MIUI vs ZUI OS Speed test! Which Android skin is faster? Xiaomi vs Lenovo in 2019

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs Lenovo K5 Pro gaming comparison- 01:12
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Comments • 20

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    Lenovo K5 Pro has RGB notification light, at least blue in all apps, green when fully charged, red when charging. Xiaomi has over aggressive power management so many times LED never blinks, it is white only when charging, apps etc and it blinks unnecessarily when battery goes low.

    Noe PEREZ ROQUE 2 months ago

    Please how much ram of Lenovo k5 pro and Xiaomi rn5?

  • frank carrey
    frank carrey 5 months ago

    use same setting and same gpu. why diferrent graphic?

  • Garr Trigger
    Garr Trigger 6 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the new Lenovo Z6 with SD710. How bloaty is ZUI btw?

  • Muhammad Ansar
    Muhammad Ansar 7 months ago

    Can we install gcam in lenovo k5 pro?

  • Peter Iordaah
    Peter Iordaah 7 months ago

    What game is this pls? 9:11

  • G 2
    G 2 8 months ago

    Nice review speedtest broo..
    Salam support from me

  • • Riyotsu •
    • Riyotsu • 8 months ago

    Lenovo has yellowish cheap display just like asus zenphone max pro m1?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Day ago

      Nope it's the screen protector. Remove it and it is white.

  • Broque Raul
    Broque Raul 8 months ago +1

    Does it heat up playing?

    • Odeyovwi Samuel
      Odeyovwi Samuel 5 months ago

      No it doesn't. On PUBG tho, so result should be the same here too.

  • Broque Raul
    Broque Raul 8 months ago +1

    in spanish plis:(

  • ابراهيم التميمي

    honer play vs lenovo k5pro

  • Pierce 234
    Pierce 234 8 months ago

    Hello TechUtopia, can I ask you something? I want to tell you about my phone the Nubia Z17 lite . I just have this phone for almost 4 days now and I start thinking that I should download CPU-Z app at the Play Store, but when I already downloaded the app, next thing is I open the app to see if this phone (Nubia Z17 lite) has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 653, but instead the app (CPU-Z) shows that my phone's chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 with over 1.40 GHz/ 1.40 GHz instead of what people said that this phone has a chipset Snapdragon 653 with clocked 1.95GHz/ 1.40GHz . Is it because the app can't read very well (CPU-Z) or is there something else that I should take notice on? Pls Tech Utopia, I really need the answer and thank you😀
    Edit: 1. And why does the only 4 core in my phone working and not at full 8 core? Is it because of software glitch or something else? 2. And when I looked back at the CPU function when I open back the app (CPU-Z) it says that the 4 core is working perfectly, but the other 4 core (it says "STOPPED" ) sooooo is it because of glitch or errors in the system?

  • Portgas D Ace
    Portgas D Ace 8 months ago

    Please try an emulator dolphin and damon on Huawei y9 2019

  • Nightmare X98
    Nightmare X98 8 months ago

    nic comparison...😎
    1 Suggestion though
    U should Test --
    God of war
    God of War 2
    SmackDown Pain
    Dbz BT 3
    God Hand
    In Ur Damonps2 Test of Smartphones....
    This are the popular games that people want to play....😄

  • sktrdk01
    sktrdk01 8 months ago +6

    i like this lenovo

  • syamil khan
    syamil khan 8 months ago

    whats this game?

  • Eternite Pro
    Eternite Pro 8 months ago

    TechUtopia, please test Sonic Colors on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

    MULTITECH ID 8 months ago