Last To Leave Detention Wins $10,000 - Challenge

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • LAST TO LEAVE SCHOOL DETENTION WINS $10,000!! (24 Hours In High School/Kindergarten DETENTION Challenge)
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  • Morgz
    Morgz  17 days ago +2149


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  • Janine Callanta
    Janine Callanta 9 hours ago

    Mr no balls more like no balls allowed

  • Renagade Expert
    Renagade Expert 9 hours ago

    Mr no balls😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😝😝

  • falcon123 nolastname
    falcon123 nolastname 10 hours ago

    Like 4993947747337745884adds and go to youtube type what is school for

  • Sant0sa
    Sant0sa 13 hours ago

    no balls games

  • harish kuleen13
    harish kuleen13 14 hours ago

    morgz come in india

  • chad fann
    chad fann 14 hours ago +1

    I wish morgz was a youtuber in singapore

  • doilgoly Roblox
    doilgoly Roblox 15 hours ago +1

    Time for a little question vote (topic: school)
    Question 1: is this a skit
    A: yes
    B: no
    Question 2: do you always need to bring your lunch box for lunch
    A: yes
    B: maybe
    C: no
    D: definitely not
    E: I have no idea
    Question 3: does your teacher have a chalkboard or whiteboard/easel
    A: chalkboard
    B: whiteboard
    C: both
    D: I don’t know
    E: I can’t remember
    G: I’m completely lost

  • Marilyn Correa
    Marilyn Correa 16 hours ago


  • Owen Babcock
    Owen Babcock 16 hours ago

    Check out greatnessesTV

  • Greyson Parker
    Greyson Parker 17 hours ago +2

    Young lady I don’t think about that

  • Laura McNamara
    Laura McNamara 17 hours ago +1

    Morgz is fat as hell

  • Logan Joseph
    Logan Joseph 18 hours ago

    God your face is so punchable. Imagine being so pathetic that you leech off of other creators. I know you have to do that because you have 0 creativity, you have nothing special and unique about you, and you are just another worthless waste of space, but you need to stop and get a life.

  • Gabriel Suniga
    Gabriel Suniga 18 hours ago +2

    Bro i saw a clown!!

  • Sarah Wickersham
    Sarah Wickersham 19 hours ago

    That's illegal stuff

  • Erald Ibrahimi
    Erald Ibrahimi 20 hours ago +1

    JUST PLZ buy the Morgz merch because i buy it

  • Emerald Gamer
    Emerald Gamer 20 hours ago +4

    Last to leave haunted school wins 10000

  • DreadCriuser
    DreadCriuser 20 hours ago +2

    morgz do last to leave the principals office

  • Lexie_Wolfeexx
    Lexie_Wolfeexx 20 hours ago +2

    At the end that was smart with the speaker

  • Jake Driscoll
    Jake Driscoll 21 hour ago +2

    Lmao Mr. noballs 1:30

  • Zach JENKINS
    Zach JENKINS 21 hour ago +2

    Just saying they are British and said dollars😂

  • Jennifer Marie
    Jennifer Marie 21 hour ago +1

    . : H. (.

  • fortnite The Liam is the ninja Flip


  • Kiran Parmar
    Kiran Parmar 22 hours ago +1


  • Crunchie-Boy!
    Crunchie-Boy! 22 hours ago +1

    When they had todo star jumps they were doing jumping jscks

  • Ashley ASHLEY
    Ashley ASHLEY 22 hours ago

    I know this was like what 1 month ago but whatev

  • Brit Mason
    Brit Mason 22 hours ago

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  • Brit Mason
    Brit Mason 22 hours ago

    Hey 👋🏾 I was gonna ask you

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 22 hours ago +1

    Why is the teachers forehead so big

  • Calvin Balentine
    Calvin Balentine 23 hours ago


  • Ava Hughes
    Ava Hughes 23 hours ago


  • Mariyam Sana
    Mariyam Sana Day ago

    Team dad

  • Jackie Drew
    Jackie Drew Day ago

    I want some murch with little morgz

  • Ka1Hard _
    Ka1Hard _ Day ago +2

    Morgz never went school so this is gonna be hard for him!

  • Fortnite Central


  • edmon dymava
    edmon dymava Day ago +4

    1:31 when i get get pranked
    Me: im done with ur pranks im leaving.
    My friend: i will give u $10000
    Me: i changed my mind😶

  • Shane Summers
    Shane Summers Day ago +3

    He said no eating but he just ate a tiny bit of a crisp

  • Carol Rathbone
    Carol Rathbone Day ago +3

    The teacher is so funny at no ball games

  • Shadow Boi
    Shadow Boi Day ago +2

    zero balls

  • chad fann
    chad fann Day ago +5

    Can we plz do another mr no balls video

  • Andrew Donnellon
    Andrew Donnellon Day ago +4

    Finally this guy got in detention

  • Lee Duncombe
    Lee Duncombe Day ago +4

    Jill be cheatin on bald Martin ooohhhh lala

    • Itz_SpringGacha
      Itz_SpringGacha Day ago

      Lee Duncombe that’s morgz real dad they split up tho 😂

  • the meme god
    the meme god Day ago +2

    It looks like a crisp snorts cocain sound

  • Tatjana Denic
    Tatjana Denic Day ago +4

    you dont have balls

  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +2

    Oi tahnae

  • Tahnae Zahra
    Tahnae Zahra Day ago +3

    Rule 1000 follow officer_nae_of_the_nae on instagram

  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +2


  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +2

    Oi tahnae

  • Kai Zahra
    Kai Zahra Day ago +3

    Morgz you gay Lord

  • Tahnae Zahra
    Tahnae Zahra Day ago +4

    Mr nooballs = no kidz

  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +3


  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +3


  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +3


  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan Day ago +2

    Oi tahnae

  • Tom G
    Tom G Day ago +3

    22:56 well even tho we saw that coming from a mile u clearly haven’t because I’m looking at ur page


    His rule
    Don’t laugh


    *PuNIshMenT TiMe*

    Edit: he broke his own rule

  • MisaPlayz
    MisaPlayz Day ago +1

    14:29 mr.noobles not even alittle bit
    Morgz a tinny little bit
    Mr.noobles maybe

  • ~Gacha~ Strawberrys

    They are complaining of doing a couple sit ups. In my gym I had to do 100 and no one else just me

  • Liam Shepherd
    Liam Shepherd Day ago +3

    I want mrs. nice not mr. no-balls!! Leave detention

  • Simon James
    Simon James Day ago +2