• Published on Sep 16, 2019
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Comments • 310

  • keepit real
    keepit real 25 days ago

    ALERT !!!!. Ben you did fantastic job getting Tyson back into the sport massive achievement to be proud of we all will never forget it. But please Ben let someone take the reins now.. Tyson needs better ringside realtime advice...come on you should have been telling Tyson to chop Otto down in round 4 and five ..and ordering him to finish Otto in round 6..7.... Telling him to stay long instead of letting him go to the inside with a shorter guy making it messy with that cut.....like come on...keep it long jab his face of then counter him on his way in.
    Sorry but bad and lack of advice ringside. . Call it lack of experience or whatever but the words weren't there .. again

  • Stewart
    Stewart 26 days ago

    Was this before fury got sent to the hospital by the underdog

  • bobmylo
    bobmylo 26 days ago

    love the way Tyson walks in, doesn't say a word.
    Walks over and fist bumps Ben like "say no more"

  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Spartans in the camp!

  • milozach1
    milozach1 29 days ago

    Paris looked smokin'.

  • Nabeel Ahmed
    Nabeel Ahmed Month ago +1

    Size of fury compared to him

  • שניאור והודיה אלימלך


  • Mark M
    Mark M Month ago

    Fury was good at weight wilder just should keep toning not losing from there

  • Swede Noble
    Swede Noble Month ago

    now with all this talk about the great Tyson fury why does he have to 8 month babies on his lower back get your ass in shape your punk he's heavy weights are not even fighters 🤣😘😉

  • Vishaal Venugopal
    Vishaal Venugopal Month ago

    If wilder sets up the right hand instead of telegraphing it fury’s lineal title reign is overrrrrr

    • alex guerra
      alex guerra 29 days ago

      If my grandma had wings shed be an ostrich

  • Steve M
    Steve M Month ago

    Someone bring Tyson a seat.
    Walks in with 3 person sofa

  • She Gone
    She Gone Month ago

    I don't like Ben

  • Frankie Brooks
    Frankie Brooks Month ago

    Lowe needs to learn how to stop blocking them punches with his face, he looks like he's got Liver problems.

  • spider man web
    spider man web Month ago +1

    OK a serious question don't you think the fight should of been stopped with that big cut. Because if it was the other way around it would have been stopped for sure.

  • spider man web
    spider man web Month ago

    Wilder will ko him for good this time. Bet your money soon

  • spider man web
    spider man web Month ago

    Wallin was robbed

  • Aztec Villans
    Aztec Villans Month ago +4

    All the fury brothers look different and the same at the same time.

  • Cranky Rebate
    Cranky Rebate Month ago

    Heading for a major downfall with beckham there

  • Cranky Rebate
    Cranky Rebate Month ago

    Heading for a major downfall with beckham there

  • primepants
    primepants Month ago

    Fury should go back with his Uncle

  • randy palla
    randy palla Month ago +2

    Fury lost that fight,

  • Eddie hearn
    Eddie hearn Month ago

    Ben looks like a woman

  • James Godsell
    James Godsell Month ago +3

    Guarantee you that Issac guy is a bad influence on Tyson.

    • Shut Up FC
      Shut Up FC Month ago

      It's his cousin mate. If anything he has zero influence on him, it's clear in their training. But Tyson is definitely a good influence for him on the flip side

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago

    Tyson always chilling in his boxers

  • kingjn1991
    kingjn1991 Month ago +1

    "Not bad for alil afternoon tea" lol 😂

  • James George
    James George Month ago

    There's only one...........clumsy, awkward, slow, no power, overrated hype job.......tyson fury!!!!!

  • Visio
    Visio Month ago +1

    Cherry pick gone wrong 🤣🤣🤣

  • wu Jmt
    wu Jmt Month ago +1

    Isaac Lowe isn’t very good.Just saying.Just because he is pushed by the fury camp we are supposed to think he is something special.Well, he fkin isn’t.British level at best.

    • King Killer
      King Killer 28 days ago

      What is that supposed to mean British level

  • Carl
    Carl Month ago +1

    Shane was gutted Issac had walloped the nando,s lol

  • Ochoa Bey
    Ochoa Bey Month ago

    Tyson Fury is ass 👎🏾Who tf comes up with an Invisible belt? Lineal Champion 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mental Divergence
    Mental Divergence Month ago

    Tyson and Ben, great duo, inspire me every time to keep punching, life is hard and depression is hell. Keep at it fellas! 👊

  • Vlad Bogdanov
    Vlad Bogdanov Month ago

    Tyson man.. you glorify Jesus and swear from the same mouth 🤦‍♂️

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad Month ago

    Ifl tv crying their bum boy fury has fucked it

  • Kane M10
    Kane M10 Month ago

    Fury’s a hero

  • MrKikimacdee
    MrKikimacdee Month ago

    Wallin was definitely robbed

  • Scumos unaffordable Australia

    Tyson Fury looks gaunt and has to put on more weight.

    • keepit real
      keepit real 25 days ago +1

      He should be 19 stone like his father says

  • nvmffs
    nvmffs Month ago +1

    Wilder will K.O. this clown again

  • Steve Garner
    Steve Garner Month ago

    I think Ben took it out on Isaac basically saying stop getting pissed up, where there’s Isaac there’s Tyson but I don’t think he tells Tyson what to do. I think that’s maybe why John fury is pissed off with Ben not controlling him....time will tell but I think bens time is up and in will come Freddy roach (and so forth) 😂

    • Mr javadi
      Mr javadi Month ago

      Lol Ben ain't controlling him. He is a grow ass man he should control himself

  • Benjamin Brandt
    Benjamin Brandt Month ago

    The guy is 19 and 0. What does he have to feel bad about?

  • alexander povetkin
    alexander povetkin Month ago +1

    What a team though ...
    you wouldn’t fuck with them ... haah

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison Month ago

    Im not a hater of Tyson, underneath his media ego I know he is great guy, but Im happy that his performance against Wallin was poor as I was so sick of Fury bad mouthing other fighters and constantly bragging he was this that and the other, the lineal champ, best in the world, blah blah blah....Hopefully he will be more grounded in future, more modest and stop talking shit....He is a great fighter but its clear he aint the best heavyweight for sure

  • Feel Your Story
    Feel Your Story Month ago

    Paris is an angel

  • davie l
    davie l Month ago

    Was this before fight

  • Lightspeed Retro
    Lightspeed Retro Month ago

    If only fury would get rid of that tire around his waist he would look like an athletic slim heavy weight.

    • x y
      x y Month ago

      Lightspeed Retro fancy him do ya

  • bob marley
    bob marley Month ago

    Isacs fight was supposed to be 3 weeks away that's why he struggled to make weight

  • Augustine Riley
    Augustine Riley Month ago

    As a 40 year sober AA member, you pricks know nothing about getting somebody off the piss, I'd had have slit my best pals throats for a drink if it came to it, - their problem, NOT BEN DAVIDSON'S!!!!!!!!! Didn't you pick up Ben's total lack of engagement with the BS banter in the dressing room, he knows what time it is.

    Time for Fury to remember who helped save his fucking life.

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore Month ago

    Why post this lol

  • Stan Alford
    Stan Alford Month ago +10

    Wilder vs Vaseline in February can’t wait

    • Boyce88 boyce88
      Boyce88 boyce88 Month ago +1

      Fury needs to give some vasaline to chisora for when Eddie is screwing him 💪

  • Christopher Melling
    Christopher Melling Month ago +6

    What is Tyson whispering to Shane Fury 1:17
    Why does Shane Fury fail to acknowledge Ben Davidson 1:36
    Why has Ben Davidson done more media post fight than ever before
    Why did Ben and Tyson leave on separate flights home?
    Why no Ricky Hatton in Tysons corner this time around?

    • Dan Blackshaw
      Dan Blackshaw Month ago

      Hatton has been on holiday with his family he's only just got back in the couple of days

    • Grunge Theatre Studios
      Grunge Theatre Studios Month ago

      You ask too many questions. It makes you annoying.

  • Shirley Newton
    Shirley Newton Month ago +1

    If it was Wallin with these cuts, the doctor would have stopped the fight... Fury saved again by his name...

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong Month ago

    We are MUPPETS!!!!

  • Irish Technical Thinker

    Oh damn. Tyson Fury's brother looks like Ben Askren.

    • meow MEOW
      meow MEOW Month ago

      Not at all wtf nobody look like asscream

    • Dale Newbold
      Dale Newbold Month ago

      He does. Never even crossed my mind till I read this comment. A heavyweight Ben askren 😂😂

    • Martin O Neill
      Martin O Neill Month ago

      Ben at heavyweight

    • John Lawler
      John Lawler Month ago

      + 100 pounds

    • solid cake
      solid cake Month ago


  • The Hype
    The Hype Month ago

    i dont want them fighting on the same card. they are brothers too much to think about same camp differant shows. imo

  • Vonk De Ridder
    Vonk De Ridder Month ago

    I'm happy you got a hammering

  • Frank Sparti
    Frank Sparti Month ago +1

    Isaac gained at least one new fan in the US with his performance and was well received by the fans here in the arena.

  • Cruze Moore
    Cruze Moore Month ago +70

    Give Ben a break, the young man saved tyson career, picked up another world champion and is living his dream. Meanwhile all the keyboard warriors are sitting in the box room at their mums house.

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 26 days ago

      @UNITED REALIST The bum gonna have another depression coming up coz its time to fight Wilder lmaoooooooo

    • Currylovinduck
      Currylovinduck 26 days ago

      @aaron pryor Still irritated by when Fury beat wilder then I see

      UNITED REALIST 29 days ago

      Ecactly.....fury is my champ.....great man...great fighter...
      ...cmon sparta

    • Elmito Itachi
      Elmito Itachi Month ago +1

      Correction ur mums house

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor Month ago +1

      Y'all just bums and cry babies ..where Wallin at? he won that shit lmaoooooooooooo

  • Matt g
    Matt g Month ago

    John fury has been on the phone to adam booth

  • Vonk De Ridder
    Vonk De Ridder Month ago +1

    Is that lady in white Tyson's wife?

    • Parma zyxwvu
      Parma zyxwvu Month ago

      @Vonk De Ridder bum? He can make you beg for your life in less than 20 seconds lol don't bitch on guys stronger and manlier than you behind phone screen because that's bum

    • Vonk De Ridder
      Vonk De Ridder Month ago +1

      ALMEXgazz tyson has no time for her. He should shut up about how cool he is and focus on what is most important in life, family. Where are the children? And he talks about strippers? What a bum

    • ALMEXgazz
      ALMEXgazz Month ago

      Vonk De Ridder ye

  • ak kartal
    ak kartal Month ago +19

    That is a true family atmosphere ben Davidson is a great coach

    • gg
      gg 28 days ago

      @King Killer sounds like you agree that the doctor would not have stopped it no matter what because of the millions at risk for Bob Arum. A stoppage would have been a fair win for Otto. Just because Tyson was ripped off doesn't mean that others should be too.

    • King Killer
      King Killer 28 days ago

      gg and so mike Tyson knocked out buster Douglas because there was a 13 second count it’s boxing shit like that happens Wallin didn’t get robbed a because he didn’t clearly win he lost a robbery is fury vs wilder that was a clear win for fury

    • gg
      gg Month ago

      @Visio true. Anyone else with a cut like that would be gone.

    • Visio
      Visio Month ago +2

      ak kartal wallin got robbed

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee Month ago +21

    Tyson you are a great man. What you are doing to help people with mental health problems is so lovely and you are such a lovely christian man and this is far more special even than what you have done in boxing.

    • G Des
      G Des Month ago +1

      What's he actually done to help people with mental health issues though? 'If I can do it, you can'? That's not much use to people who aren't multi millionaire professional athletes.

    • mgtow Life's easy if you try
      mgtow Life's easy if you try Month ago +1

      Jesus is the best role model not tyson fury