Nick Diaz exclusive: Opening up on return to the Octagon, Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • UFC welterweight Nick Diaz joins Ariel Helwani's MMA show for the first time in over five years to discuss a series of topics including his brother Nate Diaz's loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 in New York City, whether he's ready to return to the Octagon, who he wants to fight if he returns to the UFC and much more.
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Comments • 15 729

  • H Ross
    H Ross 7 hours ago

    LOL 17:40 is the best

  • Kola Kola
    Kola Kola 12 hours ago +1

    Diaz is best

  • H
    H 20 hours ago +1

    Supporting from belgium

  • Redbeard Turner
    Redbeard Turner 22 hours ago

    Heartbreaking to watch, but Nick is such a warrior in more ways that one. It's shows so much that he struggles with his anxiety on a daily basis, but he fights through. This man is an absolute inspiration, not just to the fighting community but also the mental health community. He shows what you can achieve when you push through it! Love you Nick man!!! Love from the UK!

  • sosi
    sosi Day ago +1

    Pretty rough stuff

  • Holland Fisher
    Holland Fisher Day ago

    Your awesome nick

  • D B
    D B Day ago

    Is this dude high? What’s wrong with him

  • Ray Dani
    Ray Dani Day ago

    Nick Diaz makes me feel like I'm not paying attention

  • Marchoupi
    Marchoupi Day ago +1

    I watched the whole thing. He's past brain damaged, i feel sorry for him, he was one of the greatest bad MF out there. But from this interview i say it's better for him, and his future to not fight again. Open that MMA School, start coaching like Mr Perez in his corner. If he keeps on fighting it will only get worse

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam Day ago

    I feel so bad when I see him. He could have made so much money if he would have just set aside 20% of his pride.

  • Brendan Fitzgerald

    Ariel is such a good listener

  • Hero The Plott mix

    Nick is officially crazy! Is he off the weed? Don't fight a crazy person...espeacially one then can fight. Seriously he suffers from anxiety I can tell. Did he have to do this interview?

  • Jason Govea
    Jason Govea 2 days ago

    Nick. WHAT???

  • Zach Wolfe
    Zach Wolfe 2 days ago

    Drugs are bad nick

  • Shane MacQuarrie
    Shane MacQuarrie 2 days ago

    Love watching the Diaz boys scrap but what the actual eff was he talking about the whole time?

    SAAD RATHOD 2 days ago +1

    everything that comes out of his mouth makes sense how do people judge this guy IQ this guy is legit.x

    SAAD RATHOD 2 days ago

    Its nick diaz army! always...x

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago

    Nate “Baby Brother” Diaz

  • boxing4 life
    boxing4 life 2 days ago

    Lol dam he called nate a pawn ♟

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago +1

    24:27 this is the point where Nick showed Ariel just how smart he is...and why Ariel has basically been sitting back the entire interview and letting Nick go on a stream-of-consciousness rap about where he is now. Because even if you catch yourself and phrase the question correctly, Nick can sense your initial (and eventual) intention, and will call you out. He is an extremely smart guy who just happens to have a very crippling anxiety that informs the average person’s impression of him. In moments like this, where the emotion is so intense that it overcomes the anxiety, you truly see him for what he is: an intelligent, thoughtful, and emotional guy.

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago +2

    Nick “You Know What I Mean” Diaz

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago

    I wish Nick would (could) take benzos

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago

    6:30 Nick keepin it REAL 😎

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 2 days ago

    Nick “Like...” Diaz

  • Preston Adell
    Preston Adell 3 days ago +1

    How are they even going to let him fight? That shouldn't be allowed.

  • adorkablebrothers
    adorkablebrothers 3 days ago

    To sum up this interview
    When you ask your women what's wrong and she replies nothing. You say ok, and just before you walk out she says well.....

  • the enlightened one 66

    He is salty about his brothers success

  • Above the Clouds
    Above the Clouds 3 days ago

    nick diaz is that mexican uncle that you catch yourself talking to for 4 hours after the party

  • anthony buonconsiglio

    You knowuh I mean

  • Streetwise Guitar
    Streetwise Guitar 3 days ago

    Punch drunk?

  • Kim Eriksson
    Kim Eriksson 3 days ago

    Look at old interviews, he was always speaking a bit like this. It has escalated thou, not sure if it's due to drugs or taking punches

  • Moises Rey
    Moises Rey 3 days ago

    he almost puked drinking "water" hahahaha... that reminded me about highschool days on history class lolololol

  • G Dav
    G Dav 3 days ago

    Nick nobody knows what you mean , I mean , do you know what I mean , I mean

  • Jason . Donoghue
    Jason . Donoghue 3 days ago

    His speech is so bad, kids training full contact mma or kickboxing need to see this. CTE damage is real and irreversible.
    Maybe point fighting and light contact wako style of fighting is best for your long term health.

  • Douglas Coleman
    Douglas Coleman 3 days ago

    Nick Diaz is developing Dementia Pugilistica. His speech is almost is incomprehensible and the fact that he is “punch drunk” should be obvious to anyone who legitimately cares about the wellbeing of those who fight for our entertainment. Nick, you should never set foot in a combat ring again...ever. Take better care of yourself...

  • Indigator Veritatis
    Indigator Veritatis 3 days ago +1

    Watching this with my friend from Germany, it's not going to make sense to him

  • Pani Yiacoulas
    Pani Yiacoulas 4 days ago +1

    Punch drunk man

  • TJHX541
    TJHX541 4 days ago +1

    Nick Diaz A legend in the sport!

  • Nomura Kenta
    Nomura Kenta 4 days ago +1

    34:14 nick fired up

  • SPQR101010
    SPQR101010 4 days ago

    Don't do drugs

  • orion koinzan
    orion koinzan 4 days ago

    I've meet this man a few times and he speaks and communicates alot better not under the spot light. This is comb of anxiety and id say cannbis

  • basic grapplenomics
    basic grapplenomics 4 days ago +1

    He's right you don't talk about baptizing nobody's younger brother. Some things you just don't say

  • 719
    719 4 days ago

    I know English Spanish and Diaz viva Mexivo.

    • Mr Heidelberg
      Mr Heidelberg 4 days ago

      He's American born and raised, so try again .

  • phillipseric
    phillipseric 4 days ago

    He sounds punch drunk, which deeply concerns me. If he is, in fact, punch drunk he should retire.

  • SpewdiePi Brawn
    SpewdiePi Brawn 4 days ago

    I love how the interviewer tried to steer him back on topic and guided him through the interview. Top notch journalism. It is a good thing he didnt let him ramble on for minutes at a time. That would have been embarrassing.

  • Zoran Prole
    Zoran Prole 4 days ago

    Full speech: Like like, you know, you know what I mean, I am like, I am like...

  • Lucas Lago
    Lucas Lago 4 days ago

    Nick vs Canelo

    JKB HUSKY BROS. 4 days ago

    Every person in this comment section needs to know that is not due to head injuries or anxiety that my friends is a guy on magic mushrooms 🍄

  • matt seay
    matt seay 4 days ago

    I literally listened to this for 10 solid minutes and could not take ONE coherent thought from the entire thing.

  • MrPassdabomb
    MrPassdabomb 4 days ago +1

    Those chairs look so uncomfortable

  • Jan-Erik Sandli
    Jan-Erik Sandli 4 days ago

    He kinda says sorry for being a little fucked up in the beginning, but uses the words: I've had a rough week. Did a great interview and cleared up after a couple of minutes, I understood it all and kudos for being so strong. Nick is the man!.

  • Shawn McGovern
    Shawn McGovern 4 days ago

    Are you happy Nick? No, my brother just got kicked in his face and I'm having a really bad week. "I can fight!" ..No bud find another path. Your one punch away from being Drain Bramaged. Just a fans perspective. You and your brother are Bad No Fos keep that legacy.

  • JoeBar Barrettoni
    JoeBar Barrettoni 4 days ago

    Is he drunk?

  • Frank Forbes fittobefit

    I understand everything he say
    They always try to put negativity in this guy
    They say oh Diaz is going crazy PLEASE

  • Shawn McGovern
    Shawn McGovern 4 days ago +1

    Nothing like a Blood Brother having your back. You can tell Nick loves his baby brother. These guys are B.M.Fs

  • Zane H
    Zane H 4 days ago +1

    "And all the times I've been wrong, I was like gee I was right"

  • Olav Winther
    Olav Winther 4 days ago

    Nick has a problem expressing himself in words, but thats why his fighting is art. Thats where he best expresses himself.

  • DominoeFN
    DominoeFN 4 days ago

    Bro they need to stop smoking bud and poppin zans dude can't even talk

    • Rob Swanson
      Rob Swanson 3 days ago

      DominoeFN he’s been this way since grade school and has been hit in the head too much possible C.T.E.

  • bitbrace
    bitbrace 4 days ago +1

    Wow, would love to see Nick fight again, then I watched this, I just hope he doesn't get hit in the head anymore.

  • smiletheory75
    smiletheory75 4 days ago

    Get drunk much...