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 11 hours ago

    I felt like it was a little bit rushed sometimes, but it was a wonderful show, probably the best of 2022. It took me one day to finish it. RIP DAVID!

  • Chalky
    Chalky 3 days ago

    Rebecca is my favourite character by far, she's incredible and I can match her energy flawlessly 😂

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    And in the end, the whole thing was but a single-department problem for the corps. All the tears and a mountain of bodies, and as far as 'Saka's concerned, it's only a failed field-test. This is what cyberpunk means: to have even the larger-than-life stories drowned admist the systems of oppression. 10/10

  • ThiccBirdBoi
    ThiccBirdBoi 10 days ago +1320

    This show is the epitome of Johnny's word "For folks like us? Wrong city, wrong people". There is no happy ending, no closure, just the bittersweet depressed feeling that the song "I Really Want to Stay at Your House" leaves you everytime you hear it.

    • Momma Duck
      Momma Duck 7 days ago

      @Goran Gluščić It's just an empty ending. What did Lucy gain from her relationship with David and the rest of the crew? What is she actually going to do now? What legacy did David leave behind? Crazy shit happens to a lot of people during their lives - but their stories are mostly pretty uninteresting. And I just felt like Cyberpunk is an uninteresting story beauitfully illustrated. Nothing about David and Lucy's story was unique in the setting of the Cyberpunk world, so it just felt kind of meaningless and pointless. They literally had the same ending as Maine and Dorio, except Lucy actually survived (but who actually cares? She's just gonna live a boring life on the moon always wondering what life would be like if David wasn't a moron, I guess). There was no pay-off to the story. There's no reason that the 2 of them couldn't have gone to the moon before shit hit the fan - so why was David running towards his own grave for? lol.

    • An Almeida
      An Almeida 8 days ago


    • NoNamerGamez
      NoNamerGamez 9 days ago +5

      @Goran Gluščić Im confused why so many people are at odds with how you perceived the ending, as I am pretty confident thats exactly what they were going for --- and to me they absolutely fucking nailed it. David multiple times is asked about what HIS dreams are, and its always made blatantly clear that he doesnt have one for himself - the closest thing he ever establishes as a dream is to take Lucy to the Moon. The fact that he manages to accomplish this even in his death is without a doubt optimistic. He saved someone, the person most important to him - in a dystopian setting as bleak as night city i dont think you could get a better ending than that.

    • Andrew Hayford
      Andrew Hayford 9 days ago +5

      @Goran Gluščić This show is awesome in that it can spawn these discussions...but I have to disagree about it being optimistic. I believe she is living with the same guilt David was after the deaths of his mother and mentor Maine. She has inherited "other people's dreams" for her. The moon wasn't a real dream but a fantasy. Her real dream was to live happily with David. In the end she chooses to live out the dream David had for her in order to satisfy the same type of guilt-love that drove David to continue going to the academy for his mom or continuing chroming himself up in order to live up to Maines dreams and protect his crew.

    • knightmareco
      knightmareco 9 days ago

      That's a trope of the Cyberpunk genre. A hero that doesn't matter and no happy endings...

  • EndoSym50
    EndoSym50 3 days ago

    The last scene with Lucy on the moon, alone, and seeing the memory she shared with David, and I really want to stay at your house, broke me

  • AspLode
    AspLode 3 days ago

    Not ONLY did this show callback stuff from the game they legitimately lampooned some of its more famous glitches, too, from AFTER the release. So their turnaround for the animation must have been super fast. I can't wait for season 2

  • schmid1.0
    schmid1.0 Day ago

    I think while everything up to and including ep. 6 was very good pace, the last 4 not so much. There should have been a bit more relationship time for Lucy and David.
    Ep. 6 honestly felt more significant than the finale for me.

  • Kuzu 9
    Kuzu 9 7 hours ago

    Honestly almost made tears come to my eyes again with that last clip until he spoke with the T-pose and I bursted out laughing. Video 10/10 Cyberpunk anime 10/10

  • GLN TV
    GLN TV 9 days ago +1231

    It's not just Easter eggs, it's everything. I remember multiple times in the show where they show a location and I was like "hey i know this place" , where they show cars and i was like "hey i know this car", where they show weapons and i was like "hey i know this weapon" etc etc. The story is as cannon the game as it could be and ties perfectly into it....
    And even with that condition, they managed to craft such a beautiful story

    • Penumbra
      Penumbra 5 days ago

      Fun fact: David Martinez's drink in the Afterlife was actually added into the game way before the anime and a lot of people were wondering who it was. Now we do...

    • Quickleaf
      Quickleaf 5 days ago +1

      More than once watching the show I was like, "Ohh yeah...I blew a guy's head off right over in that corner..." Or whatever dumb shit I had been up to in CP2077 at the time. It's really cool that they managed to get everything so... memorable

    • GLN TV
      GLN TV 6 days ago

      @Nipandeerus 95 *canon

    • Nipandeerus 95
      Nipandeerus 95 6 days ago

      How can a story be a cannon?

  • Rem RDS
    Rem RDS 5 days ago +12

    Hearing the song "I Really Want to Stay at Your House" will now send you down the rabbit hole of being depressed. Yet knowing that, you'll listen to it over and over again because you simply can't get over it. The tragic romance we all wished was simply just a romance

  • AceSoAce
    AceSoAce 12 hours ago

    The “I’m built different” is a slang we use to state that we’re better at something or just made(built) for whatever we love to do

  • MintSpice 12
    MintSpice 12 Day ago

    I think this anime is the perfect storm of a studio like trigger being given the perfect canvas to paint on. There was always a potential in the world of Night City that unfortunately CD Projekt Red couldn't unlock, but when you've laid the perfect ground work for a studio like trigger to elaborate upon it truly has shown the world just how great of a setting CDPR has made.

  • Grasses On
    Grasses On 3 days ago

    I would definitely want to see another season of edgerunners. Maybe the next setting will be 50 years later, exploring how the old net was destroyed. Or a storyline following corpos trying to move up the corporate ladder. Either way, I’d be glad to see Trigger show more of the world of Night City.

  • Claudio Menchinelli
    Claudio Menchinelli 7 days ago +870

    David slowly losing his humanity by following Maines's footsteps, Lucy eventually making her dream come true. Let me tell you something: when great storytelling like this meets smooth and eye-pleasing visuals and animations a masterpiece is created. Amazing anime, probably the best anime of 2022 imo

    • Sushiwooshi
      Sushiwooshi 2 days ago

      @reality gonna be very difficult for anything to top edge runners this year. I’m just completely blown away. Bittersweet ending and I’m definitely gonna miss the crew. Chainsaw man is ight, let’s see how it goes but it’s for sure not gonna top edge runners for me at least

    • Nandechi
      Nandechi 2 days ago

      Asthetics were pleasing and eyecatching. But the Story..... jezus it was so bland. I predicted everything happening above ep 4. Just some avrage chewed out script for some teens. And the fact they killed of Rebecca.... 😭

    • Rvil
      Rvil 3 days ago

      @Ian Sanchez You could technically say the protag dying in the end is cliche too the only problem i had with the ending is that it felt really forced seeing david make the same mistakes as his mentors and the show never really explaining why he does what he does because he didnt need that much cyberware to keep doing jobs to reach a dream that has no time limit makes it really feel like it was pushed towards the ending very forcefully for the sake of a sad ending that feels empty with the lack of any motivation from the main character i think this is what most people have a problem with rather than it being a sad ending. Unfortunately this is probably because the anime is really short so in the end they had to speed up the pacing of the story in a way it feels like they didnt expect that in the last few episodes.

      MAD MAGGOT 3 days ago

      @Angel Gutierrez "the point of cyberpunk and the anime is essentially how not to live your life."
      >> I 100% agree with you
      "t "if they had just done this" is pointless because they're not that type of person"
      >> It is becuz their actions were contradictory and illogical. (I'm talking about Lucy)
      " she's been since the start of the show, why would she change after? "
      >> Cuz she fell in love and started to live with him as a couple. She wanted him to live. And that's where I find another illogical/stupid thing, she is distant but she kisses the guy, sleeps with him, FIGHTS for him and overall * wants him more than the moon*?? Dunno man, thats a thiccc plot armor there

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 3 days ago +3

      Someone in another video's comment section pointed this out:
      When Lucy first takes David to the moon, the moon is fake and David is real.
      When Lucy finally gets to the moon, the moon is real but David is fake, an illusion.
      She ended up exactly how she started before she met everyone: Alone.

  • OX TX
    OX TX 5 days ago +2

    Amazing show, definitely could have benefited from a few more episodes. The pace was blistering and the story beats were brutal.

  • Azure
    Azure 4 days ago

    Didn’t think I’d get much out of this anime. Boy, was I proven wrong. From the characters, music, visuals, and tone…just *YES* all the way. Ending still has me shook, and it’s been like 5 days. One hell of a ride that I’ll never forget. 👏👏

  • Flight Simulator X
    Flight Simulator X 2 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong the animation, action and music is absolutely amazing, however I do feel like the ending and the pacing towards the end felt a little off and kinda threw me off ngl. I feel like if they had more episodes this wouldn’t be an issue but the last episode especially felt super rushed and also anti climactic when you compare it to the emotional intensity from episode 6, tbh it was a slow down hill after episode 6 (story wise, not animation of course). Maybe my expectations where to high but I’m curious to see if people share a similar outlook as I do

  • OldF_ck
    OldF_ck 3 days ago +1

    It is immediately clear that Gigguk did not play cyberpunk, the car physics just like in the game
    10/10 is the best adaptation of all time

  • Abdo Nagy
    Abdo Nagy 9 days ago +550

    Its was only 10 episodes that took me a single day to finish..yet here i am watching gigguk video while tearing up..its so beautiful..

    • Radfield
      Radfield 8 days ago

      I cried at the end, no worries lol

    • Kip
      Kip 8 days ago


    • king medo
      king medo 8 days ago

      What do you think of this other one?
      Leave your comment there please...

    • american crafts
      american crafts 8 days ago

      What do you think of this other one?
      Leave your comment there please.

    • hope.
      hope. 9 days ago +1

      Here is the full video:💀 cyberpunk

  • Buffaro
    Buffaro 2 days ago +1

    So happy to here someone else talk good about episode 6. I sat there in awe after that episode. Frist thing I said was "That may have been on of the best episodes of anime ever" to my buddy I was watching it with.

    • Mookie Stewart
      Mookie Stewart Day ago

      man when that final scene of david and lucy just driving, no music, no words just silence and the sound of the engine..........i had to take a break and go have a cigarette after that one lmao. I remember feeling similar after ep 5 of bebop. Like you just watched an amazing artistic expression

  • David Figueroa
    David Figueroa Day ago

    The only thing I can compare this emptiness is when I finished Akame ga Kill and Tatsumi was not able to keep his promise to Akame. Atleast, he protected her and all the people around the last battle.
    I loved this anime, I saw myself in the character. I was ugly crying at the end of it and I just bought cyberpunk 2077 lol

  • FreshestAnime
    FreshestAnime 2 days ago

    10:24 how does this song literally make me tear up even when watching a Gigguk video... wtf?