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Darksun Spelljammer with puffin (animated spellbook)

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • Hold person
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  • Zee Bashew
    Zee Bashew  Day ago +1

    *Rules Correction!!*

  • Veloce Visrin
    Veloce Visrin Day ago +3

    That cultist dancing scene was amazing

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Day ago +371

    This story was wonderful.

  • Thomas O'Reilly
    Thomas O'Reilly Day ago +319

    "And I, Glorb, an artificer of... middling skill"

  • True JimJam
    True JimJam Day ago +782

    the cultist procession was something i was a little desperately hoping would be used on something and not just a short, totally delivered the episodes are always a great bit of fun

  • Dana Jensen
    Dana Jensen Day ago +117

    As someone currently playing in a Darksun campaign Athas is no joke. Honestly its a miracle the party has survived at all.

  • TheSquishedElf
    TheSquishedElf Day ago +311

    Snake priest had mad Pillar Man energy.

  • Vegas242
    Vegas242 Day ago +1

    This sounds like the prelude to a really interesting warlock pact

  • Javier Patag
    Javier Patag Day ago +68

    I must commend your DM for that. He had the presence of mind to remember the setting detail of iron being scarce and very valuable on Athas giving his NPC a reason to cast Hold Person on your character. A DM is already keeping track of so many things at once so picking up on that was amazing.

  • Pedro Stormrage
    Pedro Stormrage Day ago +101


  • alan D
    alan D Day ago +157

    Hearing about dnd sessions is like listening to a retelling of a dream... most of them are boring AF but this was great, thanks man

  • VikingFyre
    VikingFyre Day ago +79

    Even if he could operate the Spelljammer, he wouldn’t have been able to leave Athas. It’s Sphere has weird issues that prevent anyone from leaving that world by magical means.

  • Luke Seymour
    Luke Seymour Day ago +42

    The full dance sequence with the context is absolutely stunning!

  • Sean Heasman
    Sean Heasman Day ago +1

    So happy these are comimg out every week. This was a fun story but wow what a dark end to a campaign. I feel the rogue would make a great NPC to put in a campaign.

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone Day ago +19

    The ending kind of reminds me of this conversation I had with some friends on why wouldn't an evil player or a thief backstab the rest of the party. My suggestion was that in a game with every encounter meant for a party, any lone adventure stuck in the middle of nowhere would most likely be screwed.

  • ForeverLaxx
    ForeverLaxx Day ago +37

    Hold Person has to be one of the most abused spells our DM uses at the table. It really feels like the DM is just deleting your character but with extra steps.

  • MrWuvems
    MrWuvems Day ago +8

    The way you say "Fueled by magic" is actually the perfect demonstration for the tone of spelljammer

  • James Miller
    James Miller Day ago +7

    I love this style of animated spellbook! Its always nice to see the spells actually put in practice in a game.

  • DrakeAurum
    DrakeAurum Day ago +107

    What this basically shows is that Hold Person is one of those spells that's much more scary in the hands of NPCs than PCs. If a player uses it on a big-bad and they fail their saves, probably all that means is that the player gets to feel a bit more awesome and the encounter is shorter than expected.

  • InvertedGhost Games

    Lol, that poor rogue. Both his friends died, he didn't get away with nearly as much as he probably wanted, and he was now stuck on that planet because their magic user was dead. All of that for a rock he could no longer use.