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Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Gameplay Preview

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • Want a sneak peek at how your adventure in the Hisui region will look, Trainers? 🤩

    Check out this new gameplay preview ahead of the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Friday, January 28!

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  • ScottFalco
    ScottFalco 12 days ago +14367

    Cautiously optimistic, I'm seeing alot of things I've wanted in the series

    • RedShambles
      RedShambles Day ago

      Yessssss !!!

    • Moon Sarito
      Moon Sarito Day ago

      I believe this looks so good because Masuda is not involved in the development.

      Since the sixth generation, I've been suspicious whenever Masuda or Ohmori are in a high position in the development of a Pokémon game, they are very traditional, they don't risk something new and they always stay in more of the same because that's what they don't think about quality, they don't want fans to expect a good game, Masuda has even lied a few times and made lame excuses to explain the lack of content in some game.

      Luckily he is not in the development of Pokémon Legends, that's why this game is so ambitious, they paid attention to the smallest details and even increased the 3D creation team to create new models and animations (in all Pokémon games for Switch before Legends they always re-used models and animations from 3DS games even though Masuda lied saying it wasn't the case but fans proved otherwise. )

      In my opinion, Legends only lacks in the graphics, otherwise, it's everything I expect from a Pokémon game for a console like the Switch.

    • E B.
      E B. Day ago

      what's an alot? a new type of Pokemon??

    • yes sir
      yes sir Day ago

      @Eris Pyramos This game is complete opposite of their usual bright cartoon like graphics

    • Kris.P.Bacon1
      Kris.P.Bacon1 Day ago

      Games have been taking on new approaches now being more interactive and stealth oriented

  • Venturer Eclipse
    Venturer Eclipse 7 days ago +938

    Even if this doesn’t end up being practically perfect, it’s a step in the right direction. I’m very excited to see where this goes!

    • SoulGuitarMetal
      SoulGuitarMetal Day ago +1

      @Paul Meyer Ikr. It shouldn't be too hard to hire better environment artists for their billion dollar franchise like every other game Nitendo publishes.

    • SoulGuitarMetal
      SoulGuitarMetal Day ago +1

      Looks good as an indie game. Not really as a full price game from a multi-billion franchise though.

    • Paul Meyer
      Paul Meyer Day ago

      @Jens Atzema while you're right that gameplay trumps graphics, they still could've done a better job. Environmental textures look better in vanilla skyrim and that game came out in 2011. At what point does it become acceptable to ask for a game that looks up to par with Monster Hunter, Breath of the Wild, or Mario Odyssey (and those games came out years ago)?

    • gwendolyn•uʎןopuǝʍb
      gwendolyn•uʎןopuǝʍb Day ago

      @Taffy Ducks why are you so pressed over a video game that you are so ready to hate, but you’re still rotting your brain away in the comments? why are you wasting your own time being negative in a space where people clearly just want to be excited about it? what do you gain? like fr…

    • Florp Le Borp
      Florp Le Borp 2 days ago +2

      Ngl even though people say it looks ugly, I kinda like it! I don’t think I’d notice it at all if the gameplay is fun.

  • Let's Rank
    Let's Rank Day ago +14

    As a competitive player, I am most excited about Strong and Agile Style. That gives a lot of variation to every pokemon. Each pokemon will have like 12 moves each (regular, strong and agile for each move)

  • AzureAzel
    AzureAzel 5 days ago +180

    If this ends up being really good, I wouldn't mind future mainline games trying to implement similar mechanics. I think that would be a breath of fresh air, honestly.

    • Crusader
      Crusader Day ago +2

      It would be a *breath* of the wild 😉😉😉

    • meroinheroin
      meroinheroin 2 days ago +5

      @SGT_Weber lol

    • SGT_Weber
      SGT_Weber 2 days ago +5

      @meroinheroin oh, hey someone just admiting to breaking the law.. NEAT

    • meroinheroin
      meroinheroin 2 days ago

      @bruhnana man hacked switch

    • bruhnana man
      bruhnana man 2 days ago

      @meroinheroin but like how do you have it 😮

  • aelix56
    aelix56 5 days ago +163

    I like the changes, would've liked more interaction with the village like building it up and whatnot, but I absolutely love that now the trainer has a more involved action. Maybe someday trainers could make pokemon really unique with actual literal training rather than just having their pokemon smack against others, that'd be the dream.

    • Zooka
      Zooka 9 hours ago

      More like Monster Rancher.

  • B K
    B K 12 days ago +3927

    It'd be awesome to find hidden towns that weren't known to be on the map. Imagine finding a ghost town flooded with ghost type pokemon while trying to discover why it turned out that way. Would love that.

    Did not expect this many likes on such a simple comment.

    • Bern
      Bern 3 days ago

      @Nobody have you played the game? It's not like that. The world is divided into sections. each section is its own open area. You can visit which section you want to do missions. And return to them just to explore if you want.

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 days ago

      Except its not open world and the areas you venture into are mission related so you dont discover areas/villages.

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 days ago

      @Eithan McGarrity Its not open world. You select missions and then get teleported to a area related to the mission. Just like in monster hunter rise.

    • Gabriel Michael
      Gabriel Michael 6 days ago

      @EDDY GOLDER I swear, it’s not Nintendo making these decisions, it’s The Pokémon Company, Nintendo doesn’t actually make any of the decisions that go into these games. But every damn time a Pokémon game comes out, it’s always “Nintendo…” this or “Nintendo…” that, it gets old real fucking fast.

    • Bern
      Bern 7 days ago

      @Twiglet in the previous trailer you can see a village with Hut houses in a background in a single frame. So there will be villages apart from the hub town

  • Fidgetelftree
    Fidgetelftree 6 days ago +291

    10:15 love how after your Pokémon is knocked out it turns its attention straight to you. I can feel the ‘Youre next’ vibes he’s sending out. I’m not sure if they’re even in this game, but since this takes place in the past I’m super curious about some of the early Artificial Pokémon, like Baltoy and Golett. If crafting is a thing... wouldn’t it be cool if you could craft these types of Pokémon?

    • Mickey Mous Plushy
      Mickey Mous Plushy 4 days ago +2

      I totally feel the your next vibes as well

    • 22kingdomheartsfan
      22kingdomheartsfan 4 days ago +10

      There is currently a Hisui Voltorb, which is made of wood, much like a Poke Ball in this game. Though I doubt you'll literally "craft" a Pokemon

  • Wilfred 517
    Wilfred 517 6 days ago +73

    I love how you can do more with the trainer in combat and catching. Honestly everything looks so great that at this point it feels too good to be true, which is why I’ll wait for reviews to see if this is truly what we’ve been waiting for

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago +1

      @Yung Oldman graphics are the same as sword and shield its the switch for god sake not a 3000usd PC.

    • Conze
      Conze 2 days ago +1

      @Yung Oldman personally I don’t think the graphics are as bad as some people are saying, they’re just simpler, which is a perfectly valid design choice.

    • Jens Atzema
      Jens Atzema 2 days ago +2

      @Yung Oldman it looks great with the style that they chose. Don't know what you're waiting on, PS5 graphics? Never going to happen with Pokemon

    • Yung Oldman
      Yung Oldman 2 days ago +1

      It doesnt “look great” though...

  • Alexis Madrid
    Alexis Madrid 6 days ago +74

    I love how Breath of the Wild influenced over more Nintendo games. The music at the Fields, the sounds piano made at the beginning of a Noble Pokémon Battle, Just like a guardian encounter, the sound of the wind while you are walking by... this is a fresh change to the Pokemon franchise.

    • Gel-San
      Gel-San 4 days ago +8

      Seems like it didn't influence it enough, this game's graphics looks like it was half-assed. If I didn't know what this game was and someone showed me a screenshot of the trailer I would have thought it was some bootleg game in the playstore to bait kids not an official game of one of the biggest franchise.

    • Alexis Madrid
      Alexis Madrid 4 days ago

      @Toni Sangervasio yes! For people who played Breath of the Wild, the game will be easy to catch! A lot of similar mechanics

    • Toni Sangervasio
      Toni Sangervasio 4 days ago +2

      The map looks so similar to Breath of the wild 😱

  • Stan
    Stan 4 days ago +108

    Just a PSA, the game is not open world if you didn't know. It's more in line with what monster hunter does and puts you in different "open areas" before returning to the village

    • stolfo
      stolfo 5 hours ago

      @SOULREAVER654 ascii pokemon 👍

      SOULREAVER654 5 hours ago

      @stolfo I'd close my eyes and pick one at random cause graphics don't make the game

    • stolfo
      stolfo 6 hours ago

      @SOULREAVER654 if you had a choice between playing this game with raycastisg and this game looking like it came from the ps2, which one would you pick

      SOULREAVER654 6 hours ago

      @stolfo nah

    • stolfo
      stolfo 6 hours ago

      @SOULREAVER654 in a game like this the graphics are what improve the gameplay

  • Dash
    Dash 11 days ago +1154

    Really looking forward to this. I think it's gonna be just the right way to shake up the series and is looking like it'll be right up my alley!

  • Ronnie Lee
    Ronnie Lee 5 days ago +61

    This looks extremely interesting, seems like a nice twist to a Pokemon game. And a lot of things I've personally been wanting to see in a Pokemon game for a long time. Can't wait to sit down and play it with my son

    • Ronnie Lee
      Ronnie Lee Day ago +1

      Yea almost with a rdr twist. Kinda cool

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago +5

      if i would have to describe it it looks like Pokemon in the Style of Monster Hunter Rise which isnt a bad thing

  • Scorpio89v2
    Scorpio89v2 2 days ago +2

    Growing up with Gen I and Gen II when I was a kid in the nineties, I was obsessed with Pokemon but I'm sad to say that I seem to have grown out of it.
    I am however, happy to see that they are doing something completely new with the format. I'm cautiously optimistic for now. The idea of Pkmn Legends: Arceus sounds too good to be true and when I see the trailers and gameplay video's, my initial concern is that the world seems very empty.

    Then again, if this game turns out to be incredible, it might just be the thing for me to get me back into pkmn like in "the good old days" :)

  • StudioMG
    StudioMG 6 days ago +59

    I recently completed an Animal Behavior course in college and I love how much this game incorporates activities and techniques similar to those used by actual researchers in the field! It’s nice to see that recently the natural/non-battling side of pokemon has been emphasized by the Pokemon Company, both in this game and with the release of the new Pokemon Snap.

  • USB Dongle
    USB Dongle 7 days ago +64

    this looks interesting! i like the quest system and the resource/crafting system, and i like the idea of being able to sneak up and catch pokemon without battling. the move style system is interesting too. i'm hoping that the addition of quests and the premise of being a researcher will be a nice change from the gym system, which was getting pretty old! (literally, like...i was 6 when i played Blue and i'm turning 30...it was getting really old...)

    • Jairus Cuffie
      Jairus Cuffie 4 days ago

      I just hate how easy it has been recently!

    • Santana Calderon
      Santana Calderon 5 days ago

      @Phoenix well I started with Red. When I was 6.(1999).😎

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 6 days ago

      the pokemon league gym challenge will NEVER get old. coming from someone who played silver at 6

  • Nicholas Light TV
    Nicholas Light TV 12 days ago +7018

    Haven’t been this excited about a Pokémon game in almost a decade

    • Mr. E 2099
      Mr. E 2099 Day ago

      @Kvng Pokémon has never been about graphics, it’s never been about voice acting. You’re in the wrong place if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s like you’re watching basketball and asking why they don’t just carry the ball down the court

    • charlotte aitchison
      charlotte aitchison 2 days ago +1

      omg king! your onlyfans slaps 🥵😍😭💦

    • bloodofdepanta
      bloodofdepanta 2 days ago

      @Astr4ll ok lemming.bye.

    • Astr4ll
      Astr4ll 2 days ago +1

      @bloodofdepanta You're fucking delusional homie, it ain't that deep. I just want to spend some money, have fun for a good 30-100 hours, and be distracted from my problems. Whether or not the game is up to date, this game looks really fun and that's all that matters. I still enjoy games like oblivion and Mother 3 more than BOTW, even if they arent technologically equivalent. The same can and will be said for Arceus. Chill out and do something other than play video games, it seems like they are far too important to you if you can wish the worst for someone due to them. Real sad man

    • bloodofdepanta
      bloodofdepanta 2 days ago

      @Astr4ll you who would rather clamour for what little positive changes they toss you like pennies will always get just that, pennies. I dream of a future not bounded by endless capitalism. But as long as you are how you are, no change will ever come. I wish the best for you but not really.

  • Regan Lewis
    Regan Lewis 7 days ago +100

    Oh my god. There’s actually cutscenes. There’s not just a black screen saying “oh wow so that’s what the shinx’s ears look like”

    It’s so simple but so so needed. This makes me so happy.

    • Marc Wolfe
      Marc Wolfe 5 days ago

      Shouldn't need a cut scene, player should just throw the ball out near the guy.

  • Galaxy Fennec
    Galaxy Fennec 7 days ago +4

    Every trailer I see makes me more interested, can’t wait to try it!

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 2 days ago +1

    Preordered it yesterday. I'm a little weirded out by some of the new forms, but the gameplay looks amazing. I'm really looking forward to enjoying this game. :D I hope it's going to be as fun as I suspect.

  • Amon
    Amon 3 days ago +14

    I absolutely love everything I've seen abt this game so far, including every single new pokemon. I'm so excited.

  • Lucas L
    Lucas L 12 days ago +7637

    I like the emphasis on your player being a researcher first and foremost. It's a subtle change that fits better with the concept of catching pokemon and exploring the world

    • Scottie johnson
      Scottie johnson 12 hours ago

      This is probably exactly why Goh will become the main protagonist of the anime hopefully they give us a series with ash included with them traveling the world unlocking secrets

    • Fernando Ramírez
      Fernando Ramírez Day ago

      Cringe opinion

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago

      @Crusader i wish it was so lol there is a canon name for the male and female protagonist but the backstory of them is still not releases

    • Crusader
      Crusader Day ago +1

      Game theory your playing as young professor oak lol

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago

      And there are adults researching with you in the field well sort of

  • Demon Chicken
    Demon Chicken 6 days ago +144

    Because of the open world aspect I’m looking forward to seeing how nuzlockes will work with this if there are no specific routes

    • Demon Chicken
      Demon Chicken 18 hours ago

      @AAO_DiMeZ ok thx for the clarification

    • Baby Hitman
      Baby Hitman Day ago +1

      @Nobody yeah when I learned it wasn’t open world that’s when I decided not to buy this game lol

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 days ago +3

      People in the comments still believing this game to be open world xD Those 100+ likes/people also damn, i feel sorry for you guys once the game actually drops.

      SOULREAVER654 3 days ago +2

      @Dig Treace it's like monster hunter, even the ui and ores look like it

    • Mickey Mous Plushy
      Mickey Mous Plushy 4 days ago


  • Mick V
    Mick V 6 days ago +3

    If this game is as good as it looks and sounds then I really hope it opens the door to future Pokemon games looking like this.

    (Also I know it won’t ever happen but I wish we could get a Pokemon Crystal remake using these graphics and game mechanics)

  • MissVioletBlossom
    MissVioletBlossom 5 days ago +46

    Im genuinly excited because i feel this has alot of the same style like monster hunter, in the sense of going into different areas, accepting missions and requests, and crafting clothes and items :D

    • Basbas192
      Basbas192 Day ago +1

      If monster hunter was any RPG ever, sure.

  • Bats Hats
    Bats Hats 5 hours ago

    Yes, the fact they are silhouetted is great, that means change of design. Thank you for keeping this a mystery. I want to discover everything on my own and be surprised. That feeling of playing a new pokemon game for the first time

  • Jordan Bauer
    Jordan Bauer 12 days ago +2007

    so far the most interesting aspect is that your pokemon dont fight in a background like other games, it all occurs in the overworld which in my opinion makes for a great scenic view.

    • Astr4ll
      Astr4ll 2 days ago

      @LP.Skates No no, that is 100% possible. I'm a fan of this game and the way turn based battles were implemented, but that is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT possible if they put in the effort to do so.

    • Dpanin 14
      Dpanin 14 4 days ago

      @Joseph Joestar baby steps bro

    • Machina Owl
      Machina Owl 4 days ago

      @just a guy They're pretty much a billion dollar company and own one of the highest grossing media franchises ever, so they can afford it. The main issue with them is time, because they don't always like to spend their time developing some of their games and prefer to rush them.

    • Machina Owl
      Machina Owl 4 days ago

      @LP.Skates Not possible for Game Freak you mean, because they want to release a game every other year lol. On another note, Game Freak has done that before with Pokken. You're complaining about it not being possible while the main issue is that what he's suggesting breaks the atmosphere of the game, as you usually play from the perspective of the trainer.

    • Stansy
      Stansy 5 days ago

      @LP.Skates are you dumb it’s not “impossible” many games could pull it off. It depends on how much time and effort they put into the game. They wouldn’t have to make a new move for every Pokémon they would simply use the same moves like we always do. Except each Pokémon can move, dodge, block etc.

  • ‍
     7 days ago +9

    This is the first time I've had high hopes for a Pokémon game. I'm usually only interested in the new Pokémon in each game, but this time I'm really liking the new style of gameplay as a whole, it looks fun.

  • Demigreek
    Demigreek 7 days ago +5

    Love this direction, thank you team. Probably needs a few more iterations but this is the best way to leverage your IP moving forward.

  • Kill Joy DOD
    Kill Joy DOD 5 days ago +38

    For what It's worth, I'm glad to see the main series sticking to its roots and evolving at the same time!

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago +1

      @gaming channel of the fat boi good like what it already has modern graphics and features for the engine it uses its the switch not a gaming PC.

    • gaming channel of the fat boi good
      gaming channel of the fat boi good 3 days ago +3

      It needs to evolve some graphics lmao

    • Dustruction
      Dustruction 3 days ago +1

      This isn't the main series tho

  • scottfrom undertale

    this looks exactly like the pokemon game I've always wanted as a kid and im so excited to get my hands on it

  • SuperA-64
    SuperA-64 11 days ago +1445

    The whole mechanic where your character actually matters in the world with the ability to take damage, dodge, roll and throw things manually is the most innovative thing pokemon has ever done with the franchise. I’ve always wanted something like this and it’s finally happening

    • Astr4ll
      Astr4ll 2 days ago

      @ToadGamer I disagree but you are super based so I dont really care 😂

    • Finn Winkel
      Finn Winkel 4 days ago

      @Spiffo and you need to touch grass

    • Spiffo
      Spiffo 5 days ago

      You kids seriously need higher standards.

    • Reform party
      Reform party 6 days ago +1

      This game looks like garbage. What happened to Pokemon?

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

  • Philippe Vachon-Guay
    Philippe Vachon-Guay 4 days ago +12

    Man, for once you could really feel the actual impact when walrein used giga impact, i'm hyped

  • Elijah Sampson
    Elijah Sampson 7 days ago +21

    This game really needs to do well. With so many recent releases Pokémon just seems washed up. Glad there have been improvements since when we first saw the game cause it looked terrible. They better make sure the game runs smoothly and has lots of content, and please make this a game that doesn't require DLC.

  • Tubby Montana
    Tubby Montana 6 days ago +1

    This is the Pokémon game I always imagined on a console hope it’s awesome 🤩 looks good so far

  • Uzyu
    Uzyu 5 days ago +10

    This is awesome it definitely increases the difficulty after the last few games have been way too easy

    • iran silva
      iran silva Day ago

      this game is still easy af. i think it's easiier than sword and shield lmao

  • Jesper Willems
    Jesper Willems 10 days ago +1772

    Really hyped for the game, just a bit scared the world is gonna feel empty if there’s not enough variety or natural storytelling. The openness is bound to be compared to BotW, now it’s hoping Hisui doesn’t feel boring when compared to the immersive and well designed hyrule

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe 5 hours ago

      @Rubywing4 i wish you all the best in your exams and from the leaked gameplay you cant climb walls or any advance movements. the walking mechanics are the same as in sword and shield.

    • Rubywing4
      Rubywing4 8 hours ago

      @Matthew Juarbe Oh, I see now.
      I always thought "open world" meant "you can move freely around without invisible barriers stopping you", like in SwSh or SMUSUM or ledges in all Pokémon games.
      I wonder if we'll be able to climb walls in Legends Arceus.
      We'll find out this week, in any case.
      I'm very excited, but also nervous because I have exams tomorrow and the day after.
      Legends Arceus will just have to be my reward for completing my first semester exam of my education to become a scientist.

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago

      @Rubywing4 in terms of the video game industry and design sense an open world game is a game where you can explore and complete an objectives freely how you choose. this game doesn't have that structure. you're placed in sandbox areas and have to complete objectives in a certain order in order to progress through the story. you cant just aimlessly walk around and explore the world like in lets say GTA or breath of the wild.

    • Rubywing4
      Rubywing4 Day ago

      @Matthew Juarbe So what's the definition of "Open world" then?

    • Star masterc
      Star masterc Day ago

      "well designed hyrule"
      It was a repetitive crap with bad sidequests and horrible things like the shrines and mechanics like that weapon durability and sh*t storytelling.

      Legends Arceus is way better than that crappy Zelda just by watching this preview alone.

      BOTW is the most pretentious game from the last decade, made irrelevant by Hollow Knight and Cuphead on the same year, then RDR2 one year latter.

      I really hated how Nintendo betrayed Wii U owners and how worse the game looks vs the E3 from 2014, development hell. As a game, it's just extremely flawed, as a fan of the Zelda series, it felt like a slap in the face.

      Legends Arceus is an honest game, a prequel to the franchise, understandable why gyms don't exist, unforgivable the removal of dungeons and items like the hookshot in BOTW.

  • The Oceans Gaurdian
    The Oceans Gaurdian 5 days ago +8

    Shinx didn't turn like a swivel chair 👌
    There seems to be actual strategy rather than mash A for your strongest attack 👌
    Pokemon actually rush forward to attack rather than standing in place 👌
    Wyrdeer 👌

  • Homer
    Homer 6 days ago +3

    First look seems interesting. Basing it off this reveal alone I certainly will be buying the gane

  • FaridChuyes7gam
    FaridChuyes7gam 2 days ago

    Será muy interesante explorar una región en mundo abierto... Ya te esperamos emocionados para jugar... Pokemon Legenda de Arceus.

  • Codey Cross
    Codey Cross 4 days ago +22

    Hope they keep continuing in this direction! I got a feeling this one won't be for me unfortunately since I don't care for a lot of the Pokémon lined up for it, the lack luster visuals still, and a handful of other things, but polishing a direction like this is definitely what I personally want!

    • Codey Cross
      Codey Cross Day ago

      @Lucius I love that it doesn't have the same plot. I love the changes as a whole. Just personally don't think it will have the polished game design that would convince me to buy it yet. Pokémon as a whole has been really trying lately to change things up and that is really exciting.

    • Codey Cross
      Codey Cross Day ago

      @Rez Never said my opinions are the correct ones, nor do I want anyone's hard work to flop. I was simply throwing my opinion out there that I like a lot of what they're trying to do. I support Pokémon in plenty of ways, but realistically, I don't see myself making the time to play this specific game and so I probably won't buy it. No need to go out of your way to look for an argument with me with the "buds" and emojis.

    • Lucius
      Lucius 2 days ago

      @Rez I mean, you CAN like how a game is changing directions but not want that specific game, but a more polished and elaborated one. I really want to play this game, it looks really fun to me, but I see why some fans of the series wouldn't like it, it doesn't sound like it will have the same plot we had for all those 20+ years of the Pokémon series

    • Rez
      Rez 2 days ago +1

      @supershinigami1 it's the most successful entertainment franchise of all time, there are people desperate to see it fall.

      By ANY MEANS possible. Even refusing to support the game despite the game doing exactly what you want.

      The need to see Pokémon fail and flop, for a mainline game to sell less than a million copies is, for some people, so much more important than their own enjoyment.

    • supershinigami1
      supershinigami1 2 days ago

      Always something to complain about.

  • xDewritos
    xDewritos 8 days ago +1946

    I don’t expect this to blown our minds and be that amazing, but there’s a HUGE potential for future games if they decide to keep heading this direction.

    • Baby Hitman
      Baby Hitman Day ago

      @BlackAce +1

    • Reform party
      Reform party 6 days ago

      @Stein Codes Right. I love Gen V and still do.

    • Gabriel Michael
      Gabriel Michael 6 days ago

      @Stein Codes But not in this case, since at least with Bethesda, they directly oversee and involve themselves with the process, but Nintendo only promotes the games that are made by Game Freak which are overseen by The Pokémon Company, it also doesn’t really show any motivation since it’s really only Pokémon that has this sort of reputation, further showing Nintendo having less direct involvement as opposed to something like Kirby or Metroid.

    • Stein Codes
      Stein Codes 6 days ago

      @Reform party Well just look at any other Pokemon game, no one has been playing them for their bleeding edge graphics. It's about the experience and gameplay(world design, battles, story etc.) Best was Black and White it introduced various types of battles added alot of fun stuff overall, also a fairly good story.

    • Stein Codes
      Stein Codes 6 days ago

      @Gabriel Michael The Developer is Game Freak, the publisher is Nintendo sub brand of The Pokemon Company.

      And people blame Bethesda(Publisher) for bad Fallout 76 not specifically the studio that made it.
      It's a first party title and it directly represents Nintendo's motive, and evolution. From weird Wii based titles to more bland modern Pokemon games. So yeah it's got everything to do with Nintendo.

  • tryandstopme࿕
    tryandstopme࿕ 3 days ago +6

    Dude this is epic!!! Literally everything I've ever wanted in a Pokemon game except for more coverage on the human Pokemon war but I don't even care lmao

  • Clay Grisetti
    Clay Grisetti 5 days ago

    Love the idea and hoping they can squeeze all the performance possible out of the Switch. I wish this was a more saturated and less muted game though.

  • AnselAlly
    AnselAlly 7 days ago

    I want some more multiplayer options on this game! It looks amazing.

  • Sampson Ray Simon
    Sampson Ray Simon 4 days ago +3

    Looks like a pleasant playing experience so far.

    • vibe central
      vibe central 2 days ago +1

      yeah i agree

    • vibe central
      vibe central 2 days ago +1

      i don’t know why people are being so pessimistic about it 😰

  • Aaron Grosch
    Aaron Grosch 12 days ago +619

    Yes. This is Pokemon pushing out and exploring concepts and I'm here for it! Fainting AND losing items? Actually, punishing players? Amazing.

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • Audi.
      Audi. 9 days ago

      @Austin Roberts unite was just a regular moba haha

    • ErihanBlank
      ErihanBlank 12 days ago

      @Gustavo honestly money isn't that jard to earn so it never felt like a punishment I always had a tone of good items by endgame

    • ReivaOkami
      ReivaOkami 12 days ago

      @Gustavo Bahahaha... Not really that much money.

    • Vlad Dascaliuc
      Vlad Dascaliuc 12 days ago

      @The Tarenator I see. I can't really praise them for something so trivial, though. I'm just waiting for the game to come out to actually see what they've done.

  • wintry
    wintry 7 days ago +17

    the only criticism I have as of now is the battle camera, it’s a little too stagnant but besides that I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out!

    • Y AB
      Y AB 4 days ago

      No criticism about how horrible the game looks?

    • Finn Winkel
      Finn Winkel 4 days ago

      @Spiffo Let someone enjoy a game without criticizing them, what you did there was low standards.

    • Spiffo
      Spiffo 5 days ago

      Really? thats the ONLY criticism you have? get better standards.

  • spoookyvengeance
    spoookyvengeance 6 days ago +9

    I think this and normal Pokémon should switch out every game this concept seems good and a step in the right direction but normal Pokémon can’t be abandoned.

  • HorribleGaming
    HorribleGaming 5 days ago +1

    Im seeing alot of stuff i hoped for . im sad some mechanics were removed but im excited to see this new generation of Pokemon

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago

      what mechanics you think were removed??? i didnt see any

  • Ant
    Ant 6 days ago +1

    The fact that u have to explore and even get the raw materials for pokeballs and potions and herbs is honestly just amazing...
    Hopes are high for this game.

  • SpaceJam45
    SpaceJam45 12 days ago +2124

    Kubfu definitely comes from the ancient Sinnoh region. “Agile Style” and “Strong Style” are just Rapid Strike and Single Strike. Kubfu evolved in Urshifu by mastering these styles along side humans and surpassing their skills

    • Super Moustache Gamer
      Super Moustache Gamer 6 days ago

      1 you have 117 less
      2 That’s not answering me correctly

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • vinzagas
      vinzagas 7 days ago

      @Super Moustache Gamer with that mere 117 subscribers lol you should be honored at the fact that I’m even acknowledging your buffoonery

    • Super Moustache Gamer
      Super Moustache Gamer 11 days ago

      Yet you also have to because I asked you to

    • vinzagas
      vinzagas 11 days ago

      @Super Moustache Gamer I don’t have to, never said he was 💡

  • Joshua Lawrence
    Joshua Lawrence 7 days ago +6

    I've genuinely never been more excited for a game

  • Anthony Kong
    Anthony Kong 4 days ago +1

    This is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a Pokémon game.

  • JalapeñoMayo
    JalapeñoMayo 6 days ago

    Never been this exited for a Pokèmon game. I love the idea of it being open world with a quest type system. This game looks very promising!

    • SgCy
      SgCy 6 days ago

      Its not actually open world.

  • josh clark
    josh clark 5 days ago

    I've been wanting a pokemon game like this for so many years I must have this game

  • A LaLa Ri gift bag
    A LaLa Ri gift bag 12 days ago +586

    What gets me the most excited about it, is how it truly feels like you're playing in the pokemon world, kinda like the anime, where pokemon just live and do their thing and you can sneak up and just throw your pokeball at them to catch or initiate a fight.

    • Riff Rucar
      Riff Rucar 9 days ago

      @Ale Xaw that just sounds like an unfounded assumption. While better graphics would be great people don't buy games solely because of graphics.

    • Luis Fillipe Beserra
      Luis Fillipe Beserra 12 days ago +9

      @xLePlay game freak dont have this money at all, the pokemon company releases them an amount and they make the games with that amount, pokemon is the richest and most famous franchise in the world but it's not thanks to the games themselves, they are just a fraction of other things soon don't think the pokemon company gives billions to make the games because they don't

    • Doot
      Doot 12 days ago

      It will be really fun . Observing for a time to initiate a battle or Going for a catch

    • xLePlay
      xLePlay 12 days ago +5

      Gamefreak has both the tech and the funding to be able to make the graphics and animation perfect. I think they are trying this because they know sword and shield style games that require no effort from them comparatively just wont work like they used to. Even then i see things like the fade to black between showing shinx to the guy vs just pulling shinx out in an animation, and it makes me slightly cincerned for future entries, but this one at least seems passable and fresh

    • Ale Xaw
      Ale Xaw 12 days ago +4

      @Urdeadnotbigsuprise yeah but they got the tech right? Like kojima with death stranding, he just used guerrilla's engine and was done in 3 years. It's the same thing, just use the same engine and you already cutted half the work, you can basically use the same assets too since the environment is similar.

  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    I’m super excited for this!!!

  • Diego Tonnicchi ovlrd
    Diego Tonnicchi ovlrd 7 days ago +1

    Looks like a monster hunting type of game more than a pokemon amazing work

  • Adam Hinton
    Adam Hinton 2 hours ago

    I was never a huge fan of go because you had to keep catching to level up I am a sentimental type if I catch something I will normally have the intent to keep it. But I never hated the catch with no fighting style of the game I just didn't want it to be the only way I like how this gives us options really looking forward to it.

  • Determined Games
    Determined Games 7 days ago

    This game looks awesome! :D

  • Wonka
    Wonka 12 days ago +317

    It would be nice to see a health bar for the player just to have an indication of how close you are to blacking out while encountering a pokemon. I haven't seen that in any of the clips besides the battle against Kleavor where the edges of the screen start to turn black. At least I think that is what the black is indicating.

    • Mitch0712
      Mitch0712 11 days ago +1

      Maybe we get Call of Duty strawberry jam on the screen to let us know we are taking too much damage.

    • HanimeYT
      HanimeYT 11 days ago +3

      The edges of the screen growing black shows you're in sneak mode, it's the edges of the screen turning bright red that indicate you're at low health.

    • Charliezard
      Charliezard 11 days ago +30

      Honestly I prefer the lack of health indicator because it makes the stakes higher in battles since you have to play more cautious

    • xxketxx
      xxketxx 11 days ago +1

      Stream Young Loud on Spotify

    • Andrew
      Andrew 11 days ago +62

      Yeah, it's been shown in a couple other clips of Pokemon attacking you as well. If you survive the hit, the edges of the screen grow progressively darker showing how close you are to blacking out. It's a Gears of War style health system.

  • LXIV
    LXIV 4 days ago

    I'm excited. It would be amazing if it included Co-op

    • SgCy
      SgCy 3 days ago

      Singleplayer only.

  • Misu Satriyo
    Misu Satriyo 6 days ago +7

    Finally, a true Pokemon sequel. It's a huge step in a right direction. For future improvements, I think they should upgrade the graphical fidelity by a lot (texture quality, 3D model, lighting, terrain variety, and environment design), and world design with much deeper ecosystem (like in Monster Hunter series where the ecosystem looks and feels alive).

    • Misu Satriyo
      Misu Satriyo 6 days ago

      @Tom Yes it is. I didn't mean as the sequel of the story, but more like the next evolution of pokemon series, some kind of pokemon version 2.0.

    • Tom
      Tom 6 days ago

      ? Isnt it a prequel?

  • Mutapika
    Mutapika 7 days ago +9

    i can tell building a team in this game will be the most fun i've ever had

  • Rich 64
    Rich 64 6 days ago +3

    I'm not into Pokemon games but this one makes me excited

  • Firith
    Firith 12 days ago +685

    I seriously want to see a trainer just tank a Hyper Beam and only black out rather than be disintegrated like Cell.

    • Firith
      Firith 11 days ago

      @FNAF cursed image queen Or just tank it like Freeza. Brush off a Times-Twenty.

    • Firith
      Firith 11 days ago +1

      @RPG Fanatic I mean, everyone's opinion on something is valid. You trying to start a ruckus with bait like that is honestly kind of humorous.

    • RPG Fanatic
      RPG Fanatic 11 days ago

      @Firith If you don't care, why do you respond?

    • FNAF cursed image queen
      FNAF cursed image queen 11 days ago

      @Stella what about I want to see a trainer tank a solar beam like raditz tanked that kamehameha.

    • FNAF cursed image queen
      FNAF cursed image queen 11 days ago

      @Stella I agree but still..

  • Meubi
    Meubi Day ago

    I''d love to see that as MMO

  • Travis Zuleger
    Travis Zuleger 7 days ago

    Anyone else getting a couple Harvest Moon vibes when it comes to villages? This game is looking promising!!!

  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart 6 days ago

    After playing through brilliant diamond, I totally understand why they felt so safe working on something as expiramental as this. They're the polar opposites, bdsp feels like less of a remake than even HGSS, which is my favorite pokemon game regardless, but the issue is that some of the glaring issues with the game they didn't change at all, so it's basically just a switch port with remastered graphics and a couple fancy aesthetic mechanics.

  • TJ Kruger
    TJ Kruger 6 days ago

    I think that even if they do not nail it with this game, it will lead the way for the future of the pokemon games to become greater in the future.

  • About That Tho
    About That Tho 12 days ago +1456

    I haven’t been this hyped for a game in a while. This actually looks 🔥🔥

    • Anon
      Anon 2 days ago

      @javarus carstarphen sad.

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • loic Valla
      loic Valla 7 days ago

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot well no i'm not gonna do that

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot
      SkullerClawer Bandicoot 7 days ago

      @loic Valla Its not stupid if they want to keep it a surprise so WE can find out those things, how about stop acting like u played the game and acting like the PC fanboy logic of graphics means stinkin crap

    • loic Valla
      loic Valla 7 days ago

      @Yusei255 if they have more content for this game it's pretty stupid to not show this in trailer
      And even if the game have content and/or a good story that doesn't change the fact that this look ugly

  • Kevin Qin
    Kevin Qin 6 days ago +4

    If this is implemented well. I'll come back to Pokemon after 7+ years and even buy a switch!

    • Kevin Qin
      Kevin Qin 5 days ago

      @Emptyman same, I just can't justify paying $500 for something that only plays games... I already have a laptop. But if this game reaches my expectations that might just convince me

    • Emptyman
      Emptyman 6 days ago

      im still thinking of buying a switch

  • Zayza Brown
    Zayza Brown 4 days ago

    🤩This game looks so fun! I might get a N Switch just to play this game!

  • HyperisticNiku
    HyperisticNiku 17 hours ago

    Imagine playing this in VR 😍

  • AllAboutKpop
    AllAboutKpop 4 days ago

    Can't wait for my pre-order game to arrived 😍🥰

  • influentialdetour
    influentialdetour 8 days ago +1636

    honestly even if this game isn’t perfect by a long shot we should all appreciate that they’re taking a lot of risks and trying new things in this one, particularly for the open world style we’ve all been wanting

    • Donmcron333
      Donmcron333 5 days ago

      @Scrotum Scratcher it actually is the biggest.

    • Raytheking !
      Raytheking ! 5 days ago

      @Marc Wolfe no one saying they got a free pass on criticism it's just that some of y'all can't be pleased

    • Raytheking !
      Raytheking ! 5 days ago

      @StuPid And it had a longer development time

    • MissVioletBlossom
      MissVioletBlossom 5 days ago +1

      @Xeonitas it will be more like thw style of the monster hunter series, which is still super cool :)

    • King turg
      King turg 5 days ago +1

      Agreed it looks like alot of work went into it

  • Cameron J Morrissey
    Cameron J Morrissey 4 days ago +2

    This looks EPIC i cannot wait for the release date !!

    • kevinquisition
      kevinquisition 2 days ago

      @Cameron J Morrissey yeah it's lacking content, there needs to be more than one town and more pokemon, but it's just so fun walking around and catching what is there

    • Cameron J Morrissey
      Cameron J Morrissey 2 days ago

      @kevinquisition are you serious ?!! Now I’m even more excited xD

    • kevinquisition
      kevinquisition 2 days ago +1

      Been playing it early on my hacked switch lemme tell you it's the best Pokemon game in YEARS

  • David PlayerLive
    David PlayerLive 3 days ago +6

    This series looks promising!

  • Cancerino
    Cancerino 5 days ago

    Looks really interesting so far

  • Ghost Unknown - 酒井隆

    excited, literally sitting here the whole way through the video saying to myself i just want a lucario and saw one at the very end 😂

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights 11 days ago +1095

    I was skeptical at first but this looks amazing. I hope we have more towns to visit.

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • Ekisu
      Ekisu 8 days ago

      @Rachad Lendar Sheep is such an overused term, you don't gain any cool points for trying to say smart words.

    • omensoffate
      omensoffate 10 days ago


    • skrublordaugust
      skrublordaugust 10 days ago +5

      @Rachad Lendar sure bro, i’m a sheep because i don’t just make shit up to shit on game freak at every opportunity i get. i literally just said that i am still skeptical about this game. just went and watched the sun and moon trailers, didn’t see the entire region shown in the gameplay. stop making shit up to get mad at game freak, there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to be upset at the degrading quality of pokémon games, but the fact that they didn’t show the entire map isn’t one of them. they’re keeping stuff secret so it’s still a surprise.

    • Rachad Lendar
      Rachad Lendar 10 days ago

      @skrublordaugust lmao did you not see sun and moon trailers? You must be a sheep

  • Ivanhndz 11
    Ivanhndz 11 2 days ago

    The gameplay and mechanics remind me of Breath of the wild I love it

  • Pakkunen
    Pakkunen 2 days ago +1

    I love that you can now catch pokemon without battling them!

  • The magnamario show
    The magnamario show 6 days ago

    I am way too excited for this game!!!

  • Blastoise 356
    Blastoise 356 6 days ago

    I preprdered the game and I’m excited for it to come out also I like the detail that we are using the old pokeballs from Pokémon 4ever

  • Christofu 14
    Christofu 14 12 days ago +685

    I’m glad they seem so excited to share this game with people. I definitely think reception is gonna be mixed but regardless it speaks to a better future for the franchise and I’m all for them trying new things

    • Thee Bright Lord
      Thee Bright Lord 8 days ago

      @The Shipper As if they don’t already have the money to give you what you’re asking I agree.

    • Cairrean
      Cairrean 10 days ago +3

      @Christofu 14 they also haven't showed us all that much of the actual routes or play areas, only a few seconds of catching this or battling that. They only showed the open areas, not ones like Eterna Forest that should have lots of stuff. On top of that, it seems to me like they've only showed us the earlier areas, minus the Alpha and Noble battles, which would by design have fewer and lower leveled Pokemon.

      OTOH, of course it's going to be empty. This is set a good couple centuries before the modern games, so most of the cities and towns probably haven't been established yet. Even Jubilife City, which is supposed to be the biggest in the region, is just a small village. So of course there's not going to be a ton of random NPCs laying around in the open. In this era, Pokemon are not nearly as well known, so random people won't just be wandering around outside the protected Pokemon free areas.

      But also I wasn't really talking about the people who go "huh this isn't as good as it could be but the whole game may still be alright". I meant the people who go "ew this one component sucks so the whole game is going to suck and you can't change my mind"

    • Cairrean
      Cairrean 10 days ago +1

      @Rachad Lendar if you're just hating it because "but my favorite isn't in it" then it sounds like you're the one doing more herd following than me.

    • Jack Kawf
      Jack Kawf 12 days ago +2

      Yeah, I'm glad they got excited they invented the wheel in a world of cars, when they have the resources to create a hovercraft

    • Rachad Lendar
      Rachad Lendar 12 days ago +2

      @Cairrean sheep

  • Brayan
    Brayan 6 days ago

    I would really like it if for future Pokémon games we are able to see how many Pokémon a trainer has before we battle. That way we can choose our own difficulty. I thought choosing our own difficulty was something they wanted to promote. Taking away things like the ability to turn off exp share is limiting players choice and not letting them play how they want to play. I will not play or purchase another Pokémon game until these options are present. Please listen to older and more traditional players like me. Thank you.

  • Squidtastic OWO
    Squidtastic OWO 6 days ago

    I can say this game does look quite interesting im glad i preordered. cant wait for next friday I love open world games.

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 days ago

      Its not an open world game. You select missions and get transported to the area related to the mission (being able to explore that specific area and then teleported back to the village).

    • Sheepish
      Sheepish 6 days ago

      Has less Pokemon than the gameboy color games.

  • O'Long Johnson
    O'Long Johnson 5 days ago

    Dude this looks amazing

  • ZombersVoid
    ZombersVoid 6 days ago

    This looks really really good and I can’t wait for it, but no alas froakie :((

  • Kawaii Neko
    Kawaii Neko 12 days ago +634

    It'd be really cool if Legends kinda became a spin-off series of its own like Mystery Dungeon, set in different time periods in different regions. Like a 'Legends: Mew' or 'Legends: Victini' that maybe goes more into the history of these mythical pokemon, like I'm hoping Arceus does.

    • G. Wilson
      G. Wilson 6 days ago

      @Buddy B
      Or if you're on PC and don't care about ads, you can just use an ad blocker like a civilized person. Is this some bot copy-pasta? Because this is irrelevant to the thread

    • Buddy B
      Buddy B 6 days ago +2

      If you’re using pc, you can skip Flash-Player ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • G. Wilson
      G. Wilson 7 days ago

      Nothing more mythical than a pokemon no one has seen before

    • InnerAgent
      InnerAgent 7 days ago

      @G. Wilson Maybe that makes sense but I’m pretty sure the point of it is that it’s a mythical as the cover Pokémon instead of a legendary

    • Lycanroc
      Lycanroc  9 days ago

      @Kawaii Neko but it’s confirmed that PLA is main series

  • Emerald Hoarder
    Emerald Hoarder 6 days ago

    Ok, this is looking more and more like monster hunter rise by the minute, and I am for it. Also, the fact that they did not show any of the starter evolutions is making me dangerously hopeful for Hisuian starter evolutions.

  • Leaf Finite
    Leaf Finite 7 days ago

    Interesting that theyve introduced a sort of FE 3h Combat Art mechanic. Very intrigued,

  • Jovian999
    Jovian999 7 days ago +2

    This actually looks really cool. There's some creativity on display here finally.

  • alecktit
    alecktit 5 days ago +2

    This is the most promising pokemn game ever...
    Before we were all hoping for an rpg game like pokemon game and now here it is

    • Matthew Juarbe
      Matthew Juarbe Day ago

      the core game play mechanics are the same but they molded the game more after Monster Hunter with challenges you have to complete after you capture the pokemon like capturing 25 of the same pokemon or capturing a pokemon without them seeing you or evolving the same pokemon 3 times. so to complete the pokedex it isnt just about capturing the pokemon but once you capture it and complete the challenges that come with it thats when the pokemon pokedex entry is complete for that pokemon and then you get that stamp

  • Homolone . . .
    Homolone . . . 8 days ago +576

    I see a lot of potential in modernizing the Pokémon series like this. It still has a lot of room for improvement, but I mean that as a positive.

    • Matthew Muir
      Matthew Muir 2 days ago

      @Savvy Yeah, it is funny; they're modernizing the series by making a game set in the Pokémon world's equivalent of Hokkaido in the 19th-20th century (i.e. around the time that Golden Kamuy takes place).

    • Homolone . . .
      Homolone . . . 6 days ago

      @Benjamin Brown Yes. Pretty much. I love Pokemon, but they are far behind in a lot of ways.

    • AstroWyrm
      AstroWyrm 6 days ago +1

      @Benjamin Brown for Pokemon's standards, yes it is modernizing

    • Benjamin Brown
      Benjamin Brown 7 days ago +1

      So adopting decades old standards from ps2 era games is "modernizing" now?

    • - potato -
      - potato - 7 days ago

      @j ? how ?

  • Lora Fightmaster
    Lora Fightmaster 4 days ago

    I'm going to be interested to see how they explain "trade evolutions" if this is before most people have an association with Pokemon. Are they going to get rid of trade evolutions and give us a different method (something I hope they do.) or are they just going to gloss over the fact that trade evolutions make no sense in this game. Because how the hell does an Electivire exist if the pokemon aren't being traded due to the lore of the game having very few people own pokemon? I sure hope this is explained some how in the game

  • Stacey LaBrasseur
    Stacey LaBrasseur 3 days ago

    I want this to be good but I just don't know, however I like the boss fights.

  • Not Jeffrey Epstein

    I'm excited. Quit playing main series after X/Y, still playing a LOT of GO.
    It looks awesome devs, may you deliver.

  • Sarah Clegg
    Sarah Clegg 7 days ago

    okay i have learned to not get my hopes up for pokemon games but man this looks really really well put together